Tuesday, December 18, 2018

TOTR: One Last Post

I know I've been slacking lately with Tuesdays on the Run posts, and how could I not post something for the last official TOTR?

The only topic I can think of is 2019 plans.  I'm really hoping 2019 is a good year because I could sure use it.  2018 was a doozy in many aspects, and I do NOT want to repeat it anytime soon.

2018 has me like
I did go to Alaska, so there's at least something good that happened this year.

First up, and what I'm already training for, is the Princess 10k.  Today is week #3, and I got a 3-mile run done yesterday, just as the sun was setting.  It was chillier than I thought it would be too.  When the sun starts to set, it takes the heat with it.  Next week will be interesting since it is Christmas, and I'll be at 8,100 feet.  It's hard to push through a run when I can't breathe!  Plus my main goal is to have as fun a holiday as I can, and enjoy time with my parents.  If they go to their fitness center, I'll probably go too.  I can find out what I can do on the treadmill.

After that, I'm not sure.  There are busy months at work which limits travel, but that's OK.  I'm still eyeing Las Vegas again, and they pushed it back one week, which may give me a better chance at doing it since November is a busy work month.  Since Princess is early, I may look into doing a late spring race.  I'll look once we reach the new year.

This will also be the last guaranteed post I write this year.  Since I want to enjoy my vacation, I won't promise any blog posts.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year!

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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Monday Musings 12/17

Happy last week I'm working this year :)  I'm working 4 days this week, and Friday starts my vacation.  I head back to work Jan. 2, 2019.

After a busy weekend last week, and the ballet, this weekend was easy going, if you count 5 miles easy going.  I had a good training week after having to take a step back due to my achilles'.  I nailed all of the workouts my coach scheduled, and I felt really good after Thursday's strides.  The 5 miles were a little bit of a struggle since I was battling the wind.  I'll consider it resistance training.

This week was my office holiday party, complete with white elephant gift exchange, and raffle.  I didn't win anything, but the party was fun, and it was most of the afternoon.  Between the party and this shortened week, it's been a little tough to keep focused.  The days are still fun, and this week will be quiet as people start their vacations.  We'll see how motivated I can stay.

Thursday I watched the Wine Show on Ovation, and I found out there's a marathon in France that has 23 wine stops along the course.  There's no chance I'd sign up, but it was interesting to watch.  Runners are encouraged to run in costume, and the point is to take their time (for obvious reasons).  I can't imagine tasting wine along the whole way :-p

I splurged a little bit this weekend and got an R8 recovery roller (and more RockTape).  My coach wants me to do more foam rolling, and I've been wanting more leverage on my calves.  My foam roller is OK, and the Adadday roller is fine, but I wanted more pressure, and neither foam roller or Stick felt right.  I've used the R8 already, and there are spots where I need to focus on breathing and get the massage done.

And I got the first holiday gift, running wise.  My friend got me this Disney medal display, and once I get it hung up, I'll move my runDisney medals over.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday Five: Back to Running

I got back to my running workouts this week, and I ran outside at lunch on Tuesday!  I had training in the building next door Monday morning, and when I was walking back to my building, before noon, it felt so good to be outside in the sun.  I knew I would pack my bag and then hope hope and hope the weather would be nice Tuesday at lunch.  And it was!  I had time for 3.25, and then I wrapped up the scheduled 4 miles at home after work to warm up for my strength training.  I usually don't break up runs like that, but I had to get outside.  A front came through too Tuesday evening so I was really happy I got my run done.

In other news, I have my first ever ski lesson booked, for a day after Christmas!  I have everything I need except the skis, and I can rent those ahead of time.

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Monday Musings 12/10

Two more Mondays to work, then I'm on break.  When did that happen?

How was everyone's weekend?  I kicked off training for the Princess this past week, and then almost immediately had to modify.  Since my coach wants me to work on slowing down enough to extend my running intervals, I've been working on that both outside and on the treadmill.  My achilles' didn't quite like the treadmill work and was a little tender Tuesday after my run.  So instead of running 3 miles Thursday, I went to my scheduled chiropractor appointment and got stim and Graston done around the tendon, plus more dry needling.  I am going to move these appointments back to Wednesdays so I can run Thursdays.

