Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fun with Planes

Has anyone here flown on a plane that was painted a different way from the typical airline's theme?  When I flew back from Denver, the Southwest plane I was on was painted like Shamu.

Even in the inside was in on the theme.

I know other airlines paint some planes differently as well.  I saw this plane when I was flying back from DC in August.  I don't think it's the Steelers plane, but the theme is the Steelers.


Today is a sad day... I have to take down my tree :(

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Random Sunday Musings 12/29

This past week I've been with my parents over Christmas break, and I've been unplugged for most of the week.  It's been wonderful!  It really started on the travel day up to Colorado because I am unplugged on every flight I'm on, and I just decided to make it a thing, starting Monday after lunch.  Starting at 1pm Mountain Time, my parents got the tree out of storage, put it together, and we decorated it while watching Chelsea/Arsenal, which ended in a 0-0 draw.  Boring yes, but it was fun to decorate the tree.  I think they're going to need a 2nd tree with all the ornaments they have.  I did continue my Strong Curves exercises, but it really did feel good to pull away and not worry about what was going on outside my vacation world.

Christmas day we drove to Ft. Collins to spend time with my mom's side of the family.  The last couple years, we've done a big heavy meal around 1, and I felt like doing something different this year.  I suggested brunch, and we brought ingredients to make two frittatas, stuffed tomatoes and roasted potatoes, my uncle and aunt brought sausages from Lucky's in Longmont, my other uncle and aunt brought a pineapple upside down cake (complete with rum!) and the makings for Mimosas, and my grandparents made a fruit salad with clementines, strawberries, grapes, pineapple and apples.

The other days were spent vegging at the house or having fun in the valley, like doing some snow-shoeing.  We even visited our friends at the alpaca farm.  They also have 4 or 5 guard llamas, and the Forest Service is boarding their two llamas at the farm for the winter.  If any of y'all have seen Disney's Emperor's New Groove, I'd say the animators certainly got the llamas correct.  These llamas and alpacas are just adorable and have great personalities.


Sunday: rest day

Monday: Strong Curves, workout A

Tuesday: 5k on the bike, Strong Curves workout B

Wednesday: Christmas, rest day

Thursday: 60 minutes snow-shoeing

Friday: Strong Curves, workout A

Saturday: 20 minutes bike, Strong Curves workout C

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Random Sunday Musings 12/22

Have any of y'all done boxing?  There's a boxing gym that has boxing and kickboxing classes in the same complex as my PT doctor, and I'm very curious about it.  I've never done boxing, but it has my interest and I'll definitely check it out after Disney.  I need to go in a different direction for a while after the half, and this might do it.

"And now for something completely different."


Sunday: Strong Curves, workout A; 2.5 miles bike

Monday: PT; rest

Tuesday: Treadmill 25 minutes, Strong Curves workout B

Wednesday: core work

Thursday: 2 miles, Strong Curves workout A

Friday: rest

Saturday: 5k, Strong Curves workout C
     2 weeks out of 4 for the first phase of Strong Curves beginner workout are complete

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas List

I have a huge Christmas list I seem to keep adding to each year, but I only find a handful of them are great to workout to.  I like Mannheim Steamroller and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for some good workout songs, but I love others too.

Deck the Halls - Mannheim Steamroller
Good King Wenceslas - Mannheim Steamroller
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Mannheim Steamroller
Hallelujah - Mannheim Steamroller
Fum Fum Fum - Mannheim Steamroller
A Mud Russian's Christmas - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas/Sarajevo 12/24 - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
The Christmas Can-Can - Straight No Chaser
Sleigh Ride - Boston Pops
Run Run Rudolph - Jimmy Buffett
Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum - Jimmy Buffett
O Come All Ye Faithful/ O Little Town of Bethlehem/ the Little Drummer Boy - Robert Greenidge and the Coral Reefers
Hark! the Herald Angels Sing - Jessica Simpson
Holly Jolly Christmas - Burl Ives
All I Want for Christmas is You - Love Actually

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WDW Plan of Attack

I've had a lot of time to think about this plan of attach since my training hasn't gone well, between injury and losing weekends.  I had 2 rest weekends scheduled because of traveling, but then I lost one weekend due to sickness and one weekend due to an ice storm.

