Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Next Race Will Be...

This probably won't be a surprise, and I haven't signed up yet, but I have decided to do the RnR Vegas 10k in November.  Prices went up last night, but since we're near the end of the month, I need to wait until next month to sign up.  I'm OK with that.  The price is now $90, which is still cheaper than what I paid to register for the Tink 10k. 

I tried talking to my mom last night, to give me reasons why I shouldn't sign up.  She's normally the voice of reason, but didn't have much of a list.  When she did come up with something, I had valid points, and a little bit of this:

The idea of a night race is definitely appealing.  The 10k starts at 4, and it's a short enough distance that I don't think I'd have to change much of what I do during the week when I run after work.  My parents can look after Allie, which I'm sure she'd love since she wouldn't be staying at the vet.  Big bonus for her!   She just needs to be driven to their place, and then she has this huge house to run around.

I haven't been to Vegas since I was in early elementary school.  The Sphinx Hotel had just started being built, and I remember seeing the paws were set.  That's all there was of that hotel.  Needless to say, I know it's changed quite a bit.

I also have a friend from college who works in Vegas.  I'd love to see her if she's in town, and race weekend is right after her birthday.  Birthday drinks!

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Monday Musings 5/22

One more week until Race Day!  I'm excited, and at the same time, I'm ready for a break.  I finally got to the gym, and did 3 miles on Friday to get some of the taper craziness out.  It was building, with me stressing about the weather with Thursday's snowstorm.  The town I live in got close to 5 inches of snow, and inspired a Christmas idea to get some Yaktrax.  I've started a list, but I don't intend to add to it in the next couple months.  If Colorado spring gets more winter type weather, Yaktrax would be handy.

Then Sunday I did 3.25 miles, and after this week, I'll be doing 2-something miles.  I also did some strength training, but I'll also be tapering with strength training as well as mileage.  My calves were a little tired on Friday, so tapering on both aspects will hopefully mean my legs will be refreshed.

Friday started with an email from RnR saying the price increase for Vegas is the 23rd.  That doesn't exactly leave much room for a smart decision, and I've been eying the Vegas RnR for a couple years. I got FOMO really bad with the medal design last year, and I don't want to suffer FOMO again.

I spent Saturday afternoon in Boulder, running errands, and getting my hair cut.  I went to Sephora and REI, and REI was to get some last minute things for the race.  I ran out of Body Glide cream a couple weeks ago, and I don't like the stick version.  I like that I can search on REI to see if something I'm looking for is at a particular store.  I got the Body Glide, shower wipes since it'll be a while before I can shower after the race, with the press truck stuff, and then I splurged and bought a pair of Oiselle Roga shorts.  Two seconds in the dressing room, and they were coming home with me.  When I wore them on my run Sunday, I didn't even notice them.  I'll be wearing them for Bolder Boulder.

Then at my hair cut I got my ends cleaned up, and some weight taken out.  I have fine hair, but I have a lot of it.  My hair has the ability to have a lot of weight, and whenever I'm in for haircut, I get some of that weight taken out.  It felt nice and light on my Sunday run, and it'll feel nice during my race.  After about a month, the weight starts growing back.

Then Sunday afternoon, I made spaghetti sauce.  I make a huge batch each time, and freeze it in quart size bags for the summer.  Sometimes it's nice to not worry about at least one meal for dinner during the summer and pull out a bag to thaw during the day.  It also means Sunday dinner was spaghetti, and one day during the week will be spaghetti with some leftovers.  Carb loading?

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Final Prep

1) I had my final tuneup Wednesday at my chiropractor's office.  She work on my hips, quads, and hip flexors, both sides.

2) I filled out my information for the media credentials I was emailed about.  I get to pick them up at the pre-race press conference the Sunday before the race, where I can sit in on the press stuff with the elites!  I don't know what I'm more excited for, the race or being in the press truck for the women's race.

3) I'm planning my last week of taper, which will hopefully include a shake out either Friday or Saturday.  My normal running schedule during the week is Tuesday and Thursday, but I feel like Thursday to Monday without a run would be too long.  Just a couple miles around the neighborhood should help my legs stay loose.

