Tuesday, May 31, 2016

TOTR: Home-State Races

Texas is big.  No really?  Yup, and that means there are tons of races to choose from, whether you're looking for a race in a city, suburb, country, or small town.  I've done one Texas half marathon, and a couple 5k's/10k's along the way.  They're easy to find, practically year 'round.  We even have a Too Hot to Handle race in the middle of the summer.  I wilt in the heat, so no thanks on that one, but there are plenty of races for all kinds of interests.

The most famous would the be the Houston marathon.  The 2012 Olympic marathon trials were even held in Houston, with the same set up as the LA trials this year - trials on Saturday, Houston marathon on Sunday.  Unlike LA, however, the race didn't have to be moved from it's regular date.  The race is held at the end of January every year.  And a little tidbit, President George W. Bush ran Houston in '93 in 3:44:52.

The race I did in Dallas in 2012 was the MetroPCS half marathon, which, along with the marathon, used to be known as White Rock, and many people I know still call it that.  There's also a 5-person relay option, and this past year there was an elite two-person marathon relay, the Duo to Rio, in which an elite male and elite female were paired up for their relay teams, and Deena Kastor and Abdi Abdirahman won the Duo to Rio.  This race is held in December each year. 

On the other side of DFW is the Cowtown series in Fort Worth, held in February each year.  February can be dicey some years, and in 2015, most of the races were cancelled due to ice, with those events turned into virtual races if runners still wanted to complete the distances.  There's a full marathon, half, 10k, 5k, and a 50k ultra.

Austin has quite a few races too, but the big one each April is the Capitol 10k.  While this is smaller than the Bolder Boulder, the Capitol 10k has become a huge race in its own right.  This one is on my to-do list since the 10k has become my favorite distance, so I need to decide which one I want to do next year.  Buffett likes to hit Frisco over Memorial Day weekend, so if I want to go to the concert next year, maybe the Capitol would be better.

And finally, San Antonio.  I've heard great things about the RnR San Antonio series, which has a full, half, relay, 10k, and 5.  I haven't been to San Antonio since I was two, so I'm not counting that.  I don't remember a thing, but apparently I was in San Antonio and I did go to the Alamo.  I'm a history nerd so I'm sure the Alamo would be a neat place to visit, even if I don't see it as most Texans do.  Don't get me started. 

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Since Monday is a holiday, instead of recapping my weekend, I'll write my plans here.  I'm trying to have a good balance since Saturday will be so busy.  At least it is a 3-day weekend, and with everything going on, I still have 2 days to relax.

1) Jimmy Buffett concert.  Some people in my party are heading up early, but too early for me.  I'll meet up with them in the afternoon.  I made the key lime bars Wednesday afternoon, and I cooked the shrimp last night.  Last night was also an impromptu rest day.  I did around the world lunges Wednesday while the key lime bars were baking, and those always get my inner thighs.  DOMS settled during work yesterday, so I decided to give my legs a rest day.

2) For the first time, I carved up a whole pineapple to prep for the shrimp I made.  Believe it or not, I was not influenced by Pinterest for the shrimp finger foods I'm making.  It was a mass email from Margaritaville.   Each shrimp is toothpicked to a chunk of pineapple for the perfect tailgate dish and easy eating.  I need to get the toothpicks on Saturday, and I'll finish assembling the food.  Don't worry, I'll take pictures.

3) The Pre Classic.  This one will be on the DVR since Saturday's events are happening in the afternoon.  The first broadcast will be on NBCSN, then on NBC right after.  I can watch both broadcasts on Sunday since I don't plan to do much that day.  I don't know when I'll get home after the concert, but an easy day and staying in bed late seems to be perfect.

4) Alice Through the Looking Glass.  This will be a Monday thing, but I've been excited about this movie since the first trailer was shown, and I saw the preview at DCA.  It won't be 3D, like the preview.  I've never liked the 3D movie concept, so it'll be a normal showing.

5) My Pure Barre studio is having classes on Monday, but on a modified schedule.  I've signed up for the first class after Platform, so the weekend won't be devoid of workouts. 

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thinking Out Loud 5/26

How is it almost June?  Seriously?  I feel like I was just getting ready to fly to Anaheim, and next week is June.  This weekend is the Jimmy Buffett concert, so that rounds out all the fun I had planned for May.  It started fun, and hopefully it'll end fun.