I've decided I will be walking this half marathon, and in fact, I won't even use Runkeeper during the race.  I'll just pull up iTunes and try to enjoy myself and not worry about being passed.  This half marathon will be for fun, between the race and the parks, and I'll also be looking for Frozen characters.  I have no idea if they'll be on the half course since they're brand new, and if they're not there, then I can find them in Norway.

I talked this over with my PT and he agreed it's a good plan.  This way I can accomplish the race and still have healthy legs for the parks for the rest of vacation.

Anybody else doing races Marathon Weekend?  What are your goals?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Random Sunday Musings 12/15

I did it!  I walked 8.25 miles on Saturday, outside, up hill (both ways).  My knee did not twinge, and I was walking faster than 15m/m.  It was slow, but I got it in and I feel much better about this half marathon.  Part of me just wants to get it over with since training hasn't gone well, but I know I'll have a good time once I get to Orlando.  I also got excited when waivers were posted so I could see my bib number.  I'm still excited for the race and the fun time we're going to have.

There's a route along major roads near my old apartment that a little over 4 miles, and I did that loop twice.  Part of it is along a shopping area, and I parked by Dunkin' Donuts.  It was chilly and windy and the longer I went, I started thinking that it would be great to get some hot chocolate from DD's once I was done.  It did not disappoint, and I also got a plain bagel with cream cheese.  Yummy!


Sunday: Strong Curves, warm up and workout A

Monday: 3 miles on the treadmill, 30 minutes stretching yoga

Tuesday: Strong Curves, warm up and workout C

Wednesday: 2.25 miles

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Saturday: 8.25 miles

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cheddar Corn Chowder

This is one of my favorite recipes, and even when I cut it in half, it still makes a ton.  Like 4 tupperwares full of chowder, in the freezer for later in the winter.  Plus 2 tupperwares in the fridge so I can enjoy the chowder this week too.  I don't remember when my mom started making it, but it's courtesy of Ina Garten.


I felt it was perfect to make last Friday, especially if we were going to get the ice storm that was forecasted.  Which we did. I grabbed the ingredients that I needed, which was everything except the bacon, on Wednesday, along with other groceries I knew I needed.

It definitely hit the spot on Friday, and I have leftover chowder for lunch on Saturday.  On Sunday I even finished up the tortilla soup I had in my freezer, so overall, this weekend was filled with soup.


Waivers and corrals were posted yesterday for Marathon Weekend.  My bib number is 44770 and I'll be in corral I.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cabin Fever!

"This once proud vessel has become a floating psycho ward!"

Yes, after 3 straight days of being cooped up inside, I got out on Monday!  Glorious, slow driving through streets that made is seem like I was back in the northeast.  I got to the gym and the grocery store.  I did 3 miles on the treadmill, run/walking two miles, and after a slight IT band twinge, I walked the last mile.  I have noticed if I go through a few days without running, my IT band will twinge, so this did not surprise me - I hadn't run since last Tuesday due to the ice storm.  I also had tight muscles from the buns workout I did on Sunday, which also makes me hopeful.  If I can feel it in my muscles, then the workout must be working :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Random Sunday Musings 12/8

This time around, the weather forecast got it right.  Dallas got slammed with an ice storm Thursday afternoon, going all the way through Friday morning.  I went straight home Thursday after work since it was already raining, so I missed a running workout :(  When the weather is like this, I could easily follow the cats' example:

This has certainly been a frustrating training round, and I'm still not sure what to do during this half marathon.  The plan I have involves a lot of walking, which I'm not happy to admit, but I don't want to kill my knee with 3 full days remaining at Disney.  I want to see how my 8- and 9-mile runs go before I make a decision.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Sunday: yoga

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 2 miles

Wednesday: Warm up and workout A, beginner program of Strong Curves

Thursday: Home workout due to weather; Jillian Michaels' core work, level 2

Friday: Warm up and workout B, beginner program of Strong Curves

Saturday: rest

Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Strength Training Approach

I may feel like I'm making strides in my battle with ITBS, but I've started to feel there's more I could be doing.  A few months ago, a friend recommended getting Strong Curves: a Woman's Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body.  This isn't a review of the book since I only just got it, but I'm excited to start.  Yes, I have experience with weight lifting, but my butt still leaves much to be desired.