4) Yesterday we got the snow that was predicted for today.  When I woke up, it didn't look like it would be too bad during the day, so I drove in to work.  I was still thinking I could also make it to my new gym, for some running and my free personal training session.  I scratched that idea around lunch and drove home, and worked from home for the afternoon.  The storm was blowing in faster, and snow had accumulated on 36, which I take home.  I got home fine, but I wasn't leaving for the rest of the day.  I called the gym and rescheduled my training session for next week.

"You kind of set off an eternal winter... everywhere."
5) Needless to say I have a hate relationship with this month.  Yes, I got another successful 5-mile run last week, but I lost Thursday due to weather, Tuesday to rain, and yesterday to snow.  Snow that was strong enough that I didn't want to risk driving to the gym when I signed off from work.  Seriously, I've had a pretty good training cycle, with a couple flare ups, but mostly success.  It's my taper that's been a mess.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I Joined a Gym and Taper Paranoia

For the first time in maybe two years, I have a gym membership again.  I broke down.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I hate Colorado weather right now.  Sure, this is coming from someone who moved up from Texas, but as a runner, the weather is driving me nuts. 

Last Monday I lost the chance to meet up with a running group in town because of thunderstorms, and yesterday I lost the chance to run again because of storms.  Ever since we hit May, the weather has been all over the place each day.  It starts out chilly, then the morning weather looks perfect, with no precipitation on my weather app, and then storms roll in during the afternoon.  I thought I had a window of opportunity when I was driving home yesterday since the storms were sticking to Boulder, but it was raining when I got home.  Grrr!  I might be able to handle rain if it starts during a run, but I'm toast if it's already raining.

So, I've had it.  I can't miss this many runs during my taper, and yes, I know part of me is being paranoid.  I wanted to do 3.5ish yesterday, and I ended up doing 0.  It's hard for me to figure this weather out since May in Texas means the last gasp of nice temps until maybe Halloween.  No rain, and certainly no snow... we're supposed to get snow Thursday night into Friday.  Yup, I'm losing my cool.  I may have done 5 miles for the second time last Tuesday, but I'm losing my mind during this short taper period.

So now I have a gym membership.  With the weather coming in this week, I can use the treadmill, which is better than nothing, and I have a free personal training session.  I don't know if I'll go beyond the one session, but I have the summer to decide.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mental Tips for Race Day

Today's topic is mental tips for running.  Our minds can inflict negative thoughts so often, but we're stronger than that.  Sometimes it doesn't feel that way.  The best advice I got before running my first half marathon was that I've done the training, now it's time for fun.  Race day is what it's all about.

One tip I always do is try to find video of the races, and especially the course, on social media.  Youtube is a treasure trove when it comes to big time races.  Sometimes races will even post their own review of the course - BolderBOULDER has one, which I watched a couple weeks ago.  It's one thing to drive the roads in Boulder, but it's another thing to run the roads.  Even though I've driven up Walnut, which is the start, and up to Valmont, I didn't notice it was slightly uphill.  My all-wheel drive car drove up it smoothly so I never noticed it before.  Without watching that, I wouldn't have known how important the hills in my neighborhood have been.  I know the hill on the main road is steeper than what we'll be running, and I certainly hate running that road, but now I know what to expect during the first couple of miles.  The trick will be not to go out too fast and conserve my energy. 

The other tip is really study the course map.  After doing that, I know we turn onto Valmont, between 30th and 28th, and that road is under construction.  I have no idea what it's going to look like, but that's the road I take when I leave my chiropractor's office, and it's a mess at 5pm.  I'll be looking at the road to make sure there's nothing to make me trip or turn an ankle.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday Musings 5/15

Another Monday.  But it's a special day... it's this girl's (estimated) birthday!

That would make her 5 years old.  And she got a clean bill of health two weeks ago.

Friday started off with me working from home.  I got a lot of busy work done, but unless I come up with a plan to get out of the house, I don't think I could do it more often than the rare occasion.  I do have the option to work from home when there's a snow storm since people here freak out in snow.  It's Colorado, wouldn't they know how to drive in this stuff?  I'd take advantage of it because the road I live off of now is pretty hilly, with only one lane in each direction.  If someone gets stuck, we'd all be stuck.

