Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Some Randoms with the Eclipse

If anyone saw my IG yesterday, I actually did get my hands on some eclipse glasses.  There's an advantage to working with researchers at a tier 1 research university, with a famous space science center.  The center donated glasses to us, and I'm pretty sure my whole building was empty, between those of us in the parking lot, and those who walked over to Scott Carpenter Park.  It was a fun diversion before we all had to go back to work.

I'm not sorry at all that I didn't head to the path of totality.  The closest place was Casper Wyoming, and I'm really happy I didn't head up there yesterday.  The news this morning said there was gridlock the whole way, and it was taking people 9 hours to get from Casper to Cheyenne.  Not to mention stations were running out of gas, and people were camping in their cars on I-25.  I-25 is usually a mess, and a road you want to avoid at all costs.  I'm so happy I stayed home and saw 94% coverage.  I was able to hit the gym after work, and there was very minimal traffic getting home.  Was it the eclipse, or are people back on normal schedules with schools in session?

My running schedule on Monday/Wednesday seems to be better than Tuesday/Thursday, and I'm getting 2 runs in each week, then my Saturday run.  I hope to stick with this when training starts.  The only issue I'm worried about is with a Wednesday then Saturday schedule, I'll go 3 days between my last run, and then the Vegas 10k on Sunday.  I'll have to decide what to do that Thursday, because I don't want to go 3 days without some activity, so maybe biking will be in order for Thursday.

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Monday Musings 8/21

After a 4-day weekend, I'm back on my normal schedule, and it's back to work :-/  Staycations are great for just relaxing, and getting things done in between the relaxing.  I started Thursday with a trip to the Mazda dealership for an oil change and parts recall replacement, then after lunch, I headed to Boulder for a chiropractor appointment.  When I was leaving, there was a woman sitting in the main area wearing the Oiselle top I wanted, and I was going to say something, until I realized it was Kara Goucher!  OMG!  At that point I didn't know what to do.  I ended up not saying anything, and just paid for my appointment and left.  I had no idea she saw one of the specialists at the office.  I'm usually there after work!

Staycation mood
Friday I headed back to Boulder to REI since they carry some Oiselle gear, and I wanted that tank top.  I also used up the rest of my Nuun recovering from my Thursday run (it was quite warm).  They had signs on both doors saying they were out of the eclipse glasses, which I didn't really care about.  Anybody going to be gazing at the sky today?  I'll be inside, working.  And for the eclipse, just a little humor.  This was floating around Facebook, and it gave me a good laugh.

It felt good splurging a little bit and buying a new outfit.  I was also looking for the purple Roga shorts, and the Oiselle website was out of my size for that color.  Thankfully REI had my size in stock.  So a tank top, plus shorts, and Nuun.  I feel like I'm ready for training, which will start after my 5k this Saturday.

I ended up doing 3.1 miles on the treadmill Saturday morning because my Thursday run was a bit of a struggle.  I had difficulty finding a rhythm, and my water belt kept riding up.  It wasn't doing that before the Bolder Boulder, so I'm a bit frustrated with it at the moment.  The treadmill kept me going at a steady pace, and it has a holder for my water bottle.  I did some strength training that afternoon, and then a full body workout Sunday.  I ended up living in the Oiselle tank Sunday.  It is SO comfortable.  It's a loose tank, which I love, and the material is so soft.  They also have the same design with the colors inverted, so white with black slashes.  That could be a September purchase.

I wrapped up the staycation by finishing up the book I started last Sunday while I was waiting on my car, and then I started the second book.  PJ Tracy's Monkeewrench series is one I'm not able to put down, and I read it in 3 days.  I haven't read a book that fast in a while, and sometimes it's needed.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Looking at Treadmills

In yesterday's post, I mentioned I went to Dick's Sporting Goods over the weekend to look at what treadmills they had in the store.  There were 3 I liked the look of, but now I have to go online and look at the specs and stats of each of the 3.  I may be a visual person, but just like with running shoes, a shiny, good looking treadmill isn't always the best.

