Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Bolder Boulder Women's Elite Race

One of the perks of being an official blogger for the Bolder Boulder was the opportunity to be on the press truck for one of the elite races.  I figured I'd want to be on the press truck for the women's race, but then really knew it once Stephanie Bruce announced she was running.  For those not in the know, Stephanie is a Oiselle elite runner, and since I'm part of the Volee, that was a must.

Unlike most races, the Bolder Boulder kicks off the elite race after the citizens' race, giving those in the last corrals a chance to make it to the stadium and watch the footage on the jumbotron.  This year the race was a little different for the elites, and instead of starting at 30th and Walnut, they started down the hill of Folsom, then hooked up with the regular course for the last couple miles.

There were 27 elite women, including a first ever appearance by Cuba, in both the men's and women's, and a women's Chinese team was back for the first time since 1998.  In total, there were women from Ethiopia, USA, Kenya, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, and China.  Not only is it a race for the elites, but it's also a team race, with athletes in teams of 3 to score with.  Spoiler, I read Ethiopia just wiggled past the top USA team by 1 point, to win the team competition.

Aside from the USA elites, I also recognized Buzenesh Deba from Ethiopia, who is now the new Boston 2014 champ after Rita Jeptoo was disqualified.

When the race started, the lead group was Ethiopia, Kenya, and USA runners, but around 1.5 miles, the two top Ethiopian women (Mamitu Daska and Ruti Aga) threw the hammer down and started pushing the pace.  Eventually, it was those two, and one Kenyan, until they dropped the Kenyan runner maybe a mile or so later.  Before we lost sight of the runners behind them, I saw Natosha Rogers had overtaken the Kenyan runner for third place.  The rest of the race was the two leaders, until the finish.  Daska crossed the finish line one second before Aga.

The top 10 were:

1) Mamitu Daska (Eth)
2) Ruti Aga (Eth)
3) Natosha Rogers (USA)
4) Gladys Kipsoi (Ken)
5) Neely Gracey (USA)
6) Lindsay Scherf (USA)
7) Elvin Kibet (Ken)
8) Stephanie Bruce (USA)
9) Margarita Hernandez Flores (Mex)
10) Buzenesh Deba (Eth)


  1. What a neat opportunity! I would have been excited, too!

    1. It was amazing. I might've had more fun on the press truck than running the race.

  2. What an incredibly opportunity! How many people get to say that they've been able to ride along in a press truck during a race?!?

    1. I only wish I had a better camera. It's incredible to see elite athletes run up close.

  3. Wow, what a great opportunity! That sounds so cool to be right there for the action.

    1. It was. To see that up close is so much better than on TV!