Thursday, January 19, 2017

Waiting on Those Cards

The one drawback of starting a new job is waiting on your benefits choices to process, and those benefits cards to show up in the mail.  I saw my chiropractor in Texas the week before I moved, but with everything, it's now been over a month, and I'm feeling out of wack.  It's not bad, but after being in alignment again, I can feel when I'm slipping and the hips are moving.  I'm not in hard core training yet, but I need to get back to seeing a chiropractor again for maintenance.  I've asked if we have temporary cards, just to see if I can actually call a couple offices to see who's accepting new patients.

I've been doing my cardio without any Rock Tape since that got packed, and I'm currently too lazy to go to my storage unit and root through the boxes to find out which one it's in.  I may just order a brand new roll to avoid that.  All the boxes got piled up, and even though I labeled them, sorting through them all isn't something I'd like to do yet, especially since the weather keeps fluctuating and sticking around 40 on the weekends.  Come on!  Isn't that typical?  It was near 50 yesterday, and should be today, which would be perfect running weather, but of course it won't be 50 this weekend.  Back in the low 40s, and cloudy.  Grrr!

the sun does exist!
I'm also getting ready to test out the new shoes I have.  I did make sure to go through that box when it was pulled off the moving truck.  Running shoes are more important than anything, right?  My other shoes are still in storage.  I have 3 pairs of running shoes (one old, one current, one new), and a pair of winter boots.  I have one pair of dress shoes at work, but my work is a little more casual than my last job, and many people are wearing sneakers.  Just what my knees like to do!  It's Boulder, so it doesn't surprise me too much that I might be able to get away with wearing sneakers most of the time.  I'm up for that :)


  1. Yes! I loved that about Austin -- I think I maybe wore heels once while I lived there, ha! Unpacking is so easy to avoid...

    1. It was a little more strict at my last job, but I keep hearing one thing over and over here: this is Boulder. I get the sense their not fancy that much.