Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Musings 7/31

For the first time all month, I'm OK with it being a Monday.  I got all my reports in by Friday, and I certainly felt lighter.  I almost skipped out of here when I left.  I didn't, but I was skipping inside.  It feels good.

And I bought my something shiny.

I decided to go with the Forerunner 230 instead of the 235 for one reason.  I wasn't looking for a Garmin to track my heart rate, and the 235 has the built-in wrist sensor.  The 230 is compatible with a chest strap, which is sold separately.  It has almost all of the features of the 235, but for a lower price without the built in HRM.  I hadn't seen it on Garmin's website, but when I saw it listed elsewhere during my price comparison, I searched the website and found it.  I compared the features and didn't see much difference with the features I wanted.  I also got a really good deal from Heart Rate Monitors USA, so I went ahead and ordered it on Friday.  Estimated delivery is this Friday.

Saturday ended up being an extra rest day so I could take my grandfather into Golden for the Buffalo Bill day parade.  Buffalo Bill Cody is buried, under feet of concrete, on Lookout Mountain in Golden.  Every year there's a weekend of Buffalo Bill days, which festivals and a parade.  This year marked 100 years since his death, on January 10th, 1917, which I didn't know.  I will be honest, I don't know much about him, other than his wild west show.

Downtown Golden reminded me of the Fort Worth Stockyards, but I don't think Golden has a cattle drive still in action.

Sunday was more low key.  I biked again at the gym, and I think I'll make Sundays a biking day in my training schedule.  Then I did the grocery shopping, and did more Pure Barre to focus on my seat.  I ended up doing a full body Pure Barre workout on Saturday, and did more Sunday.  I'm doing more Pure Barre since I have the DVDs, and I'm trying to find a good mix between segments and then free weights for strength training.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

3 Things Thursday and Friday Five

Two more days this week, then one more work day and it'll be August.  I can't wait to be done with July.  I know never wish time away, but July has been tough, and tougher than I thought.

I ended up having an anxiety attack Tuesday morning, despite feeling like I had things under control as I wrapped up this month.  That was scary, and my mom says to expect more as I get older.  I'll say it here, and I know I've said it before, getting older sucks.  When I think I have a handle on things and I'm almost done with the stress, my body tells me, oh bless your heart.

The good news Tuesday is RnR released the Las Vegas medals, and oh my lanta, it's gorgeous.  Two spinning pieces, and it glows.  The spinning pieces include a die inside a roulette wheel (both spin), and the numbers on the roulette wheel glow.  There's a circle above the roulette wheel circle, with diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs, and that glows too.  At the bottom is a skyline of Las Vegas.  O! M! G!

And building from Tuesday's post, I started putting in new songs/ taking out others to start building a playlist for Vegas.  I added one song each from Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Journey, the Bangles, the Eagles, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, and the Doors.  I already had Stevie Nicks and AC/DC.  I'm still looking, so if anyone has any suggestions...


Two more points for Friday five.  I'm on the struggle bus this morning, and in desperate need of the weekend.  Yesterday morning felt great!  We had storms move through Wednesday night, which we sorely needed, and it felt a little like fall when I got to work yesterday.  It's moments like that that make moving up from Texas worth it.  Late July and all of August are so hot and steamy, there's only a snowball's chance in Hell we'd get a cool, crisp morning.  The weatherman said it was humid, but what does he know?  I didn't feel any humidity.

I also finally! made it to the Chuy's location in Westminster.  My dad was here Tuesday for a doctor's appointment, and he was flying to Dallas Wednesday.  We went to Chuy's because I'd put it off long enough.  I love their food, and my favorite combo on the menu has a ground sirloin taco, two chicken flautas, two cheese enchiladas, and two tostadas drenched in queso.  We were there before happy hour ended so I have a frozen strawberry margarita. 

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Always Planning a Playlist

Today's TOTR is rating my month.  I'm still technically in my off-season, though I have started my summer homework.  I'm not really going to know how this work in July and August is helping until my 5k at the end of August.  It is a fun run, but I still want to use it to see if I can keep my faster cadence off the treadmill.

With all of that, I'm continuing my prep, and I started taking songs out of the playlist I created for the BolderBoulder.  I'm starting to think about what songs I want for Vegas.  I always have staples, but I need new songs to keep me excited for training.  The other night, this song shuffled on, and it's an absolute must:

I mean, "I really love that rock n roll!"  I have to have it for an RnR race, right?

I need to go through the classic rock songs I have in my iTunes, and there are a lot.  Before I started finding my own music, I listened to whatever my parents listened to. 

