Thursday, March 23, 2017

3 Things Thursday 3/23

I'm less than 10 weeks out from BolderBoulder, AND I bought my parking pass yesterday.  There's paid parking at CU for the event, which makes it easy (hopefully) to get out after I'm done.  $20 is a fair price, and to know where I'm going to park.  Parking logistics always stress me out, but that is done!

I bought the Red Queen tank top yesterday, and now I just need another Disney race.  I already have an idea of the theme for the outfit.  Anybody else do this?  I know, cart before the horse, but I know I'll do another Disney race down the line, I just don't know when.  I know there will be red in the theme, because how can there not be?

I'm taking steps forward and backwards with the ITBS, but Tuesday I stepped forward and did 4.25 miles.  I even cut down my walking interval to 30 seconds.  That certainly doesn't feel like much, but I think it helped keep my rhythm.  I'm still dealing with my calves, but my balance disc arrived last week, and I'm working on getting better with that.  I worked on my balance last year, and then kind of stopped since I didn't have a balance disc or bosu ball.

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