I finished my Christmas shopping, including figuring out something for my grandfather!  He's been giving away clothes to Goodwill, and not providing any gift ideas.  I had a lightbulb moment Thursday after dinner and ordered it right away.  The store was quick too and shipped it out Friday morning.  Between finishing shopping, and getting the Christmas cards in the mail, I feel accomplished.

This was a good Christmas weekend too since I went to see the Nutcracker.  I don't get down to Denver that often, and this was maybe the 2nd time all year.  The last time I saw the Nutcracker, I was in Boston, in middle school.  It's also the only ballet I've seen, and it's always so much fun.  I got an ornament too, and after looking at all of them, I made my decision in time for intermission.

I took it easy training this weekend, with 6.2 miles on the bike, and then a scheduled 30-minute brisk walk.  If my achilles' feels fine, then I'll pick up training again.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

TOTR: Running Gifts

Each year I end up with Christmas ideas for this whole running thing.  Small things, big things, and maybe not so glamorous things, we runners will have ideas galore.

My list this year has 3 items: a running vest, compression socks, and Rocktape.  Rocktape isn't glamorous, and I use a lot of it.  I mean a lot!  I ordered 3 boxes in November, and I've already almost used up one.  And um, training started this week, so yeah, Rocktape is an absolute must.

Other small ideas are fuel of the runner's choice (mine is Nuun and Sportsbeans), and the race stickers/magnets.  My manager's manager has some of the bumper stickers of past races hung up in her cubicle.  That's certainly a fun way to decorate.

I'm really getting into the whole running vest thing in Colorado, since layering is key.  I also work at a company where I've seen a number of people wearing vests, so I can get double the usage out of the vest.

You can't go wrong with compression socks either.  I wear them for recovery after long runs since my calves can be an issue.

If you find someone who quilts, or an online service, you can turn those running shirts into a quilt.  After only wearing a couple and relegating the rest to my dresser drawer, I got mine turned into a quilt, by Mom!

And to have something to fall back on, a gift card, whether it's to a specific store, or a Visa gift card.  My parents got me Visa gift cards for my birthday a couple years ago and I had a ball shopping online!  I already had new shoes so I didn't need those, and I splurged on a sports bra, a running top, and other various items.

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Monday Musings 12/3

Happy December!  My gosh, it's now 22 days until Christmas.  I already sent a box via UPS this weekend.  I think I have one more to send when everything is ready.  Everything else is shipped from the vendors :)

I continued my Christmas movie watching with Elf on Thursday, Hallmark movies Saturday, and Friends episodes on Sunday (cookie duuuude!).  I also got my advent calendar from Ethel M Chocolates, delivered on Thursday!  The first day was an almond butter krisp and the second day was a dark chocolate caramel. 

I received the first three weeks of my training plan this week from my coach, and she has me starting this week.  I'm to push my running intervals, which I tried on two runs this week, and when I have easy days, they are to be easy days.  I knocked off 3 miles this weekend, and I was feeling good.  I'm playing around with how many walk intervals I skip, do I run 2 intervals and walk, is it 1/1, 2/1, or do I extend my running intervals past a minute?

I'm super excited that Mulan is the 10k character!  I watched the movie Monday evening when I got home, and of course Mulan songs are on my playlist.  I played around with the playlist a bit and didn't even believe how many songs I'd forgotten about.  I added songs from the Princess and the Frog, Mary Poppins, and Tangled.  The playlist is now around 1:20, and I'll need a few songs more to give me some cushion.  While I never plan to stop for character photos, you never know!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

TOTR: Stories Behind the Medals

Today is a free topic, and I was inspired by Joyful Miles to write this post.  Then yesterday runDisney released the Princess medals designs, and the 10k is Mulan!  The only thing that would make it perfect is Mushu.

