Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Hotel Beresford

When I decided I wanted to do the Bay to Breakers, it was easy to register and easy to purchase airfare (though I changed it later from Southwest).  The one aspect that consumed my planning was finding a hotel.  Even with the race discount at the headquarters hotel, it was still more than $400 a night.  Welcome to San Francisco.

I knew I wanted to stay close-ish to the starting area so I wouldn't have to walk far, but it meant doing some digging to find hotels in my price range.  After doing my research, I decided on the Hotel Beresford on Sutter Street.  My room was originally $209 a night, and with my AAA discount, I got it for $169 a night.  Much better than $400+!  It also has complimentary breakfast starting at 7am every day.

The room was small, but tidy and clean!  I've been checking bed bug reports whenever I book hotels now, and this one didn't have any reports.  It also turned out to be a quiet hotel, which was even better.  As a plus, there was a box fan in the closet, and I know it's something small to highlight, but I've been sleeping with white noise since high school.  Sometimes hotel rooms can be too quiet.

The room had a queen-size bed, a dresser with a fully stocked refrigerator (which I did not partake in), a desk with a chair, and a coffeetable with two chairs.  The bathroom was basic, with a small sink, and the shower had a small tub, but not a full size tub.  It was perfect for me, even when I spent a lot of Saturday afternoon in the room, trying to rest my legs for the race.

You also couldn't beat the location.  There is a Walgreens two blocks down on Sutter, which helped with my packing a little bit.  I knew I could buy some liquids from there, so I didn't pack sunscreen or Icy Hot.  I was able to get those there and not worry about cramming stuff into my carry-on liquids bag.  I got breakfast there Saturday to have Sunday morning before the race.  Even though breakfast is complimentary at the hotel, I needed to be eating before 7am to make sure I ate enough, and it was digested in time for the race.

The hotel's also two blocks from Powell Street, which has two Cable Car lines running: The Powell-Market Line, and the Powell-Hyde Line.  Union Square is on Powell, a couple blocks south of Sutter.  I even walked along Sutter to Montgomery to get to the Ghirardelli Ice Cream Shop location on New Montgomery and Market.  The one place I didn't get to is Chinatown.  It's close to the hotel, and I would've gone if I had another day before flying home.

There are lots of places to eat, including the White Horse Pub next door.  Starbucks is across the street from Walgreens, and there are small restaurants and diners all along Sutter, and neighboring streets.  I ate at the White Horse Pub my first evening there since I was exhausted, and it was easy since there's an adjoining door from the lobby to the pub.

Overall, I'm very happy with the hotel.  There are some cities that are super expensive, but if you do some research, you'll find some very nice, smaller hotels.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Bay to Breakers Recap

This was my first 12k race, and when I signed up for it back in December, I was really excited, because I was going to San Francisco.  Destination races are always fun.  This is going to be a long post...

When I chose my hotel, I was looking for something that would be close to the starting line so I wouldn't have to worry about walking too far, or worry about public transportation.  I spent all of Saturday afternoon at the hotel, watching the Star Wars prequels marathon TNT was showing.  I carbo-loaded from Uncle Vito's, which is a pizza place up the street from the hotel.  I was ready for the race.

The walk down to the corrals was only about 15 minutes, and though there weren't any runners from my hotel, there were already runners on their way down.  I kind of figured, and once I reached Market Street, there were a lot more runners.  The corrals were spread out, and there were signs showing how to get to each corral, and volunteers pointing the way.  I was in corral D, and had to access it from Embarcadero.  When I rounded the corner, I saw the Bay Bridge right in front of me.

I'd made it without seeing any naked runners, but that ended when I entered my corral, and there was a naked man, wearing a Kim Jong Un mask.  OK, no big deal.  I was behind him, and was only seeing his butt.  But he turned around.

Spoiler alert, there were a lot of naked men on the course, most of which were walking.  I passed two topless women, and one naked woman, and the rest were naked men.  Other runners would want to take pictures with the naked people, like some sort of twisted Disney character stop.  One guy I saw was even wearing the Goofy hat with ears (and that was all he was wearing!!).

I distracted myself by applying the sunscreen I'd bought at Walgreens.  I bought one of those travel size tubes so I could carry it in my running belt.  The sun was kind of behind clouds, and I figured once I got on the course, there wouldn't be much shade.