At one point, Allie got tired of being ignored and demanded attention when I was eating lunch.  Since I was on my lunch break, I put everything down and we snuggled for about 10 minutes.  She was happy with that and hopped off.

The rest of the weekend was low key.  I did 3.1 miles around the neighborhood as I start to taper.  I'd done a Pure Barre workout on Thursday and I still had a knot in my hamstring.  I knew it would be there Friday, but I woke up Saturday and it was still there.  I foam rolled as much as I could, but that knot was impressive.  I didn't push things on Saturday, but half of the 10k was good.

Yesterday was a low key day with lots of snuggles.  I was busy between errands and chores on Saturday, and my snuggle bug wanted attention big time.  I like to think she was treating me on Mother's Day since I am her fur-mama. 

I did finish a Christmas ornament I've been working on, the first of five.  Who here loves the Rankin and Bass Rudolph every Christmas?  The first ornament I finished is Sam, the talking snowman.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

5 Updates

Happy Friday!  Today is 5 updates since things are finally settling after moving in to my new address a month ago.  Things are coming together!

1) Today I'm doing something brand new to me, and working from home.  Today is the BIG campus graduation at CU, and with traffic getting in to Boulder, and traffic in Boulder, the university was actually encouraging staff members to work from home if we didn't need to be on campus today.  Since most of the hotels around Boulder are in my area, I took them up on that offer.  I need to set up a work station so Allie doesn't snuggle.  Case in point, I'm writing this on my couch, with Allie sprawled on top of me, purring very loudly.

2) I got my driver's license updated, and it took about 15 minutes.  This DMV location was in a sketchy indoor strip mall, but it was easy to transfer my license, and I registered to vote.  I couldn't really smile in my picture since Colorado said you can smile, but you can't show any teeth.  OK then.

3) Since I took Tuesday off, I got in a very good 5-mile run before the wet stuff started falling.  We've gotten a bit of moisture this week, but it's made everything green.  It was a little humid out, since my arms were sweating, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle.  Now I've had two runs at 5 miles or a little bit more, and I'm in a much better place than I was before my 10k last year.  I only hope I can have a good race day.

4) I got my third Stitch Fix box yesterday, and I'm keeping two pieces.  Seems like my thing.  I've kept two pieces from each box.  I kept two dresses since we're warming up to summer.  I have a bridal shower for my cousin and his fiancee this summer, and I got a great dress for that, and then I kept a maxi dress.  I've never had a maxi dress before.

5)  I tried the shorts I got with the Skechers loot, and I'm sorry to Skechers, but I didn't like them.  They're a little too big, so they bunch in the crotch.  I find it odd that are big since they're a medium, and I wear that size.  The capris I got are a medium, and they fit great.  The shorts also don't have the mesh lining, so I felt at any moment I might show something, even though I was at home and certainly not in public.  So that's a no.  Sorry, I tried to like them.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

First Review of BB Gear

After getting some pretty amazing Bolder Boulder loot in the mail, I've started wearing the pieces to see what I like about them.  The first review will be the tank top I received, the Skechers Raina tank top, in black.  It also comes in ice blue, and white.  The other item is the capris, the Tidal Capris, in all black.

My first impression of the tank top is that it was very light weight, and it proved to be as lightweight when I put it on.  It's very airy, with the back design cutouts, and mesh paneling (which you can see in the picture above).  It's a loose fit, but it's not big on me at all.  In fact, I felt like it fit very well.  I'm always concerned about shirts chafing my upper arms, but just wearing it around the house, before my strength training exercises, it didn't chafe at all.  So far, so good.

Since it is a loose fit, I didn't feel contained in the shirt either.  I like to be able to move my arms around, and what better way to test things out that strength training?  I haven't sweated in it yet, but it's made of moisture-wicking material, so when I have a chance to test that out, I'll y'all know.  Right now I'm wearing shirts with sleeves when I run outside, to help the sunscreen cover up my shoulders.

