Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Gearing up for San Francisco

There are less than 30 days from today to Bay to Breakers.  Crazy.  Almost as crazy as this weather has been.  I grumbled my way through some training last April and May, saying I wouldn't train for a spring race again, and here I am.  This spring has been absolutely nuts, and most of my runs have been on the treadmill.  A runner's gotta do what a runner's gotta do.

I'm starting to get my gear ready, and I sprung for a brand new Running Skirt.  I'll pack a couple with me, just in case.  This one is of mountains, and I think it'll be a fun combo with my aqua Oiselle singlet.

I'm going to reach out to readers, and ask what kind of headphones y'all use?  I bought a new pair of Yurbuds last November since the pair I used to have was close to dying, after 4 years of use.  This new pair isn't up to par of my first pair, and the sound keeps going in and out in the right earbud.  I need headphones I can rely on.

April's been a really busy month, and I moved some workouts around so I wouldn't be so bogged down.  I did 6 miles on the first weekend so I wouldn't have to worry about doing that much in Houston.  I've also missed a couple workouts, due to a big sinus headache, and then resting my quad.  Both good choices since I would've been miserable or completely worried.

The month's not done yet, and I have 7 miles on tap this Saturday.  That will be the longest I'll have gone since walking the WDW half in 2014.  I tried finding a local race to help with the miles, but I didn't find any.  There's a race series in Denver, but I don't want to go that far.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Monday Musings 4/23

Happy Monday!  I really tried to take it easy this weekend after my trip to Houston, and then a busy week at work.  I really tried to catch up on my blog reading, and if I missed yours, sorry.  I had all-day training Monday and Wednesday, and then I was getting quarterly reports finalized and submitted to our sponsors.  Whew!

My main goal for this weekend was to relax.  I owed Allie snuggles, and she made that clear on Sunday and Monday.  I'm not to leave on a vacation again!  (well, I still will).  She's happier now that we spent some quality time together.  It helped that Saturday's weather was crappy with on and off snow all day.  I can gauge the weather by how much Allie wants to snuggle.

So how about that Boston Marathon???  I missed following it live due to work, but I watched it immediately when I got home.  I played in enough games and endured enough practices between soccer and lacrosse seasons in that weather.  It's not fun, and may be responsible for my fair-weather running.  That and Texas thinned my blood a lot.  It was amazing watching the race, and there had to be complete carnage in the elite field with so many East Africans not making the top 10.  The top 10 spoke for itself.  I'm so happy for Desi, and poor woman looked freezing during the national anthem.

At one point I wanted to make some hot chocolate while I was watching it!

Spring time on Wednesday
Through all of the busyness that was this week, I got my run done on Tuesday, inside due to 40mph winds, and then I skipped Thursday's run because Wednesday when we were walking back from the training, back to our building, my right quad suddenly felt tight.  It definitely did not feel pulled, thankfully, and I focused my strength sessions on Wednesday and Thursday on my quads to help build up strength.  Better to take an extra break then pushed myself and get injured.

Snow on Saturday
Instead, I biked for 4 miles to still get some cardio, and then focused on strength training.  I was tempted to still run on the treadmill Saturday, just in case my quad bothered me, and Saturday's weather made that decision for me.  I'm happy to report, with some Rocktape, I completed my 4 miles without any worry.  Sunday's workout was lower body and core Pure Barre to wrap up the week.


Monday: Pre-hab exercises

Tuesday: 2.5 miles

Wednesday: lower body Pure Barre

Thursday: 4 miles bike, upper body and quads

Friday: rest

Saturday: 4 miles, leg work

Sunday: lower body Pure Barre + core

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Five: My Heritage

In February, I ordered a 23 and Me kit for fun.  I only did the heritage since that's all I wanted to know.

Last weekend, right before I flew to Houston, I got the email that my results were in.  Yay!  Results normally take 6-8 weeks, and this was right about 6 weeks from the notification email saying the lab had received my DNA sample.  I already had a pretty good idea of my heritage, and some of it was absolutely confirmed, and there was one surprise.  0.8% Balkan.  Huh??

I knew my heritage was very much northern European, with some Hungarian thrown in since my great-grandmother and her family immigrated through Ellis Island.  Add in the two Native American nations in my family, and I'm the American mutt.  But Balkan?  The results say a 6- or 7-time great-grandparent.  Now I'm curious.

The one country they specifically pulled out was the Netherlands.  I knew about that too.  I'd love to visit the Netherlands at some point.  I haven't been to Europe since 2008, and the Netherlands is on my bucket list.  My parents visited Amsterdam when I was in college, but I haven't been yet.

I'm 99.1% European, so that other .09 is the Native American.  I knew the amount was small, and now I know how small.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Spring in the Rockies

It's no secret that spring has been tough this year, not just here in the Rockies.  Across the whole country.