2010 Mickey's No So Scary 5k

My very first road race, and also my first runDisney race.  I set the bar high for other races, especially where the expo is concerned.  I absolutely love Halloween, and this was the inaugural wine and dine weekend.  I did the 5k and my parents did the half marathon relay.  Back when the half had a relay, and when the 5k went through the Magic Kingdom.  Yes it was humid during the race, but with the sun coming up and burning off some fog, and the monorail parked outside the park blasting Haunted Mansion music, it was a great approach to the park.  Once inside the park, the characters were dressed up in Halloween costumes, with villains sprinkled in.

2012 Princess half

My first half marathon, and my only goal was to the cross the finish line.  I had so much during the race, and after the race, we got stuck in traffic trying to get out of the EPCOT parking lot.  We weren't moving and I really had to pee!  I dashed out of the car (my dad was driving) figuring traffic wouldn't move while I waddled over to an empty bank of portapotties.  My muscles were already tightening up, and the continued to do so throughout the rest of the day.  It didn't help I did a lot of sitting (in the car, at lunch, at tea, taxi to the airport, and on the plane).

2014 WDW half

Probably the race every runner has the qualifies them as crazy.  I'd been dealing with ITBS for about 10 months at this point, and it was bad.  Bad enough that I could only walk, and I then I only walked 8 miles in training.  But dammit, I signed up for the race, and I was going to do it!  I have a stubborn streak a mile wide (as I think most runners do), and I walked the whole thing.  Not my smartest moment, and I was miserable the whole time.  And the medal is mine.  Proof of how stubborn I can be.

2016 Tinkerbell 10k

Maybe my favorite runDisney race.  It was my first one at Disneyland, and I loved every minute of it.  It was also my first major race since the 2014 WDW half, and even though my knee was twinging, I had so much fun.  The medal is also super pretty, and is what inspired me to sign up for the 10k.  I loved how so much of the course was throughout the two parks. 

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Monday Musings 11/26

How was everyone's holiday?  My uncle hosted again this year, and we were in charge of the cocktails, appetizers, and desserts.  No problem!  The cocktail is this recipe from Bobby Flay.

After the failed turkey trot the Saturday before, I did get outside Thanksgiving morning for a quick run.  I'm starting to push my intervals just a little bit, and this run felt really good.  I even saw this hawk looking for its own Thanksgiving meal.  I ran by some prairie dogs, but they may have been too big for the hawk.  They've been packing it away for the winter.  I also did strength training Friday and Saturday, and I needed to take a break Sunday.  I did static lunges Saturday and when I woke up Sunday, I had matching knots in my quads, in two places.

that post-Thanksgiving night
 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were low key while I enjoyed down time from work.  I was able to spread out my errands while getting my hair trimmed and I bought some ski gloves.  I'm looking at ski lessons over my Christmas vacation.  The mountains got even more snow since Thanksgiving and are opening up more and more terrain.  That did mean lots of wind at home Friday and Saturday, so my plan to put up decorations was delayed until Sunday.  Instead I started a new book which turned out to be a dud.  I love other books by the author, and this one didn't resonate.

I also started recording and watching some Hallmark Christmas movies.  I watched a Princess for Christmas, which I watch each year, My Christmas Love, which I didn't care for, Christmas at Graceland, which I did like, and a Rocky Mountain Christmas, which I started watching last year.

And I booked a dinner at Disney at Wine Bar George, the wine bar at Disney Springs.  I'll start booking fast passes after Christmas since they're available starting 30 days out.  This is after the 10k since I want to enjoy the wine and not worry about doing the 10k after.  Hopefully both my mom and I will have fun races we can toast.  I'm certainly not going after a time.  I am building a playlist for the race and have already switched out some songs and added others.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Monday Musings 11/19

Happy Monday!  3 days this week and it's Thanksgiving!  It's been such a busy month, I can't believe we're almost at Thanksgiving.