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Monday Musings 7/24

This weekend was a lovely lazy weekend.  Last week, work was quite tough and I was so happy to reach Friday afternoon.  I still had to work to get home because there was quite the downpour once I reached highway 36.  It was such a downpour that traffic was going 35, when the speed limit is usually 65, my wipers were at their fastest speed, and I was very focused on the car in front of me.  Thankfully when I exited the highway and took the road home, the rain disappeared.

I didn't know how tired I was Friday afternoon, but I ended up going to bed at 9 that night, and woke up at 6:30 Saturday morning.  I felt a lot better, and even knocked off 3 miles at the gym.  I did head back to Boulder for a hair cut, but I finished up my Saturday errands on my way home, this time quite dry, and no rain.  After lunch, I did a Pure Barre DVD workout, which I felt Sunday morning.

Sunday I went back to the gym because I need to start getting biking back in my cross training.  Since the gym is right next to a King Soopers, or across the street from a Sprouts, it makes it easy to knock off some cross training cardio, and then finish my errands for the weekend.  I biked 5.5 miles, and I hope to keep that up each week.

I also wrapped up stitching the Rudolph ornaments.  I'll finish them at some point, but now they're all done, and I just need to cut them out, and get the red thread on them for hanging on the tree.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

the Buildup to Vegas

It seems like this week is all about stuff I'm doing to get everything in place before my training cycle begins.  I need something to hang on to at the moment.  Work got stressful this week, and by Wednesday I was done with humanity.  It just got to a point where people were snipping, and I got cranky.  A couple times this week, I've gotten home all wound up, even after doing cardio.

RnR announced the headline band for Las Vegas, and it's the Goo Goo Dolls.  Too bad the 10k starts up the strip from the half marathon and full marathon.  The 10k starts outside the SLS, and the half and full start outside Mandalay Bay.  I'd put a song in my playlist, but I only have 4 songs by the Goo Goo Dolls, and they aren't really running songs.

My packet for the Denver Color Run arrived last week.  I'm going to wear my blue Sparkle Skirt, which I haven't worn since the WDW half in 2014, and go from there.  I won't wear the race shirt since I never do that, and it's a regular unisex shirt.  I do want to use this as a test run and see what my work this summer has done.  I'm using faster speeds on the treadmill, but I need to see if I can hold that speed on the roads.

I posted Tuesday how I'm looking at treadmills and bikes for my basement, but I'm also looking for a new Garmin since my current one had episodes of not holding the battery charge this spring.  The Forerunner 235 has caught my attention, and while it has some bells and whistles I've never used before, the other watches have more bells and whistles.  This even has a cadence counter, which I'm interested in.  With the way this month has gone, I would be very tempted to buy it, rewarding myself for getting through the July chaos.

I found out Ethel M's has a tasting room.  This makes staying in my normal eating routine difficult, but I'm still going to the chocolate factory probably on Saturday.  If not for a tasting, I'll raid their selection.  Between the factory and the stores in the airport, I'm still trying to figure out how many boxes is too much.  Maybe I need to get a check-in bag to make sure I get enough back to Denver.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Looking for My Home Gym

Happy Tuesday.  Today's topic is what do I love/hate about summer running.  My summer running always ends up on the treadmill since I workout in the afternoons during the week, and this year I'm working on speed.  I've upped my speed well past 6.0 mph when I'm in my running intervals, and will continue to tick that speed up each week.

One thing I'm looking to do is getting a couple cardio machines for the basement.  My parents have a recumbent bike that I like, but I'd also like a treadmill.  I have specifics, like it needs a fan, and speed buttons, not just arrows.  I need to be able to change my speed quickly, like I can do outside.  I know I just joined a gym, but this summer I haven't necessarily wanted to go to the gym straight after work.  There have been days this month where it's nice to relax about 30-45 minutes before doing my run.  I did that yesterday before doing my strength training and I felt rejuvenated during my workout.  The issue is once I'm home, and then head to the gym, I won't really head to the gym.  It's hard to leave again during rush hour.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Monday Musings 7/17

Happy Monday y'all, and I hope those who ran RnR Chicago has good races!  Last week was really busy at work, but I somehow stayed awake for all of Hamlet, and then Saturday was my cousin's wedding shower.  They're getting married in October, and I already have a dress.  It's the same dress I wore for a friend's wedding reception two years ago, on Halloween.

For the wedding shower, I went with Stitch Fix.  Even though my most recent box wasn't successful at all, two boxes ago had the dress I wore, plus a maxi dress.  I wore the maxi to Hamlet, and wore this dress to the shower.  It's really light, and perfect for summer.  I even wore it to work a few weeks ago as a test run.  I even straightened my hair, which isn't something I do often anymore.  I've needed a new straightener since my old one died, but a $25 one suits me perfectly.

