Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Five Summer

The heat definitely settled in this week.  After I started back into cardio, of course.  I did get my mile run done early Tuesday morning.  I figured with the forecast, it would even be too hot at lunchtime, and I was right.  This way I got my run in and didn't have to worry about it after work.  Now if I can continue to do that on Tuesdays in the summer, I can figure out something on Thursdays.  I have to commute in on Thursdays, so I won't have the time those mornings.

I had my second acupuncture appointment this week.  We did the basics again, plus a couple more pressure points, including for my sinuses.  Allergy season here has been nonstop since the fall.  Of course we had winter, but it was mild enough for these parts, it did  nothing to kill the pollen.  June has been awful with all the cottonwood pollen floating around like snow.  She put a needle on either side of my nose to get the sinuses, and she said they were quite inflamed.  I should start to feel them open up and drain today.  Sounds nasty, but I want it to work.

43 days till Alaska.  I'll include the countdown each Friday since I really need that vacation right now.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Rating June

Today is rate your month... can I give it a big fat F?  Unless I can rate my goal of taking time off.  Then it's a 10.  I did do some prehab during the month, and I saw my chiropractor last week.  She did have to do some work, and said my hips were tight.  I'm working on stretching and getting that lacrosse ball into the hip crevices to work on those tight spots.

Now that I'm getting back on the workout wagon, I can get back into my routine.  My goal is to work up to 3 to 4 miles before my cruise in 47 days (!).  While training does kick off the weekend I leave for Alaska, I don't want it to consume me.  I have 3 excursions booked, which will keep me busy.  I think consistent 4 mile runs on the weekends will be a really good base to kick things off after the cruise.  

The trick will now be navigating the summer weather.  Since I just had my first run since my race, I need to figure out the whole running in the heat thing.  I don't want to be confined to my treadmill, and yet I know there will be some days I'll need to use it.  Thursday is forecasted to hit 98 degrees.  With the strength of the sun, it'll be quite warm that day.  Since I work from home Tuesdays, I'm considering getting my runs in early morning, before the heat settles in.  Since I run around my neighborhood, it'll be easy to get out the door and back.

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Monday Musings 6/25

Monday... again.  I can't wait for Alaska since I'll have a whole week off.  Two days is just way too short.

I got out for a run Saturday morning, and holy craptastic!  The first run back is always rough, and I stuck to one mile.  My cardio system got quite the shock after having a month off.  I didn't even bike during that time.  I did a one-mile loop around my neighborhood, then came back home and sprawled out on the living room floor.  Once I recovered, I did some prehab before hitting the grocery store.  I'm still sticking with pasta dishes from the frozen section.  It's super easy, and I'm not wracking my brain about what I can eat.

The rest of Saturday was spent watching the World Cup, USA track and field championships, and then Home Improvement on UP.  It's funny to see the kids so young, and the 90s fashions.  It's like when Friends started - the hair, clothes, phones. 

I broke down and bought NBC Gold's pass for track and field.  The thing that got me was "commercial free."  I'll be able to watch all of the track and field, and fall marathons, without commercials.  It's not something I usually go for, but when NBC can't even show a full 3000m steeplechase race without going to commercial, I get irritated.

Sunday was lazy again, watching the World Cup and reading a new book I downloaded.  I still don't know who I want to win the Cup, and it's been a strange tournament so far.  None of the favorites are playing well, and the top 3 scoring teams are England, Belgium, and Russia.  It's a bit unexpected, and I like it.  While I was watching Japan and Senegal, I did some weight training to jump back into that.  Once I'm warmed up and in this routine, I'll break out the full Pure Barre routines. 

We had storms roll through, and I was hoping to read outside and enjoy the cooler air, but it was a bit too cool, with wind.  Wah wah.  At least I got to spend time snuggling with Allie while I read.  We don't really snuggle that much in the summer, with the heat.  She piled almost on top of my shoulder, purring in my ear.

I wrapped up the evening watching Hidden Figures.

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday Five Randoms

Friday!!  The only plans I have this weekend are to get out for a run, if the weather is nice.  My new Oiselle singlet arrived, and of course I have to take it for a test run :)

I tried acupuncture for the first time on Tuesday, for my anxiety, and it wasn't too bad.  It certainly didn't feel anything like dry needling (which is good!).  I did feel quite relaxed driving home, and all I wanted to do was nap.  Sadly, nope.  I work from home on Tuesdays.  I do have the TV on for background noise, otherwise it's waaaaay too quiet, but I'm good and get work done.  My next appointment is next week.  She said it usually takes 3 appointments for the affects to kick in.  I don't feel a huge difference yet, but my homework is to track how I feel for the next appointment.