The second item is the pair of capris I received.  The material is heavier than the Under Armour pairs that I have, but the material is quite sturdy.  I feel quite secure in the capris, and I don't know anything is going to ride up, or sag down with these.  The pants hit at mid-calf, and there is mesh material around the back of the knees for breathability.  I was wearing these during my strength training as well, and I felt like I could move freely in them.  I do roll down the tops of the pants, but I do that with all of my running tights.  I roll the top down to sit on my hips, and these did a good job at staying there.

The one thing I haven't yet used are the pockets.  The description call these phone pockets, but I know I could fit my iPod in there.  They're quite roomy, and I like having pockets anyway.  I may not use them, but it's nice to know I can carry some small things around on a run, like tissues.  Sometimes tissues are needed depending on how cold and/or windy it is.

The one thing I didn't like on either of these were the tags.  Skechers isn't the only company I've had to cut the tags out right away (after making sure the item fits first).  I read the washing instructions before I cut them off, but if the tags are large, they're going to irritate me.  Either make the tags smaller, or print instructions on the fabric.  You can see the tag on the tank top above, and it was long enough it was irritating the back of my neck, and then the capris had a long tag along the upper leg, which irritated my thigh.  They're both gone and I feel much better.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Musings 5/8

Happy Monday!

Tomorrow I'm updating my driver's license at the Boulder DMV, then heading back to my county to the Department of Revenue to get my Colorado license plates.  I found out the DMVs in Colorado take appointments, and I snagged one, which is why I'm taking the whole day off tomorrow to get this all done.  There aren't a lot of appointments each day, but if you get one, I'm told they take you in at that time and limits the waiting.  If you do go without an appointment, good luck!

She does NOT like being at the vet
I'll be honest, I didn't do much cardio last week since I was busy for a few of the days after work.  I didn't mean to be that busy, but that's how everything fell in place.  I could've run Tuesday, but I was tired after my long run on Sunday (5.25 miles), and I didn't want to push things.  Plus it started raining and thundering, so no thanks.  Wednesday was Allie's annual vet checkup, and I'd say poor girl since she got her rabies booster, but she was zooming around that evening, so I don't think it affected her much.  Thursday I had my chiropractor appointment, and Friday I stopped by Fidelity to give them paperwork to help me rollover my retirement plan from Texas.  Whew!

I did good news at my chiropractor appointment.  She said my core is getting stronger, which means my hip flexors and quads are loosening up.  I hope that means there's less strain on my knees from above, and if my calves are getting stronger, less strain on my knees from below.  No wonder my ITBS has lasted this long.  While checking out and paying for the appointment, I picked up one of the cards for the massage therapist in that office suite, since I intend to treat my muscles after the BolderBOULDER.  The massage spas do not use the pressure I need, and they don't pay attention to the muscles I refer to.

Saturday I finally got out for a run and completed 4.5 miles.  I was aiming for another 5-mile run, but for some reason my piriformis started cramping a little bit around 3.25 miles, so I was paying close attention to how it would bother my knee.  It held out for more than another mile, when I felt the very beginning of twinging, so I stopped, and since I was in the neighborhood, it took me 1 minute to get home.  I crossed over the 4.5 mark right when I got to my garage.  I did a couple activation exercises I'd never done before a run, just during strength training, so that could've been why my piriformis was bothering me.  I certainly focused on strength training both those spots after my run, and yesterday.

Finally, I got to Target for some organization stuff.  My workout equipment has been strewn across a corner of the living room, and I really needed to get that out of the way.  Target had the perfect bin on clearance, and all my stuff fits.  It's even tall enough for my Stick and Addaday roller.  The empty corner looks so much better, with a couple of cats toys in place of my equipment.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

BolderBOULDER Perks

I got loot on Wednesday for being a BolderBOULDER blogger!  Check it out!

It's all from Skechers, which is a major sponsor for the race.  I got 1) a sweatshirt, 2) shoes, 3) a tank top, 4) capris, and 5) shorts.  I'm already loving the zip up hoodie, but I think we're heading into warmer weather, so I'll save it for the fall.  It's really soft though, and should be good for lounging when the weather is chilly again.  Who knows, with the way Colorado weather is, I could still use it before spring is done.