Saturday I had my 5k, and training for Princess starts Dec. 10th.  After sleeping like crap Thursday night, I was really hoping to have solid sleep Friday before the race.  I actually did, which was great...

Then I woke up Saturday, and not only was a front coming through, we had been under a winter advisory watch since the afternoon.  The conditions were fine at 7am, with freezing fog and freezing drizzle in Fort Collins and Greely.  Which meant those conditions would be rolling in at 9 when the 5k started.  It was already wet, and about 30 degrees. We made the hard decision to DNS and stay home.  We could've gotten to the race site, and the question was what were the conditions there, and would we be able to safely run, and get home without slipping and sliding on the roads.

Instead, we dashed over to the grocery store before the system hit.  It was already snowing a little bit, and around 9:15, the snow hit, coming in sideways.  I can handle cold, I can handle wet (albeit grumbling and acting like a wet cat), but I can't handle the combination of cold and wet.  It would not have been fun at all, and the turkey trots are supposed to be fun.  I wonder how many people did show up.  After the grocery store, it was inside for the rest of the day.  I started (and finished) a new book, City of Secrets, and my parents and I made hot chocolate and watched Incredibles 2.  The Jack-Jack scenes were great, and the rest of the movie was OK.

breakfast at Snooze
Sunday was spent shoving in as much as possible since we'd been housebound the day before.  We got to Echter's for some Christmas decorations, and I picked up a poinsetta for my cubicle.  I got more decorations at Michael's too, so lookout for social media when I decorate and post pictures.  My mom and I made up a Christmas wreath we're still working on, and I put up my tree.  It's the earliest I've put the tree up, maybe ever.  I did get my run in, on the treadmill, since it was still icy on the sidewalks.  Since training starts soon, I didn't want to hurt myself on the ice.

I ended up doing 2 miles on the treadmill, and would've pushed more if my calf felt better.  I'm not sure if it felt tight or tired, and I didn't want to push through.  With everything else, it was quite a busy day.  I'd initially planned to do some stuff on Saturday, which didn't happen.  Saturday was also a good day to just veg and not do anything.  I hadn't had a day like that in a while.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Five: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up next week (wait, what?), and that means I have my 5k turkey trot tomorrow.  My parents are also doing it, and shout out to Mom who picked up for the packets yesterday for all 3 of us.  That meant I didn't have to dash over after my chiropractor appointment, and I could go home instead.  I got more stim yesterday, which I felt more in my toes.  It got dark when I was at this station, and I got to see the trees in the shopping area all lit up.

I thought I'd be closer to 3 miles by this point, and I made it up to 2.25 miles on Saturday.  Close enough.  I'll treat this race as a training run and just have some fun with it.  There's a station to hurdle hay bales, which I won't do, and a station to scarf down a slice of pumpkin pie.  Ditto.  Not one of the 3 of us likes pumpkin pie, and I'm sure we will all forgo that station.  I won't hurdle the hay either because I can easily see myself getting hurt.  I'd like to make it through the race without any bruises.

While the daytime weather has been great this week (after Monday), it's supposed to get cold again overnight, with snow showers tomorrow afternoon.  That means I need to decide what to wear for the race.  I guess I have some homework to do when I get home.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

TOTR: Favorite Running Cities

I've run in quite a few cities, whether for races or training while on vacation. 

When I first started running, I ended up back in Boston for a conference, and I ran along the Charles.  It made me wish I had been into running when I lived there.  I never would have run the marathon, but there are plenty of half marathons and other great races in the city and the suburbs.

My first race was through the Magic Kingdom.  Since Disney has its own safety force and fire department, I'd say that qualifies Disney World as a city.  Which means I've done 3 races there, soon to be 4.  Throw in Disneyland with a little bit of Anaheim, and that'll be 5 Disney races.

Eugene was spectacular because of the amount of green everywhere, and like Boulder, it's a great running town.  People want to run in both cities.

I mentioned Las Vegas in my weekly wrap post.  That experience was unlike any other, and my first (and only) night race.  When else do you have a chance to run on the strip at night, without traffic?

