Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Five Randoms

For those who didn't see my post yesterday, I bought new shoes on Wednesday, the Mizuno Enigma.  I've tried wearing them and I'm not sure I like these :(  There's plenty of cushion in the shoe itself, but it's way too snug across the top of my foot, to the point where my toes would start to tingle, and there's pressure on my toes  The left shoe is fine, I didn't have a problem with that one, but all of this was happening in the right shoe.  I wore them on and off at work yesterday, and my foot was more comfortable in my heels!  I'm wearing them today and will make a decision about whether to return them.  I bought them in the box so I have the option of taking them back before heading home.

Fairytales and Fitness suggested the Riders, which the store I went to didn't have.  There is another store in Boulder that I'll head to after I return these shoes and see if they have Riders I could try, along with the next NB 860.

I went to the store during the week so I could have shoes ready for the weekend, because guess what?  I have the itch again to run, and what better way to kick off July then to start it with a run.  I'll still head to the gym, in my old New Balance 860s, then drive up to Boulder.  Good thing the towns aren't that far apart.

My car is in desperate need for a bath, and there's a good car wash in Boulder too.  I have bugs on my windshield from my drive up the mountains, the car is dusty, and needs a vacuum.  This place takes care of all of that, and it's not far from Boulder Running Company.  I can get the car washed first, then head to the store.  I'm trying not to fill up my weekend, but I need to get things done, and I'm doing a couple things on Sunday too.  After a 4-day weekend last week, I only have two days to get all this done!

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Couple Randoms

It's Thursday, and I can't wait for the weekend.  I've been really busy the last two days at work as we get to year-end, and I was really cranky yesterday because as always, people wait until the last minute to do stuff with their expenses, and want us to do it for them.  Umm, that's a no.  I have my own deadlines, my supervisors says to focus on getting my tasks done, and we don't do other departments' stuff.  Since I was cranky, I decided to stop by the running store on my way home, and get a new pair of shoes.  A little early, but since I have them now, I can test them out on Saturday.

The Mizuno Enigma.  I guess these run narrow because I was given a "wide" to try, but they don't look or feel wide to me.  They have more cushion, but the saleswoman said they have the same kind of support as the New Balance 860v6 has.  They didn't have the 860v7, which I did find strange.  They have an 860v6 that they have put on a mannequin earlier in the season, but they didn't feel new.  I didn't feel the new type of cushion you get with new shoes, and when I tried on the Enigmas, it was night and day. 

Yesterday was also the release of the t-shirt design for RnR Las Vegas.

I've noticed a lot of the shirt designs is this generic type, with only a slight difference for each city.  I'm rather "meh" on it, so I hope there are other designs available at the expo.  Now I'm just waiting on the medal design, which the website states will be released sometime in July.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Midway Point

It's hard to believe we're almost halfway through 2017.  I'd say the first half of my year has gone pretty well, not only with running.  I keep making progress with my ITBS, and I've settled into my new home, job, and state. 

My first and only goal for June was to relax and recover from the Bolder Boulder.  I took a complete rest for 13 days before I got the itch to start strength training again.  I'm now getting the itch to start cardio again, so my goal for July will be to work on that cadence, and build my base back up.  I'd also like to finish acclimating to the altitude, but that'll come on its own.  I'm almost there.  And then my race for Vegas is at a lower altitude than Denver, so maybe I'll benefit from acclimating?

I'm going to get new shoes this weekend, and then get back to the gym.  I haven't been to my gym at all in June, which is why I didn't want to sign up until the summer.  Darn that Colorado weather!  I have been looking at training plans for Vegas, and I think I'm going to stick with the Hanson's 15k plan, and adjust it to 10k.  I've looked at my calendar, and if I push the plan to 11 weeks, training starts in September!

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Monday Musings 6/26

I'm back from my 4-day weekend in the mountains.  Buckle up, because while I was still relaxing, my parents and I did quite a bit.

I drove Allie and myself up to my parents' house Thursday morning, leaving around 9am to let rush hour thin out.  Thursday was low key once I got to their house, and unwind from the drive.  It's not a difficult drive, but I'm more stressed whenever Allie is in the car.  She doesn't like traveling at all, but she loves my parents' house.  The last time she (and I) was up there was New Year's weekend.  Now that it's summer, it's a cat paradise.  Tons of windows, lots to explore, and wildlife to watch.