I'm starting to do some research for whatever new sneakers I want to try on later this summer.  I'm not training for anything yet, and my current ASICS are in good condition, but I've heard bad reviews about this year's model, so at some point, maybe August, I'll head to my LRS to get fitted for new shoes.  So far I've found the model equivalent of my shoes in New Balance, Saucony, and Mizuno, so I'll want to try those and compare them to the 3's I have now.

Speaking of shoes, mine picked up a squeak in the right shoe, which has happened in the past.  The heel in ASICS tends to be narrow, and sometimes a squeak comes in, between the narrowness of the heel and the inserts I wear.  When it started a couple years ago in a different pair, the LRS suggested baby power between the insert and the shoe, which does work.  It sounds weird, and I feel weird buying baby powder.  Thankfully it's in a travel-size, and thankfully there are self-checkouts.

Finally, I know my plans on Sunday are to recharge after the concert, and my DVR will help with keeping me on the couch.  The Pre Classic is this Friday and Saturday, and NBCSN and NBC have broadcasts back to back.  Since I'll be tailgating, I'll make sure my DVR is set up to record both broadcasts so I can watch them on Sunday.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TOTR: Still Recovering

When do you know it's time to get back out there and running?  I've let two days go by in which part of me was saying I should get an easy run in, but most of me is still enjoying the time off.  The weather's been a little crazy, and yes, I'm absolutely using that as an excuse.  Saturday was too muggy, yesterday was too gray.  I can't put it off forever though because next week is June, and June brings heat.  I was running outside before my race, and now I'm going to retreat to the treadmill whenever I find the motivation to start running again.

It's always difficult to know when is good to start up again.  Since I don't have anything on the horizon, I don't have anything to train for.  That does cut my motivation, and quite frankly, I'd been training since January and simply want a break.  I figure the time to lace up my sneakers again will be once I'm clamoring to run.  My body's feel strong, but my mind is still asking for rest.  It's nice that I can oblige and not rush out the door to the fitness room, or I can stay in bed on the weekends, despite waking up early.  It's a nice change of pace, but I know I'll want to get out there at some point.  I'll give myself more time and whenever I want to run again, I'll run again.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Musings 5/23

Now that I'm not training for anything right now, a lot of this has been going on.  It's easy to relax when the cat demands attention and falls asleep on me.

I don't expect it to last much longer because we started to dry out from the rain, and Saturday morning was rather muggy.  I see it as a preview of the heat we're going to get.  We are in to late May, and summer usually starts to make itself known by now.  By full on summer, Allie's sprawled out on an end table.  She's already spending more time off the bed at night, and I'm going to have to adjust to her not being right up against me when I go to sleep.  Part of it could be good because she is a little heat machine, but I'm so used to her snuggling right on up.

I had planned to run a couple miles on Saturday, but between the muggy feeling and getting ingredients for the Jimmy Buffett tailgate this coming weekend, I didn't get around to it.  I'm making a Caribbean island lime shrimp recipe, and key lime bars.  I discovered there's a brand that Kroger carries that sells key lime juice, which makes things SOOOO much easier.  Key limes are much smaller than regular limes, and I've found 3 bags are needed to get the amount of juice my Martha Stewart recipe calls for, 2/3 of a cup.  Now I don't have to worry about that and just put the juice in.  Awesome!

I bought a new book Sunday, and I always get a thrill when I buy a new book.  I'm a little behind on my Amazon wish list, but I'm slowly making my way through them.  This one is #11 for the Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch mysteries and was released when I was traveling to Disneyland.  Right before that trip, I read First Ladies of Running by Amby Burfoot, just in time to motivate me even more for the race.  I have a number of historical mysteries and historical novels to work through, and it's time to hunker down now that it's summer.

I'm keeping up with my strength training too.  My mom had bought two Pure Barre DVDs to try out and decided it wasn't for her and sent them to me.  Great!  I'd wanted to buy a couple for this summer and she offered to send hers, so now I have 3 discs to use.  Every strength session involves my legs to keep up with my PT.  The Pure Barre sessions allow me to work on my upper strength since that's as important as lower body.  I could feel myself running faster before Tink, and I hope to continue that.  I have my eye on the Bolder Boulder next spring, and I need to work on my strength big time if I'm to improve on my time.  That does mean I need a 5k or 10k this fall to register with.  The first 30 waves require proof of time to finish under 68 minutes, and while I don't think I'll get there, it'd still be nice to see what I can do speed wise this fall.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

3 Things Thursday 5/19

It's back to the regular program!  I loved recapping Disneyland, but I wrapped it up on Tuesday.  Today is the randomness that is Thursday.

