Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thinking Out Loud #2

I've had some random thoughts so far this week, so another Thinking Out Loud seemed to be in order.

* I'm considering signing up for Stitch Fix but wanted some reviews if any of y'all have done, or are doing, Stitch Fix.  I could easily wear workout clothes the entire time and just go from PJs to workout clothes, back to PJs.  The only problem with that is I work at an office, and have done so since I graduated from college.  I'm incredibly picky about my clothes too, so combine my lack of enthusiasm for shopping for work clothes and being incredibly picky, my work wardrobe always needs attention.

* Speaking of workout clothes, I had to start a wishlist of sorts.  This normally becomes my Christmas list, but it's only March.  We just hit spring, yet I've found tops, Sweaty Bands and Running Skirts I want, and Running Skirts is having a warehouse sale Friday.  Does that mean they're prepping for summer designs?  If so, that only means more designs to catch my attention.

* My motivation is currently lacking.  The weather is turning to spring, my mom visits next week and I'm going to Napa this year, for the first time ever!  Saying my attention isn't on work is an understatement.

* Speaking of Napa, I think I have my list vineyards to visit.  It's been a good diversion but it's time to finalize it.  I have booked a tour at Schramsberg - that was highly recommended.  Hello sparkling wine!

* Also speaking of Napa, I ordered my first piece of clothing for the trip!  I bought a really cute looking dress, online only, so I have to get it to try it on.  If it's a winner, it can double as a dress for work (see point #1).

* I discovered my new favorite (reality) TV show, Who Do You Think You Are?.  I find genealogy fascinating.  I have heritage from 9 countries, Native Americans, vikings, Quakers, Amish, immigrants and Sooners.  Who knows what else.  Sometimes I feel like a mutt and yes, my nose gets cold quite easily.

Any random thoughts for y'all this week?

Thinking out Loud with Amanda at Running with Spoons


  1. I have done Stitch fix before and have even done a video on it. You can search our blog if you want to see it ( I believe it was May of last year). It's funny that you mention Stitch fix because I have another post about that coming up. I personally would rather just pick a few things out online if "time to shop" is an issue.

    1. I do prefer to see what I'm buying instead of it being a mystery until the box arrives. It's an option though, and I may end up loving something I didn't think I would.

  2. My main thought for the week is that I hope the weather gets the memo that it's currently spring... It's getting warmer, but we -still- have tonnes of snow lying around and it's been cloudy and gloomy for days. I'm usually okay with the weather, but I think I've reached that point in the year where I'm just ready for winter to be over!

    1. It's warming up here but my allergies are bad right now. Spring is short so I'm trying to enjoy it.