Friday was my first full day, and we decided to hike Adams Falls, which is reached by driving through or around Grand Lake, and not through the gate of Rocky Mountain National Park.  The melt off rushing down the waterway was amazing, and there's still snow that hasn't melted yet.  Even though the snow was slow to arrive this past winter, the mountains got a lot.  The lakes are almost full, and still expecting more.

After hiking, we went to a Grand Lake summer establishment, Myauchi's, for lunch.  I also splurged on a soft serve since this was technically vacation.  The rest of the afternoon was spent showing my parents Guardians of the Galaxy, since they had never seen it, and having dinner at home.  It's hard to tell how busy afternoons will get in town during the summer.

Saturday morning was spent at the house while my parents went to their gym's weight lifting circuit.  I actually did some weight training too since they have a weight bench and free weights.  Whatever I did, I ended up doing some back work too because I've been feeling my muscles between my shoulder blades all day today.  I did a little upper body work, but nothing that really targeted my upper back.

Proclamation recognizing the theater group by Gov. Hickenlooper
Saturday night was spent at the Rocky Mountain Rep Theater.  This is a high quality, Broadway-type talent troupe, and they have 3 summer shows each year, plus a fall show.  When they released the schedule back in the winter, I saw they were doing Mamma Mia! this year, and I really wanted to go. I love the movie since I find it so much fun, but I'd never seen the show on stage.  Of course now I'm listening to the movie soundtrack.

Sunday morning was spent in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We spotted moose, elk, more elk, and a deer.

I left a little after noon to try to get through the weekend traffic, which wasn't too bad.  The only slow spot was once I got on I-70 from 40, but it was never a stand-still.  One thing I noticed going up and over the mountain pass was there must've been some sort of cycling event going on.  I saw so many cyclists going down the pass the other way as I was going up, and then there were cyclists on the eastern side too, peddling up the pass.  I'm not sure what it was, but I'll keep looking.  There were a lot of cyclists.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Planning for Vegas

Today's topic is scenes from my run, but since I haven't done any running since Memorial Day, a scenic picture would be of my couch.  I have been doing strength training, but in my living room so the picture would be very similar.  With the ever-present snuggler.

What I have done is bought my airfare for Las Vegas!  I'll be flying in Friday, and flying out Monday.  A quick turnaround, but with the race Sunday evening, I can have one last hoorah before flying home.  And shopping at the airport.  I'll be stocking up on Las Vegas chocolate, from Ethel M's, before my flight.  How many boxes do you think I could fit in a carry-on?  I'll have to be careful packing and leave enough room, which means no shopping at the expo.

I'm also excited because I'm taking a long weekend up in the mountains  at my parents' place starting Thursday.  June 30th is year-end, so there's extra stuff I'm going to have to do at work.  I figure a couple days in the mountains, and I can relax a little bit.  A little hiking and hitting up the restaurants, plus seeing a show.  Grand Lake has a great live theater group in the summer, and we'll be seeing Mamma Mia!

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Monday Musings 6/19

What a week!  I was exhausted on Saturday, so not mud happened, but I did a little Pure Barre.  I was sore on Sunday, but the good kind of sore.

The weekend started great since I got my new Oiselle singlet.  This year they had various colors members could choose from when we renewed our membership.  My eye immediately went to this one, and it's beautiful!  *insert heart eyes emoji*

I think I'll wear this one for Vegas.  It reminds me of a desert sunset, so it'll fit in at Vegas.  I'll pack both singlets, but this one is gorgeous.

Allie started climbing the cabinets again.  It seems to be a summer activity.  She jumps from the counter top, to the top of the fridge, then the top of the cabinets.  I can't do too much about it, especially if she's doing it when I'm at work.

After Saturday was low key, Sunday was pretty busy.  I met my parents for brunch at Blue Sky Cafe in Lakewood, and then we picked up my grandfather for a get-together at Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies.  My grandfather loves golden retrievers, and they were having the meet up for their Turkey dog program.  They're working with a woman in Turkey who's working on rescuing stray goldens from the streets of Turkey.  They love golden puppies, but not the adults, so they turn the adults onto the streets and abandon them.  The woman is wonderful, and she's working with a number of rescue shelters in the US.  My mom sponsored one of the dogs, to help cover the costs of transportation, and the group arrived two Thursdays ago.  The dog my mom sponsored was adopted last Sunday, and is just a sweetheart.  We didn't see him before we left, but he was adopted by a longtime shelter volunteer who just fell in love with him.

