Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bookworm Wednesday: India Black

Another first book in a series, India Black by Carol K Carr.

When Sir Archibald Latham of the War Office dies from a heart attack while visiting her brothel, Madam India Black is unexpectedly thrust into a deadly game between Russian and British agents who are seeking the military secrets Latham carried.

Blackmailed into recovering the missing documents by the British spy known as French, India finds herself dodging Russian agents-and the attraction she starts to feel for the handsome conspirator.

Who would've thought to write a mystery series whose protagonist is a Madam?  It is certainly a different approach from other books I've read.  I read a series that focuses on the aristocracy, I've read books that have the police as protagonists, but never a Madam.  It's certainly a different prospective, and the author does a really good job at providing descriptions of the environment, but nothing that is NSFW.

What I really like about these books is the narration is in first person, so we're in India's head.  It has her tone of speech and blunt personality.  A madam would not have the grace and poise of someone raised in the aristocracy, and India offers no apology for what she does or what she thinks.  Her type of thinking is do it and apologize for it later.

This is the first book in the series.  The other books are India Black and the Widow of Windsor, India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy, and India Black and the Gentleman Thief.  There are also two novellas, India Black and the Rajah's Ruby and India Black and the City of Light.


  1. I am not a big fan of these kind of books, though this sounds very interesting. -L

    1. To be honest I'd seen this at Barnes and Noble but didn't buy it until I got a Kindle. I figured what the heck, I needed something to read, and now I'm hooked on the series.