After flipping through the book on Tuesday, my butt is in the "bad butt" category.  It's funny, I'm a life long athlete, yet my booty isn't nearly as strong as I think it could be.  I know that in itself is a major reason why I've been having such trouble with my IT band.  I've enjoyed (yes, enjoyed) the Jillian Michaels' workouts I've done, but I think it's good to have a change of direction and try something new.  I know I'll be focusing much more on this after the WDW half, but I do want to start the workouts now to see what I can achieve before January 11.  I've already done the first workout of the beginner series, and since I'm not sore, I know right away I can add more weight to the exercises.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Making Progress

I had another PT session yesterday, and my therapist likes how my leg is feeling and it's obvious I'm making progress on this ITBS.  He said my IT band is healing, but this type of injury takes a while to heal.  I know that fact all too well.  He also taped up my IT band so I can see how to do it on my own and hopefully keep the pain at bay.

It looks heavy duty but it's not.  He said it's not just about taping the IT band, but the quad as well.  The patella needs support as well, hence the two other strips of Rock Tape.  I'm going to test it out today after work and see how everything feels.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Random Sunday Musings 12/1

Happy December!  How was everyone's Thanksgiving?  I stayed in Dallas and spent the day with friends.  My contribution was a chocolate mousse that included 3 tablespoons of Grand Marnier in the recipe.  It makes a lot of mousse, but the mousse itself is quite rich.  I brought a good amount home, so guess what I have for dessert for the week?? ;-)

I did get 6 miles in on Friday since I don't do the Black Friday stuff.  My knee held up until the very end.  I'm going to start to incorporate weight machines back into my strengthening routine to try to help out.  Afterwards I participated in my own Black Friday tradition: set up the tree and decorate while watching the Muppet Christmas Carol.


Sunday: yoga

Monday: 20 minutes Yoga for Fitness, lower body

Tuesday: 2 miles

Wednesday: Jillian Michaels' Killer Buns and Tights, level 1

Thursday: rest

Friday: 6 miles

Saturday: weight work - 3 back, 3 chest, 2 bicep, 2 tricep, 2 shoulders, hamstring curl, abductor, adductor, glutes machine, leg press, squat press, calf raises, hip thrusts

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Review: Frozen

When I saw the first trailer to Frozen, I was worried.  I was worried because the trailer was heavy on Olaf and I just did not find his character amusing.  Thankfully there were other parts of that first trailer that got my attention, so I wasn't just going to say, oh maybe I'll see that movie, and then not see it (like Wreck-It-Ralph).  As the other trailers were released, they dove into the story more so after seeing all the trailers, I was ready to see the movie.  I'm happy to say Olaf fits with the story, and I didn't find him annoying at all.

Anna is definitely relatable.  I don't think Disney could have gotten anyone better than Kristen Bell to bring Anna to life.  She quirky and spunky with great intentions.  I also really like how the storyline is very sympathetic towards Elsa.  She's not the evil older sister; she was born with powers and even though she had good intentions as a child, she was forced to hide them after she accidentally harmed Anna.  Anna's memory of her sister's powers is erased after the accident (but she's allowed to keep all other memories), and when the sisters are forced apart, it was a little painful to see Anna not understand what created the divide.

Soundtrack Cover

The visuals are stunning with this animation.  Of course I would love it if the movie was hand drawn animation, but there are some things you just need a computer to animate, like Elsa building her ice castle.  That sequence was amazing.  It also happened during the strongest song of the movie, "Let It Go."  I mean, it's sung by Idina Menzel, 'nuff said.  I was disappointed with some of the other songs though.  The three I liked the most are "Let It Go" and then the beginning song "Frozen Heart" and "For the First Time in Forever."  A pleasant surprise was I didn't know Kristen Bell could sing, but she can and does for Anna.

