Thursday, November 9, 2017

It's Race Week

It's finally here, race week.  Or is next week race week since it's Sunday?  Either way, my second 10k of 2017 is here.  I'll be flying out tomorrow morning, and coming back Monday.  A quick 4-day weekend :)

The final week has been going well.  I did 4 miles on the treadmill Saturday, prehab Sunday, Pure Barre Monday, and 2 miles on Tuesday.  I have to say it's so convenient having a treadmill in the house.  When I got home Tuesday, I was lacking motivation big time, and just didn't want to do my 2-mile run.  If that happens, I take the time to sit, relax, and try to get ready for that run.  Before, I could still head outside, but Tuesday's weather was snowy, icy, gray, cold, and once I got home, dark.  Perfect for the treadmill.

I'm definitely having pre-race anxiety, or it could be flying anxiety, but I'm really looking forward to this trip.  Here are my goals.

1) Just have fun in Vegas.  I haven't been since the Luxor was being built, so it's definitely been a while.  My friend's birthday is also tomorrow, so I do want to have a little bit of fun.

2) Get to Ethel M's.  Since I booked a rental car, I'll be able to make the15-minute or so drive to Henderson, to the Ethel M chocolate factory.  I have a list, and I'll probably get some small things as gifts for friends.  Bonus, they just lit their cactus garden for the holidays.

3) Enjoy the race.  My primary goal is always to enjoy the race.  It's more fun when the pressure is off.  I have had a great training cycle, so if I PR, excellent!  But I do know anything can happen on race day.