Most of the comments from yesterday were about having the treadmill as a backup plan.  That is my plan at the moment, because when the weather is good, I want to be outside running.  But this is Colorado, and the weather can be wacky.  I thought weather in Texas was wacky, but Colorado weather is just as bad, like the snow storm we had May 18th.  Umm, not my favorite.  While I made it home and worked from home that afternoon, I did not want to venture out again that day.  That was a running day too, leading up to the Bolder Boulder, and I wasn't happy that I lost a day of training.

I know what I want in a treadmill, and now it comes down to what the bells and whistles are, will I use them, what's the cushioning like, how much weight does it hold, what the reviews are, and am I getting a good deal with the price.  All of those will be important, and I'll be doing my due diligence before deciding on which one I want.  It may not be up there with car shopping, like I did last year, but it's the same pattern.  I know I can't test drive these, and my gym has other brands, but I will absolutely draw up comparison sheets to figure out which one would be best.

I'll be looking at various websites to compare what they have, the reviews, and the price.  I did price comparison when I bought my new Garmin, and I'll do the same here.  Right now the weather is OK, and while it was gray yesterday, it never rained, and I got a run in outside.  I think I have a little bit of time before winter sets in, and then I'll have to have a treadmill at home, for these Colorado snow storms.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Monday Musings 8/14

Happy Monday, and it's a short week for me!  I'm taking Thursday and Friday off as staycation days.  I haven't decided on anything fun, but I'm taking my car in for an oil change, and I have my chiro appointment, both on Thursday.

The weekend started Friday, with my parents coming down to drop off their cats.  They flew out to California for vacation Sunday, and I'm cat sitting for them.  Allie enjoys being an only cat, but Hudson and Hathaway are here for more than a week.   Friday we watched the World Championships I had DVR'd, and now I can say I've met a world champion.  That race was unbelievable.

Saturday, we took my grandfather out to lunch in Old Town Arvada, and then went to the Army Navy Surplus store since he wanted a hat (he served in the navy), then we went to one of the best bakeries.  It's called Rheinlander German Bakery, and it's amazing.  You can smell it when the doors are open, and it smells like baking cinnamon.  My mom and I get our sweet tooth from my grandfather, and we all enjoyed getting some sweets from there.

I had planned on maybe an afternoon run afterwards, but it started thunder storming when we were driving back.  Saturday morning I'd gone to Dick's Sporting Goods to look at the treadmills they have.  I have pictures of 3 that looked good, and now I'll be doing some research in my free time.  Since afternoon weather is a bit unknown each day, I really am looking for a treadmill now.   So Saturday ended up being an extra rest day, but this is also what I like about not being in training yet.

Sunday I got to the gym for biking, and took it easy this day.  My parents left for the airport at 5:45, and I woke up in time to see them off.  Even though I went back to bed, I didn't get back to sleep.  After biking and doing the grocery shopping, I got home, and did one of the new Pure Barre workouts.  I even had help from Hudson.  He's such a sweetie, and it did get interesting while I was trying to balance for some exercises, and giving him belly rubs at the same time.  When I was on the floor, he wanted to lick my face.

The afternoon was spent napping, and then starting a new book.  Two books I wanted were released at the beginning of August, and I ordered both from Amazon.  I started On Her Majesty's Frightfully Secret Service, by Rhys Bowen, and I love this series.  It won't take me long to finish it.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

New Running Schedule, and Then Some

This week was all over the place, but it marked one year since I made my decision to move out of Texas.  I was in DC for a conference, and met up with family to go to the Nats game my last night there.  It was such a huge difference from Dallas because I was actually enjoying being outside on an August evening.  Dallas keeps roasting, even when the sun goes down.  I did have a bottle of water with me, but I was enjoying myself, being outside, at a game, not sweating buckets.  I even remember there was a breeze, and I realized I was enjoying a DC night over Dallas, and DC is infamous for its humidity.  It made me think, and I realized I was over the Texas summer heat.