The movie is listed at 108 minutes, and it honestly didn't feel like it lasted that long.  Once the story takes off, the movie moves pretty quickly.  There are some witty one-liners and funny characters, but ultimately the story comes down to the bond between Elsa and Anna.  I'd give this 4 stars out of 5.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

WDW Half Marathon Costume

What a weekend!  What an absolutely cold weekend!  I don't care that I spent 12 years of my life in Boston... and it was pretty frigid in the northeast this weekend too... Texas just should not get weather like that.  The cold weather always seems colder down here for whatever reason.  I did my 5 miles on the treadmill, and I spent most of the weekend feeling like I was in my own version of Frozen, without the snow.

Speaking of which, guess who's going to an early showing of Frozen... :-)  The Cinemark near my home is showing the movie twice tonight before the movie is released tomorrow.  Since I'm hoping work will be calm tomorrow, I went ahead and bought a ticket for the 8pm showing.  With that said, I have everything I need for my Anna costume for the WDW half.

I opted for no braids because there's not enough shellack in the world to keep my hair together like that over 13.1 miles.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Random Sunday Musings 11/24

Today's post was inspired by Danielle, and it's about Hudson's anniversary, which is today.  Hudson is the family's Hemingway cat, who started life out in an abandoned car in a junkyard and a dead mommy.  Luckily, a great rescue shelter in Boston was called in when the kittens were discovered, and that's how we got him.

He picked us - yes, he picked us - 7 years ago, which in 2006, was the day after Thanksgiving.  He weighed in at 1.2 pounds the next day, the vet thought he was about 6 weeks old, and he earned his name because of his orange-ish fur and he was exploring everything in the vet's examination room.  Orange = Dutch, Dutch explorer = Henry Hudson.

What do y'all think?  Is he spoiled?


Sunday: yoga --> picked up a great quad stretch because it hurt so good

Monday: PT, rest

Tuesday: 2 miles --> IT band flared up at 1.5

Wednesday: Jillian Michaels' Killer Buns and Thighs, level 1 + some additional core work

Thursday: Holy soreness Batman!  Inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, buns, lower back and back obliques.  Walked 1.75 miles, jogged .25 miles, knee was OK during the jogging

Friday: rest

Saturday: 5 miles... the distance I should've done last weekend but I was sick.  My knee held up

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rock Tape

Sooo.... yeah, I've started training again after a two week break between Disneyland and being sick.  I did yoga on Sunday, and saw my PT Monday so he could finish making adjustments on my spine and neck since my neck was so tense after being sick.  He said everything was feeling good and when I mentioned I was going to do 2 miles the next day (Tuesday), he did not disagree with me.  That being said, my stupid IT band flared up at 1.5 miles.  REALLY?!  I finished the 2 miles, but of course I was walking it.  ARRRGH!

So, new plan, at least at the moment.  The 4 miles I did before Disneyland was on the treadmill.  I knew when I would be done, it'd be dark out, so, I'm returning to the treadmill to see if that makes a difference, and I'm going to be using Rock Tape.  When my therapist used Rock Tape to keep my knee cap in place during my tendinitis struggles, it felt great and actually stayed on (sorry KT Tape!).  There just may be something about those paved nature trails my knee doesn't like.  Treadmill = no pain, paved trails = pain.  I trained for my first two half marathons solely on the treadmill, so if I have to return to that, then I will.

Also new plan... it may be silly, but I'm refusing to wear heels.  No heels at work anymore!  When I've run after work in the nature preserve, after wearing heels, yes, my knee twinges.  Trust me, this makes sense to me.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Disneyland 2013 Pt. 3

Saturday morning we opted for Disneyland and went straight to Buzz after the rope drop.  I liked this version of Buzz better than WDW because the guns come out of the holsters and you can actually aim at the targets, even ones behind you.  The last time I went on Buzz at WDW, the guns were mounted, which I found made aiming quite difficult.  After Buzz was Nemo's submarine voyage, meeting Merida (she can be found near Small World), rode Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin one more time, and went on the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

We had a reservation at Blue Bayou for 12:50, and since the park was crowded, we took the train from New Orleans Square to Main Street to do some shopping.  Nothing jumped out at me this trip, but it was fun to walk around and window shop.