While there isn't usually anything worthwhile on TV, right now it's the World Cup.  Except if parts of the state are under a tornado watch.  I think local weather affiliates should be in a public stockade.  It's not enough we get beeping and scrawling, they have to interrupt the national broadcast entirely.  And we miss action in the game.  I got really angry in May when PBS did the same thing while I was trying to watch Little Women.  I wait and wait and get really excited for stuff like this, and I'm ready to punch whoever's in charge of the local stations.  If they interrupt my fun, I don't give a rat's ass about the weather.  It may not be much, and it makes me seethe.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Summer Plans

It's been almost a month since my last race.  Tomorrow marks the one month point.  I see my chiropractor tomorrow, and I can feel I'm out of alignment.  I haven't seen her since before my race.  It's been good to take a break, even when my mind was ready to run a week after the race.  We've been having cooler weather too this week, and if it holds into the weekend, I'll want to get out for a mile or two.  Getting back to it will be nice.

I don't have any races this summer, and the next one on the calendar is in October.  Would you believe the first weekend of training is when I'm flying up to Alaska?  Umm... I'll see what I can do on the ship.  I have a few hours in Anchorage before my parents arrive from their Denali portion.  Maybe I can ask the front desk people if there are any good running routes in town.  Otherwise I'll start my training on the treadmill, on the ship.  The view should be nice out of the fitness room.

Normally I keep a base of two or three miles, but I want to stretch that to three to four miles.  If I can do 4 miles out of the gate, it'll shorten the training period.

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Monday Musings 6/18

Monday... do I have to go back to work?  It's been so nice having these days off.  I did check my email Saturday morning to sort through which ones I'll need to look at today, and that's all I did.  After such a chaotic spring, I could put my feet up and not think of work at all.

I'm feeling a lot better after my gum graft, and I'm almost done with my antibiotics.  I think I miscounted one day and took 4 instead of 3.  I only remember taking 3.  Oh well.

After taking it easy most of the week, my mom and I did get out and got pedicures Friday.  I hadn't had one since Good Friday, and it felt so good to pamper my feet and legs.  I go with the deluxe pedicure at the place I go, and it gives us great smelling soap, the paraffin wax, massages for the feet and legs, and hot stones.  My feet certainly appreciated this since I hadn't had one since my race.  I'm always ticklish when they're filing down my calluses.  I bet a lot of people are.

My figurine was delivered Friday too.  It's now on the mantle next to Lilo and Stich.

Saturday was a slow day, until the evening.  We had the big fundraising event in Denver for Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies.  My family bought these tickets in February, and it's here already!  Where is this year going?  In the meantime, we went into Boulder for breakfast at Snooze, where I had two eggs scrambled and one sweet potato pancake.  Soft foods, remember.  It was delicious as always, I just wish I could've eaten the candied pecans that come on the pancake.  I'm eating all the crunchy food once I get my stitches out!  Then we watched some of the World Cup games, as we did on Sunday.  My family bid on a few things for the silent auction, and we won 3 baskets.  I didn't really see anything I wanted, and I decided to donate during the donation appeal for the Angel Fund.  This is the medical fund set aside for surgeries and treatments for the dogs they rescue.

The live auction was incredible, and I posted a video on IG of the auctioneer.  They had a real auctioneer, and I got so tired just listening to him.  Now I understand why live auctions can be frantic.  It's hard to even know what he said, he was talking so fast!

Sunday was Father's Day, and my parents and I went over to my uncle's house in Golden to celebrate with them and my grandfather.  My cousin was even there from the Ukraine.  She's with the Peace Corps, teaching English in a small village, and she flew over after their big family vacation in eastern Europe.  She has a few months to go once she flies back, I think until the end of the year.  It could be earlier.  Then we came back and watched Finding Nemo on Freeform.  Can y'all believe it's been 15 years since Nemo hit theaters?

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Five: Checking In

Hi everyone!  I'm checking in after 3 days post-dental procedure.  The procedure went well, though I've been tired due to the healing process, and the liquid diet.  I was told to rest for the first 48 hours since the body was going to go into healing mode and use up some energy.  I started on soft foods yesterday, and all I want is something crunchy!  My next appointment is Tuesday, for them to check the healing, and then in two more weeks to get the stitches out.  I have both regular stitches and dissolving stitches.

In the meantime, I received the room booking form from Park and Preston, for Princess weekend.  My mom and I chose Coronado Springs for our hotel.  I haven't stayed there yet, and I like all the food options listed on the website.  I will make sure to pack my bikini to enjoy the hot tub after the race, weather permitting.  I've known it be chilly on Princess weekend, and warm and humid.  

