Thursday, April 13, 2017

3 Things Thursday 4/13

Now that I'm in my new home, I'm taking a different route home from work.  I took the highway home Monday, which wasn't bad, just a little slow, then there's a backroads way using Broadway, which I took Tuesday.  I actually had to stop at the running store on Broadway, Flatirons Running Company, because I needed more Rock Tape, and new inserts.

If you think back a few weeks ago, when my chiropractor said inserts weren't necessary?  Well, they became necessary because I was using the inserts that came with my shoes, and I kind of started shredding them where my small toes are.  When I say I'm tough on shoes, that includes the inserts.  So I got Superfeet orange, which definitely feel different with the additional support, and then two boxes of Rock Tape.  Might as well stock up more than one box at a time.  I'll run a couple miles today to see how the inserts are working, but this place said my ankles were rolling in a little bit, hence the color with more arch support.  My arches may have dropped slightly, but they still need to be supported.

I also got the comp codes for BolderBOULDER and have one left.  If anybody wants to run the race, or know someone who does, let me know!