We headed over to Blue Bayou around 12:30, where I ordered the Jambalaya, which turned out to be spicier than I thought it would be.  I've never been able to handle spice, but the bread served with the meal made it tolerable and I ate a lot of the meat provided.  Let's just say, if I wasn't a huge fan of carbs, I could be a carnivore with no difficulties.

We took it slow after lunch, leaving DL and heading back over to DCA for one more go on Monster's Inc and Ariel's Undersea Adventure.  It's amazing how I feel like I need quite a few days to tackle everything at WDW, yet only needed 3-ish days to do all of DL and DCA.  I really like the differences in Anaheim and just love that DL is the park Walt built.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Random Sunday Musings 11/17

This past week has been interesting.  I got sick (REALLY sick) and whatever bug I picked up left me with a head cold.  I did 4 miles before heading to Disneyland last week, and then walked who knows how many miles at the parks Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before flying back this past Sunday.  Throw in being sick, I didn't get anything done this week.  I'm actually being good and giving my body the rest it needs.

Tuesday: 4 miles

Wednesday: Jillian Michael's core work

Thursday: Disneyland

Friday: Disneyland

Saturday: Disneyland

Sunday: travel day

Monday: sick

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: PT session, rest

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Disneyland 2013 Pt. 2

Friday was the first full day at Disneyland, and we started our morning in DCA.  There was already a considerable line for the Radiator Springs Racers fast passes, and Carsland definitely took the majority of the crowd after the rope was dropped.  In 2009 line, the black hole was Toy Story Mania; now it's Carsland.  We decided to hit up Toy Story Mania instead, and almost walked right on to the ride.  I got the highest score I've ever gotten, and I don't really aim that much.  I just shoot as fast as I can.

Afterwards, my dad went on California Screamin' while my mom and I went on King Triton's Carousel, then we all went on Ariel's Undersea Adventure, Monster's Inc, met James P Sullivan, went to Muppet Vision 3-D, stopped in Starbucks and rode Soarin'.  I know there was much ado when Disney announced Starbucks was moving in, but neither location is out of place and it was very nice to get some good iced tea.  We were hungry and thirsty after Muppet Vision, and when I saw the Starbucks sign, I made a beeline into the store.  There is a Starbucks location on Main Street for both Disneyland and DCA, and a location is moving into Downtown Disney.

After Soarin', we went into DTD for lunch, where we stopped at Tortilla Joe's Taqueria, then headed back into DCA.  I realize Radiator Springs Racers is the huge hit in the park right now, but I am just not willing to wait in a line for 2 hours for a fastpass, or for the ride itself.  We thankfully got my dad on the ride through the single rider line, and while he waited, my mom and I went to Ghirardelli.  We split this ice cream concoction, and even then we couldn't finish it.

Afterwards, we made our way back across the gates to Disneyland, where we went to the Tiki Room, Indiana Jones Adventure, and the Haunted Mansion (for the third time this trip).  We wanted to go to Tomorrowland after the Haunted Mansion, but we got caught in the Christmas parade traffic.  We weren't the only ones, poor Tiana was trying to get to her meeting spot in Fantasyland and couldn't get through either.  As the traffic was clearing, my dad and I decided to go on the Matterhorn, just in time too.  When we were about to get on our bobsled, the line behind us was quite spectacular.

That turned out to be the last ride we did Friday because after dinner, Buzz Lightyear was down due to technical difficulties.  We all decided to try Buzz in the morning.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Disneyland 2013, Pt. 1

While a lot of runners were making their way to Walt Disney World, my family headed west to Disneyland.  I got there first since I live halfway between Anaheim and Boston, so I checked into the Candy Cane Inn and walked over to Disneyland.  (I absolutely LOVE!! that I can walk to Disneyland).

