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In my corner, my bookshelf :-)  I read a lot, and this page will link to the authors and series I read.  Most of these are series, which is great.  My favorite genre is history, whether it's a historical novel or historical mystery.

As a note, I'm putting these on this list because I've read them and enjoyed them.  I've read books I didn't really enjoy, those will not be on here.

PJ Tracy - Monkeewrench - each book is a great thriller

JK Rowling - Harry Potter

Tasha Alexander - the Lady Emily mysteries

Rhys Bowen - Royal Spyness

Laurie R King - Mary Russell series

Andrea Penrose - Lady Ariana Hadley mysteries

Barbara Hamilton - Abigail Adams mysteries; only 3 mysteries but I LOVE them
     the Ninth Daughter
     a Marked Man
     Sup with the Devil

Barbara Hambly - Patriot Hearts

Teresa Grant - Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch mysteries

Carol K Carr - India Black mysteries

Anna Lee Huber - the Lady Darby mysteries

Monica McCarty - many of her series.  These are romance but some great Scottish history, either Robert the Bruce or (strenuous) relations between clans

Allison Pataki - the Traitor's Wife

Shirley Tallman - Sarah Woolson mysteries

Christine Trent -
     The Queen's Dollmaker
     Royal Likeness
     By the King's Design
     Lady of the Ashes

CW Gortner -
     the Last Queen
     the Queen's Vow
     Mademoiselle Chanel
     the Vatican Princess     

Christine Blevins -
     the Tory Widow
     the Turning of Anne Merick

Donna Russo Morin -
     the Courtier's Secret
     the Secret of the Glass
     the King's Agent
     to Serve a King

Ella March Chase -
     the Virgin Queen's Daughter
     Three Maids for a Crown

Kate Quinn -
     Mistress of Rome
     Daughters of Rome
     Empress of the Seven Hills

Robin Paige - Kate and Charles

JRR Tolkein -
     the Hobbit
     the Lord of the Rings

James Herriot - All Creatures Great and Small series

Ariana Franklin - Mistress in the Art of Death - a darker than normal series I read but I still enjoyed it

Lilian Jackson Braun - the Cat Who... series

Deanna Raybourn - Lady Julia Grey series; Victoria Speedwell series

Donna Thorland -
     the Turncoat
     Mistress Firebrand
     the Rebel Pirate
     the Dutch Girl

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