Thursday, February 23, 2017

Month of Maintenance

I had my dry needling session on Tuesday, then a chiropractic session yesterday.  It's exactly like in Dallas, when my chiro's office was my "it takes a village" village.  I hadn't had a dry needling session since July, and I was a bit sore in spots.  I was poked in more places than I was last summer, starting about mid-quad, on the side, going down past my knee to the persnickety spot on my calf, and on the opposite side of the calf, and near my foot.  That wasn't all.  He then had me flip on my stomach so he could needle more of my calf, and some of my hip.  I felt the hip spots when I was cooking dinner Tuesday.

More running gear
I took it easy Tuesday and iced and stretched when I got home.  February certainly hasn't been a month for training, but it's morphed into using this month for some down time and maintenance that I absolutely need.  I'm already at 4.25 miles, if my knee isn't being pesky.  I would certainly like to do more training than I did for Tink - I only got to 4 miles for a 10k - and I'm taking the time now to do it.

Yesterday I was given another exercise, this time to start strengthening my calves.  My right ankle is a bit wobbly, and the calf is working overtime to keep my foot stable.  We re-tested my strength and it's looking good, and my back is more flexible with the exercises I've been doing.  It is nice to know I am making progress, and will continue all the exercises I'm given.  I'm writing these down since I have quite a few to do.  Twice a day.  For now my foot is taped to provide support and to try to get my calf to relax.


  1. Glad to hear that things are looking more positive. Positive progress is always a good sign.

    1. I know there will always be things to work on, but it's good to hear I am progressing in some areas.