I showed great restraint and didn't just barge into the park.  One, I have to get my park hopper and two, I was hungry.  That's what happens when I'm in the Pacific Time Zone and am two hours behind my normal eating schedule.  I walked over to Earl of Sandwich, then parked myself in front of the ESPN Zone TV since it was showing soccer.  Then I went back to the hotel to try to nap since I had been up at 4:10am central time, but a nap was not happening.  It did give my parents' flight a chance to land and for them to make their way from John Wayne Airport to the hotel.  Then it was time to take Disneyland and DCA by storm.  In that one afternoon, we did:

Scoped out the Sherman Bros. window and saw Tony Baxter's window
the Haunted Mansion - Nightmare Before Christmas
Pirates of the Caribbean
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Alice in Wonderland
Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin
the Haunted Mansion - Nightmare Before Christmas
Mater's Junkyard Jamboree

One thing I have to say about this trip, and please don't call me a Scrooge or Grinch, but all they were playing was Christmas music.  It's November!  I'm not ready to partake in the Christmas cheer yet, and I had to listen to Christmas music over and over and over and over... Nightmare doesn't count :-p

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Must Do Yoga

I've discovered over the past month that my muscles need yoga.  I mean, really need yoga.  I missed it two weeks in a row due to stuff going on, and when I went back, not only did I find some tight spots, but my IT band twinged that week while I was doing 3.5 miles.  I will miss yoga this Sunday too, so I have to figure something out to help my muscles.

Mostly I use yoga to keep my hips loose.  Tight hips mean tight IT bands, and for the love of chocolate, I do not want that.  If only I took yoga more seriously when I was younger.  If I did happen to be at a yoga class, I would go through the motions, but I wasn't really focused on it.  Mostly I wasn't focused because I couldn't hit the poses.  I wouldn't admit that I needed to modify so I'd struggle at poses and get very frustrated.  My muscles are not flexible, and I'll "blame" soccer and lacrosse for that.

I really like yoga on Sundays.  I do my long runs on Saturday so yoga the day after is great.  My gym also has yoga at night during the week, but at that point, I'm in my PJs, on the couch.  I have two DVDs for yoga, and I do want to get more so I have choices I can do between each Sunday.  Any suggestions?


Due to fun stuff happening, there will be no posts Thursday and Sunday.  Next Tuesday's post will explain why :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Random Sunday Musings 11/3

Good morning runners!  I'm looking for advice to try to beat running headaches.  I drink Powerade after I run, but what else can I do?  Sometimes these headaches are brutal, and I don't want to have to nurse one throughout a full day :-/

I'll be DVR'ing the NYC Marathon today!  I know a few people running the race and though I probably won't see them on the broadcast, it'll still be exciting.  I will have to wait until after yoga and other things, so I may not be able to actually watch it until this afternoon.  Good luck to everyone!


Weekly workouts:

Sunday: yoga

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 3.5 miles - IT band twinged slightly, just in time for PT.  I was good too and walk the last bit of distance

Wednesday: PT; 20 minutes leg Pilates; 20 minutes flowing yoga for lower body

Thursday: 2 miles - if you're going to work out, remember to pack the iPod armband and headphones!

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3.5 miles, twinge free

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

When the crypt doors creek and tombstones quake...

Spooks come out for a swinging wake...

Happy haunts materialize...

And begin to vocalize...

Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Busy Week

I know I really shouldn't do this, there are two possible races for my next half.  Both are in California.  One is in San Diego and the other is in Monterey.  I spent many childhood vacations in California, and I absolutely love the idea of running in Monterey.  Big Sur may have a marathon, but they also have a half marathon.  It's along the coast, so I know it would be a windy race.  So I'm looking at windbreakers.  Yes, this is what gets me in trouble.  And watching this.

This past weekend was the MCM marathon and this weekend is the NYC marathon.  We are fully in the swing of marathon season.  I know I mentioned before that I had marathons on the brain, but if I can get through this season without signing up for one, I might be safe for another year :-p

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Random Sunday Musings 10/27

This weekend I didn't plan to do much at all.  The last two weekends were filled with activities so I carved out this weekend to put my feet up (around my workouts) and try to relax.

I'm in the process of revamping my running list.  Mostly I'm changing up my music because my usual staples aren't cutting it right now.  I'm trying to find songs that are good to run to but I haven't listened to that much.

I finally got Little Shop of Horrors from Netflix, so I've been able to keep up with the Halloween movies.  I may go over Halloween for some movies, but they're on my Netflix queue so why not?  Next up is Van Helsing.


