Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Musings 8/31

Tomorrow is September!  I know Texas still has another month of high temps, but September does mean fall is coming.  I suppose it has been fall at craft stores, so maybe I should head over to see what they've got for Halloween.  Or Christmas.  The Disney store has their Sketchbook ornament collection ready to go.

This past week I had some success but then crashed and burned Saturday and Sunday.  When I sleep in as I did, on both days, I know my body needs the sleep.  We made it through year end since all purchases now are on fiscal year 2016, but we had to get to that deadline on Friday.  I was beat every single day when I got home.  Friday I unwound at Top Golf, but I'm sticking to my day job.  I hadn't hit a golf ball for 20 years (besides mini golf), and my form was horrible.  It was the same as the 10-year-old girl in the bay next to us.

Saturday was uneventful as I slept in, got my run in, and studied some more for my cert exam.  It's mid-September, so it'll be here before I know it.  Saturday was Pho was friends and movies.  Fun fact, one of our Cinemarks is participating in the Disney movies, and this coming weekend is the original Love Bug.  I know, I know, my parents have the DVD, but there's something about a big screen showing.

Sunday I went to a Pure Barre studio that's closer to my apartment.  The studio I was going to had an early morning Sunday class, but got rid of it.  Now there's no point in me going to a studio farther away when I've got a studio close by.  I got a good workout in, if my post-workout waddle was any indication.  I did the Pure Barre but you'd think Allie was the one who did the workout.  She slept like this most of the afternoon.

The Weekly Wrap with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin

Monday: rest

Tuesday: Glutes and core

Wednesday: 3.5 miles

Thursday: build-your-own yoga routine (work in progress)

Friday: rest

Saturday: 2.25 miles

Sunday: Pure Barre

Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer Highlights

Next week is September, if y'all can believe it.  We've got another month of high temps in Texas before summer starts releasing its grip on us.  Here are some exciting highlights of my summer.

1) Napa.  I'm following many vineyards we visited on Instagram and it's harvest.  Seeing all the pictures from each vineyard makes me want to go back so desperately.

2) Kept building my mileage.  I switched back to Asics when I returned from Napa and it's like a switch was thrown.  I hit 5k and have been able to consistently hit that distance, not to mention going beyond 3.1 miles.

3) Decorated my living room.  I'm in my third apartment and I finally decorated.

4) Started and finished Penny Dreadful.  The Showtime seasons aren't that long but my friends and I started the second season and finished it a couple weeks ago.

5) Got up to RMNP for some vacation and hiking.  My parents live up there so it's easy to head to CO when it's too hot in Texas.  I chose the perfect time for it too, but that also means I have to come back to those temps.

Friday Five with Eat Pray Run DCMar on the Run and You Signed Up For What?!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thinking Out Loud 8/27

Please get me to the weekend!  I have two days left, two days to recharge and tackle the last day of year end.  Then it's making sure month-end closes and then the expenses between the cutoff for month end and up to year-end.  That outta be fun.

I'm so ready for fall, and I might start getting cranky since we still have at least a month to go before it starts feeling like fall.  I have always love fall, and it's difficult since it's delayed here in Texas.  Late September should be crisp and cool, but that's not happening here.  We had a taste of cooler weather one day last week when rain came through, but then the furnace came back on.  I had a scare yesterday when I got home because it felt humid in the apartment, but the AC unit was still blowing cool air.  Maybe it was just me, and I know it was me when I got back after running.


Next week is the summer finale of Rizzoli and Isles :(  I really love that show and I hate that it goes on such a long hiatus between seasons.  Maybe I should start collecting the seasons?  But I'm stuck on collecting NCIS, and I need to get season 6.  I need to hold off though till next month.  Season 6 is $10 on Amazon and season 7 is $13.  Ummm, OK.  I don't need to wait until Christmas!


Don't you just hate when you're ready for bed and all of a sudden you get a second wind?  That happened last night as I was rereading an old book.  I was unwinding, getting ready for bed, then I got another shot of energy.  Really?  I listened to music for a little bit before calling it a night, then it took me a while to fall asleep.  I need my sleep this week, I can feel the stress at work.

Thinking Out Loud with Running with Spoons.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Disney and Storytelling

Today's Focused on the Magic is Storytelling, but I'm finding it difficult to narrow down to one thing in the parks.  Everything about Disney is storytelling, so here's a photo dump.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

TOTR: Sports Bras

Nothing is more important than a good pair of shoes, and a good running bra.  My running bras aren't complex because I'm not gifted in that department, but they still have to be supportive.  Gone are the days where I would have cotton sports bras and use those through high school AND college.