Despite everything, the dogs are very sweet, and so energetic.  Most of them were running around the yard at the headquarters, then retreating to the shade.  I'd say there was somewhere between 20-30 dogs there.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer Homework

Now that the temps are matching summer, I'm starting to come up with a plan for what I need to work on this off-season.  Having a race in November gives me plenty of time to keep up my strength training, and adding in work my chiro wants me to do.

#1: Cadence.  I've mentioned this before, but this is the number 1 priority of the summer, which is why it's first on the list.  I really need to work on my cadence this summer, and since it is summer, what better way to use the treadmill?  I want to get this in my head so I don't have to be thinking about it during my next training cycle.  I zone out when running, and don't want to think.

2) New shoes.  I haven't done any cardio since my 10k, but I have a chiropractor appointment next week, and I'll start up cardio after a mini vacation.  I do think I'll get the next New Balance model, but I'm doing the whole process of getting fitted to make sure the new shoes are right for me.

3) Revamp my workout list.  I'm phasing out songs that I've listened to all spring.  They're great songs, but I've heard them too much and need fresh songs.

4) Figure out strength training.  Now that I have a gym membership again, I need to balance body weight, Pure Barre at home, and weight training.  Doing this should give me a good all-around schedule, but I need to figure out which days are which.

5) A 10k schedule.  I don't want to be training as much as I was for Bolder Boulder since I was ready for the race, and ready to be done at the same time.  I've found Hal Hidgeon's 15k plan for a novice, and I like the aspect of having more time to work on a 10k compared to his 10k plan (8 weeks vs 10 weeks).  I'm tweaking the plan, but it has 3 running days, which is my normal number, and on my normal running days!  It would take me to 6 miles, and I hope not to hit the wall at 5.5 during the race.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer Gear

Summer is here, even in Colorado.  I know it was 52 when I woke up this morning, but that's the beauty of Colorado vs. Texas.  It cools off at night, and it isn't a steamy 87 when I leave for work before 7am.  We have had 2 days already of 90+ degrees, and poor Allie is adjusting.  I'm pulling brush fulls of fur out of her each day, and her fur is still flying around.

The key to summer is light clothing that breathes and wicks, and lighter colors.  I love how the Skechers tank top felt when I first wore it, but it's black, and I'm not going to be running outside in dark colors.  Gym, yes, and even in the gym, I need gear that breathes.  Those built-in treadmill fans don't really cool me off.

Since I'm also extremely pasty, I always recommend sun screen.  I know some woman run in sports bras without a shirt in the summer, but my body would sear, so I opt for the shirts.  I've been meaning to get more shirts with sleeves, but I didn't make much progress with that.  I only got one New Balance shirt, so I should get back to that.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Musings 6/12

This was another week of rest, but this time around I had to force myself to take another week off.  I really got the itch about Tuesday to start up again, but I wanted to take 2 weeks off.  In total, I took 13 days off since I did strength on Sunday.  It felt like the right time.  I don't know yet when I want to start cardio again, but it could be this week as well.  I'll only do small mileage, but I'll get to work on my cadence.

Saturday another movie day, for Wonder Woman, and I cut it super close to showtime.  I got in my seat when the first trailer was running, but I could've taken more time since we got another 8 trailers, just like with Guardians 2.  This time, there was no Star Wars trailer, so this was 0 for 8 with movies I wanted to see.  Some of them were repeats from last week, and they're still a no.

Now part of me wants to know what the workout routine was for the Amazon actresses, because I'm a sucker for pain?  I'm always interested to see if it's something I could do, or incorporate some exercises into my trainer.  Obviously no horseback, or sword fighting, but what was the strength training?

Sunday was finishing up errands, and doing some more decorating.  My mom is in to quilting, and she made me one for Christmas.  Yes, it's taken me this long, but I was in a temporary place, so maybe 2 months in my new place.  I wanted to get a wooden dowel to help with hanging it, but I couldn't find one long enough.  I finally used tacks in the top corners and put it up in my room.  There's also a matching pillow.

I also put up some of the paintings I did in Texas, at the studio my friends and I would go to.  I have quite a few hanging in my office, but I still had some that I wanted to put up at home.

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Things I'm Catching Up On

Now that I'm not training, I have time on my hands during the week and weekends, and I can do some things I hadn't been doing for a bit.

1) Last weekend I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

2) This weekend I'm going to see Wonder Woman.  I already bought my ticket :)

3) I have more time on the weekends too because I'm doing the household chores during the week.  It's nice to only have grocery shopping and a little bit of laundry to do.