Weekly workouts:

Saturday: 20 minutes bike
     Upper body weights: 2 biceps, 2 triceps, 1 shoulder, 1 upper back, 1 abs

Sunday: rest

Monday: 2.5 miles

Tuesday: 3 miles

Wednesday: Jillian Michaels' "Killer Buns and Thighs" level 2

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3.5 miles

Thursday, October 24, 2013

3 Miles!

I did 3 miles on Tuesday.  I'm oh so trying to stay cautiously optimistic, but this is what I really want to do:

"I must scream it to the world, my excitement from the top of someplace very high!"

Source: Pixar Animation Studios

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Custom Sweaty Big Reveal!

Drum roll please :-)

Ta da!  My new custom Sweaty Band themed on Frozen!  It fits the theme, and if the weather turns out to be cold, it'll fit in with that as well.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Random Sunday Musings 10/20

Remember the virtual 5k I did?  The medal came!  Thanks Meg!  It's an impressive medal and now a part of my medal display :)

I finally got down to business and started watching Halloween movies.  I'd only watched the Great Pumpkin and Hotel Transylvania during the last weekend in September, and 16 days of October had passed before I watched another Halloween special.  16 days, y'all!  That is so unlike me.  On Wednesday I watched Nightmare Before Christmas and then Young Frankenstein.  I felt I had failed Halloween so I needed to have a double-feature.  I've been trying to get Little Shop of Horrors from Netflix but they don't seem to want to send it to me, even though there's no wait label by it.

I also can't stop the thoughts of future races.  Do this half, no that half, no do a full!  I'll blame it on the Fall racing season.  So many races are coming up, all over the country.  Anyone have big races coming up?  MCM, NYC?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Coming Together?

Well, I've done two miles on two different days, pain free.  Back in August and September, two miles was the barrier.  I'd have pain in my right knee before two miles, and now I've done it twice.  I'm doing exactly what I'm being told to do.

I found the black top I'm going to wear for my Anna costume.  I don't think it's a secret I absolutely LOVE Under Armour, and I've ordered a black tech, semi-fitted tank top for the costume.  Now I just need the arm sleeves, and I know I've got time to order them.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Marathon on the Brain

The WDW half in January will be my 4th half marathon, and I can't help but start thinking what about a marathon?  I'm trying to hold off on that idea since I'm not exactly 100% healthy, but I don't back away from a challenge.  Part of my brain is asking what am I thinking?  I'm intimidated by the distance and there's no way I'm ready.  Then another part of my brain is asking will I ever feel ready?

I want to see how training goes for January, combined with my PT sessions.  Because I am crocked, I'm trying to hold back the thoughts of a marathon.  Then inevitably, destination marathons crop up.  Disney?  LA?  Should I start the whole NYC lottery process?  Definitely not Dallas.  No offense to the city, but if I'm going to slog through 26.2 miles, I need to have some fun as I drag my battered legs around a place I can play tourist.  If I stay in Dallas, I'll return home after the race and wipe out on the couch.

I want to stop these thoughts, but I can't.  As always, I will be taking time off after January, so I will have plenty of time to assess my knees and see how I feel.  And maybe decide on where I will run said first marathon.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Random Sunday Musings 10/13

I bought my two top 2013 Disney ornaments.  The Disney Store in town had the Merida ornament but not Mrs. Jumbo, so they ordered it for me.  Mrs. Jumbo was delivered on Friday, so check them out :)

I love this Merida ornament and think it's better than last year's.

This one is so cute!  

When I was at the store, they asked if I had a Disney tree.  I only have three so no, but does anyone here have a Disney Christmas tree?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Custom Sweaty Band

I've sung the praises of Sweaty Bands on here before.  I just love Sweaty Bands and I have around 10 of them.  Since my costume for the WDW half is based on Frozen, I'd thought I make a special Sweaty Band to go with the theme.

I found there are two ways to design a custom Sweaty.  Either submit a design on their website, or contact their customer service.  I contacted their customer service since the patterns online didn't include what I was looking for.  After sending an email to their custom team, I emailed back and forth with Sheila, who used my specifications and came up with 4 designs, and I loved the 4th design.  My initial design had a blue background and white pattern, but this design had some color in the pattern and I felt that added a wow factor I hadn't considered.

