Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fall Racing Plans

Today's Tuesday on the Run topic is fall racing plans.  I've written in previous posts that I couldn't nail down a physical race I want to do this fall, so I opted for a virtual run.  That's it, those are my plans.  Rather boring, right?  It's like I signed up for the Bolder Boulder, then felt done for the year.  Oops.  At least the 4-miler will give me something to aim for before November.  I had a really good week (first time all summer) of being back in a workout routine, and I want to continue that.

Can we talk about 2016 in general instead?  This year has kicked plenty of people's butts, and yesterday was no exception.  The number of deserved celebrities dying this year is ridiculous, and yesterday it claimed Gene Wilder.  I decided to do my strength training while watching Blazing Saddles, then finished out the evening watching Young Frankenstein.  It's said Gene Wilder's love of his life was his wife, Gilda Radner, so the two of them are together again.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Musings 8/29

Happy Monday y'all!  Sorry for the kind of late post, but I had a restless night after a fun evening of painting.  I'll need a little extra caffeine today.

Yesterday we celebrated my friend Amy's birthday, which was during the week.  A bunch of us went to the painting studio we go to and this is what I brought to paint.  #Potternerd.

I finally got a chance to run 3 times last week, with all my strength training, plus Pure Barre yesterday.  I feel like my workout routine is getting back to normal, and it felt good to have a pattern this week.  I want to try to keep up at least 30 minutes on the treadmill, then work my way up to the 4 miles for my virtual run.  The shirt, bib, and medal arrived in the mail Saturday, and I've put it all away until my run.

I'm also sore through my quads from Pure Barre.  Each set of thigh work has 3 exercises, and the instructors pulled out a move for the first exercise that killed my quads.  I could feel them protesting later in the day, and they're definitely protesting this morning.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Five 8/26

It's Friday!  I don't think I'll ever not be happy when Friday rolls around.

My new shorts came!  I ordered a pair of compression shorts from Oiselle because I really needed a new pair.  My current pair is form college (yes, they're still working, in one piece), but i knew I needed to replace them eventually.  The new ones came yesterday, passed the "30 minutes on the treadmill" test, and they're a keeper!  They're exactly the length I wanted too, which I was very picky about.  I have soccer thighs, and even body glide doesn't help.

Since I needed to test out the new shorts, it also meant I was able to get another run in during the week.  That hasn't happened in quite a while, and maybe my motivation funk is passing by.  I hope so.  Running's always been my stress release, so getting to run twice in one week, and not yet at the weekend, felt good.  I know I need to get consistent, and I hope I can get there.

I do have to admit, I've completely failed at keeping up with yoga.  I always try, but eventually fall off the wagon.  What I have started doing is my own stretching routine.  I have no particular order, and some stretches aren't done every day, but there are a number of stretches I do hit every day after my workouts.  I foam roll, and might even shower to get the muscles loose, but I make sure I hit all the major areas, from hamstrings to hip flexors, to inner thighs, to the IT band.  I make the time to do these stretches and I don't have to worry about routines.  If people say stretch, I'm stretching :)

The ones I make sure I hit are ones I've done in PT, and then some great yoga poses like:
 * pigeon
* low lunge, then stretch the quad (like in Pure Barre)
* sitting twist
* I've seen some different names, but I call it firelog
* Seated forward bend, both legs together, then separate
* I'll also do frog, but not every day

Now that I have this routine, it's easier for me to stick with it.  I was even doing it in the hotel room in DC. 

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Change is Good

Lots of random stuff today.  I have a big confession to make... as in my guilty pleasure show.  I don't watch the bachelor, or any dance shows, but my guilty pleasure show starts tonight.  I don't know why it sucked me.  Not only am I no longer a football fan, but I was raised on the 49ers and can't stand the Cowboys, and yet... my guilty pleasure is CMT's DCC: Making the Team.  Please tell me I'm not the only one.

The weather's started getting warm again.  I'm itching to be able to run outside, but Tuesday it was 90 degrees, feels like 100, and yesterday wasn't much better.  The reprieve we had when the rains were here was great!  My AC wasn't running as hard, I could walk between the parking garage and my building at work without sweating, and one day, after I got caught in the rain running an errand, I was able to put on a long-sleeve shirt and hunker down at home.  I won't be able to do that for a bit.