1) Any NCIS fans out there?  After Tuesday, I'm done.  Between Michael Weatherly leaving and what they did with other characters, it's time for me to step away.  I kept watching after Cote de Pablo left, but after buying season 7 on DVD, I saw how much the dynamics changed, and I was pretty sure I'd stop watching after DiNozzo left the team.  That little voice inside my head kept saying let's see how his final episode is, and I have my answer.  I'll stop watching the new stuff and keep watching the old episodes.  I have seasons 8, 9, and 10 left to get, and I'll stop there.

2) I chose a new car and it is the CX-5!  I signed my potential first born away yesterday to finalize the loan :-p  As a coworker said, wait till you buy a house.  I'm not there yet!  I THOUGHT I was going to go with a CRV, but the dealership put extras on the car and jacked up the price, then they wouldn't appraise my car until everything was signed.  Um, that's not how this works.  Those two elements spurred me to test drive the CX-5 again, and I liked it more than the CRV.  The car is beautiful, and was brought down from Wichita Falls for me :-)  After having a CX-3 loaner for 5 days, I'm really happy I bumped up to the 5.  The CX-3 is basically my first Mazda as a cross-over.

3) Finally, anybody else break out in random spots after races?  How about after buying a car (hasn't happened yet)?  I know the body can be "off" after a major race, but I felt like I was 12 again, but in weird places.  I had a zit behind each ear along the hair line, a zit on the cartilage of an ear, and one on my *elbow*.  What?  Yes, on my elbow.  I don't think that's ever happened before.  The other two are in normal spots, on my face :-/  Next up, after all this, I'm expecting a mother of a head cold, which is the normal setting for my head colds.  Maybe I should put Airborne on my grocery list.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tinker Bell 10k Stats and What's Next

I hope everyone has enjoyed my review of the race and my weekend at Disneyland.  It was busy, and I was tired when I got home, but I'd do it all over again :-)  I have one more post, which is the stats and such for the race.

My outfit:

Raw Threads shirt
Oiselle bra
Running Skirts Track Love skirt
2XU calf sleeves
Running Skirts arm sleeves
ASICS shoes

The playlist:

11 Disney Songs
     Pirates of the Caribbean suite
     Zero to Hero
     Kiss the Girl
     Touch the Sky
     Friend Like Me
     Lilo and Stitch Burning Love
     Two Worlds, One Family
     Why Should I Worry?
     Try Everything

13 Non-Disney Songs
     Chariots of Fire
     Bellas Finals
     Rise Above It
     Shut Up and Dace
     Edge of Seventeen
     Star Wars Throne Room and End Titles
     Thunder Road
     Accidentally in Love
     Me Against the Music
     American Woman (original)
     Like a Prayer

Race time: 1:24:49
     First 5k: 43:09
     Second 5k: 41:40

Total miles trained: 85.25

So what's next?  Race wise, I'm not sure.  After I completed this race, my parents asked if I liked it enough to do it again, and they asked it with a leading question for next year.  I answered honestly though: this was a fun weekend, but I intended Tink to be my last Run Disney race for a while.  The prices keep increasing, and I feel there's less and less entertainment on the courses, while the fields keep growing beyond the courses' capacity.

I don't quite know what I'll do next.  I do need a race on the schedule because I have my Oiselle singlet coming.  I need to show it off :)  I do have some unfinished business with the Showdown 5k since my knee problems began again during that race, and the Pumpkin Spice 10k is an option right before Thanksgiving. 

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tinker Bell Weekend Day 3 part 2

Part 1 finished with my napping for an hour after hitting up Disneyland.  I knew I was tired since I don't normally nap that long.  A normal nap is about 20 minutes.  I almost didn't want to get up, but I still had places to go in DCA, and I needed to stretch and ice first.  I made several trips to the ice machine this trip, but it was worth it.

Since there were a few attractions I still wanted to do in DCA (especially after Friday morning), my first stop in the park was Mike and Sully.  This was another one with a single rider line, so I took advantage of that too.  If anyone here hasn't been on the Mike and Sully ride, it's really very cute, and follows Boo around Monstropolis.  Around the corner is a character stop where I met Sully on my trip in 2013, in his Monster's University jacket.

