Thursday, March 30, 2017

3 Things Thursday 3/30

The last Thursday in March.  Yikes!  Where have the last 3 months gone?  I've been at my new job for those 3 months, and I'm heading into month #4.  Really, where has the time gone?  Today is also my Friday since the university is closed tomorrow.  This week is spring break, and while students and professors get the week off, staff doesn't.  But tomorrow we have one day off, so 3-day weekend for me!!

I tested my legs, well calves, out on the treadmill Tuesday for a 5k, and I want to get outside today before the rain and snow move in this weekend.  Yesterday was gorgeous when I got home, but it was a strength training day.  I'll tape up my legs and head out, hoping for another good run.  My left leg better behave because I do not need it to need attention too.

Finally, I broke down and ordered another shirt from Raw Threads.  I got the Red Queen shirt so now I just need a Disney race.  I don't think next year will happen, so 2019?  If Raw Threads keeps coming out with more designs, I'll need a space in my running drawer just for them.


  1. So now you know how us Skirtsports Ambassadors feel . . . yeah, we're supposed to get snow into Saturday too. Most of the last snow just finally melted (but not all!).

    1. Completely. They're always coming up with new designs I have to have.