Finally, for the title reference... Things have been up in the air this summer, and I hope to have a better picture of things after today.  I'm not announcing anything yet, because I still have to figure out some things, but once I know, it'll be on here.  I've been restless the past couple days, and my run on Tuesday was very therapeutic.  It was inside, but it felt wonderful. 30 minutes of a great run, and I hope to have another good run today.  My runs are my thinking times.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

TOTR: Race Swag

If you've been running for a while, chances are you're saving some of your goodies to remember your races.  If not the actual race gear, then perhaps some of y'all collect certain things at expos like wine glasses, shot glasses, magnets, etc.  I save my bibs and medals, maybe a heat sheet if they're being given out.  Someone suggested using the heat sheets as a Christmas tree blanket if you have animals.  My mom has a wonderful tree skirt that she stitched, but cats = claws, and even if they don't pick at it, our cats shed.  A lot.

Since I have an office at work, I split my collections between work and home.  The medals stay at home and work has the bibs, which have been talking points.  We even had a state auditor in a couple years ago, saw my collection, and said she was running Princess that coming February.  There's even a runner in the office suite next to mine, and he and I talk shop when we can.

The other collection I have, and am saving, are the race shirts.  I wear some race shirts, but not all.  Once I feel I have enough, I'll send them in to be made into a quilt.  There's only one or two that I actually wear, and the rest sit in the dresser, waiting for the light of day.  I'm very picky about my running gear, and I don't end up wearing race shirts to workout in.  Weekend getups, yes, but no workouts. 

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Musings 8/22

Wow.  I can't believe the Olympics are over already.  Can y'all?  I feel like "now what?"  2018 for the winter games at least.  I didn't watch the closing ceremonies either.  If they were going to be anything like the opening ceremonies and NBC showing commercials with a dash of ceremony, no thanks.  I stuck with movies.

Not much happened on the workout front this week.  I was waiting for the blister on my heel to come to the surface so I could take care of it, but it hasn't yet.  At least things were feeling better on Thursday, but I wanted to make certain it was getting better.  I so so so wanted to run on Tuesday, but i made the smart decision to hold off and let it heal.  This is the first time in a while where I was itching to run, but couldn't.  I hope that's a good sign.  I know the temps will warm up again, but I'm hoping we are done with the 100s, plus heat index.

My ornament came on Friday, and it's super cute.  It's a singing ornament, but I haven't listened to the song yet.  My main concern is checking to make sure ornaments are in one piece.  I ended up watching Beauty and the Beast because I had Belle's song in my head, despite not listening to the ornament, and was inspired to put the DVD in.  Why not?  I love the movie and it was a good 90-ish minutes on the couch.

Saturday I went to Pure Barre, which I hope to get back to regularly.  The last 6 weeks have been crazy, and I've been about twice, which I certainly felt yesterday.  I didn't really think Saturday's class was that bad, but I woke up sore, in many places.  It was a good kind of sore, but I was definitely foam rolling and stretching things out yesterday afternoon.  I had to stretch slowly because I felt every knot in my body.  Yes, definitely need to get back on a regular basis.  Now that the summer seems to be winding down, I hope to get things back to normal.

I also finally decided on a race to do this fall.  I just couldn't settle on any physical race and decided to register for one of Gone For a Run's virtual races.  I can choose my own course, I don't have to worry about packet pick up, and yet it gives me motivation to get it done.  I chose the Race for the White House 4-miler, and proceeds go to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.  It'll be my first time doing a GFAR virtual race, but I like the swag already.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Olympic Friday 5

Now that track and field has been going on for a week, what excitement!  I'm loving every minute of it, and there's been some really good USA surprises.  These are just 5, but there are so many to choose from.

1) Our 3 marathoners finished the women's marathon 6, 7, and 9.  It was a tough race with the heat, but every one of them did so well.  I even read had it been a cross-country meet, we would've won as a team.  That's consistency, and improvement from past Olympics.

2) Emma Coburn and Jenny Simpson both became the first USA women to medal in the 3000m steeplechase and the 1500m, respectively.  I watched the steeplechase live since it was early and work was very quiet.  I had to keep from yelling at my computer as Emma overtook the runner in 3rd place and held on to win the bronze.  I was out during the 1500m final, but was following compulsively on Twitter as the race was being run, then I watched the replay on my computer when I got home.

3) Kate Grace!  The 800m final has yet to be run, but Oiselle's Kate Grace is in the final to represent the US.  The 800m final is tomorrow night, but I've been sweating it out with all the flock when Kate's been running.