I had hit up the portapotties before heading to my corral, but this is the first knock I'll give the organizers.  Once I was in my corral, there weren't any close portapotties that I could see.  I ended up having to go before we started, which was delayed due to the HUGE corral in front of us.  If a corral is going to be that big, it should be cut in half.  The first thing I needed to do was find a pit stop on the course, which came after the first mile marker.  I paused my Garmin so I could get an accurate running time, and I spent about 15 minutes in line.  I know costumes are fun, but when you're waiting at portapotties behind runners in costume, it slows down the process.  But I had to go.

Once I did, I felt SOOO much better.  I started my watch again and continued during the race.

I was not a fan of the first half of the course.  Most races space out and I can find a groove, but I was constantly weaving around groups of walkers through the entire course.  I have an extra quarter mile on my Garmin due to all the weaving I was doing.  The course was congested with other portapotty stops where the lines were spilling onto the course, participants would cut all the way across the course to see entertainment (or naked guys), and city residents would cut across 2 inches in front me, right on the course.  It was so chaotic, and I was getting pretty cranky.  The first couple miles weren't that scenic either.

Things finally spread out after I crested Hayes Hill.  That hill was no joke.  I was running as much as I could at the base to make up the time spent waiting for the portapotty, but I had to stick to walking once I started climbing the hill.  My calves were killing me by the time I reached the top, or what I thought was the top.  There was actually one more section before I could start heading down hill.  From there, the course is downhill as we spent the rest of the time getting back to sea level to finish on the beach.  Thankfully, the residents weren't cutting across the course anymore, and when we entered Golden Gate Park, I had a lot more room to weave around more groups of walkers.

My knee did start to twinge before mile 4, and I'm not surprised.  That hill was quite something, and now I was heading downhill.  My intervals let me keep going, and I was so focused on how my knee was doing for each interval, I completely forgot to eat my Sports Beans!  Oops.  I actually didn't feel like I needed them, and only realized I'd forgotten about them when I was done with the race.  Despite my knee, I was feeling really strong during my running intervals, and at one point I looked at my Garmin and it said my run pace was 9:20.  When I finally calculated my splits, I saw I negative split the course!  Miles 5-7 were my fastest, with 6 being the fastest of those 3.

We weren't getting much of a breeze running through the park, and I was using my water bottle to cool me off a little bit.  I didn't feel like I was sweating much, but it was perfect weather in the 50s.  It took me until halfway through the course to take off my throwaway shirt, but I held on to it.  The race only offered gear check to VIP runners (runners who spent more $$$ on the VIP package).  Another knock on the race.  I'm glad I held onto it because once we popped out on the road to the finish line, the brisk breeze hit again since we were at the beach.  I finished strong across the finish line, and got my medal, water, and half banana.

All I wanted to do was sit at this point, but the finish line area was so congested (a theme TBH), I headed straight to the shuttles to get back to the start line.  I'd purchased my ticket when I registered, which they printed on my bib, for the Express Downtown shuttle.  Once I sat, I realized I had been sweating, and I felt disgusting.  I was also hungry, and tired.  Once the shuttle dropped us off, I stopped by McDonald's for lunch on my way back to the hotel.  That fat and grease sounded amazing, and it was.  I horked down my lunch before getting in the shower.  After I napped for about 30 minutes, I headed to Ghirardelli to get my post-race treat.  Going downhill was quite a challenge on my IT band, but it was worth it.  Once I got back to my hotel, I napped for another hour.

It hasn't been easy sorting through how I feel about this race.  I don't regret doing it, but I didn't have as much fun as I thought I would.  After decompressing, I realized I'm not disappointed in my effort, especially since my last miles were my fastest.  I did the best I could under the circumstances.  I'm disappointed in the race itself.  I don't mind parties, I don't mind people wanting to walk races, but when I spend the entire time weaving around walking groups, I get frustrated.  A 12k is 7.45 miles, and I did 7.69 miles.  I was also shocked this race didn't offer gear check for all runners.  Every big race I've done has offered gear check.

The trip itself was enjoyable, and much needed to recharge.  It also feels good to have the race done with, and I can be lazy for a few weeks while I recover.  Allie's happy that I'm home.