I was told it'll be ready in about two weeks, and I can't wait to show it off!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review: Newtons

As I promised, once I got more runs in wearing the Newtons, I'd post a review.  Here goes.

What I love about them is they are built to force runners up on the forefoot.  This is done by the design on the outside of the sole, called lugs, which sit under the balls of the feet to get the heel up while running.  Without a shoe doing that for me, I don't think I would've understood where I'm supposed to land on my feet while running.  I've read some reviews that say these shoes should be used as a tool to switch to proper running form, and that's exactly what I'm using them for.  I can also wear my SuperFeet inserts with them.

The full market price tag for the Newton Gravity is $175 (yeah ouch!).  I lucked out though because these were marked at $99.99 since the pink and black combo are last season's color scheme, and the store was obviously trying to move last season's stock to make room for this season's.  What's more, they were marked down further in the computer, and I had $20 rewards to spend.  I didn't think twice about adding those rewards to the purchase, so I really lucked out. This NEVER happens when I go buy shoes, ever!

I've been alternating between the Newtons and Brooks during my runs, and as mentioned in an earlier post, I was up on my toes in my Brooks, even after I had only done two runs in the Newtons.  Now that I can feel what I'm supposed to do, I can do them in the Brooks.  I intend to use my Brooks for the half marathon, so I'm extra happy to have gotten the Newtons on sale x3.

If anyone is planning on buying these shoes for the first time, ease in to them slowly.  Even after just two runs of half a mile each, my calves were sore, and I had to switch to my Brooks to give them a break.  My chiro has me doing some calf exercises to build up strength to handle this strike change.  He said some patients don't take the time to get used to the zero drop shoes and they get Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis, so please be careful!  I make sure to stretch out my feet every evening and roll them with a golf ball.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Random Sunday Musings 10/6

It's that time of year again.  All the studios are saving their big movies for the end of the year.  The 2nd trailer for the Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug was released this past week, and I realized there are 4 movies I want to see between November and December.

Thor: the Dark World


Saving Mr. Banks

the Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug

Thursday, October 3, 2013

First Run in the Sparkle Skirt

I did another mile on Wednesday, and I wore my new Sparkle Skirt!  It's very lightweight, and, because of the wind, I almost had a Marilyn Monroe moment.  Thank goodness for my compression shorts.  I bought the SparkleLight, which does not have compression shorts attached.  My Running Skirts have briefs attached, but the SparkleLight is only the skirt.

I may need some help with getting arm sleeves for my Princess Anna costume.  Anna's shirt is aqua, and the closest I can find is Running Skirts arm sleeves in Caribbean Blue.  I also looked at Zensah, Sparkle Skirt and Team Sparkle, no aqua, and Bondi Band has an aqua choice, but no color swatch so I don't know how aqua it is.  Does anyone have suggestions where else I could look?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Running Update and Sparkle Skirt

Happy October!

I saw my chiro on Monday and he cleared me to run one mile each day till the next appointment on Thursday.  I did my mile after the appointment, and the knee was feeling good.  I did not use intervals, just switch to run/walking when it felt good to, and did my mile.  He's also used Rock Tape on my knee, and I'm having way more success with Rock Tape than I have with KT Tape.

My Sparkle Skirt came.  A review will come later when I've had a chance to run in it, but I'm already impressed by the customer service.  I ordered the skirt Friday morning, it shipped less than 2 hours, and arrived in my mail box on Monday, with a hand written note on the washing instructions card.

So why did I order the Sparkle Skirt?  I was thinking of ordering one for a while but couldn't decide on the color.  Why blue?  Well, while watching the trailer to Frozen, I was inspired by Anna's winter dress, with the blue skirt, black top/corset, and aqua shirt under the corset.  I do know Florida weather could render the costume moot, which is why I'm going with all running gear for the costume.  The Sparkle Skirt, a black tank top and aqua running arm sleeves.  I haven't decided whether to have my hair in braids to match hers.  I'd need a good amount of shallack to keep the braids in place.