The shoes are the GOrun Ride 6, and I wasn't sure what to make of them before I got them.  My regular running shoe size is 10.5, and these come in 10 or 11, but not 10.5.  Since 11 is way too big, I went with a 10, and I don't think I really need a 10.5.  I have a thumb's width between my right big toe and the shoe, so I'll see what I have once I start using these.  Since I'm so close to the race, and have had a good training run, I won't test these out until AFTER the race.  They're also neutral, so I'll need to wear my inserts to provide more arch support.  But what I can tell you is they are super light.  Like, really light, and since my New Balance shoes aren't as light, I do want to test out that difference.

I think blue is a theme this year since the zip up hoodie is ice blue, the shoes are blue, my race shirt option is blue... My dad's shirt is not blue, but I'm getting some pretty good blue gear in this batch.

As part of the deal with being a blogger, I will review these when I've had a chance to try them out.

Another perk is I get to ride on one of the press trucks for the elite race.  OMG!!  I've asked to follow the women's race since Oiselle's Stephanie Bruce announced she'll be running BB. 

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My BolderBOULDER Playlist

Today I'm linking up with TOTR and with Tunes Tuesday.  I think I finally hammered out my playlist for BolderBOULDER after this weekend.  There was one song that I really like in general, but I didn't think it was working for this.  I took it out and subbed in another song.

Almost There - the Princess and the Frog
Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon
Strangers Like Me - Phil Collins
Two Worlds - Phil collins
The Galway Girl - Celtic Thunder
Try Everything -Zootopia
We Know the Way - Moana
You're Welcome - Moana
Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks
Life Is a Highway - Rascal Flatts
Music Man End Title
Chariots of Fire
Duel of the Fates - John Williams
Footloose - Kenny Loggins
Runnin' Down a Dream - Tom Petty
Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
Single Ladies - Beyonce
Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
Burning Love - Lilo and Stitch
Mean Green Mother from Outer Space - Little Shop of Horrors
Jump (For my Love) - Love Actually
PM's Love Theme - Love Actually
Thunderstruck - AC/DC
Discombobulate - Sherlock Holmes

All of this will be on shuffle.  I tried for songs that motivate me to keep going.  I was tired during my run on Sunday, but then Life Is a Highway shuffled around and it kept me running.

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Monday Musings 5/1

It's May!  April snow showers over the weekend, and I'm wondering how the trees and flowers will rebound.  We got snow showers for 24 hours starting Friday evening and finally tapering off Saturday evening.  I know late spring snow is the norm on the Front Range, but I still can't help but think it's late April, why are we getting this?  The only good thing is staying in on Saturday gave me the motivation to unpack some stuff and decorate.  I have one box to go.

I unpacked the picture gallery I had up in my apartment living room and hung all the pictures up on the upstairs landing.  I have two more pictures on their way that I will need frames for, but all of these are places I've been.  It's always fun to see them and remember the trips.  The pictures that are coming are from my Disneyland trip last year, and will go on each end.

A snow day is a perfect snuggle day
I also unpacked a box of clothes that was hanging out in my room, and those boxes are broken down and out of sight.  My room is almost clear of clutter, but I need to stop at Michaels next weekend to get some last minute stuff for other decorations.  But I finally have all the floor space and of course it looks nicer to have the boxes gone.

Sunday I got to the gym down the road that I checked out last week, and I did 5.25 miles on the treadmill.  Since the snow was melting, the sidewalks were wet, and I've found if they're wet, they're also slippery.  I didn't want to slip funny and hurt something, and a faster speed on the treadmill let me work on my cadence.  I felt good the whole time, and when I got to 5 miles, I wanted to test things out a little bit more.  My calves were getting tired by the end, so even though my IT band wasn't talking, I decided to stop at 5.25 since it'd been a successful run.

That run brought my April total to 37.3 miles.  I ended up skipping a couple runs at the beginning of the month due to moving, but it's been a good month overall.  I continue to keep up with my calf strength training, and now my goal for May is to keep up with my cadence.