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Monday Musings 5/28

Happy Memorial Day.  How has the weekend been for y'all?

This was a much needed 3-day weekend.  I know I just took vacation, but a race weekend in a different city isn't the most relaxing.  It was good to get away from work, and I was able to not only get caught up on what I missed, but get stuff done too.  Now this 3-day weekend was a good way to relax and do some errands I wanted to do.  My parents invited me up to their house, but my throat and ears were indicating I might've been coming down with something, and since they're recovering from ick, I didn't want to risk anything.  Some family we are, right?

I signed up for my next race on Friday, and I'm going with the Boulder Rez 10k in October.  It's a small field, and I'm hoping to have a good training cycle and race.  My dad said he may decide to do the half marathon.  It's a combo of dirt trails and paved roads, and the 10k is one big loop around the Boulder Reservoir.

Saturday was the first easy day.  I didn't sleep in, but I took my time getting out of bed.  The first thing I wanted to do this weekend was get flowers for the two front sections.  I have a covered porch, and a non-covered patio, so I needed flowers that thrive in shade, and then in sun.  I think I got it all covered, and I got a bird bath too.  It's a smaller one, and I put it at Allie level, hoping to give her some entertainment with birds this summer.  I got impatiens and begonias for the shady section, and snap dragons for the sunny patio.  Right now I have to harden the flowers so they slowly get used to the elements.  The woman I talked to at the plant nursery said these are spoiled flowers, and I need to be careful with hardening them.

For non-gardners, hardening means taking plants from a greenhouse environment and slowly acclimating them to the outside.  You start with a couple hours outside, and slowly increase the time over about a week, until they're used to it and you can have them outside full time.  If you don't harden them, you'll shock them and they'll die.

I almost got a decorative stone that said "the head of this household has a tail" but I didn't.  I'm still thinking about it, and will probably go get it next weekend, after pay day :)

I put the begonias and impatiens in the pots and soil I bought, but I'm waiting on the snap dragons.  I have a couple big pots to put them in, which would make taking them inside and outside difficult.  Once they're hardened, they'll get their new home.

The rest of the day was watching a Home Improvement marathon on TV (those kids were so young, and those 90s fashions!).

Sunday was more spreading errands out.  I went down to Sprouts to get peaches, and it's almost season for the Palisade peaches.  I can't wait!  When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a family of geese with their babies!  I think there were about 5 goslings.  I took some pictures but made sure to not get close.  Adult geese are always very aware of any threat when they have their goslings around.

After lunch, I headed out to Runners Roost to get a new pair of running shoes.  They didn't have my size, and they're transferring up a pair from the Denver store.  Then I went to Michaels to get a couple adult coloring books, colored pencils, and a sharpener.  I've been under a lot of stress this spring, and it's affecting my anxiety levels.  My mom said I need to get a hobby to channel that stress, and I'm starting with this.  Then I went to the liquor store to get a bottle of wine.  I was grilling for the first time ever, and wanted a wine to go with the steak.  Fess Parker makes a Frontier red blend that's pretty good.

I'm trying to come up with something fun to do tomorrow.  I'm a few movies behind, so I may go see Avengers.  If everyone is going to see either Deadpool 2 or Solo, I should be able to get a good seat at Avengers.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

San Francisco Adventures

I'm sorting through the race and how I feel about it.  For now, I'm happy I did it, I went the furthest I've gone since 2014, and it's so good to get some rest now.

When I flew into San Francisco, I checked into the hotel and stayed there Friday night.  It was a long day of travel, and I get exhausted after flying.  All the tense feelings and anxiety drain me of any energy.  I had dinner at the pub next door, and really tried to stay awake long enough so I wouldn't be up too early.  I did wake up at 4, so I peeked at the royal wedding, and the Duchess of Sussex's dress. She was gorgeous!  After trying to get back to sleep, and failing, I had breakfast at 7, and hopped on the Cable Car stop two blocks from my hotel.

1) It's $7 one way on a Cable Car, and since my hotel was two blocks from Powell Street, I caught the Powell-Market line, and rode it all the way to the end of its line, at Bay and Taylor.  Since the expo was at Pier 35, I wanted to spend time at Fisherman's Wharf before it opened, and get out of the hotel for the morning.  My plan was to get off my feet after lunch and preserve my legs for the race.  Once the Cable Car reached the end of the line, there was a Starbucks (score!), and since I needed tea and a little bit more food, I stopped in before heading up to the Piers.

