Thursday, February 16, 2017

Random Thursday 2/16

Does anyone help enable their pets?  I'd been looking for some quiet toys for Allie, and found these at Target.  Small, catnip, quiet, and shiny?!  My attention span almost went down the drain with the shiny.  It didn't take Allie long to figure out these are fun toys, and they now may be her favorite toys.  Quiet is always key when the cat is active at night.  They are red, orange, and blue, and of course I have "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue" in my head.

This week I realized something I thought I wouldn't admit, ever.  I threw in hill intervals during my run Saturday, and it was actually fun.  Did I honestly just say that?  Yes, I had fun playing around with the hill intervals, and I did it again yesterday.  Whoa!  For a while now, I've been running at a 0.0% incline, but I took the intervals as high as 3.0, and it felt easier to run with the inclines.  Maybe I'm maturing as a runner?  I want to do that more frequently, and hills may be my Thursday runs for the foreseeable future.

I posted this yesterday, but Run Disney re-designed the medals for Tink.  I'm quite happy I did the 10k last year because I don't like the 10k design this time around.  I knew I wanted to do the Tink 10k ever since they released the first design.  All the fairies made up the design, and I was hooked.  Now, it's Peter Pan and some of the lost boys.  No thanks.


  1. Toys for your furkid is enrichment, not enabling! Poor Giz doesn't get to play with toys much anymore because it drives the dogs bonkers. I do play with him every morning with his cat dancer (best cat toy ever, but requires a human).

    Thankfully Giz is also just about 16 so he sleeps a lot (and is quiet at night).

    I seriously don't know what I will do when he's gone, I've never been catless. :(

    1. It's definitely enrichment. She's loving these toys, and they keep disappearing under the closet door. They don't get there on their own.