After Mike and Sully, I went to the Alice Through the Looking Glass sneak peek, which is right next door.  I think this was the theater where Muppet Vision 3-D was because it's the same setup and color scheme as the show.  There must've been a Frozen show before Alice moved in because the doors to the theater were painted like we were in Arendelle.  The show's also in 3-D, I guess to take advantage of the technology leftover from the Muppets.  Let's just say I'm even more excited to see this movie.

After Alice, I went back to Soarin' and Radiator Springs Racers.  Thursday I might've been tired but I was on the side, up high, and the movement of the ride made me slightly dizzy.  I needed to go again and experience Soarin' without the motion sickness creeping in.  It's funny what being exhausted from traveling can do to me.  And the first time I rode Racers, my car lost the race, and my car won this time.  Plus the first car went to Ramone's in the ride, and my second car saw Luigi.  Gotta go multiple times to see everything!

After Racers I grabbed an early-ish dinner since an early race can throw off my eating schedule, and I wanted to head back to Disneyland for a couple more rides.  I was still trying to make it to World of Color, and I thought walking around DL would help.  They had more characters out, but by that time some families were leaving, so it was time to see what I could do in Fantasyland.  I hadn't done Mr. Toad yet, so I went there for a 10 minute wait (score!) but the other rides were still quite busy.  That's OK.  I think I did pretty well on the attractions list considering I was crunched for time around my race.  By that point, I had to go back to the hotel and spoiler alert, I did NOT get to World of Color.  I knew Saturday was going to be my only chance, but after the race, I also knew my chances were slim.  Maybe next time, when I don't have a race.

I finished packing to be ready to head to the airport Sunday.  It turned out Sunday was the sunniest day of the trip, go figure.  I took Monday off from work so I could pick up the furbaby and finish cleaning and running errands.  I saw my chiro and PT both on Monday too, and the good news is I am now good to do PT on my own!  I can check in with her if I need it, but I want to see what I can do.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Tinker Bell Weekend Day 3 part 1

Day 3 was the big day, so this post will be split in half.  I was trying to take it easy Thursday and Friday to save my legs for the race, but once the race was over, there was no way I was going to take it easy.  After I crossed the finish line, I had ice strapped to my knee, I grabbed my checked bag, and started the trek back to my hotel.  It wasn't easy since Run Disney seems to be lacking a logistics planner, but hey, I was done with my race, I had my heat sheet, my snack box, and my ice.  When I reached my hotel, the continental breakfast was still going, so after showering and slathering my knee with Icy Hot, I had second breakfast, and caught the shuttle to the parks.

Just like Thursday, my morning park was Disneyland, and after taking a break and napping at the hotel, I went to DCA in the afternoon.  I earned the Dole Whip I was planning to get, but first, there were characters in the concourse before Main Street.  Minnie!

The Dole Whip station opens at 10, so I started on my attractions list.  It was about 9:30, and I figured let other people be first in line and the crowd can disperse a little while I'm on rides.  Since it was still relatively early and families tend to go to Fantasyland first, I was able to hop on to the Jungle Cruise, the Haunted Mansion, and Winnie the Pooh.  I passed up Pirates, even though it had a 5 minutes wait.  I'm a purist when it comes to that attraction, and even though I love the first Pirates movie, I didn't think the attraction needed any additions.  By the time I got off WtP, it was definitely past 10, so I made my way to get my celebratory treat.

I earned every ounce of this Dole Whip!  I even opted out of cheesecake the night before because I was waiting for this baby!

As I was finishing the Dole Whip, clouds moved in again and I was feeling a couple rain sprinkles coming down, so since I was already there, I went to the Tiki Room again.  I could sit inside, listen to the birdies sing, and let my treat digest.  By the time the show was over, so was the rain.  The treat was great, as usual, but after the Tiki Room I was getting hungry.  Hungry was the theme of the day.  Two breakfasts, a snack box, and a Dole Whip weren't enough and I needed lunch.  Seriously, it was an "eat all the things" moment.  Thankfully it was almost 11, so I didn't feel bad about heading into Fantasyland to get an early lunch.  Pinocchio's quick service has a flatbread with tomatoes, so that was lunch (after picking off the onions).  And when I was eating, Hook walked by!  He hadn't been on the course, so I rather horked the rest of my lunch and made a dash over to Peter Pan's Night Flight.

