Thursday, September 1, 2016

Welcome September!

We made it to September.  August was quite a busy month, but since I don't have any trips planned this month, maybe things will start to wind down.  Maybe not.  I'm still working on a couple things I'm not ready to announce yet, but I'm working towards those to hopefully have things in place so I can announce it.  I hate to be vague, but I'm not ready to make things public yet, until I know what I want to do.  I keep hemming and hawing, but it's a big decision.

Anyone heading out to Disneyland this weekend for the half marathon festivities?  I can't believe I was there 7 years ago, and it was my first time back at Disneyland since I was 9.  9 to 24 years old was all spent at WDW whenever we went to Disney.  It's quite different, but I love the cozy feeling of DL and DCA, and knowing Walt had hands on everything when it came to Disneyland.  That was his park, complete with his apartment hidden in the park.

I also got my Halloween playlist out.  I love that playlist, and if stores are getting Christmas ready by Oct. 1, then I can listen to Halloween all I want.  Drown out the Christmas cheer and be a Grinch until I'm ready for it :-p  I have nothing against Christmas, but it gets earlier and earlier each year.  I'm not ready to start Christmas shopping either, though perhaps I should.  It would help spread out the purchases.


  1. Wanna know something funny, it's 3pm here and it wasn't until I just read your post I realized we are now into September, LOL
    Your like my sister, she's already thrilled about the holidays coming up. Myself, I can't think holiday for at least another month and ahalf LOL

    1. I just love Halloween. It really means fall to me and something I love to decorate for.