My personal favorite is the Zensah seamless running sports bra.  It's the same type I used in school, but it's not a uni-bra build.  It's also simple in terms of size: s, m or l.  It's frustrating to see A/B cups or C/D cups, etc and then have s, m or l with those sizes.  How am I supposed to know what will work?

I will admit I don't buy into the whole "replace after one year" mantra.  I have enough sports bras that I don't feel I need to do that, and I treat them right.  I have a bra bag for laundry and it's amazing how much I can stuff in there.  Sports bras and Running Skirts get washed in that and hung up to dry. 

They also don't chafe, which is great.  I have to break in other brands, even though they're the same style and size, but I can put Zensahs on and not worry about any grace period.  I can go for a run and stay in the bra for a while afterwards (I know, ew, but I've done that). 

What are some of y'all's favorites?

Tuesdays on the Run with  AprilPatty, and Erika.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Musings 8/24

Time for the Weekly Wrap with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin

The work week was certainly interesting.  We're heading in to the last week of fiscal year end which brings about panic every year.  From people who have been at my work for 10, 15 years.  It's incredible, but it happens every year.  I'm basically like this until labor day.

I am at peace.  I am, I am at peace.
The weekend started with the Man from UNCLE, where I could drool over Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer :-P  It's a fun movie, and I've put the show on Netflix to check that out.  I've watched NCIS for years so I'm curious to see David McCallum as a young actor.  I have seen the Great Escape, but there are a lot of major characters in that movie, not just his.

Saturday and Sunday were spent inside since the heat was back, and it came with humidity.  I got my run done Saturday and when I was done grocery shopping, I went outside and my milk and oj started sweating immediately.  Ugh!  I'm studying for a cert exam so I was fine being inside.  I even got help from my study buddy.  OK, help or a distraction?  She went after my paper clips, my pen, and finally ended up on top of the cabinet.

She was more behaved on Sunday when I was reviewing the info I studied on Saturday.

I watched the tape delays of Worlds that NBC showed each day, and followed FloTrack on twitter.  I don't get Universal Sports, otherwise I'd be watching and DVRing all the coverage of Worlds.  I was at Sprouts, checking Twitter, when I saw Usain Bolt won the 100m.  I cheered, but had to keep my composure.  I try to cheer for our athletes, but when they've been busted for doping in the past, I just can't cheer for them.  I don't buy the flimsy excuses they present in defense of themselves either.

Anybody else watching/following Worlds?


Sunday: Iron Strength workout

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 5k

Wednesday: yoga

Thursday: lower body and core work

Friday: rest

Saturday: 2.75 miles

Sunday: total body weight workout, 1 mile hills

Friday, August 21, 2015

10 Years Ago part 2

I know the Friday Five theme is 5 things I'll be doing 5 years from now, but I don't plan like that.  Whenever I try, things fall apart.  The last "10 years ago" theme I talked about the great cruise my family did around the Baltic, but 2005 had other fun things.

1) Yes, the Baltic Cruise

2)  I became a Liverpool FC fan thanks to their performance in the 2005 Champions League final.  They were down 3-0 at halftime and came back to win the game on penalties.

3) I had my first internship.  OK, it's not really fun.

4) My first Jimmy Buffett concert.  I got hooked and I've been to 7 concerts so far.

5) My family and I went to NYC for my Dad's birthday weekend and saw Spamalot.  Tim Curry.  David Hyde Pierce.  Alan Tudyk.  Sara Ramirez.

Friday Five with Eat Pray Run DCMar on the Run and You Signed Up For What?!  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

2015 Disney Legends

This past weekend was the D23 expo, which I followed online, and my favorite is always the induction of the new class of Disney Legends.  This year's class was announced as:

Andreas Deja
Danny Elfman
George Lucas
Julie Reihm Casaletto
Eyvind Earle
George Bodenheimer
Susan Lucci
Carson Van Osten

(ranked in order of my knowledge of them).  I will admit I had not idea who George Bodenheimer, Susan Lucci and Carson Van Osten are.

And the surprise inductee was:

Johnny Depp

The one I knew was absolutely right was Andreas Deja.  Glen Keane was inducted as a Legend in 2013 and I thought it's high time that class of animators joined the Legend ranks.

If you don't know what Deja's work consists of, here are some of his characters:

Roger Rabbit
King Triton
Adult Hercules
Mama Odie and Juju

Not bad huh?