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Monday Musings 6/11

Welcome to Monday, and quite a short week this time around.  I don't think I mentioned it before, but I'm getting a gum graft tomorrow afternoon.  I'm working today in the office, then at home tomorrow morning.  I'll be checked out and recovering for the rest of the week.  I had to start my antibiotic regimen 3 days before the appointment, and that meant Saturday.  Yipee.  At least I'm taking time off and won't be plugged in.  My parents are coming down this week since we're going to a GRRR fundraiser Saturday, and my mom said she'll take care of me.  No matter your age, there are some things you want your mom for.

To make myself feel better,  I ordered a Jim Shore Disney figurine Friday that I'd been looking at for a few months.  It'll go on the mantle next to my Lilo and Stitch figurine.

The weekend was low-key, and no, I did not go back to Echter's, even though I wanted to.  I wanted to look at more flowers because my snap dragons are struggling.  I have 3 that look like they're doing really well, and the rest look pathetic :-/  The soil is moist, so I don't think they're starving for water, or have too much.  I don't know why there's wilting, and I'm trying to get them to hold out until my mom can look at them today.

I finally went to see the Avengers, since I'm on a training break, and I gotta say, I was disappointed in it.  I know all of the individual Marvel movies have been building up to this, and after the movie I was thinking, now what?  I've enjoyed the other Marvel movies, so what are they planning for the next big Avengers movie?  It was good to enjoy someone else's air conditioning since we're in a heat wave, which I think ends today (I hope).  In the midst of this heat wave is the Boulder Ironman.  A coworker is doing this year, and I hope he and the other triathletes did well.  The past two years have been rather hot on the Ironman date.

Soooo, I finally came across something that would spur me into hiring a running coach.  Several Colorado Oiselle ladies did the Ragnar Snowmass race this past weekend, and I was on Ragnar's website to see when the race would start.  Then I saw on their Facebook page they're adding Sweden to the list of locations.  Umm, what?!  The first race is next summer, and it definitely got the wheels in my head turning.  I was in Stockholm for a day in 2005 on my cruise, and this race would start in Mariefred and run to Stockholm.  I certainly wouldn't mind heading back to the land of some of my ancestors and spending more time there.

The rest of the weekend was resting, and snuggling with Allie.  I grilled a flank steak Saturday for dinner, and while it was a good marinade, I think it was missing something.  If I did it again, I'll add some pineapple juice.  Sunday was shrimp, and tonight will be a casserole I can heat up when I'm off the liquid diet.  The instructions for the graft recovery say a liquid diet for 2 days, and I know I'm not going to last that long.  I can chew on the other side of my mouth, and be careful.  The side I get the graft will have a guard to protect the stitches.

Wish me luck.  I have chronic low blood sugar, and I absolutely get cranky when I'm hungry.  They should use me in a Snickers commercial.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Would You Rather?

I saw a few of these, starting with Wendy, before or on Global Running Day.  Since I normally take Wednesday and Thursday off from blogging, I thought it would be fun to answer these questions today.

Would you rather...

Run with no socks or no sports bra?
No socks.  Even though I'm far from chesty, the girls need support.

Run a mile naked or in a snowsuit?
Snowsuit.  All the naked people I saw during Bay to Breakers were walking.  I'm sure certain body parts need support to make running comfortable.  And imagine the possible chafing without clothing.  And the sunburn...

Run in the freezing cold or sweltering heat?
Freezing cold.  I melt in heat.

Run with an empty stomach or a full bladder?
Gotta say empty stomach.  I absolutely could NOT keep going beyond the first mile in San Francisco without a potty break.

Run uphill or into a headwind?
Depends on the hill, and headwind :-p  If it's a shallow-ish hill, I'd run up it.  Headwinds zap my energy.

Run without music or without a GPS watch?
GPS watch.  I need my music.  Speaking of which, I still need a new pair of headphones.

Skip deodorant or Body Glide?
I rarely wear Body Glide.  I've been lucky (knock on wood) but on hot days, I do use it, just in case.

Run as much as you want on the treadmill, or only once a week outside?
Once a week outside.  I did a lot of training on the treadmill this spring, and I got cabin fever.

Run a beer mile or a color run?
I've already done a color run, and I don't like beer.

Run on a trail or the road?
For now, road, but I need to get on single tracks and gravel to prep for my next race.

Run an out and back or a loop?
I do both in training, but during a race, an out and back is tough.  All those runners heading back to the finish line when I'm still heading towards the turn-around spot...