Too bad I wasn't wearing my pirate shirt from the race, but I was determined to get a picture with Hook.  He was wondering around Fantasyland for selfies, so I got one too.

After lunch, I went to Tomorrowland to see what the line was like for Buzz Lightyear.  Well, all the lines in Tomorrowland were crazy, and I was starting to crash from being awake before 3:30am, so I decided to head out for a nap, but I made sure to get my Disneyland Starbucks mug first.  Where else am I going to get it?  After that I was set, but more characters were out on Main Street.  A quick detour with Goofy.

I caught the hotel shuttle again, because I was crashing fast by this point.  I ended up passing out for an hour once I got back, and after taking my time waking up and getting ice and stretching, I headed to DCA.  I wanted to see if I could stay awake long enough to see World of Color.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tinker Bell Weekend Day 2

The first morning in Disneyland always starts early due to jet lag, but I didn't get out of bed until breakfast was served at the hotel.  We get a continental breakfast, and bananas, bagels, cream cheese, and croissants were a good way to start my last day of carbo loading.  The parks didn't open until 9, and I wanted to get to DCA in the morning.  I wanted to get to the sneak peek of Alice in Wonderland because I can't wait to see the movie when it hits theaters.

Spoiler alert, DCA was a bit of a bust that morning.  Alice in Wonderland wasn't up, and Mike and Sully wasn't open either, so I made my way slowly to Toy Story Mania.  The line moved quickly, but after that ride, it was raining.  I brought my flip flops with me to the parks in my runner's check bag, so I switched my sneakers to my flip flops to keep them dry, rolled up my jeans to try to keep those dry, and made my way to the Little Mermaid ride.  With the rain, some rides were down, and after waiting in the park's longest line (Starbucks), I decided Disneyland would be better.  At least most of those rides are inside.

It was more walking around, but I hit up Buzz Lightyear, and I need a re-do at some point.  Buzz Lightyear after TSM meant my forearm muscles were sore, so my score wasn't that good.  I walked around Fantasyland a little bit to see if I any lines were reasonable, which they weren't.  Friday I really meant to get off my feet early, so I started making my way out of the parks and to DTD to get a lunch I could take back to the hotel.  On my way out was another band, outside the castle, playing You Got a Friend in Me and Let It Go.

I grabbed a sandwich, went back to the hotel, and proceeded to get off my feet as much as I could.  Hot tub, shower, stretching, ice, and compression socks.   It was tough not being in the parks, but I needed to rest and take care of a knot I developed in my calf.  Luckily the mini mart by the hotel had Icy Hot.  Dinner was chicken piccata from the Cheesecake Factory since I had it before and knew it wouldn't throw my system off.  I think that's the first time I've been there and didn't order cheesecake.  Again, I took the food back to the hotel, and went to bed early.  My first alarm was set for 3:45.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tinker Bell Weekend Day 1

Now that I've recapped the actual race, the next few posts will be about the weekend itself.  So far I have 4 posts coming up because these were busy days.

My weekend started early on Thursday, with my shuttle picking me up, and my flight before 8am.  When I landed, LA was cloudy, and that would be the theme for the 3 days I was there.  It didn't rain Thursday, but it did Friday and Saturday, sunny on Sunday when I was flying home.  Typical :-p

My plan for Thursday was to try to take it easy, which is easier said than done at Disney.  My hotel has a shuttle, but I decided to walk to the parks and have some fun in Disneyland.  I used the shuttle the rest of the trip.  When I got to Disneyland, my first stop was Starbucks for tea and food, since I was hungry, and I made note of the Disneyland Starbucks mug.  Must get by the end of the trip.  I walked around and rode the Alice in Wonderland ride and went to the Tiki Room before getting lunch, and walking over to the Disneyland Hotel.  Before lunch, one of the bands was playing music by the Tea Cups.  I love the musical acts you see in the parks.  This was day one, and they kind of reminded me of the band from Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

After lunch, I headed over to the expo.  One thing I will say is the Disneyland Hotel is on the complete opposite end of Downtown Disney from the parks, and I didn't remember the walk being that long when I was a spectator in 2009.  I was still getting back in shape back then, so I wasn't aware of the distance and saving my legs for a race.  Then when I got to the hotel, I had to keep going to the convention center.  Maybe Run Disney should use the Grand Californian?  It's closer.  I picked up my bib, D&B bag, Raw Threads shirt, and my race shirt plus check bag.  Lots of expo loot.