Animators like Deja, Keane, Ruben Aquino and Mark Henn animated my childhood so Disney, get crackin' on the next two.  Chop chop!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Retro Disney

Focused on the Magic with Deb today is Retro Disney.  These pictures will show how they changed Captain Hook *wah wah*  Is he more sinister with that smile?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Running Role Models

Tuesdays on the run and today's topic is running role models.  I had to think about this one because I automatically thought of elite runners, but then I thought of everyday runners too.

As a female runner, I have to give a nod to Joan Benoit Samuelson and Grete Waitz.  The IOC bought in to the old adage that marathons were dangerous for women and didn't have the competition until 1984, the year before I was born.  Archaic, outdated, chauvinist, whatever you want to call it.  Samuelson and Waitz had run multiple marathons before 1984 and are legends.  They won the gold and silver, respectively.

Today, names like Kara Goucher, Shalane Flanagan and Meb Keflezighi are on my list as well.  I was almost screaming at my computer last year when Meb won Boston.  I had to keep my crazy contained though since I was at work.

My other role models are family and friends.  My parents were running before me, and friends were too.  It may have taken me a little longer to get to long-distance running, but I eventually did.  When I did, I was able to pick their brains and I listened!  It wasn't like when I was a teen and my parents tried to tell me something.  I looked for advice and I took it.

Tuesdays on the Run with  AprilPatty, and Erika.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Musings 8/17

It's Monday again?  Some days I would really like to go back to college where I got 3-day weekends since upper classmen didn't have Friday classes.  It was perfect.  I could relax and get stuff done and have a productive weekend all around.

Time for the Weekly Wrap with Hoho Runs and Miss SippiPiddlin

I don't know if the weather is turning, but we seem to have made it through the 106 temps from the past couple weeks.  We could get more, but that stretch is done.  I woke up early on Saturday and the it was 73!  It was a little humid, but I'll take 73.  I got my run in early at my fitness room, watching the EPL game, and I had the rest of the day to be.  It takes me a little bit to get back to where I was before vacation, but I'm on my way.

I finished up Penny Dreadful with friends, and we're waiting on the 3rd season.  I don't think they've even started filming season 3 yet, but it was renewed so there will be at least one more season.  Yes, it's a bit macabre, but this is characters from the penny dreadful novels and putting them in 1890s London.

Finally, I diverted a crisis!  My normal Target was out of Allie's food!  The cat owners out there will understand this.  We can't just buy a different kind of food if we can't find their normal food.  Allie won't even try different food.  She'll sniff it and walk away.  I had food through Friday morning, but I needed to get a bag of her dry food pronto!  I went to Targets, PetCo, Petsmart and grocery stores to no avail.  I finally found a Target that had it in stock, 2 towns north.  Yes, I went and got it.  If I didn't have her food by Friday afternoon, I might as well as not go home.  I swear I almost hugged the bag of food when I saw it.


Sunday: Pure Barre

Monday: rest

Tuesday: HIIT

Wednesday: 2 miles

Thursday: legs and core

Friday: rest

Saturday: 2.5 miles

Friday, August 14, 2015

Advice for Runners

Today's Friday Five is advice for runners.  New, intermediate or advanced, advice always helps.

1) Get fitted for shoes.  Even if you think you're already wearing the right shoes for you, get fitted!  It's free, and you'll find out for sure what type of shoes you should be wearing.

2) The right sports bra will mean everything.  I'ved chaffed on my torso and when the shower water finds those spots, people learn I've got a good 4-letter-word vocabulary.

3) Strength train!!!  Take it from someone who was out of the game for 2 years.  I thought I was strength training properly, but nope.  Change things up so your muscles don't get used to one thing.  I'm doing weights, Pilates, barre, DVD workouts, plyometrics and yoga.

4) Hydrate properly.  Drinking water isn't enough, even in winter.  If you sweat a lot, you're sweating out electrolytes.  Powerade, Gatorade, Nuun, the choices are out there to replenish what you sweat out.

5) Go at your own pace and your own intervals.  It's OK to walk, run, jog, fast, slow.  You're out there, beating everyone who isn't out there.  Your pace is your pace, and be proud of that.

Friday Five with Eat Pray Run DCMar on the Run and You Signed Up For What?!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Next Adventure

I'm usually a careful planning, cautious, certainly not spur of the moment person.  So what did I do Tuesday?

Da daaaaaa!  I signed up for the Tinker Bell 10k!

