Sunday, January 13, 2019

Monday Musings 1/14

Happy Monday!  I had a full week of work this time around, and a week of really pesky... not injuries, but niggles?  That sounds better.  After getting blisters on my left arch during my 6 mile run last weekend, I tested out Moleskin on Tuesday, which didn't really work.  Then I got blister Band Aids and those worked so much better on Thursday.  However, I pushed a little too much on Thursday during my strides and my hip flexor and quad felt tight.  Then I woke up Friday with my left heel feeling bruised, so I spent Friday evening icing it.  Thankfully it didn't bother me during my run on Saturday, but I got shin splints!  That's usually the tell-tale sign I need new shoes.

Good thing my stim machine arrived Wednesday :)

Saturday's run also happened on the treadmill.  We got snow all day Friday and the sidewalks and roads didn't look safe for me.  I got a little reminder of safety Wednesday when I saw my chiropractor, and she had an assistant with her because she fell on ice while running and her arm was in a brace!  I was having a pity party when I woke up Saturday morning, then I realized I could now test out the outfit I want to wear for Princess.  It's been chilly enough that I've needed layers, and I didn't have to worry about that now.

It passed the test!  I had 7 miles on the schedule and I made it to 6 due to my shin splints.  I reset the treadmill after each mile so I could focus solely on the mile I was on, and not be wrapped up in how many miles I had left.  Doing that also let me play around with the run/walk intervals, which helped stave off boredom.  I really wanted to get to 7, but I was hurting and I decided not to push it and hurt myself.

Sunday was a bit of recovery, with strength training, and a trip to the LRS.  I went with the Fresh Foam Vongo shoe after testing out 3 different shoes.  It has the same stability scale as the 860s, with more lateral support.  I get to test them out on my run Tuesday!

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Monday Musings 1/7

Happy new year!  Wow, it's 2019.  7 days of 2019.  I'm back to posting after taking a break, along with my holiday.  I was able to relax most of the time while on break, and get to the fitness center too.  It's still quite difficult to workout up there, going up another 3k feet, but I made it happen.  I ran 3 days up there, snow-shoed a day, biked another day, and skied for my first time ever!  That was fun.  And exhausting.  Good thing I wasn't driving back because I don't know if I could've focused.  I spent the whole ride yawning.

I got home New Year's Day, where I took down most of my decorations.  I still have some small things up because it all looks so empty.  I know my living room is back to its normal for 11 months, but after a month of festive decorations, things look strange.

I made it through 3 days of work, of month-end activities, so the week was busy, and I needed to get back to my routine.  I did strides on Thursday, and then for the first weekend back after vacation, I did 6 miles on Saturday.  The first couple of miles were tough to find a rhythm, and I could feel I was tense.  The next two felt better, and then I had to take more walk breaks because I was getting a blister on my left arch.  Ouch!  I've used Rocktape before to protect my arches, and this one was slipping and sliding around.  I even pulled over and took my shoe and sock off so I could get the Rocktape off!  Does anyone know if Moleskin would work well on the arch?

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