Eat a slice of pizza mid-race of drink a milkshake?

Run in the rain or snow?
I've done both, and if I had to pick, snow.  There's something peaceful about it.

Beer or chocolate milk at the finish line?
Ice cold chocolate milk.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Global Running Day

Tomorrow is global running day, and it always seems like I'm not running when it comes around.  It's in the summer, and summer is normally one of my off seasons.  I'll be sure to get outside tomorrow and walk, either at lunch or after work.  I walked at lunch yesterday, and then I was immediately ready for a nap.  Oof.  I brewed some more tea instead, but a snooze would have been better.

Since I got my walk in before heading home, I decided to do some short strength training after work.  To ease into it, I did my prehab exercises twice through, and I was feeling it in my piriformis.  I even had help :)  I know I haven't done these since before San Francisco.  I also started foam rolling again, and there some tired and tight spots in my legs.  I gave myself a day off from core work, because I was a little sore, but I did do the breathing exercises for my diaphragm.  Laying on the floor, breathing slowly puts me in the mood for bed.  I guess it's a good thing I do it at the end of the day.

Today will be another walk, probably on my lunch break.  Since I work from home on Tuesdays I can walk around my neighborhood.  The heat is here, and walking at lunch makes it a little easier to be outside.  Granted it's not Texas heat, but heat is heat.  Then I'll do more prehab exercises and core work.

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Monday Musings 6/4

Happy first Monday in June.  It's crazy we're now almost halfway through this year.

Saturday was a busy day.  I ended up going back to Echter's to get that garden stone, and I got more flowers.  It's easy to go overboard at this place, and I think I have everything now.  I bought two geraniums that are also supposed to thrive in the sun, in a color called Rocky Mountain Salmon.  It's a pink color :-p  I also got a stake hook and humming bird feeder, and a suet for the wild birds.  I potted the snap dragons since I had them in tupperware, temporarily, so they could get the proper amount of water.  I didn't have enough pots last week, and that's also solved.  See?  It's easy to go overboard.

In between all the gardening activity, I finished season 1 of the Crown, and now desperately want season 2.  There's no projected release date for that, so I'll have to wait.  I binged some of the first season of Mom, which was super easy.  I kept wanting the next episode, and the next, and the next.  It was relaxing while I finished the first coloring page I did.  I also started the next page.  This is fun, and doesn't require any thinking.

The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing up laundry, and doing a quick core yoga video.  I'll be honest, I didn't do a good job on core exercises this last training cycle, and I'm feeling a little fluffy.  Also, my diaphragm feels weak, somehow.  I had some tight lower back issues on my longer runs, and during Bay to Breakers.  While I know I need to give my body a break from running, I'm going to slowly get back to strength training.  Core and breathing exercises are a good start.

Sunday was more relaxing, though I did get outside for a small Oiselle meet up in Boulder.  We met at the Bobolink Trail, which I never used before.  I really liked it.  I walked 2 miles since I'm still giving my body a break, until I see my chiropractor, and I could scope out the trial for future runs.  It's a gravel trail, and there's a paved trail alongside it.  Since the Boulder Rez will have both surfaces, I need to train on both.  As much as I love simply walking out my garage and getting my run done, it was a nice change of scenery.

I did more core work Sunday afternoon, following this video.  It's 4 exercises done 3 times.  I did it 2 times, with one of my prehab exercises thrown in for 5 exercises 2 times.  My goal is to do short core videos, maybe not every day, but each day I do strength training, followed by breathing exercises.  I wrapped up the afternoon either on the couch, watching the Birdcage, or taking some spare chairs outside and reading on the patio.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday Five: Recovery

If anyone missed my San Francisco adventures, they can be found here, here, and here.

Now that my spring race is over, it's time for me to relax, put up my feet a little bit, and recover mentally and physically from training.  I do have one goal for now, and that is to get outside after work each day.  I'm walking around my neighborhood and the community park to get some sunshine and natural Vitamin D.  I'm even breaking in my new running shoes.

I'm starting to map out training, and I want to shorten the time it'll take to get ready for the Boulder Rez 10k.  The first week of training would be during Alaska, so we'll see.  The Westerdam has a huge fitness area, and an outdoor track.  I'll decide when I get on the ship, but the point of the cruise is to relax.  I know I'll build my base again this summer, and if I can work up to 3 or 4 miles consistently, I can cut out some of the early weeks of training.

For now, it's nice to be lazy in the mornings, and not rush out for training.  I'm also being lazy after my walks, and sitting on the couch.  I haven't foam rolled since I got back from San Francisco.  Oops.  Oh well.

Friday Five 2.0 with Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy.