Thursday, December 29, 2016

Up and Running

Thanks for bearing with me as I get my life going in Boulder.  I started my job yesterday (!), and finally got on the treadmill after more than two weeks of no cardio.  I didn't feel as bad as I thought I would, but my knee was a little cranky.  My Rock Tape is in a box with the movers, so I won't get that until my stuff is delivered.  I did 2.25 miles yesterday, with intervals, and I'll slowly build back up to the 4 miles I was doing before the move.  I have been trying to be good with strength training, but even that has been a little sporadic.  The holidays usually aren't this scattered, but then, I usually don't move to a different state.

I knew the Boulder Creek path was close to my new building, but I didn't know how close.  As in, the back of the parking lot close.  I certainly see myself taking advantage of that in the summer.  I'll bring clothes to change into after work, lock everything in my car, and do my run at the end of the day.  I'll definitely be using it on the weekends.

One thing I'm in the market for now is a running jacket.  My mom gave me hers from Boston, and I think that'll give me some time to look for one.  Maybe I could have some good luck and find a good jacket on sale in the spring.  If skiers can find good deals in the after-season sales, maybe runners can too.  There are a few places I can check, once I know what the weather pattern is here.  I've been told spring brings the big snowstorms, not winter.  I'll have to get through the coming spring to see what I'm up against versus Mother Nature.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Monday Musings 12/26

I hope y'all don't mind my brief hiatus after arriving in Colorado.  I've had the whole week off, and I begin my new job on Wednesday.  It's been quite nice because I realized my last actual vacation was in May when I went to Disneyland.  I took days off here and there, but they were staycations.  Mostly I've been sleeping and resting, with strength training thrown in.  I haven't down cardio in two weeks, and I'm itching to get back to it.  The apartment complex has a fitness room, so I'll hit the treadmill a little bit on Tuesday when I get to Boulder.   My parents' house is at higher altitude than Boulder, and I"m no longer huffing and puffing moving around the house.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and/or Hanukkah.  I got some good loot, and gift cards.  I've already ordered a new water bottle, this time from Tervis, that I can use when I'm on the treadmill, and at Pure Barre.  Boulder is very environmentally conscience, but I was looking at this water bottle for a while.  I misplaced my last good water bottle, and I'm hoping I don't do that this time around.

Saturday was a very low key Christmas Eve day, and my parents and I saw Rogue One.  If I hadn't had my big move, I would've seen it opening weekend, like I did with the Force Awakens last year.  I liked the movie very much, and I geeked out a little bit at certain parts.

Allie's been adjusting very well, and the three cats are co-existing.  After the second full day of being enclosed in the guest suite, she had enough and bolted for the rest of the house.  The boys weren't sure what to make of her at first, and there was some hissing and grumbling, but no growling and no hitting.  Christmas morning, Allie and Hathaway booped noses a couple times before she had enough.  Lots of progress.  She's found the 3-level cat condo and she's loving the top level, which just so happens to be Hathaway's favorite spot.  He's not sure what to do.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

We Made It!

Just a quick check-in with Weekend Wrap-up.  Both Allie and I made it to Colorado yesterday afternoon.  The movers arrived Saturday morning, and boy do pros move fast.  Allie, my dad, and I were on the road a little after 11, and spent the night in Dumas, TX, which is about an hour north of Amarillo.  Boy was it cold!  the front came through while we were driving, and it was quite windy.  Normally my Mazda is very zippy on the highways, but we were heading into a good wind the entire drive.  At least the wind died down Saturday night and Sunday was easier.

Allie's out and exploring my parents' house while we shift around the boys.  When she's out in the house, my parents' cats are in the master suite, then Allie's in the guest bedrooms and the boys are in the house.  She's having fun exploring the house and checking everything out from top to bottom.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Good-Bye Texas

2016 has definitely been on of "those years," and not in a good way.  I realized it was time for me to move on for my career, but I wasn't ready to move from Dallas.  I had a hunch this would happen though, when I sat for my certification.  I'd been coming to terms with it when I decided I needed something new, but did I want to leave?  The answer really is no, then yes.  What started as curiosity ended up shifting my whole job search to Colorado.  I'm ready for a new adventure, in a new state, but I'm not ready to leave my friends.  I know I can always come back to visit, they can visit me, and thank goodness for Facebook.  I'll be able to keep up.

When I moved to Texas in early '09, I was 24, and had never lived on my own.  This wasn't a starter kit either.  I was in a different time zone than my parents, and it was feet first into the deep end.  I certainly learned quite a bit about what I could do.  I fell in love with running.  I discovered that I can cook, and that I like cooking.  My job introduced me to a field I never knew existed, and getting that job also meant not having to move back to Boston.  My first trip back showed me that my close friends didn't live there either.  There wasn't anything to move back for.

I also learned the downside to adulting.  Really, they don't prepare us for all of this.  Financial independence is overrated.  Got a car?  That'll give you some surprises.  There's nothing like going in for the annual inspection and being told you need a new battery.  Or new tires.  That one hurts.  I took back all those times I said I wanted to be independent.  No I don't!  Not anymore!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the most important thing: Allie!  She's a Texas girl, born, had her litter, and adopted.  She adds so much to my life.  She's cute, she's funny, she's a snuggle bug.  She zooms around and plays tag, then bonks.  I make sure her condos are against the windows so she can survey her kingdom.  She'll have more space to run around, and two step brothers to play with.  I know she'll hate me for the two days we're in the car, but we'll both get there.

Now I'm almost 32, and it's time for the next adventure.  I'm excited for my new job because it means learning new things and rounding out my skill set.  I'm excited to be close to my parents again.  I'm excited for the running scene in Boulder.  I might even take a ski lesson here and there.  So much has happened in these last 8 years.  I'm scared too because it's another unknown, but an unknown that has a pretty good safety net already in place.

I'm ready.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Running Year in Review

For Tuesday on the Run, I've decided to recap my running year.  As rough as 2016 has been, I've had some pretty good success with my running.  I only did 1 race, but it was a big one.  It was my first major race in my comeback, and it was my one goal race this year.

The year did start a little rocky.  For all the work I'd done in 2015, my knee was still twinging like crazy when I was trying to start training for Tink.  I finally went crying to my chiropractor, who said I needed PT, and I signed up with their physical therapist.  One great thing about this office is they have a lot of sports medicine in-house.  This would be my 3rd round of PT, but my most successful.  Amber was adamant the success I made would not be due to our sessions together, but the amount of at-home work I did on my own.  She always had at-home work for me to do, and I made sure I was as diligent as I could be.  I shifted my focus from running to strength training to put in as much work as I could.  I started PT less than 2 months out from Tink, and I had work to do.

All the work I was able to do did pay off.  I did have slight twinging in my knee during the 10k, but it never got bad.  I never felt like I couldn't run anymore.  As disappointed as I was that my knee was still twinging, I was happy that it was manageable and I could keep going.  It's hard to take it easy before a race at Disney.  There's so much to see in the parks, and my legs were a little tired, but I wouldn't have changed it.

The rest of the year has been focused on more strength training, and slowly building my running base.  Right now I'm up to at least 3 miles with each run, and trying to stay consistent.  I've even done three 4-mile runs this fall, one without Rock Tape!  I'm trying to get away from the Rock Tape, but it's still a safety blanket.  I don't have many goals prior to my Bolder Boulder training, so I want to keep slowly adding mileage.  I'm pain-free up to 4 miles right now, and I want to start pushing that limit once the new year settles in.  I've started looking up chiropractors in Boulder, and there's no shortage there.  I know I'll need maintenance to make sure I stay in alignment.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Monday Musings 12/12

My last weekend in Texas :(  I got choked up at the grocery store today, knowing this was my last grocery run before I move.  Then the tears came when I was making lunch because my kitchen cupboards are bare.  Packing is my normal, and I did more of that this weekend.  I am running out of room to put the boxes without them being in the way.

Saturday I probably did my last run until after the move.  I wanted to build beyond 4 miles, but I could feel twinging coming on, so I wrapped it up at 4.  I'm not sure why twinging started since I've been diligent with my strength training, but 4 miles is good, and I have plenty of time to build up to 6.2 for May.  It's a good time to focus on strength training for the week because I can still do that.  I've packed my running gear in one of my suitcases, so I'll have all of it when I get to Colorado.

I did have some fun on Saturday, at a '90s birthday party.  One of my friends turned 30 during the week, and she declared the theme.  We dressed up and had an NSYNC birthday cake, and the snacks was food we all ate in elementary school/middle school.  I have to admit I didn't eat the snacks because it was all sugar.  I was reminded that even though my childhood was great, there are some things that should stay in the '90s.  I can't believe I used to eat all that junk.

And the winning costume was the guy dressed as Doug's Quail Man.

Sunday I definitely focused on strength training.  Since I had moving prep to still do, I did exercises here and there and around my schedule.  I ended up doing a lot, so we'll see how I feel tomorrow.  I'll keep it up every day this week.

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Five: Running Wardrobe

This may be my last Friday Five of the year.  Next Friday I'll be turning in my cable and internet equipment, the Friday after that I'll be visiting family all day, and the Friday after that should be my third day with my new job.  I'll try to keep up, but everything is almost here!

We've received our arctic blast in Texas, and it's quite cold, but not as cold as Boulder on Wednesday.


It's a good thing my birthday is a month after Christmas, because I need some new running clothes if I expect to survive winter running in Boulder.  If I can get outside, great, but I have a feeling I'll be retreating to the treadmill until I can adjust.

1) Running jackets.  I know the running stores should be stocked with these, but I need to research which ones are good, then try them on.  I've already found a style from Pearl Izumi I want to try.

2) Running hats.  I hate it when my hair is shoved up in a winter hat, so I know where I'll turn.  Oiselle has a hat that accommodates a pony tail!

3) Running gloves.  I have standard, Texas winter gloves, but they're not running gloves.  I know this because I used them in my frigid 5k last year.  I need some solid running gloves that will keep my fingers warm.

4) Which brings me to hand warmers.  Any of those in my gloves will be nice.

5) Hot chocolate.  If milk is a good recovery drink, hot chocolate must be nice in the winter.  I'll have to have canisters of this if I want to warm up after a run.  Ghiradelli makes really good hot chocolate mix.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Busy Work

What's a person to do when she's within two weeks of leaving, and transitioning things to other people?  Learn the lyrics to Moana!  I've printed off the lyrics, and am listen to the songs while reading the lyrics at lunch.  Then the songs play in my head, no matter what I'm doing.  If I get stuck, I look at the print-outs.  I'm accomplishing a lot y'all!  Even before I fall asleep, the words are on playback.  I've got "We Know the Way" and "You're Welcome" down, I'm learning "Where You Are," and all versions of "How Far I'll Go."  Next will be "Shiny."

I've been filling out my holiday cards too.  Even with everything going on, and all the packing, I'm still in the holiday spirit.  I've been using my downtime at work, and I think I've gotten them all.   It's a strange feeling to still be working, but slowly phasing things on.  I'm not sure what to do, so I'm bringing in projects to fill the time.  I don't do well with a lot of free time and need to stay busy.

I also feel accomplished because I finished my online Christmas shopping!  I have a couple gift cards to get once I get to Colorado, but a big part of shopping is complete!  Yes!  I was feeling behind, but now I'm feeling good.  I love online shopping because there's no standing in line, hoping I'm in time to get a gift there by Christmas.  Voila!

I had a mini freak out with packing on Tuesday (thanks Mother!).  Tuesday marked 10 days until the move, and holy crap!  I usually freak out with something like this, and was waiting for it.  I've gotten the big stuff, like the kitchen, but there's still more things to pack and more clutter to go through.  Yeesh!

And Tuesday night's Christmas viewing was Charlie Brown :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

One Thing Running Has Taught Me

The theme is for 2016, but I'm going in a general direction.  One thing running has taught me is persistence is a good thing, and while I may get knocked down, get up and keep going.

Remember this '90s gem?
I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never going to keep me down

To sum up everything I've done since being hit with ITBS in 2013:

* I started seeing a chiropractor
* Tried yoga
* Walked the entire 2014 WDW half marathon
* Got a cortisone shot
* Started 1st round of PT
* Tried yoga again
* 2nd round of PT
* Discovered Pure Barre
* Gave up yoga
* 3rd round of PT at a different place, plus at home work
* Completed first major race in 2 years with just a small amount of twinging
* Continuing with at home PT and Pure Barre

It hasn't been easy, believe me.  In all of this, I've never quit.  So how has that help in real life?

Do you know how many jobs I applied for after I decided to move to Boulder?  5 turned me down before the phone interview, 1 had a phone interview but said no after that, 2 had final interviews, and 1 of those said no.  The "no" hurt, and did knock me back a bit.  Want to know the funny thing?  The job I got the verbal offer for on Thursday was one I almost didn't apply for.  I was bruised by the process and was tempted to wait until after I moved up, to make things easier.  I took a chance on this one, and look how that turned out :)

The trick is to keep going.  It's OK to take a little time and lick your wounds, but persistence is the way to get what you want.

And maybe stubbornness.  I'm too stubborn by half, but it also helps.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday Musings 12/5

First up, being a Disney nerd, happy birthday Walt Disney!

The theme of this weekend was packing.  The weather was gray, rainy, and basically dreary, the perfect weather for doing stuff inside.  How about packing?  I decided it was time to tackle as much of the kitchen as I could.  I bought 5 more boxes and packed them all with kitchen stuff.  It's always difficult to know how much the kitchen is going to take, but I've packed almost everything I'm taking and I have room to spare.  I still need to use a couple pots, but those will be packed next weekend, and the boxes will be sealed.  I'll be tackling my closet next weekend.

Since the weather was going to be dreary, I decided to do my run on Friday instead of Saturday.  I banged out 3.5 miles, playing around with intervals, and I was able to be a little lazy Saturday morning.  It's tough to get up and go when it's cold and wet, and I treated myself a little bit by lounging in bed before eating breakfast.  I got errands done, did some packing, then watched some Dr. Who, wrapping up Rory and Amy's time on the show.  If anyone here is a Dr. Who fan, did you cry when they left?  Maybe it's the emotion of moving, but I started bawling.  It was the first time I saw their last episodes, and I couldn't stop the tears.

I'm also going through my Christmas movies.  Wednesday was Elf, and Sunday was the Santa Clause.  As I pack up the rest of my DVDs, my Christmas collection will remain available so I can watch as many as possible.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

5 Things In December

December is here, and there's still lots to do.

1) My move is mid-month, and there's still lots to do.  I've started going through the kitchen, since that's the major headache, and I'll need more boxes to finish up.  I getting rid of things that I want to replace anyway, so no reason to bring it with me, then get rid of them.

2) I'm doing most of my packing because I get nervous energy whenever I have to move, and the best way for me to deal with it is doing my packing.  This way everything is ready to go when the movers show up.  All they have to do is the schlepping and loading the truck.

3) I got my new credit card, so I'll finish up Christmas shopping.  I ordered one item yesterday, and I'll wrap things up before I leave.  All items will be shipped by the vendor.  No more standing in line at the post office for me :)

4) Christmas!  Can't forget this one.  It'll be nice having Allie with me since she's been boarded each Christmas I've had her.  Her introduction to my parents' cats may be slow, but she'll be in the house, enjoying Christmas as well.

5) My new job!  that's right!  I got a verbal offer yesterday, and verbally confirmed myself.  I'm just waiting on the paperwork to fill out, but having a job ready to go takes a lot of stress off my shoulders. 

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

3 Things Thursday 12/1

It's now December.  2016 has certainly been a kick in the pants, but now that it's December, I want a good holiday season.  There's still lots to do before I move, and I need to make a trip to Home Depot to get more boxes and bubble wrap.  The kitchen packing is coming along, but it's still quite a bit of stuff.  I never know how much kitchen equipment I have until I have to pack it.  It's very deceiving since so much is hidden in cabinets.

I've been shopping for post-Christmas stuff.  Since Allie has proven she's a good climber, (and because the tree isn't the only thing she's climbed), I'm shopping for tall cat furniture so she'll still have things to climb when the tree is taken down.  Yes, I spoil her.  The cat furniture has to have scratching posts too because she LOVES her scratching posts.  I almost can't keep up with trimming her claws because she loves the scratching posts so much.  She's quite the active girl, and the climbing will keep her going.

Not only am I packing things at home, I also took down all my decorations at work.  Since I gave a head's up two weeks ago, I knew I could start taking stuff home so I could pack my office as well.  The walls are as bare as they are at home.  The only thing up is the white board, and I'm certainly not taking that with me.  It came with the office, so it can stay with the office.

Since it is December 1st, I also have my final numbers for November.  I missed two days of running, but I still managed to get more miles done than in October.  I finished with 26.05 miles, so imagine if I had run those two days.  I could've been over 30 miles for the month.  December will be tricky since I'm moving, and then the holidays hit, but my parents are going to get me a guest pass for their gym, so I should be able to still use the treadmill.  I have to take it easy since I'll be at altitude, and will need to adjust to that.