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Friday, April 28, 2017

A Whole Lotta Stuff

Tuesday I got a run in before the rain hit, and while I was happy to run outside, it was one of those awful runs.  I'll call it a shakeout run since it was my first run since my 4.75-mile run on Saturday.  I couldn't find a rhythm, my legs felt tired in some places, and I was running in a front, so it got chilly and really windy.  I wrapped it up at 2.5 miles because I just wanted to be done.

I'm researching treadmills since this weather is making me frustrated, and I don't have a fitness room for the first time in years.  It was nice to not have to worry about a gym membership, and I'm not sure I want to go down that road again.  I did find a Planet Fitness not far from where I live, and their no-bells-and-whistles membership is $10 a month.  That is a possibility and I wouldn't feel bad only going maybe once a week.  I haven't decided yet, and may not until after my 10k.

Speaking of crazy weather, we're getting snow on tomorrow.  Yup, it'll be April 29th, and we're getting snow.  I know people here say we get more snow on the Front Range in the spring vs. the winter, but it's hard for me to wrap my head around that.  It's late April!!  I'm stocking up ingredients to make this recipe, but I substitute in gnocchi instead of regular potato chunks.  I feel the gnocchi adds more substance.  And I use spinach instead of kale.  I haven't gotten the hang of kale yet, and spinach is just fine with me.

I'm running out of shows to watch.  I've lost interest during this season of the Big Bang Theory and I don't miss it when I skip new episodes, and I'm losing interest in NCIS New Orleans.  I like the characters, but the writers have been obsessed with two storylines the entire season.  I've gotten tired of it, and there are only a couple episodes left.  I'll record them and then decide if I want to watch.  CBS hasn't made a decision on Elementary, and Vikings and Victoria are on break between seasons.  I did find out my new cable package includes Starz, and I've been watching the White Princess.  I read the book earlier this year, and since the books aren't quite historically accurate, I'm OK with the show not being either.

For something fun, I picked up my packet for the BolderBOULDER on Tuesday, and the shirt is so pretty!  I saw pictures of it on social media when the design was released, but it's prettier in person.  I haven't tried it on yet, and call it a superstition.  The race is a month from tomorrow, and my athlete's mind is saying don't jinx anything!  I've put the packet aside, and won't put the shirt on until after the race.  It'll end up in my shirt quilt whenever that actually happens.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Starting Wave

I got an email yesterday saying my BolderBOULDER packet is ready for pickup, and my wave starts at 7:31am.  I think my wave is FG since my bib # starts with those two letters.  This is the earliest my packet has been ready, but it makes sense that they want the locals to pick up their race packets early.  This is a race that has 40,000 runners, and if all 40k packets were being picked up in one weekend, they'd need the space that Disney has.

I looked up the wave list, and it looks like FG is the first wave after of the qualified ones.  What I mean by that is the first chunk of waves is for those who are going to complete the race is 68 minutes or less.  Then comes the non-qualified running waves, the jogging waves, then the walking waves.  The 68 minutes or less waves do require proof of time to get in, and they do require the time to be within one year of the BB.  You can use any race from 2 miles and up as proof of time, or a treadmill run at the BolderBOULDER store.

The first wave starts at 6:55am, and the first 30 waves are for those who qualified.  My FG wave is the first non-qualified running wave, and I put my projected time down to 11:30 a mile.  I ended up running faster than that on my last training run, when I was working on a faster cadence.  The last piece of the injury puzzle seems to be my cadence, but I haven't trained at that speed yet.  I'll do my best to continue the faster cadence, but we'll see what my cardio can hold up to.

Wondering where the elites are?  They actually go off after all of the other runners.  Runners need to finish by 11:45 to allow time for the elite races.  The last walking wave starts at 9:22, and the elite women start after 11, with the elite men shortly after that.  The Memorial Day tribute starts at Folsom when the elites cross the finish line.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Monday Musings 4/24

What a weekend!  Last week was busy, starting with the Boston Marathon documentary, and then Friday.  My family had been waiting for Friday since early February, when we got tickets as a birthday gift for my mom.  The Denver Paramount Theater was hosting two nights of the Princess Bride, followed by a Q&A with Cary Elwes, and then VIP people would meet him really quickly, and have their picture taken with him.  OMG!