I made it to the shuttle area, saw my hotel shuttle, and used that to get back.  By that time my quad was sore and my feet were hurting.  Since I had been awake early, I was starting to crash, so I decided to head back and nap a little bit and rest my legs.  I had scoped out the ice machines and brought quart bags, so after napping, I iced, foam rolled (yes, I packed a roller), and stretched before setting out for DCA.  Once in DCA, I saw this guy, and made a beeline to his line.  Before lunch I missed the Evil Queen, and I wasn't missing a picture with him.

I'm such a Disney nerd :-)

I spent a couple more hours in DCA, taking advantage of the single riders line at Soarin' and Radiator Springs Racers, got dinner, then headed back to the hotel again.  I held out to watch the Big Bang Theory before crashing for the night.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tinker Bell 10k

What a weekend!  I got back Sunday afternoon, and I was exhausted.  I'm going to recap the days in the parks, but today's TOTR is all about the 10k.  Buckle up, it's a long post.

I intended to wake up at 3:45/4am, with two alarms set on my phone, but of course I woke up before that.  I never sleep well before a race.  I took it easy on Friday, but I still made sure to go to bed early.  I like that I don't have to wake up as early in Disneyland, and having my body clock on Central Time also helps.  Since I was up early, I started my pre-race rolling and stretching before eating.  I tried to not overdo it in the parks, but I did overdo it on Thursday.  I did a lot of walking between time in the parks, and walking over to the Disneyland Hotel for the expo.  That hotel is the furthest Disney hotel from the parks, and my calf developed a knot Friday.  I was hoping my leg would be OK for the race.

After eating breakfast, I got dressed and got ready to walk to the corrals.  When I opened my door, it was raining :-(  I had planned to bring a windbreaker in my check-bag for post-race, and I put that on, along with my Oiselle hat to try to keep the rain off as much as possible.  I was certainly cranky, but everyone walking to the corrals was in the same situation.  It was dark, but I kept my head down to look for puddles.  It may have been a lost cause, but I was trying to keep my shoes as dry as possible.

Bag check was in the Lilo parking lot, at the finish line, and one thing I'll knock Run Disney on is the bag check tent was the furthest from the entrance to the family reunion area.  I did a lot of walking before getting to the corrals, between walking from the hotel, through DTD and being sent to bag check, then having to retrace my steps and heading to the corrals.  All in the rain.  I gave up my windbreaker at bag check, so the throwaway shirt I was wearing did get damp.  I got in line for the portapotties, which were right by the entrance to my corral.  And thankfully at that point, it stopped raining.  It wouldn't rain for the race, but the roads were now wet and slippery.

 My plan had been to run 1/1 intervals, but the rain and crowds threw that out the window.  My first interval was running for two minutes to get away from the corrals and try to let the crowd spread out a little bit.  After that, my intervals were all over.  If I had a running interval, but we were heading downhill, I would walk.  The first 1.5 miles (ish) were up and around Highway 5, and I wanted to be safe and not risk falling on my face.  Once we were in backstage Disneyland, I went with my 1/1 intervals, but not for long.  My knee started twinging after mile 2, BUT it would let me run 30 seconds at a time, so I adjusted to 30 seconds run, 1 minute walk, and occasionally I could do a 1 minute run.  I was lucky too because the twinging stayed at twinging and didn't escalate.  I never reached that point where I couldn't keep doing a running interval.

Once we entered backstage Disneyland, the course stayed either backstage or in both parks until the last 1.25 miles, which then went through DTD on our way to the Lilo parking lot.  Since we were backstage or in the park paths, there were quite a few points of bottle-necking, and the crowd did make it difficult for me to speed up.  This definitely wasn't the course to test my speed, but since this was my first big race back from injury, speed wasn't my goal.  There were 3 character stops along the course, but I don't know if those were the only planned stops, or if the rain took away other stops.  All 3 stops were the fairies, one in Frontierland, and two in DCA.  Don't ask me who the fairies are, I only know Tink, and I didn't see her.  Anyone else do the 10k and I simply missed her?  Since I was dressed in a pirate theme, I wanted to find Captain Hook, but he wasn't on the course.  No matter, I found him during the day in Fantasyland.