Sunday was a low key day.  My parents and I went to the Snooze location in Westminster, which opened at the end of June.  We had been going to the Boulder location, but Snooze is slowly adding more locations.  This location is about 15 minutes from home, and I had a pancake flight.  Sweet potato pancake, pineapple upside-down pancake, and blueberry Danish pancake.  Sometimes I can finish the flight, sometimes not, but not much is left if I can't.  I had small pieces left, this time but I was quite full, with a pancake baby.   Totally worth it.

My parents left after breakfast, so I finished my grocery shopping, and watched some movies.  I'd gotten the Mummy from Netflix, and I ordered Tarzan from Amazon, along with another movie and the 5th season of Rizzoli and Isles.  I didn't run this weekend, but I did strength training Sunday.  I followed a video from Fitness Blender, and then some of my PT exercises.  My chiro stressed to keep doing those exercises, which is what I've been doing anyway.  I know the importance all too well of continuing those.

I'm not ready for the work week yet, but this week should be more calm than last week.  I got my first batch of reports in, and I have the rest of the month for the second batch.  I hope things will settle and I won't be as stressed.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Surviving the Week

This week has been super busy at work, but I've almost survived it, and I have one more report due today.  After that I have until the end of the month to get the rest of my reports in, so I can slow down a little bit.  This week was crunch time since we lost a day before month-end closing due to the holiday, and then we lost another day due to some year-end activity on Monday.  Normally I'd have more than 4 days for this first batch of reports.

I finally finished the book that I'd bought in early June, and I'm on to my next one.  I read Gilded Deceit by Tracy Grant, which I think is #13 in the series, and now I'm reading What the Dead Leave Behind by Rosemary Simpson.  I'm a little behind on my reading, since I've been working on the Rudolph Christmas ornaments, but I'm almost done with those, and I have more time for reading.

I've been sitting here, waiting for RnR to release the medals for Las Vegas.  I know they have other races coming up, and this week has all been about Chicago, but I'm twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the new designs.  I'm not quite impressed with the participant t-shirt, and it seems to be the standard design this year.  The medals have been really good though, so I'm over here with Jeopardy music in my head.

This weekend will be busy, but hopefully a fun one.  My mom and I are co-hosting a wedding shower for my cousin and his fiancee.  My aunt and the bride's sister are also hosting, and we've been planning since February.  The theme is "blooming into love", and we've tried to stick with that for the decorations.  I have no creative, artsy skills, but I think what we've all come up with will be exciting once it's all put together.

My parents and I are also seeing Hamlet tonight for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival.  Every summer, CU hosts the festival and 4 or 5 plays are performed between the outside amphitheater, and the indoor auditorium.  Hamlet will be inside.  The twist on the play is Hamlet will be played by a woman, as a woman.  I've never seen Hamlet performed live, and I'm looking forward to it.

And my Oiselle capris arrived.  They're pretty comfy, and I'm looking forward to testing them out with strength training.  It's still too warm for running in them, but that'll come in the fall.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tuesdays on the Run: Running Items for Non-running Things

Running gear and accessories can be incredibly versatile.  My favorite lately has been running capris, although it's been a little too warm for that in the Colorado summer.  Certainly not as bad as the Texas summer, but I can't wait until I can wear capris more frequently.  I started the year with only 2 pairs, but I was sent a pair from Skechers, and I bought a pair from Oiselle over the weekend.  I'd gone online to look at ordering another pair of Roga shorts, and saw the capris I've been wanting for a while was the flash sale item of the day.  I got them for $28!  So pair #4 is on its way.

What I like about the capris is they're great to lounge in after work, and if I'm struggling to get a workout going, I can wear them until I'm ready.  I was exhausted after I got home from work yesterday, and I didn't start my strength training until later in the afternoon.  At least I got to be comfortable while I gathered up my motivation.

The other item I use outside of running is Body Glide.  Anybody else do this?  If I'm wearing a dress, I'll use Body Glide, and if I'm wearing a fitted camisole under a shirt, I'll use Body Glide too.  My sports bras and fitted camisoles will chafe the same area, if I do get chafing, and Body Glide works just as well with both.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Monday Musings 7/10

Another week.  After today, my month is going to be super busy with quarterly reporting to sponsors. I have reports due this Friday, and then the next batch is due by the end of July.

This weekend was spent with naps since I was still tired after last week.  I don't know if the holiday on Tuesday threw me off, but the week did feel weird.  I spent Saturday strength training since I had a window tech coming to look at a couple windows that needed to be fixed, and then I was on the treadmill again on Sunday.  I've gotten back into my schedule, but I'm not doing much beyond 2/2.5 miles to work on my speed.

