Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Turkey Trot or Not

How many people do turkey trots on Thanksgiving?  I got curious since I've seen a good mix of people not doing turkey trots vs. people who do.  I thought about doing one this year, but I didn't find a good one that I thought I had to do.  Dallas has a huge turkey trot every year, but that would require driving a logistical parking, and no thanks. 

The last couple years, I've done my run before Thanksgiving so I can relax on Thanksgiving day.  I did do a turkey trot in 2012 when I spent all of Thanksgiving week in Boston, and it was fun running around my old town of Wellesley, in an area I didn't really run in when I was growing up.  My parents' house was on the other side of town, and the course took us around downtown Wellesley and thru a little bit of Wellesley College.  If anyone's done the Boston Marathon, you've run parts of the turkey trot's course.

It was fun, but it's also been fun to do other races or runs before Thanksgiving.  I still had one dish left to prepare this year, so by already having done my run, I could take my time, watch the Rockettes during the tape delay of the Thanksgiving Day parade, and finish making the food.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Monday Musings 11/28

Happy post-Thanksgiving Monday!  How was everyone's holiday?  I did indeed get off of work early on Wednesday, and had a great 5k run around my neighborhood.  As much as a turkey trot sounds like fun, there are days that I just want to take it slow.  I woke up around my normal week-day time, but I went back to sleep before waking up past 7.  That did feel good, and I finished up my last dish before heading over for the meal.  We had turkey, sweet potato casserole, creamed corn, stuffing, roasted Brussels sprouts (which I did not eat), deviled eggs, cranberry relish, rolls, bacon-wrapped sausages, and mac&cheese for the main meal.  Yes, food coma.  So many carbs, but I only had one plate.  My strategy is to get a little bit of everything I'll eat, then see if I want seconds.  I normally don't.  Then we had ice cream and my pecan tassies for dessert.

Needless to say, I had a great meal, but I decided to skip Pure Barre and take is slow.  I got to bed late, overindulged on everything, and I could still see my food baby.  Oops.  An 8:30 Pure Barre class was too ambitious for Black Friday.  It was a late cancel, but I wouldn't have had a good class.  I went back to bed, and felt normal around 9:30.

Since I skipped Pure Barre, I put my tree up earlier than planned.  I wasn't sure what Allie would think since I had the tree at work last year.  She hadn't seen a Christmas tree in 2 years, but she was also 2 years older, so would she be more mellow?  Oh heck no!  She had a ball checking things out when I put up the tree.  She tried to climb it, she lunged into it, she played with the labels, and she pounced on the tree skirt/Run Disney heat sheet.  She ran around the apartment so much, she crashed later on in the morning.  It was so funny.  I hope she got it out of her system at some point, but as of Sunday night, she still couldn't get enough.  She even took a flying leap into it while I was making dinner.

Saturday I went to see Moana, and really enjoyed the movie.  I'd love to buy the soundtrack, but I have to wait 3-5 business days.  Unfortunately I had to cancel my credit card because of fraudulent charges on Saturday, so that old card is kaput, and I'm waiting on the new one.  It's the holidays, and I know it's frequent, but this is the first time I've had fraud charges attempt to hit my account.  I'm very careful too, but at least my bank understood.  Once I get my new card, I'll get the soundtrack.  Any of y'all see Moana yet?

Lastly, Sunday I headed out to Southlake one last time to have lunch with my cousin and her husband.  One more day to have unhealthy food, but I did have veggies with dinner.  Does that make up for what I ate?  I didn't hit me until later last night that I'm moving in now less than 3 weeks, and I fought to keep it together.  I started packing the kitchen too, because that's always a major project.  I don't have the advantage either of driving a few miles down the road, so I have to pack EVERYTHING.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

How to Terrorize a Christmas Tree

Friday Five is late, but I didn't know what I would write about, until now.  I put the tree up today, and here's how it's gone, in 5 photos.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Fun!

I wanted to do a quick post to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels today!  There were already crazy people on the road when I was driving into work this morning, but this is also a day I'm sure police live for.  Beware of speed traps and maniacs out there!

I tried looking for a turkey trot to do this year, but couldn't find one I wanted to do.  I shifted my run day from yesterday to today since I should be getting out early, which means I can run outside when I get home.  My Garmin is charged, so I'll just slap on the sun screen, and head out.  I have one more dish to make for tomorrow, but I'll do that tomorrow.  I also have Pure Barre lined up for Friday, so while I may not be looking to be active tomorrow, I've got workouts covered the rest of the week :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Running Shoes

Today's Tuesday topic is deals and discounts for the holiday season.  I'm not an ambassador, and I have no codes for gear or races.  If I do shop for runners, I get them gift cards because they know what they like, and they can have fun spending the gift card.  I know I did when my parents did exactly that for my birthday.  I had SO much fun getting my Tinkerbell outfit together.

What I will talk about is shoes.  I seem to be overloading on shoes at the moment.  I have 4 pairs of running shoes in my closet, which is the most I've ever had in one go.  I have two pairs of old shoes, one current pair, and one future pair.  I lucked out getting my Ravennas on sale, so I opted for another pair of New Balance 860s.  I posted last week when they came, and they are beautiful.  They're the color scheme I wish my LRS had, but they didn't.  Now that I know what I need in shoes, I'll wait to get fitted, then look at the color schemes the company has that year.  I used to shop just for colors.

No wonder I had so many issues with my legs and feet in high school and college.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Musings 11/21

Happy Thanksgiving week y'all!  I have 2.5 days of work this week, then it's the holiday!  My brain was definitely on holiday mode this morning because my head was not with me when I was getting ready for work.  I forgot my tea (thankfully I keep a stash at work), and I forgot to put away my phone charger.  Allie loves to chew cords, and I accidentally left it on the kitchen counter instead of putting it in the appliance drawer.  I'm hoping beyond hope she won't get on the counters when I'm at work today, and that cord will be OK when I get home.  Otherwise I'm stopping by the mall tomorrow before heading home.  Oops.  Of course, I realized all this halfway through my commute and couldn't do anything about it.
First red cup of the season :)
I planned for this week to be a pull back week after successfully completing 4 miles last weekend, but it was more recovery than I thought.  I don't know what I did, but I strained the top of my left foot, I think on Wednesday, so I took a rest day, then two strength only days before running yesterday.  I stayed on the treadmill in case I needed to stop, but my foot held up OK.  I hadn't planned on 3 consecutive days of no running, but I didn't want to make my foot worse.  It could've been OK, but I didn't want to take the chance.

Yesterday was also a movie day after my run.  I met up with a couple friends to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  I enjoyed the movie, but I have a stronger connection to the Harry Potter stories.  It's still a fun movie, and a different perspective of the magical world.  I thought of Newt Scamander as Hagrid before there was a Hagrid.  Kicked out of Hogwarts and fascinated with magical creatures.  Just completely human, no Giant heritage like Hagrid.

Then I watched Lilo and Stitch during and after dinner.  Just fun stuff to watch.  I am debating whether to see Moana this week.  It looks fun too, with songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Holiday Foods

One more week and we will be beyond Thanksgiving.  Wait, what?  Seriously, I can't handle this year anymore.  What are some of y'all's favorite Thanksgiving or Christmas food?  I always love the desserts, but I have to be good and eat my dinner first ;-)

1) Here is the recipe for the pecan tassies I'm going to make.  I have all the ingredients, all I have to do is make them.  I'll start making the batches on Monday, and get two done for Thanksgiving.  I also have ice cream.

2) Christmas Eve dinner is going to be tamales with Spanish rice.  My dad's in charge of the wine for that one.  My mom and I decided the dessert.  Or maybe I decided on the dessert.  I wanted to stay with the theme, and found this.  I'm drooling simply thinking about it.

3) Our tradition for Christmas dinner is standing rib roast with oven-browned potatoes and dried corn.  Dried corn is a Pennsylvania Dutch thing.  I have Pennsylvania Dutch in my family tree, must explain why I love it so much.

4) Since I was on a potato kick a few years ago, I'll add my friends Jon and Brenda make this potato gratin dish for Thanksgiving, and I look forward to it every year.

5) Finally, a tradition that's not food.  I put the tree up every Black Friday, and will do so again this year.  I had the tree at work last year, and I need to see how Allie handles the tree this year.  She's 2 years older, but she's still young.  I need to make sure she'll behave around my parents' tree.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Random Thursday

Runner's World has an article by Jeff Galloway about how to recover from your first half marathon.  Even before seeing what his tips are, I knew don't repeat what I did after my first half marathon.  Many readers know my first half was Disney's Princess in 2012, but maybe y'all don't know my epic failure in recovery.

My family had gotten a rental car so we could drive to the runner's village.  My dad can drive that route in his sleep.  The downside to that is fighting traffic out of EPCOT when the race is over.  It doesn't move.  I'm sitting in the car, and EVERYTHING I drank on the course and post-race came due.  We aren't moving!  We're sitting and sitting and finally I can't take it anymore.  I get out of the car and waddle on over to the empty port-a-potties.  When you gotta go...

The rest of the day consisted of sitting at lunch, sitting a car, sitting at tea, sitting in a taxi, sitting at the airport, sitting on the plane, sitting while driving my car, and going to bed when I got home.  I'd been up at 1:30 Florida time and got home 11:30 Texas time.  Time difference = 23 hours.

To say I was sore the next day is an understatement.


I bought another pair of shoes!  Since New Balance released the 860 version 7, I decided to buy another pair of the version 6's because my feet liked them a lot.  I'm doing well in the Ravennas, but it never hurts to have another pair of shoes that my feet like, lined up and ready to go.  Since I'm rough on shoes, I need a stash to get me through training.  Now I have two pairs to get me to the Bolder Boulder.  Then I'll test out the 860 7's and Ravenna 8's, whenever those come out.


I know I mentioned here before that I'm not a fan of Disney turning their animated classics into live action movies, and I was refusing to see every one, and I was angry they set their sights on Beauty and the Beast.  It's my favorite Disney movie, and it was my first Broadway play, so it's personal to me.  Then they released the first real trailer on Monday.

It looks amazing!  6-year-old me is jumping up and down like crazy, super excited to see it - I was 6 when I saw the original in theaters.  I also read they discovered unused Howard Ashman lyrics, and they're putting them in the movie.  Oh boy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Runner's Christmas List

Today I saw there are only 5 Mondays left before we hit Christmas.  OK, that really puts things in perspective.  With such a warm fall and late election, the holidays have snuck up on many people, myself included.  I've only bought one Christmas gift so far, and I've got shopping to do.  Normally I spread out purchases, but since I'm now letting vendors do the shipping, most gifts get bought in December.  I don't want to stand in line to ship things out on a Saturday morning anymore.

And would you believe I only have two running related items on my Christmas list this year?  I know, I feel like such a slacker.  One of the items isn't running specific either.  I have a new water bottle from Tervis on the list, and then another Running Skirt.  Since I'm moving up to the mountains, I thought their Summit print would be nice.  I didn't know what to make of it at first, but saw it in person at the Tink expo.  It went on the Christmas list that day. 

The water bottle is to have a little personality at Pure Barre, and if I'm going to be running outside more, I'd like the water to stay cool while it's in the car.  I'm reusing a plastic bottle right now until I can get a new water bottle.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Musings 11/14

Monday huh?   I feel like I just left work.  I had a very lazy weekend this time around, with a little running and a little packing.  The decorations are now down, and the walls look bare.  It's weird to see nothing on the walls in my peripheral vision, and I'm doing double takes because I'm so used to seeing stuff up.  I also packed some clothes I knew I could pack away.  Even with the still fluctuating temperatures, I knew it was safe to pack some things in my closet.  Every little bit helps.

I woke up to temps in the 50s Saturday morning, and got outside for my run.  Right now I don't have much in the way of goals distance-wise, so I keep going as long as I'm feeling good.  I knocked off 4 miles in neighborhood, which felt fantastic.  I know I did 4 miles earlier, but that was on the treadmill.  It's good to know I can do that outside too.  Less than 4 miles was my threshold for knee pain in March and April, so another sign I'm getting stronger.

It's hard to stay awake after a run when I have a sleeping cat on me.  It's contagious.

The rest of the weekend was binging on the Big Bang Theory season 9, then having fun watching Dr. Who.  My favorite doctor is Matt Smith, and the best combo is with Amy and Rory.  I'm just said since Clara's next after those two.  I hadn't seen many Clara episodes with Peter Capaldi when I decided I didn't like her character.  Too bossy and know-it-all when she doesn't.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

5 Other Sports

Welcome to another Friday Five 2.0.  Today's topic is 5 other sports we wished we were doing.  I'm going to mix it up and talk about sports I wish I'd considered growing up.  I don't have much time around work, and running is great.

I played soccer from third grade through my senior year of high school, then lacrosse from 8th grade through my junior year of college.  Since I did both sports in high school, I was pretty busy year round.  Summer was getting ready for soccer, then soccer season, then winter was getting ready for lacrosse, then lacrosse.  College was lacrosse year round until my senior year.  So what do I wish I had the opportunity for?

1) Fencing.  Such an elegant sport.  I keep thinking to the Princess Bride, or the light saber duels.  Or maybe Zorro.  All staged by the same fencing master, Bob Anderson.

2) Hockey.  I'm a huge fan, but I never learned to skate.  Just as well.  My friends in high school had to deal with 4 and 5am practices regularly.