To go off that, I ran outside Wednesday around my neighborhood, on my new running day.  I had my bag packed for the gym, and I was heading that way, but my car gauge said 77 when I got south of Boulder, and I knew there was a breeze.  I changed my plans, went home, slapped on the sunscreen, and headed out for my run.  I started my Garmin, but I quickly realized starting the run activity wasn't the same as starting the intervals.  I figured out how to do that after my run.  While a faster cadence was quite the test off the treadmill, it was 76 when I was running, with wind.  So much more enjoyable, both off the treadmill and not in the Texas heat. 

I also bought two more Pure Barre DVDs.  As I found myself doing segments combined with weight work, I realized the at home workouts work better on my schedule.  I haven't been to a studio class since I moved out of Boulder.  I mix up segments since I'm familiar with some of the discs, and I'm doing them a lot during the week.  As Pure Barre seems to be moving more towards a streaming service, I got these two, on sale.  Bonus!  By doing these workouts at home, I can also get to the gym and hop on the stationary bike for some cross-training on Sundays.

My intent for my Vegas playlist to be all rock n roll may be slipping away.  I need fast songs, and some songs I've thought of are a little too slow on the beat.  I'm now looking for more fast songs, but I will definitely have rock n roll songs on the list.  How can I not?  If anyone has fast rock n roll, songs, I'm open for suggestions.


It's EPL season day!  The new English Premier League season kicks off today with Arsenal vs. Leicester!  I have survived the summer break!!

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My New Garmin

I hit the gym yesterday after watching Jenny Simpson take silver at Worlds.  Anybody else see it?  Wow!  I was so nervous for those 4 minutes.  My plan had been to try to run outside after work, hoping the front had pushed through.  I don't mind wet roads and sidewalks, but it was raining a bit when I left, so I headed to the gym.  Since I had my Garmin with me, I tested out the indoor run setting.

The Garmin has a few activities to chose from, but I've only set up my running intervals.  I do wonder if the bike setting would work with a stationary bike.  Since the watch has a built in accelerometer, I don't need a foot bad to track my distance.  It did put me at .10 more than the treadmill, and I don't know which one was off.  So I did 2.25 on the treadmill/2.35 on my watch to round it out.

What I like about this Garmin, and it's a small feature, is it buzzes instead of beeps.  My last Garmin only beeped, and sometimes, even with low volume, I couldn't hear the beeping alert.  I had to keep looking at my watch to make sure I didn't miss an alert.  If this buzzes for all of that, I don't have to look anymore.  I'll feel it buzz and know to start the next interval.  Pretty sweet.

You can also see in the picture above, the last stat is cadence.  Cadence is built in too, which I was happy to see after Googling how to set it up.  The manual wasn't very helpful, other than what each button does, so I've had to search online to figure out how to navigate the menu.

I can't wait to actually get this thing outside for a run.  I've set up my intervals to have faster running intervals than walking, but both are shorter than what I've been using on the treadmill.  I'm always slower on the treadmill, and I'm looking forward to continuing my speed work on the roads.

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Monday Musings 8/7

Another low key weekend, and I got more sleep too!  I ended up sleeping in until 7 on Saturday, and 6:30 Sunday morning.  Even though I'm not ready for shorter days, it's been nice to not have the sun's rays zinging into my bedroom at 5:30am.  Sunday morning was also pretty cool and cloudy, which made for a lazy morning while I watched Worlds.  I did do some strength training after breakfast so it wasn't completely lazy.

The past week had been a lot better than July, but I knew my fuse was still short.  Some people just know how to push buttons, and I didn't want to be set off after making it through to August.  My Garmin arrived Thursday, and I've been having fun playing with the new features.  Thursdays are a little tough staying motivated, and I skipped the gym.  Instead, I did a Jillian Michaels workout, plus a little bit of Pure Barre, and I had DOMS even on Saturday morning.