The Q&A started with the moderator asking questions about the movie, and his answers were hilarious.  Some of the answers can be found in his book, but he also talked about other things.  Then the moderator asked questions members of the audience submitted prior to the movie.  Then after that was when the VIP people went upstairs to meet him.

Y'all, he hugged me!  I played it cool, but I was spazzing out internally.

I ended up only getting 4 hours of sleep going into Saturday since I fell asleep after 1:30am, and of course I woke up at 6:15.  Ouch!  4 hours of sleep, and I didn't do any hydrating the night before for my run.  Even though I've seen the Princess Bride hundreds of times, I didn't want to miss anything.  I didn't have anything to drink after dinner, and only a gulp of water before bed.  I pushed my Saturday run to the afternoon so I had time to hydrate, and I passed out for an hour after lunch.  Whatever this combo was (and I don't recommend it), I knocked off 4.75 miles and maybe could've done more.  I did feel something slightly pop in my hip near the end, and I didn't want to risk pushing it to 5, but this was a great run.  I focused on speeding up my cadence, and each mile split was faster than the previous one.

Maybe it was the pancakes I had that morning.  I had breakfast at Snooze in Boulder, and since I hadn't had anything to eat since dinner before the movie, I kind of inhaled my breakfast.  I got a pancake flight, which I LOVE!, and I got Snooze's specialities of pineapple upside down pancake and sweet potato pancake, plus a chocolate chip pancake.  Maybe the pancakes helped fuel my run.  Soon I won't have to drive to Boulder for Snooze because there's one coming to Westminster, which is one town over from where I live now.  I'm happy :)

Sunday I DVR'd the London Marathon since the broadcast started at 1:30 my time.  I had no intention of being awake at that hour.  I'd been awake at 1:30 the night before, and I really needed more sleep than 4 hours.  Mary Keitany broke the women's-only world record, and I only hope she's doing things honestly.  She took off from the pack, with a pace maker, and was out by herself the rest of the race.

The rest of Sunday was spent recovering.  Foam rolling, stretching, and little bit of strength training to help my hip out.  I felt good Sunday, but it's the little things that go a long way in recovery.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

The Boston Marathon Documentary

Wednesday night was the one-night screening of the Boston Marathon documentary, put together by the same team that did Spirit of the Marathon and Spirit of the Marathon II.  If any of y'all missed it, I do highly recommend seeing it when it hits DVD.  At least I hope it hits DVD because I want to buy it.  Here are 5 thoughts on it:

1) It's very inspiring, but I didn't expect anything less.  It not only covers the history of the race, but it covers what the planning was for 2014.  The history mentions the inspiration for the race, the past winners, Bobbi Gibb and Kathrine Switzer, and yes, even Rosie Ruiz.  What I was surprised about was they didn't mention the Duel in the Sun in 1982 when Alberto Salazar won.  They mention how erratic the weather can be, but didn't show this race.

2) It does cover the bombings.  As the race director said, the bombings are sadly part of the history, but the documentary follows the recovery process and Boston taking its marathon back.  In fact, the documentary never once mentioned the terrorists names.  It focused on what happened at the finish line to help the victims, and then what the city did to help the runners who were stopped mid-course.

3) Tuesday's posts were running mistakes, and not wearing cotton and getting the right shoes.  Of course, that's only new to running.  Some of the artifacts shown from the early races were amazing.  The shoes worn could've been loafers at the time.  Today's loafers actually have more padding and heel than those running shoes did.

4) I did get angry all over again when the ending showed the 2014 races, and seeing Rita Jeptoo cheat her way to the top.  I know it happened, and that's the footage from race day, but it made angry just the same.  One common theme was Boston being the people's marathon, and the spectators and cities making the race unique.  I still feel protective of the marathon, even though I left Boston in 2009, and there's no place for cheating.

5) We got a behind the scenes with the planning and safety for 2014.  The documentary ends with that year's race and showing the human perseverance to come back the next year and not give in to the fear.  It was Boston saying "we're back!", and I thought it was a great way to finish.  It started with 2013, and then the history portion ended with 2013.  2014 was the final statement saying the marathon is still here, and runners and spectators came back.

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