2) First up was walking by the Boudin Factory, which smelled wonderful!  Since they bake their sourdough bread all day, I could stand outside all day.  I knew I would head back once they were open, and have lunch there.  They are quite a San Francisco treat.

3) The major stop of the morning was by Pier 39 to see the sea lions.  I know I saw them 3 years ago during my last visit, but they are always worth a stop.  You can certainly hear them before you get to the pier.  They hang out on the docks, and San Francisco has many signs saying not to disturb them.  They are welcomed residents along the pier, and Pier 39 provides them plenty of safety from the sharks in San Francisco Bay.

4) It was quite breezy, and it was nice to reach the expo, if anything to get out of the wind.  The expo wasn't big, but I walked around to warm up a little bit.  First up was the bib pickup, followed by the shirt pickup, and then official merchandise.  I wanted a shirt since my race shirts are going to end up in a shirt quilt.  The back of the shirt I bought has all the streets of the race course.  I visited some vendors, and I won a water bottle.  After having some sample Nuun, I decided to head back to Fisherman's Warf and to Boudin.

5) Even though it was still early, and just past 10, I decided to get lunch because I was hungry.  I got their rustic tomato soup, and grilled cheese.  I wanted to buy bread, but I didn't have anything to store it in and keep it fresh.  At least they have an online store, so I can order bread to be delivered.  After lunch, I decided to head back to the hotel, and even though I had been planning on a taxi ride, I decided to head back to the Powell-Market line since it's a little removed from the Warf, and see how busy it was.  It wasn't busy at all, and not only was I able to get on a Car right away, it was the same crew from my trip up to the Warf!  I picked up more food from Starbucks since lunch had been early, and I headed back to my hotel to rest for the race.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Bay to Breakers: Post Race

I'm back home, and have one more day of vacation before heading back to work.  I'm currently decompressing since it was complicated, so no race recap yet.  Check back next Tuesday since I'm sure by then I'll have my thoughts put together.  Overall, the weekend was enjoyable, and much needed to get away from work.  It's been quite stressful, which has kicked my anxiety into gear.  Like, all spring.  Then I have 3 days of work before a long weekend.  I haven't decide what I'm going to do yet, but it won't be running :-p

I'll be recapping the race, the weekend, and doing a review of the hotel.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Monday Musings 5/14

It's the final countdown for race weekend!  Eeek!  I downloaded the app for the race on Saturday and I found my bib number, 7034.  I was getting a little concerned because I didn't have any of that information, and I usually do with these big races.  I also found out the corrals are based on the times of what we expect to run.

Saturday was my last long run, at 4 miles, before race weekend.  I ended up doing this on the treadmill, again, since Saturday (and Sunday) was gloomy and wet.  I'm keeping up with my strength training, and doing all of the clam shell variations to get ready for the uphills and downhills.  I'm also tweaking my running list and wrapping it up for the race.  I'll do laundry and make up my packing list during the week, and I check in for my flight on Thursday.

And carb loading.  I'm eating more pasta this week, and I actually didn't do that on purpose.  The meal planning happened that way.

The rest of the weekend was typical errands, and checking out the new grocery store in the neighborhood.  We have this new HUGE King Soopers across the busy road, and it's been going up since the summer.  It'll take me a little bit to get my bearings in the store, and learn the layout, but it's fantastic!  There's not much in my neighborhood, and this will certainly make grocery shopping easier.  And gas!  It's got 16 (?) pumps.

Saturday was also Allie's 6th birthday.  Since the weather was so gloomy, we spent time snuggling while I continued working my way through Friends.  I'm now on season 10, and will probably need another show to pick up.  My mom watches "Mom" and I can check out the first season on Netflix, as well as Suits.  A couple friends have said Suits is a good show, so why not?  It's funny that I'm now using Netflix a lot more for shows and not movies.

I've also been switching Allie to a different food.  I've wanted to switch her food for the past couple years, and never did.  One, it's difficult to find the Iams food she's been eating, and two, I've wanted her on an indoor food as she's gotten older.  Weighing in at 11.15 pounds made my decision, and so far, she's really liking the new food.  I went with Blue Buffalo and she's tucking in for the chicken and brown rice formula.