3) Dancing.  This one has so many categories, but dancing.  I did dance and gymnastics at the Y before starting soccer.  I'm so not flexible anymore.  But I'm having fun watching the Rockettes on Youtube since I got my cousins and Godmother since I got them tickets to see the Rockettes for their birthdays.  They're in NYC this year at the beginning of December.

4) Skiing.  I have my chance at learning to ski when I move to Colorado.  I've never been a winter sport person, but Colorado's different.  Nothing seems to stop them, even a blizzard - well, temporarily at least.

5) Archery.  the Olympics makes archery look cool.  I made sure to watch the competitions this time around, just like 2012.  Archery seemed really popular in 2012, between the Hunger Games and Brave.  I even took a couple classes.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

3 Things Thursday

Is the blogosphere doing OK, now that we've had a day to process the election?  Since I don't talk politics, I won't mention it, but know I'm also processing what happened.


On to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I have a Friendsgiving every year, and the past couple years I've brought the same thing.  Pecan tassies by Martha Stewart.  This came about a couple years ago when we were trying to decide what to have for dessert.  I don't like pumpkin anything, and a friend doesn't like apple pie, but we still wanted to stay with the Thanksgiving theme.  Pecans it was, and I found this recipe in my Martha Stewart cookie book.  I'll be making a triple batch because a couple families are hosting hockey players.  And those boys can eat.

And can y'all believe Thanksgiving is in exactly 2 weeks?  We hit Halloween and bam! holiday season.


Holiday cups are here!  I'm not a coffee drinker, and it's still not cold here.  It was 51 when I woke up this morning so it's a start.  But I love seeing the designs, and I'll get a hot chocolate every now and then.  I even have an ornament from a few years past.  According to the article, there are 13 designs this year, 11 of which will be available in the US.  I like "Evergreen Forest", "Love and Joy," and "Poinsettia."

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

Ok, got that out of the way.  That's the one question I HATED getting while interviewing in college.  How can I even predict that??

First 5k.  Apprehensive?
Today's topic is how have I changed since I started blogging.  Interesting.  I've gone through a name change, since I read it's best to not limit the audience with the title.  I didn't want to write all about running, especially when I was sidelined for so long.  That's when the name change occurred.  I couldn't write about running, so I needed a new title.

I don't want to run all the races.  Well, I do, but I know I can't.  I know people who race all the time.  That's just not for me.  I've certainly become more aware of what I can do, and how to challenge myself.  That persistent IT band can go suck it, but it does win a battle here and there.

I've joined link-ups and expanded my reading list.  I learned about Oiselle and Pure Barre, and other things I tried but didn't stick to.  My blog is still very much like a diary, but one I love people to read.  There are topics I keep under wraps, and won't write about.  Politics and my job, for starters.  I'll write about what I do, but no specifics.

I also got Allie after I started my blog.

Before I had a blog, I had the guts to make a major change in my life when I wasn't happy with the status quo.  I'm doing it again.  But I hope through blogging and running, the transition will be smoother than last time.  I actually joined Instagram, and really started using Twitter, even though I've had the account since 2009.  Look at me, all social savvy (hahaha!).

Blogging is still fun, and is still an outlet.  I don't see the blog going anywhere since I still want to write posts each week.  I want to read what others have written.  And a whole new state will bring new adventures to write about :)

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Musings 11/7

Daylight standard time.  How I hate thee.  The past two years I've woken up at 5am and have been wired.  I'm not sure which is better - light in the morning, or evening.  I prefer to not choose and have both.  But now I hope it's easier to wake up in the mornings.  I've had to scrape myself out of bed the past couple weeks.  Now I'll just be hungry at 10:30, and that's after having a morning snack.  My stomach never seems to get the memo that we've changed time.

At least someone was happy to snuggle since I was up so early.

Saturday I continued to break in my new Ravennas.  I did 3.1 miles on the treadmill, though struggled a little bit in the last half mile or so.  My arches are still a little sore from my older New Balances, but  cardio wise I felt good after reaching 3 miles again since getting my 4 miler done.  I've been stretching the soles of my feet, and massaging them with my lacrosse ball, plus ice packs.  It's happened before with older shoes, so I just need the ice packs to start working their magic.  I again listened to my Christmas playlist because I wanted the great beats the songs have.

I also finally got the crock pot out Sunday night.  I've been waiting and waiting since it hasn't felt like fall, but it's time.  It was gray, and decided to rain mid-afternoon, so perfect weather to get the crock pot going.  Throw everything in, brown the chicken a little bit, voila!  Dinner's done 5 hours later.  Plus leftovers.  Cooking should be easy this week.  I also plan on making a southwest dish on Tuesday with green chills and chili powder.  I won't watch the election results, but wanted something south-of-the-border.