Since I had to adjust my running intervals, I was able to finish the race strong.  The last mile or so, I kept with the 30 seconds intervals because I wanted to finish on a 1 minute run interval so I could run across that finish line.  Since I had to walk all of the 2014 WDW half, I wanted to run across this finish line.  I still had energy left in the tank, which made me feel good since I hadn't done that distance in a very long time, and my knee held up rather well.  I did get ice before getting my checked bag, which is good because trying to get through DTD back to my hotel, was... interesting.  The logistics with runners running through DTD on the course, and finished runners walking back to their hotels through DTD meant organization needs work through that area.  It was slow going, and I was thankful for the heat sheets we got because I did start to get chilly.

Even though this didn't turn out how I hoped, my twinging stayed manageable, I finished strong, and I had fun on this course.  I didn't take any pictures on the course, but stay tuned this week because there will be a lot of pictures from my time in the parks.  One thing I love about Disneyland is all the opportunities for pictures with characters.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Buying Running Gear

Buying running gear is part of the fun for this whole running thing.  There are a lot of ways I can get the gear I want, but lately, it's all ended up on my Christmas and birthday lists.  Why not?  As long as I'm running and there's gear out there, chances are my family will always be able to get ideas for me.  If not, gift cards to running stores is always good too.  Sometimes it's more fun to spend the gift cards, like I did for my birthday and got a Oiselle bra and a Raw Threads shirt.  They're part of my race outfit that I posted to Instagram yesterday.  The Running Skirt was a Christmas gift.

One thing I'll always get at my LRS though is running shoes.  I always want to make sure a new model fits well, and my 10.5 shoe size makes it difficult to go to Dick's or DSW to pick up a pair.  I'll order a pair online if it's on sale, but most of the time, it's the LRS for me.  In fact, this summer, I get to be fitted for shoes again.  Since running shoe companies are constantly changing their models and fit, I always need to do research before I buy a new pair.  The online shopping comes later if I really like the pair and I'm seeing if I can find a good bargain for a second pair.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Musings 5/2

3 days of work left y'all!  I will be seeing my chiropractor today, and I have one more PT session tomorrow.  In between that, and even at Disney, I'll be doing PT exercises to try to get as much time on the course before I have to walk the rest.  I don't know when that will be.  I've had two strong 4-mile runs, and Saturday I did 3.5.  I have noticed I'm running faster, so instead of trying to slow down and increasing the time spent on my knee, I think I'll let myself run how I want, if given the chance.  I don't know how crowded it will be, but if I have room, I'll run based on how I feel, and I'll stick to my 1/1 intervals.  When the time comes and I need to walk, then OK.  I just hope I'm a good way in to DCA before I have to do that.  Who knows, if there are characters in DCA, maybe I'll stop for pictures.

It's been a busy couple of weeks, and I'm still not done yet.  I test drove the Mazda CX-5 on Saturday, and now I have a lot to think about.  The CX-5 and Honda CRV are VERY similar.  There's not much the separates them, so it'll come down to how I feel driving them and I what I want down the road.  I'm hesitant to get the CX-5 because of the quirk my Mazda 3 has picked up.  I don't want to be dealing with the same thing in 6 or 7 years.  Since I have Disneyland this weekend, I have time to think, but I want to test drive the CRV again, when I get back.

I got to Pure Barre yesterday, and the teacher tortured our PB ledge/the seat.  I wasn't going to go to Pure Barre this past week to prep for Tink, but since I'm trying to get as much strength work done, I went.  I really like the classes, and I feel accomplished when I survive another class.  Yes, that's survive.  It's hard, but worth it.

The carb loading started this weekend too.  I made my "healthy comfort food" and since I forgot to buy parmesan cheese, no parmesan topping.  Just the pasta, chicken, and veggies - carrots, red bell peppers, and tomatoes.  I have a frozen lasagna for this week too.  I'm one who ups my carbs the whole week leading to the race, not just the night before.  I know there's a California Pizza Kitchen near my hotel, so guess what I'm getting Friday night.  There's a mini-fridge in my room, so that makes it easy.  This is one of the things I love about Disneyland.  I can walk to outside restaurants and not be stuck on Disney property.

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