I'll be celebrating Mother's Day with my mom on Thursday, and I have her gift ready to go.  I'm also getting her Boudin Sourdough while in San Francisco, which she knows about already.  Don't worry, I'm not ruining any surprise.


Monday: strength training

Tuesday: dry needling, 6 miles bike, Pure Barre lower body

Wednesday: 3 miles

Thursday: strength training

Friday: rest

Saturday: 4 miles

Sunday: strength training

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Five: Race Prep

Is it too early to start stalking, I mean, tracking the weather forecast for race weekend?  I looked at the extended forecast and it's showing lows in the 50s, and mid-60s as a high for San Francisco my race weekend.  Glorious!  Now I need to find a throwaway shirt, just in case.  I know it can be a little chilly in the mornings in SF, and I don't want to be shivering in the corral.

I had my dry needling session Tuesday morning, and let me just say: ow!!  I was needled about 5 times in the calf, 4 times mid-thigh, and twice in my gluteus medius.  Ow!!  A couple spots really made me squeak, but I hope this will all help in 8 days' time.  I got one more exercise to do, to help a particular spot high, high on my calf.  It helps to stabilize my leg while going down hill, and that spot was quite cranky.  I know there's only so much I can do with the little time I have, but I will put in every effort I can.

This taper period has definitely been weird, and I've only done one run during the week the past two weeks.  My paranoia about my ITB is high enough that I'm focusing more on strength training.  I was also feeling a bit under the weather Wednesday, so another days' rest from cardio was needed.  I didn't want to push too much, and I did some extra Pure Barre exercises, as well as now the 3 variations I have on clam shells.

Last, but certainly not least, I was studying the area around my hotel, and I'm only one block from a Cable Car stop.  My plan is to go to the expo first thing Saturday morning, and I can take the Powell-Hyde Cable Car up to the Pier area.  The expo is at Pier 35, which should be a short walk from the end of the line.  Sweet!  I've loved Cable Cars since I was 2.  They say catch the cars early, which shouldn't be a problem.  I'm an early bird anyway, and live one hour ahead of SF time.  I can hop on the line and head up to get breakfast and see the sea lions at Pier 39.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Up Next This Fall

The topic is run like a mother, and I'm not a mother.  Now, my mom does work out, and we are doing the Princess 10k together next year.  Since Run Disney has delayed registration for Princess (and Marathon) weekend, I've signed us up with a travel agent, and the down payment processed :)  I can't wait!  Thanks to our own hosts at No Guilt Life!

But I do have one with a furbaby at home.  Anybody tell their furbaby your route and how many miles you're doing?  Yeah, I tell my cat that info.

Today I'm writing about what I want to do this fall.  I need a race that ends early enough to let me recover, and have enough time to train for Princess.  It also can't be too early, otherwise I'd have to do some training while on my cruise.  It's always possible since the ship has a huge fitness room, but I don't want to stress about it.

I'm currently eying the RnR Denver 10k in October, and I've extended the invitation to my cousin (the one who just finished her first marathon).  I know October is still quite warm in DFW, and October can be quite nice here.  Fall colors have settled in and makes everything pretty, AND training for this would mean I wouldn't have to worry about the time change to standard hours.

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Monday Musings 5/7

Welcome to the taper madness!  While I'm normally OK with tapering, the episode with my IT band last weekend has gotten be thinking all sorts of things.  I only ran once during the week, I have to fit in as much strength training as I can, and I got even more Rock Tape just in case.  This cycle, the skin on my legs thinks it's fun to be really itchy if I leave the Rock Tape on, so I'm going through a lot more.

I've also been thinking I need new shoes in this wonderful taper crazy world.  I got these shoes in February, and they're fine.  A little more worn thanks to the treadmill, but they're fine.  I did get new inserts since those needed to be replaced, but the shoes themselves are fine.  I repeat, to my crazy self, they're F-I-N-E!