Did any readers run NYC?  I hope y'all had a better time than I did watching it.  I ended up being very disappointed with ESPN's coverage this year, especially with the women's race.  They made a lot of side segments more important than the races, and then focused much more on the men's race.  Instead of telling us how Molly Huddle is doing, how about showing her?  Once Mary Keitany made her move to shed the pack at 10 miles, they never showed the runners behind her.  Even in the last few hundred meters, they switched to Keitany, already done and getting pictures taken, instead of Huddle and Sally Kipyego as they bared down on the finish line.  I understand coverage won't be perfect, but it could've been much better.

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Friday, November 4, 2016

5 Things About Me

I think I've only done those random questionnaires once, so get ready for some trivia.  The Friday Five theme is About Me :)

1) I hated running in high school and college.  I mean hated it.  I would do the bare minimum training wise getting ready for my seasons and work on the technical and tactical aspects of my sport instead.

2) The Massachusetts town I grew up in is right at the mid-point of the Boston Marathon.  My JV soccer field is between mile 13 and 14 on the course, so I see it every year when I'm watching Boston.

3) I'm a history nut.  Give me history anything, and I'll watch or read.  I rarely read a novel set in modern times.  Historical novels and mysteries are my thing.

4) I'm a Disney nut, but then y'all probably figured that out.  I even wrote my high school history thesis on Walt.  I was in heaven when I was at the Disney Family Museum last year.

5) I've lived in 4 states, one is a repeat, and will be moving to my 5th state in December.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thinking Out Loud 11/3

I got new shoes!  I went after work on Tuesday (payday) and actually called ahead before leaving work to make sure the store had the shoes in my size.  While I normally wear 10.5 in shoes, the Brooks Ravenna runs big.  At least this year's does.  I needed to make sure they had a 10 in stock, otherwise I would've gone home instead.  New shoes makes me happy!

Aren't they pretty?  They are definitely new because the soles are incredibly grippy, and as I was wearing them at work yesterday, to get my feet adjusted to them, I kept tripping on the carpet.  The good news is though they felt quite springy on the treadmill.  My New Balance shoes still have a bit of padding, but the spring in the Brooks was fun to play with.


I'll runfess here, my run in the new shoes was 2.5 miles, and I ran to my Christmas playlist.  I'm done with not having a fall.  I want it to feel festive, and let's just throw Thanksgiving out the window.  I know the ski resorts in Colorado would love to have snow, and I'd actually like to feel fall temps for real.  Christmas list it is!


If y'all follow my blog page on Facebook, you'll have seen this article I posted yesterday.  I missed the reports last week, but Rita Jeptoo not only has had her drug suspension extended to 4 years, the CAS has also erased all her results, starting April 17th.  Boston 2014 was April 21, so her first place and course record will be gone.  Buzunesh Deba will now be the first place finisher, and her course time will be the record.

I don't want this to turn into a rant, but I'm angrier because Boston was my town for 12 years, and 2014 was the city taking back its marathon after the 2013 bombings.  For Jeptoo to cheat her way to first place that year makes my blood boil.  Her cheating anyway makes me angry, but for Boston 2014?  Unforgivable.


To end on a happy note, anyone else's pet or pets help them recover after a workout?  If my butt hits the sofa, even to take off my shoes, Allie wants to snuggle.  I had planned to do strength training after my run yesterday, but that had to be put off until later last night.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Running Goals

Today's TOTR topic is winter cross-training, but my cross-training has been Pure Barre, and I've talked about it a little bit on my blog.  I don't quite know what else this winter will bring since I'll be in Boulder by that time.  I could take some ski lessons, but I'll see what my schedule looks like once I get up there.  My parents' apartment building has a great fitness room, so at least I'll be using that for cardio while I get settled.  I don't have to join a gym, and I honestly don't know if I will.  I'm enjoying doing things on my own and not going to a gym each day.  I mean, I'm gaining muscle and strength doing the at-home exercises, so it's gotta be working, right?

I actually set a running goal last month, to keep running consistently around the 3-mile mark, and I felt I was did that pretty well.  My mileage even went up too, since I started tracking it in September.  September mileage was 20.74, and October mileage was 24.87.  I know, not round numbers, but nothing I can do there :-p  Once I get new shoes, I want to keep running consistently, maybe a little higher than 3 miles, but I'd like my November mileage to keep increasing too.  I won't pick anything crazy since I still need to strength train, but I'd like to find a good balance between consistent running and consistent strength training.

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