Last month I saw rD tweets about early registration, so Tink's registration date was now on my radar.  I know, I know, I haven't done a 5k road race yet, but everything is feeling good at this point, I've gotten encouragement from my chiropractor, and I'm doing 5k on the treadmill more consistently.  Trust me, I spent many moments since seeing that tweet trying to talk myself out of it.  Then I had a plan.  I wouldn't sign up right away.  I'd let the barrage calm down and then see where the race stood in sell out capacity.

90% sold.  Oy!  That didn't help my decision.  If it was sold out, problem solved, try again next year.  But the only race to sell out was the kids' races.  Really Universe?  You couldn't help me out?

So I thought about it for about 3.5 hours after registration opened and I decided to go for it.  I'm always backing out of ideas like this but my mind wouldn't let me this time around.  Not to mention I had quite a day Tuesday (seriously, there isn't a full moon???) so I was already in a "screw it!" mood.

Of course, the 10k was sold out by late Wednesday morning, but I don't regret my decision.

I'm still just focused on my 5k's coming up, but after that I need a plan to slowly and safely build my way back to 6.2 miles.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Disney Celebrations

Today's Focused on the Magic is celebrations.  While I do think fireworks and song and dance, I love how Disney celebrates the seasons.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fall Race Schedule

It's hard to imagine fall's coming soon (especially with this Texas heat!) but fall races will be here before we know it!  I have two scheduled so far, and I would like to do another 5k either in November or December to wrap up the year.

First up is a September virtual challenge with Run the Edge.  Their September challenge is running and core work, and I could always work on my core strength.  The challenge benefits Guardian Angels Medical Service dogs and so far they have over 100 participants, which covers vaccines and preventative care for one service dog for a year.  Their goal is to get 15,00 participants, so you're looking for a September challenge, check it out.  It's $5.95 to register, then you can add on other goodies, like a medal and shirt.

My second 5k race is in October, on the morning of the Red River Rivalry.  I didn't go to either UT or OU, so I opted for the neutral bib and I'll wear my school colors.  Of course, with green, people here will think I went to UNT, but not even close!  You gotta go to Wellesley, MA to get to my school (yay Babson!).  The half marathoners get medals and I've seen the pictures.  I think people might hurt their necks with those things, they're huge!

How about y'all?  Any fun races this fun?

Tuesdays on the Run with  AprilPatty, and Erika.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Musings 8/10

I'm back from vacation and ready to blog.  I didn't fully unplug because I was having fun with Instagram, but it was nice to get away from the heat and be able to be outside without melting into a puddle of goo.  The sad part is I came back to this forecast:

I don't think I'll be running a whole lot this month.  I've decided to focus on strength training and I ordered two more DVDs to help me strength train at home.  I'm starting to question my gym membership because recently, I'm only there every other Sunday for weight lifting.  I'm using my complex's fitness room more and more, but it's been quiet during the summer since people are focused on the pool.  I'll wait and see what happens in the fall when cooler weather finally moves in. 

So, back to vacation:

The Rockies are a great escape and since my parents live there, I try to get up there every summer.  Both mornings I was up there, we walked I don't know how many miles and enjoyed the cool, fresh air (and got hissed at by a goose.  Those are nasty little buggers!).  Tuesday we went into Rocky Mountain National Park and hiked up a trail.  I did have my Garmin for the hike but the trees were wreaking havoc with the satellite signal so I don't know how many miles either.  Oh well, I ended up being unplugged for that as well.  Wednesday we visited the alpaca farm where the family llama stands guard for the alpacas.  The farm has 3 or 4 llamas and Speckles is one of them.  There are 4 baby alpacas with the females, and they are just so fluffy!  The adult alpacas were sheared in May so the fluffy babies stand out in the herd.

Wednesday afternoon was spent getting down to Boulder and walking around Pearl Street before and after dinner.  If anybody is planning a trip, there's a gelato place that had this: bourbon pecan gelato!

It was nice to get home, and Allie was very happy to be back.  She doesn't like her carrier and she certainly doesn't like being boarded at the vet.  She's much happier to be home and running around like crazy.  She's still loving being in the lamp beam, and her routine is being in the beam until she gets hot, then she goes under the bed till she cools off.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Recap 8/2

I'm on vacation next week and will be taking a break from blogging.  When I need to recharge, I unplug as well.  It's quite nice.

Sunday: Iron Strength

Monday: rest

Tuesday: core work

Wednesday: rest - doctor's appointment

Thursday: speed work

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3 miles

Sunday: upper body strength training