Thursday, December 1, 2016

3 Things Thursday 12/1

It's now December.  2016 has certainly been a kick in the pants, but now that it's December, I want a good holiday season.  There's still lots to do before I move, and I need to make a trip to Home Depot to get more boxes and bubble wrap.  The kitchen packing is coming along, but it's still quite a bit of stuff.  I never know how much kitchen equipment I have until I have to pack it.  It's very deceiving since so much is hidden in cabinets.

I've been shopping for post-Christmas stuff.  Since Allie has proven she's a good climber, (and because the tree isn't the only thing she's climbed), I'm shopping for tall cat furniture so she'll still have things to climb when the tree is taken down.  Yes, I spoil her.  The cat furniture has to have scratching posts too because she LOVES her scratching posts.  I almost can't keep up with trimming her claws because she loves the scratching posts so much.  She's quite the active girl, and the climbing will keep her going.

Not only am I packing things at home, I also took down all my decorations at work.  Since I gave a head's up two weeks ago, I knew I could start taking stuff home so I could pack my office as well.  The walls are as bare as they are at home.  The only thing up is the white board, and I'm certainly not taking that with me.  It came with the office, so it can stay with the office.

Since it is December 1st, I also have my final numbers for November.  I missed two days of running, but I still managed to get more miles done than in October.  I finished with 26.05 miles, so imagine if I had run those two days.  I could've been over 30 miles for the month.  December will be tricky since I'm moving, and then the holidays hit, but my parents are going to get me a guest pass for their gym, so I should be able to still use the treadmill.  I have to take it easy since I'll be at altitude, and will need to adjust to that.


  1. How awkward would it have been if you totally un-decorated your office before you put your 2 weeks notice in? LOL!

    1. Very. I started out slowly, like taking my race bibs home to pack in the first round, but I waited until this week for everything else.