Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fun Stuff in Colorado

 I already feel like they're more to do here than in Dallas.  Maybe Dallas was just so big, if I wanted to do something on the other side of town, I'd have to drive an hour.  Already the family is adding things to our to-do list with a lot of fun stuff.

1) March 1 on campus, there's an event featuring Emma Coburn and Jenny Simpson.  You bet your buns I'm going!

Join us for this special Forever Buffs Spotlight in which Jenny and Emma will give you an inside look at what it takes to be an Olympic athlete, what it was like to compete in Rio and how their time at CU prepared them for success.

2) A friend brought this to my attention.  Cary Elwes is going to be in Denver at the Paramount for a showing of the Princess Bride, then VIP holders get to meet him afterwards.  Not only am I going, my parents are going too.  It was a birthday gift for my mom, but I can hardly contain my excitement.  I make no secret that the Princess Bride is my favorite movie, of all time.

3) Mamma Mia.  I haven't bought tickets yet, but Grand Lake has a national repertoire theater that is high caliber, and every summer they have 4 musicals in rotation.  A few years ago I saw Anything Goes, and the lead actress (Reno) was leaving for Broadway at the end of that season.  This year is Mamma Mia, Newsies, West Side Story, and Almost Heaven.  I love the movie Mamma Mia because it's just FUN!  Tickets haven't gone on sale yet, but I'm watching for them.

4) Hamlet.  Boulder has a Shakespeare festival every year, and these are pros doing the plays.  My parents and I are seeing Hamlet this summer, but they're also putting on the Taming of the Shrew, Julius Caesar, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, and Henry VI, Part 3.  Some are inside, some are outside.

Plus, I can do a lot in the summer since it won't be 100 degrees and cooking all season long.  I wanted to run outside yesterday after work, but the weather changed to include rain, so I took my anger out on the treadmill.  That felt good, and I know I'll be able to run outside in the summer after work. 


  1. Yay, sounds like you've got a lot of fun plans coming up! That's a good point about some places being so big that it takes forever to get places and do things. A lot of times there are things in the city I'm interested in but decide against just because it can be such a pain to get there from the suburbs.

    1. Exactly! The happened a lot in Dallas.

  2. My husband loves the Princess Bride! It was kind of a test when we were dating -- I think if I hadn't liked the book, we might not have gotten married. :) Although it's more his thing than mine.

    We loved Austin because it was a big city with a small town feel -- at least when we lived there. Things are changing there! We don't miss the summers or the traffic.

    1. I won't miss the summers either. It'll be nice to be able to do things outside again and not melt.