Even though the weather was cooler Saturday morning, I didn't get outside to run.  Since I slept until 7, I was moving a little slow that morning.  I didn't want to rush through breakfast, so I opted for the gym, and I pounded out 2.5 miles.  I'm up to 6.7 and 6.8 for my running intervals, and I haven't had those speeds in years.  The treadmill always seemed a struggle at those speeds, but the faster cadence makes it a lot easier.  I keep increasing the speed once I start running into the control panel.  Then I did some Pure Barre for my seat Saturday afternoon.  I'm starting to feel like a pro with two workouts Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday I had a morning appointment, so I didn't get to bike, but I did some strength training before the appointment, while watching Worlds, and then I did a quick upper body PB workout after lunch.  I noticed Saturday my arms were tired with my faster speeds, and I need to be consistent with upper body strengthening too.  In between those, I got dinner in the crock pot since the temps are much cooler at the moment, and I was watching the women's marathon.  I'm so happy for Amy Cragg!

Thursday motivation?
This week I'm going to try something, and shift my workout schedule.  Since Thursday has proven to be difficult with motivation, I'm going to try running Monday/Wednesday, and bike on Tuesday/Sunday.  If all I want to do is head home on Thursday, then I'll accommodate that and head home for some total body workouts.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Five

After being tired all week, another low key weekend is called for.  It seemed as I got into August, I had a sort of July hangover all week.  The good news is I rattled off two miles on the treadmill on Tuesday, and it was the fastest I've gone on the treadmill since college.  That felt good.

1) I've been thinking about my goals for the month.  I've had success in upping my speed on the treadmill, and I want to push a little more.  I need to get biking into my cross-training routine, and I also want to work on my core, with all the other strength training I've been doing.  Speaking of strength training...

2) I'm in the process of overhauling my work pants.  Lately, my slacks have felt a little tighter as I've worked on all the strength training for my hips and glutes.  After looking online to try to get some new pairs, I keep seeing cuts that are "narrow in the hips and butt."  That just won't work.  This goes with the skinny jeans fashion that I can't wear.  My strong athlete's legs and butt can't squeeze into what's fashionable right now.

I think it's time I said "f-it!" and embraced the Boulder culture.  Jeans.  A lot of people at work wear jeans, and I've put up a good fight in the 7 months at work.  I've worn slacks and skirts to work for 10 years, and it doesn't feel right to wear jeans all the time.  I may not have a choice if companies aren't making slacks that I can fit into.  I ordered another pair of jeans yesterday, and I'm looking for a third pair, probably a dark wash to have options.

3) My Garmin arrived yesterday, and I was playing with the settings while I was watching Hidden Figures.  It amazes me that my Garmin has more computing power than the computers on the rockets that took men to space.  It probably has more power than the computers for the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs combined.

4) Yesterday also marked 100 days until the RnR race, unless I counted wrong.  I checked twice on my calendar and kept getting yesterday.  That's good enough for me.

5) Finally, Worlds start today!  I noticed a few weeks ago, my Xfinity service added the Olympic channel to my NBC line up.  I've got all the new broadcasts ready to record on my DVR, and I hope being on the Olympic channel doesn't mean that many commercials.  The first session to record will be during the day, so hopefully I'll have something to watch when I get home.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wrapping Up July

It's August y'all.  This is how I feel this morning.

I made it!  My Garmin shipped yesterday so I'll be stalking the tracking number.  I'm excited to get it and figure out the new features, and figure out how to set up features I know, like my intervals.

Since last Tuesday was a little too early for me to recap my July, I'll do it today.  There were 2 weeks in which I only had one run, but that's OK.  It was a busy month, and July was simply meant for getting back into cardio.  I did 19.25 miles total, and I hope to get more in August since it won't be as hectic, and I have a new Garmin to use :-)

Plus I have the Color Run to look forward to.

I don't have any set plan for August, just to get to the gym more and get a good schedule going before training kicks off after Labor Day.  I need to get more biking in there, as cross training, instead of just using my strength training as cross training.  The plan I'll be consulting has cross training and strength training as separate categories.

So welcome, August. 

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