4) Since I'm not getting home and doing a workout right away, Allie wants attention.  She knows I'm not training, and is getting her snuggle time in.

5) I'm binge watching a couple TV shows, if you call having to wait for Netflix discs as binge watching.  I started watching Ripper Street, and it's interesting enough that I keep wanting to see the next episode.

All of that being said, I'm itching to get back out there.  I'll start incorporating strength training again next week.

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Little Delayed

Sorry for the no-post yesterday.  Month-end processing finished, and the first day after that can get pretty busy at work.  Now that I'm through that, I can quickly get a post up.

Today is national running day, but I've never actually run on it.  4 years ago I was too injured; 3 years ago I was coming back very slowly and wasn't going to push things; 2 years ago I think it fell on a non-running day; last year I was in recovery from Tink; and this year I'm recovering from the Bolder Boulder.  Oh well.

I do know RnR is having a sale for its races, and of course Vegas is on the list... after I've already signed up.  They do have a limited supply for each race, so if anyone is on the fence, saving a small amount of money may be the thing to get you signed up.

The last thing I want to post has nothing to do with running, but it's oh-so-cute.  My license plates arrived in the mail yesterday, and there's even more detail that I didn't see with pictures online.  The dog and cat have collars!

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Monday Musings 6/5

The Bolder Boulder is done, and we're in June.  Wait, what?  We're in the 6th month of the year?  How the heck did that happen???

This weekend was all about recovery.  I didn't do anything until Friday, when I started foam rolling and stretching again.  I'm thinking of scheduling a dry needling appointment to help my calves relax again, but I still haven't done any cardio or strength training.  It's nice to just "be" some weekends, and I definitely took advantage of that.  Both days I stayed in bed until 7 (!), which is a huge deal.

Saturday I finally got myself over to the movie theater and saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  I'm surprised it only took me a month, but with no training, I did most of my cleaning chores during the week.  I didn't have much to do at all Saturday, so I enjoyed the movie.  I'm thinking of seeing Wonder Woman next weekend.

Sunday I indulged in some Dunkin' Donuts munchkins, and I can't remember the last time I had anything from DD's.  I got a 50-count and basically snacked on them all day.

Up next is the RnR Las Vegas 10k.  It'll be my first RnR event, and maybe I can go after my 10k PR?  That's from back in 2011, when I did my very first 10k to get a qualifying time for my Princess Corral.  1:13:38, which I missed by less than a minute with Bolder Boulder.  I have time to recover, relax, and then get back into off-season training, which will be maintaining my base, working on a faster cadence, and continuing with my strength training.  Right now I'm not doing anything, and it's glorious.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Post Bolder Boulder Thoughts

This week has certainly been strange.  Combine a shortened week along with no training needed, and it's been very different.  Tuesday I certainly had some post-race blues, but I was also exhausted after all that fresh air on Monday.  Not only did I have my race, but I was in the press truck for the elite women's race.  I ended up zonking for half an hour over my lunch break at work, and then another half-hour nap when I got home.  By 5:30, I was finally feeling human again.  You do what you gotta do.

Here are my takeaways for the Bolder Boulder:

1) The wave start was awesome.  The best part about all the waves is they don't require runners to be in their waves until about 15-20 minutes before their wave starts.  Those times are also posted online so runners know when to get there.

2) The residents were awesome.  Again, awesome.  The residents of Boulder are part of the fun.  They're the ones who set up the slip n slides, super soakers, have beer ready, have bacon ready, etc.  One even had an above ground pool and was letting runners take a dip before running on.

3) Folsom Stadium.  The crowd is amazing, and loud, at Folsom, cheering on the runners.  I wanted to make sure I could enjoy it, which is why I walked up the hill to the stadium.

4) One thing I'll knock the race on, post-finish line, is we had to keep walking to get cups of water and Nuun, and then into the CU field house to get our post-race goodies, which was stuffy and the lines weren't moving quickly.  I will give good points to getting bottled water with our goodie bag, which also turned out to be a lunch bag.  I ended up missing the last water station before turning on to Folsom since I was on the opposite side of the road, and I didn't have the energy to make my way over there.  All I wanted was water.

5) People watching.  You think Disney is the only race with costumes?  Come to Boulder.  I saw Wizard of Oz costumes, beer costumes, t-rex runners, Forrest Gump, and the ever present banana costumes.  I even passed a banana runner at some point.

While there's no medal for the race, the photos are free.  I'm waiting for them to be posted, but the race was only on Monday, and photos are said to be available 5 business days after the event, on average.

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