Then came San Francisco this year with its naked scenery.  SF is quite special.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Monday Musings 11/12

Not much happened this weekend.  Between having to work Saturday morning, errands, and then snow on Sunday, I was able to get my run in on Saturday, and then a good leg workout Sunday morning.  We had a front move through Saturday evening, very typical of Colorado in the fall.  It's picture perfect fall weather one day, then snow the next.  I could actually feel the front moving in during my run.  Halfway through the wind shifted, and it got chilly pretty quickly.  Luckily I'm just doing short runs right now.

Sunday was a lazy morning, and I stopped by Michael's while doing some errands.  They had a 50% of Christmas garlands and wreaths, and I got a couple of garlands for outdoor decorating.  One of my neighbors already has lights up on their house.  It was nice to see Friday after a busy day at work.  I got out my Christmas music for my run because why not?  It's making me happy :)

How were races this weekend?  I was following RnR Vegas since I want to do it again next year.  After I had to work yesterday, I know I should probably ask my manager if I can.  I'd be willing to work in my hotel room to get stuff done if I could go. 

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday Five: Randoms

Happy Friday... though I do have to work a little bit tomorrow.  Thankfully I'm told this is really once a quarter, and it's due to all the extra stuff we need to get done for quarterly reports and final close getting delayed.

How has the first week of standard time been?  I'm adjusting, and it's quite nice to have the sun up when it's time to get out of bed.  What I'm not loving is being awake because of the sun, and then not wanting to get out of bed early for a workout.  The switch to weekday morning workouts just may not happen, and I'm not going to force it.  As much as I don't want to use the treadmill exclusively for training, it is convenient.  I can get outside on the weekends

I bought more Rocktape this week, and I have my next chiro appointment next week, two days before my 5k.  My goal for that race is to have fun.  I did 2 miles this past weekend and I know I can do a 5k after doing that.  I'm not going to push myself since this race is to keep me going and polish my base for training.  And to feel accomplished come Thanksgiving day.  I watched Pioneer Woman on Monday, before my annual doctor's appointment, watching this recipe, and now I'm tempted to make it for Thanksgiving.  We're having a pretty big family gathering, and I know dessert will be required.

Speaking of the doctor, my BP is back to normal (118/72), and I almost got away with no shots or needles.  She didn't do bloodwork this year, and I'd already gotten my flu shot.  I was in the clear, until she looked at my records and saw my last tetanus shot was early 2009.  Damn.  My arm wasn't sore until Wednesday, and only just a little bit.  At least I'm good for another 10 years.  I realized I got the shot in 2009 because I was moving to Dallas.  Holy cow, it's been 10 years, and I'm not in Dallas anymore.

Anyone else started Christmas shopping?  I have.  I've made shopping lists for friends and family, and I've already bought some items.  It always helps to be ahead of schedule.  And I may have started Christmas a little early, mixed with Thanksgiving episodes.  I watched the Holiday since it was on Freeform, and my DVD doesn't have commercials.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

TOTR: Racing Mistakes

We've all made them, newbies and veterans alike.  Racing mistakes happen, and I'll put my last race in this category.  Even though I knew the terrain would be all over, between gravel, single track, and concrete, only one training run was on gravel, and the rest were on concrete.  I never ran single track until this race, and my poor IT band felt it.  We had concrete maybe for the last half mile, and by that point, I was done.  I was ready to be finished and get off the gravel/rocks/prairie dog neighborhood.

Allie helps me pack, and I forgot my headphones
There are tons of other kinds of mistakes too.  Wearing an outfit you aren't used to, wearing new shoes, using old shoes that should be replaced, forgetting to charge the Garmin, and/or forgetting to charge the iPod.  I'm super careful about that and I make sure all of my electronics have full batteries.

Then there was my trip to Vegas where I packed everything, except headphones.  Good thing I had a rental car and an Apple Store was close by.  The headphones weren't ideal, but they were something I could use.  They actually did rather well for the race, and I'm grateful for that.

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