Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween 2017

It's now November, but was Halloween for y'all?  I was super excited this year since I was living in apartments for Halloween 2009-2016.  I mentioned I went overboard on the candy, but Target's deals sucked me in this year.  I had to use two bowls since I didn't have one big enough to hold everything.  I separated the nuts from the non-nuts.

Overall it was a fun night.  When I got home from work, I did a quick two miles around the neighborhood.  I figured 4:30 was too early to start trick or treating, but I wanted to be home for the little ones.  I know they're out first since they usually go to bed early.

I had my Evil Queen pumpkin, and my mom had brought down luminaries for me to use.  They don't have kids in their mountain neighborhood, and I love these luminaries.  Next year though I need a light stick so I don't have to play with matches.  Lighting the candles was a little tricky with Tuesday's wind.

I'd say I had a successful night for a new neighborhood.  6 groups, and I saw princesses, baseball players, a couple Harley Quinns, a Kylo-Ren, a mummy, a ninja, and two Oompa Loompas, who sang for their candy.  I figured their group was the last of the night, and I said all the kids could take extra candy.  They were creative!

And I did have quite a bit of candy leftover.  I brought it into work and put "free candy" on the bag before leaving it in the kitchen.  It was gone before the end of the day.


  1. Fun! The Oompa Loompas who sang for their candy sound great :) We had a pretty good turn out to. We had a lot of leftover candy as well (we didn't have enough last year so went a bit overboard) and Mike took it to work to be finished off.

    1. I definitely went overboard, but I'm sure my coworkers appreciated it.