I have an impromptu race at the end of August!  My cousin's fiancee is putting together a team for the Color Run - Denver, and my mom and I have signed up.  I think my uncle and aunt have signed up too.  The race is a couple weeks before training starts, and I'd like to use it as a way to gauge how my work this summer will have gone.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Free Friday Five

This has certainly been a strange week since I worked Monday, had a holiday Tuesday, and then 3 days for the rest of the work week.  I'm taking the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off, but I'm thinking if I do work before a big holiday, I may just come into the office in the morning and take the afternoon off.  I had one whole email that needed answering on Monday, and the afternoon was dead.

Happy Independence Day!
Tuesday I actually went to the mall (shocking!) since I needed more stuff from Bath and Body Works.  While there, I learned they're moving one of the scents I love, Tahiti Island Dream, out of stores and making it available only online.  Last time they did that, they eventually phased it out entirely :( I did find Love and Sunshine as something to try, and it reminded me more of summer.  I will order Tahiti Island Dream and try to stock up to last me a while.

There seems to be some drama for Run Disney out in Disneyland.  I know some readers love doing Run Disney races, but right now, they haven't been able to get permits for the Star Wars Light Side race, and the public registration was supposed to be March 13th.  Now Tink's getting in on this since registration for that weekend was supposed to be June 27th, and the website hasn't been updated with any 2018 information.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing Tink in 2016, and I hope RD and Anaheim can work things out.  It does seem to be just out in Disneyland since WDW races are up to date, and registrations are open, or sold out.  No surprise there since Walt Disney World is basically its own city.

I've started planking again.  I was only planking while going to Pure Barre classes, but since I've been using the PB DVDs I have, I've been skipping the planking section.  It's not my favorite, but I've been working on my core, and I know I need to do more.  I've worked up to anywhere between 45 seconds and a minute, and doing it a couple times a day.  Again, not my favorite, and I'm a little sore on my obliques.  Time to woman up and get those back in my circuit.

I'm also still working on the Rudolph ornaments, but now I only have one more to go.  I finished the Abominable Snowman this week!  The last one will be Santa holding the train toy from the Island of Misfit Toys.

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Monday Musings 7/3

Happy Monday!  Anybody have today off?  I have a feeling today is going to be very quiet at work, but I can use that time to start prepping a little bit to get reports ready.   July is a quarterly reporting month, after June month-end is complete, and after last week was constantly busy from Tuesday through Friday, I hope I can take advantage of the quiet.

This weekend was low key, but it's what I wanted.  After a 4-day weekend out of town, and busy at work, I was looking forward to not having much to do.  I needed to recharge after the week, and this picture is a good reflection of my weekend.

I started my weekend by first stopping by the running store I went to on Wednesday to return the Mizuno Enigmas.  Things weren't getting better, and I didn't even want to try them on a treadmill run.   I should look forward to testing out my new shoes, and these didn't feel good at all.  There was no sense in trying to get them to feel better.  I always feel bad whenever I have to return shoes, and the sales people apologize.  It's not their fault the shoes didn't work out.

Friday evening was spent watching my second favorite movie.  Daniel Day Lewis announced he's retiring from acting, and I love the Last of the Mohicans.  I've only seen DDL in two other movies, Gangs of New York and Lincoln, but Mohicans is by far my favorite of those 3.  Top two overall of all movies I've seen.

I went back to Boulder Saturday morning, to Boulder Running Company.  I think I should've gone here before.  The other store didn't have any of the shoes I wanted to look at in stock, but BRC did.  I tried on the New Balance 860v7's, and the Mizuno Inspires.  Both shoes felt really good, but the 860s had a little something that decided they were for me, so I'm staying with the 860s for now.  The 6's were great for Bolder Boulder training, and I hope the 7's are good for Vegas training.  Since I'd already done my run on Saturday, I'm looking forward to another treadmill run on Tuesday.

Speaking of my run Saturday... it was ugly.  My first run after I take a break is always ugly, and I'd taken slightly more than a month off.  1.5 miles was all I could do, but I hope it's out of my system, and that Tuesday's run will be better.  They usually are.  I need to shed any rust during that first run, so it's usually short (but not sweet).

Sunday was generally a lazy day.  I slept until 7!, then finished up my errands.  I didn't do strength training since I'd done a good version Saturday afternoon, and I was a little sore Sunday morning.  DOMS started settling in during the afternoon, which is always a kinda good feeling.  It means I did something, but I still have to deal with the soreness.

I did celebrate a little bit this weekend too.  Since I made it to fiscal year end, I also realized I passed my 6-month mark on the 27th.  I started my job at CU December 27th.  It doesn't feel like 6 months have passed, but as I Friday, we are halfway through 2017.

Coppola makes their sparkling Sofia in bottles and cans, and I love the cans.  They're single serving and perfect when I want a little bit, but not a whole bottle.  Champagne bottles don't seal like regular wine does.

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