Spring time blizzards :-/
I've been delaying my Saturday runs until the afternoon because it's not warming up that fast in the mornings.  It took me awhile to realize that, since I was out every morning last fall, training for Vegas.  It didn't get as cold at night during September and October as it is now.  The sun would warm things up quickly, and I'd be out running between 8 and 9.  Now if I get outside, I'm out between 2 and 3.  I have 7 miles on schedule at the end of the month, and I'm hoping, hoping, and hoping that I can do it outside.  6 miles on the treadmill was not a favorite thing to do.

All that being said, Houston made me realize why I moved up to Colorado.  We flew in before a front, and my feet were sweating when we were out to dinner.  I do miss Texas, and my friends and family, and at hte same time, it's nice to have a prolonged spring in Colorado.  Memorial Day doesn't usher in the oven for 4 to 5 long months.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Monday Musings 4/16

I'm back from Houston, and I'm exhausted!  I knew it would be a whirlwind weekend, but that still didn't stop me from being exhausted when I got home.  Allie was very happy to see me home, and she was demanding attention.

I did a lot of Texas things this weekend, but I didn't see any blue bonnets.  I was staying along 290 where there's a lot of construction, and blue bonnets like to grow along highways.  There were no fields :(  I did get to enjoy some good TexMex, and breakfast at La Madeleine.  If anyone travels to Dallas or Houston, stop in there.  It's a great French bistro with great breakfast choices.

I also slept through a pretty good thunderstorm Friday evening.  We got lucky with the weather, though it was bumpy descending into Houston.  Our pilot had the flight crew seated early, but it wasn't too bad.  I actually thought landing back in Denver was more bumpy.  So the thunderstorms rolled through Friday night, and into Saturday morning.  Since I was still seeing lightning in the area, and it was warm enough, being Texas, I did my 3 miles on the treadmill.  And felt so strong!  I felt awesome, even with the humidity.  It wasn't until after the run I realized I've been training at altitude, and Houston's at sea level.

Saturday lunch was the awesome TexMex at Chuy's.  I got a great taco salad with grilled fajita chicken, cheese, tomatoes, and guac!  Delish!  Dessert was sopapillas.  Gotta enjoy them when you get the chance.  I went back to the hotel and napped a little bit before getting ready.  The ceremony was so nice.  My cousin looked so beautiful!  It was so good to be back with family and friends, and in Texas.

Dress from Stitch Fix
Sunday was the flight back, and my body decided waking up at 5am would be fun.  I was tired for most of the day, and trying to do grocery shopping and cleaning.  Thankfully I napped a little bit, and I made sure dinner was easy.  Throw it in the oven, with a chopped salad, and voila!

A big shoutout to all Boston runners tomorrow.  I'm recording the race and will watch it when I get home.


Monday: Pure Barre

Tuesday: 2 miles, prehab exercises

Wednesday: lower body strength

Thursday: 2 miles

Friday: rest

Saturday: 3 miles

Sunday: rest

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday Five: a 3-Day Weekend

I'm flying off to Houston today, for my cousin's wedding.  I don't know how much social media I'll be doing, but I certainly hope to see these.  I miss them.

I've packed running gear, and will be doing 2-3 miles, maybe inside.  Saturday morning currently shows thunderstorms, and in Houston, those can be strong storms.

I might be moping a little bit because Run Disney announced they're trying to streamline registration, and all registrations are delayed.  I had June 12 circled on my calendar for Princess registration, and now I have no idea when that will be.  With my luck, it'll be when I'm in Alaska.  I'll be on top of a glacier, trying to get Wifi, or at least the highest point on the ship.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Race Sights

Sunday was the Paris Marathon, and I DVR'd the coverage on the Olympic Channel.  It started at 12am, and no, I'm not up at that hour anymore.  Not by a long shot.

While I enjoyed watching the race, I found myself enjoying the sights and sounds of Paris they showed.  They showed a lot of Paris vs showing the race.  While I'm normally cranky when broadcasts pan away from the actual race to show sob stories, I didn't mind seeing Paris on my TV.  I've had some good vacations in Paris.

It got me thinking.  What location would I choose, if any, based on the race course and landmarks, for a big race?  Runners may choose races based on the medal (guilty!), but what about location?  I know it would be a great racecation, but how much of the course would I actually remember?  I call it race brain, when I'm so focused on running, I'm not taking in my surroundings.

I'm not sure if I chose Bay to Breakers because I'd be in San Francisco, because I know I won't enjoy those hills.  It's great to visit SF, but the last time I was there, I didn't want to run any of those hills, and declared it.  Oops.  Here I am, training for a race, that will go across the city, and up one of those honkin' hills.

Maybe those hills have been the saving grace though.  When I've been relegated to the treadmill this spring, I play with the incline so I'm not bored.  I broke up my 6 miles on Saturday that way.  Half a mile flat, then a quarter mile with incline, all the way through.  6 miles is the longest I've done on the treadmill in quite a while, and that hill training got me through the run.

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