How was everyone's weekend?  I did get my 3 miles done, in the afternoon.  Allie had her annual vet checkup in the morning, and poor girl did not like it one bit.  First, she was peacefully sleeping in her kitty condo in my room, enjoying the sunbeam.  Since she was sleeping, I nabbed her to make things easier, which wasn't very sporting.  I'm supposed to give her warning so she makes me work for it.  She was asleep, and then she was shoved into a carrier and driven to the vet's office :(  She got her rabies shot too.  Baby girl has gained a little bit of weight from the last time she was weighed, about 3 years ago, but not even a full pound.

After I dropped her off at home, the rest of the morning was spent running errands.  I had to get to the post office to drop of my most recent Stitch Fix, which was another dud.  I really don't think my style is that difficult.  I even have pictures of past Stitch Fix items on my Pinterest Board to help them out, and yet, the last two boxes were big fat failures.  I hated 3 items, and sort of liked two, but not enough to keep them.  One was a dress that was more appropriate for someone younger, though I really liked the print.  The skirt was too short, and I have no idea when I would wear it.  The other was a tank top I liked, but the price was too high.

I had even put a note in about doing an Alaskan cruise, and there was nothing in that box that I could even remotely use for the cruise.  I've pushed the next box to September, and may push it off even more.

I did buy Allie a couple more catnip toys, which helped her forgive me.  Target has some cute toys at times, and these are computer mice.  She went after them right away.

Sunday was low key, and another beautiful day.  I started checking out some patio furniture, but stores don't have a lot in stock.  I want to see sets in person so I know how comfortable the chairs are, and how sturdy everything is.  Since these would be outside, they have to be strong enough to withstand the Colorado wind storms.  I probably will have to take a chance on something online since these stores have a good selection on their websites.  Plus side is delivery.  My car would not be able to hold a bistro set.

I ended up watching some D1 women's lacrosse tournaments, and the NCAA selections will be made Sunday evening.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for the Buffs.  They didn't play well against Stanford, but their schedule was strong enough, I think they have a good chance at a wild card.


Monday: Pure Barre lower body, prehab exercises

Tuesday: Pure Barre lower body

Wednesday: 2 miles, prehab exercises

Thursday: rest after Graston session

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3 miles, prehab exercises

Sunday: Pure Barre

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Checking In With That IT Band

This week has all been about recovering from my last long run, and trying to placate my IT Band.  It's obvious I wasn't as diligent with Pure Barre this cycle since I was trying some new things.  Lesson learned for next time.  Even if it's only 10 minutes of PB, it has to stay on my schedule.

This week I've gotten back to lower body Pure Barre exercises, and rotating my DVDs.  I only did one run this week, 2 miles on Wednesday, as I focus on preventing any crankiness in 2 weeks' time.  That's right, in 2 weeks, I'll be on a plane to San Francisco.  Also, change in plans, I cancelled my Southwest ticket and rebooked on Alaska Airlines.  Sorry Southwest, but two incidents in 15 days makes my instincts cry out.  Get your crap together!  If they do get their crap together, I can use that credit for Princess weekend.

Thursday was my dry needling appointment.  Or I thought so, but there was a mix up and the receptionist scheduled me with my regular chiropractor, who doesn't do dry needling.  Instead, she did some laser treatment on me, for free, due to the mixup.  It's a new gadget they have, which sends rays into the deep tissue, which does something to promote healing.  It's used with chronic injuries, including ITBS.  I'll see how I feel tomorrow during my run.

She also did Graston up and down my quad.  There was a spot right above the ITB pain spot that I couldn't get to release tension, and she really dug at that.  She said the TFL was tight too.  I don't think I breathed while she was Graston-ing my muscles.  I know I made faces, but I didn't really breathe.

I do have dry needling scheduled for Tuesday.  And I bought more Rock Tape.  She recommended I tape the TFL, and high up on my hip.  Since this training session has been longer than my previous ones, I'm going through more Rock Tape than usual.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Race Pictures

Oh race pictures.  Today's topic is best/worst race pictures.  I don't have that many race pictures, mostly due to being really awkward in races.  If the photographer is sitting or kneeling on the ground, the upward pictures don't look good.  I'm also focused on breathing, which doesn't translate into a good race picture.

This is the best one I've got:

I rarely look at race pictures anymore.  This one was free, and it's actually good!

What I actually like to do, after Disney races, is take pictures with the characters, after I've cleaned up and gotten back to the parks.

Much better.

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