Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boo to You!

Happy Halloween!

My favorite Halloween party happens to take place at the Magic Kingdom every year.  It's a special ticket event, so a regular park pass won't work.  In fact, when you enter the Magic Kingdom with the special ticket, cast members give you a wristband, and those without a wristband after a certain time in the evening are escorted out of the park.  The guests with the wristbands get to stay in the Magic Kingdom for trick-or-treating, extra magic hours, a Halloween parade, a fireworks show and a villains mix and mingle.  Trust me, Disney does this right!  I've seen videos of Disneyland, and though it's cute, the parade is rather sugary compared to Micky's Not So Scary Halloween parade.  The parade starts with the Headless Horseman leading the charge, then all the characters are present in their Halloween costumes.

After that comes the pirates, Haunted Mansion:

Wild West, the Villains:

and then Pluto and Goofy with the candy:

If you love Halloween, I highly, highly recommend this party.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

6 Weeks!

Well, almost 6 weeks are left.  I got back into running today with 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I've run twice now since my 10-miler two weeks ago, and I'm headed towards the MetroPCS Dallas half.  I took it much easier today than I did during my 5K.  I really didn't intend to go out as fast as I did Saturday, but I've recovered and I have my goal in sight now.

I'd also like to take time and send thoughts and Pixie Dust to the east coast.  It seems like the brunt of the storm swept through New Jersey, New York City and the surrounding areas.  I know the organizers for the NYC Marathon have given it a green light (for now), but my thoughts are on the safety of everyone who might keep their plans and participate in the event this weekend.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random Sunday Musings 10/28

As can be expected, I'm a little sore today.  I went to the gym and did 20 minutes on the bike and leg weights.  I'll do some hip exercises later this morning once the Merseyside Derby is done (that's Liverpool vs. Everton for those of you who don't follow the EPL).  I'll continue to take things easy this week since I have one more double-digit run this coming weekend.  At least that's my aim.  I did 10 miles last weekend, and I want to try to get another 10-mile run in before I start tapering.  Thanksgiving will give me some days to relax.
So, Wednesday is Halloween.  Anybody have favorite costumes from their childhood?  My favorite was from when I was in pre-school.  I decided I wanted to be the Wicked Witch of the West.

I had a black robe, a witch's hat, and the costume was complete with green face paint.  The other girls were probably princesses or fairies, but I wanted to be one of the best villains of all time.  "I'll get you my pretty!  And your little dog too!"

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trek or Treat 5K...Done!

My Trek or Treat 5K was this morning.  There was a slight change in costume since a cold front came through yesterday.  I pulled out my Under Armour long-sleeve shirt and tights, both black to go with the orange and black theme for Halloween.  I don't have a full length mirror, otherwise I would've been able to take a picture of the entire outfit.
For those of you familiar with the Dallas suburbs, this race was held at Watters Creek in Allen.  When I parked at the complex, it was 39 degrees, and my phone's weather app said it felt like 31.  I parked around 7:40, and the kids race was scheduled to start at 8, and the 5K at 8:30.  I spent most of my pre-race time in the Luke's Locker store, essentially making mental notes of stuff I want to buy :-p  I did find out during this race I will need gloves for my half in December.  I am happy the weather was what it was because that's what I'm expecting the weather to be like December 9th.  It was good to run in my cold weather gear and figure out what adjustments I'll have to make.  I also fully expect this kind of weather, if not colder, for the Thanksgiving 5K.
Watters Creek is more than a shopping area, it's also high-end apartments, and the 5K was along the running routes that run behind the complex and among the neighborhoods in the area.  I came up on the first mile sign and saw a time of 10:30.  Whoa!  I certainly didn't mean to run that fast, and I think it was due to a combination of the cold and my speed work.  I kept trying to slow down, but my body wouldn't listen.  This ended up being the fastest 5K I've run since college, with my finish time being 34:50.
To top off the morning, I took advantage of Texas early voting on my way home.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Packet Pick-Up

I picked up my 5K packet this afternoon.  The race is being put on by Luke's Locker, which is in a higher-end shopping area, and my goodie bag has a lot of the vouchers from the stores around it.  My t-shirt is a women's cut (yes!!) and is WISH green.  You can tell by the picture the event is chipped, but I don't know if I want to push myself for speed.  I'm doing this more for fun since I started training a bit too early for my next half.  Anybody want a Citrus + caffeine Clif gel?  It came in my goodie bag, and I'm not a fan of Clif gels.

I also have my playlist all set.  I modified my Halloween playlist, and added a new song.

Little Shop of Horrors Opening
Imperial March
Phantom of the Opera
Friends on the Other Side
Devil Went Down to Georgia
Desperation Samba
Time Warp
Poor Unfortunate Souls
Feed Me (Git it)
Monster Mash
This is Halloween
Bad Moon Rising

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Race Week

It's race week :-)  My Halloween 5K is Saturday morning, and we're having a cold front movie through Friday.  I'm happy I opted for something with sleeves!  I'm taking it a little easy this week since it is a race week, and I have to admit, I was still slightly sore yesterday from my 10-miler on Saturday.  I haven't run double digits since the half in February.  I took Sunday off and opted to do some light biking yesterday.  Normally Mondays are a day off, but I felt it would be a good idea to get the legs moving, even if it wasn't intense.  I feel better today, but I'll use the elliptical to give my legs some rest.  Tomorrow will be some weight lifting, then Thursday and Friday will be off days.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Random Sunday Musings 10/21

Disney's Wine and Dine program is available online, and the race icon on the 5K page is normally the medallion for the race.  It's cute, but it's Christmas themed.  The race will be held the 2nd weekend in November, and I feel a Thanksgiving theme would have been so much better.  Not only is it November, but I feel it fits better with a Wine and Dine theme for the main race.  The medallion could be Mickey in a chef's hat, or even better would be Remy in his chef's hat.  That would be beyond cute!  I love Ratatouille, and since I've only seen Brave once, Ratatouille is still my favorite Pixar movie.

I also did 10 miles yesterday.  I really wish whatever is going on with my right glute and calf would stop.  I'm getting tired of having to treat both spots constantly and worrying they'll flare up in a race.  It looks like I'll have to pack my heating pad for the hotel so I can treat my problem spots before I get to the starting line.  Today I decided to take the day off.  I wanted to relax this morning and rest my muscles.  There are quite a few groups that are sore and after 10 miles yesterday, I figured they deserved a break.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Course Update

The Dallas Marathon finally posted a detailed course for the half and full marathons.  Margaret Hunt Hill bridge is after mile 3, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital is between miles 5 and 6, the half marathoners will split off from the full marathon course around mile 7.5 and make our way back towards downtown and finish at the Convention Center.  The circled 1 right before mile 5 indicates the first exchange for the marathon relay.  I do wish they'd indicate where the water stops will be, but I will definitely take this.