4) Mo Farah.  Who collides with a runner, falls to the track, practically rolls back up on his feet, then wins the race?  Mo Farah, that's who.  I do think luck was a little bit on his side since the collision happened early in the race, and he had the energy to get up and keep pace with the leaders and find his stride again.  Whew!

5) The USA swept the podium for the women's 100m hurdles.  I watched the race live and while we knew right away Brianna Rollins and Nia Ali were first and second, we had to wait to see who came in 3rd, which was Kristi Castlin.  It's the first time ever the USA swept the podium.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Evan Jager winning silver in the men's steeplechase, and today is the women's 20k race, and Sunday is the men's marathon.  I'm tired just reading what's left.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fall's Coming

I can feel it, I really can feel that fall's coming.  It's not just the strange, cooler, muggy, rainy weather we have right now.  The Disney Store has released the bulk of its Christmas ornaments for this season, companies are releasing fall decor and designs, and yesterday, with this weather, I was able to wear a long sleeve shirt at home to lounge around in.  I don't know if it means I'm going to be cranky when the weather warms up again, but I'm itching for fall now.

Since I know the Disney Store normally releases its sketchbook ornaments online this time of year, I admit to stalking the website.  There were a few new ornaments at the end of July, but I was waiting for the big release that usually comes before September.  That moment was Monday :-)  I've already ordered one too, with Belle in her blue dress.  She's usually in her princess dress, so I pounced on this one.  It even comes with sound when the batteries are in, but I haven't decided whether to let it sing or not.

There's another one in her blue dress, but this one has so much detail.

In two months, it will feel like fall.  Two months.  Exactly where did the summer go?  I'm not attached to it, due to the heat, but schools either started this week, or start next week.  I know kids must be grumbling by now, and my work's fall semester starts Monday.  Students are arriving on campus, and either they're smaller than what I remember being as a freshman, or they really do look that young.  Did I look that young in '03?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summertime Blues

There's nothing like a Texas summer to put a damper on training.  I haven't been motivated to do much beyond 2 miles at a time, but I knew what to expect heading into the summer.  Even my PT said it last Thursday at my dry needling appointment.  It's hard to stay motivated when the heat beats you down just walking from a building to your car.  It has been that bad.  Luckily, we're under rain chances all week, and the temps this week are supposed to be at least 10 degrees cooler than normal.

I haven't even been motivated to look at fall races.  I know if I chose a fall race, even a 5k, I'd have something to train for.  I can't bring myself to do even that, not even virtual runs, when I can do them on the treadmill.  My running's been rather sporadic, to say the least.

My feet haven't been helping, whether they're tight or tired, I don't know which.  I know it's not PF because the tightness I feel is happening at all times of the day, and it moves around to different spots.  Then, this morning, I woke up to what feels like a deep blister on the very edge of my heel, not even on the bottom.  I can even feel the heat on that spot compared to the rest of my heel/base of the Achilles.  I have such good runs, then need to take time off to rest something.  I know, I know, the hip flexor was completely my fault on the slip and slide, so I'll own up to that ;-p

Just to make sure this post isn't all about me complaining, I did get a good dose of motivation Sunday and yesterday.  Between the US women all finishing in the top 10 of the marathon, and Emma Coburn winning bronze in the steeplechase, these races are getting me fired up to run.  Today will probably be the same since we've got the women's 5k heats this morning, and the 1500m finals tonight.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Musings 8/15

I'm back y'all!  I survived the conference in DC, then I had two days of staycation.  August 31 is fiscal year end so I took the extra two days as vacation time to recover from the conference and get ready for year end.  There's a big push every year to get as many expenses as possible to hit the ledger, and there's a rush to get last minute expenses in.  Even after the cutoff, we still have more expenses than normal to approve because during all that, the semester starts and payroll needs to be approved for student workers.

DC turned out to be a lot more fun than 2013 when I was last there for this conference.  I have family in the area and I reached out to them that I was going to be in town.  Best idea ever!  After checking in to the hotel Sunday and walking to the zoo, seeing the pandas, and walking back to the hotel, I navigated the DC metro out to Pentagon City to have dinner with the cousins.  Then on Tuesday we went to the Nats game.  I hadn't been to a baseball game since 2006 in Houston, and it's much more fun in person than watching the sport on TV.  I also found out these cousins are runners too!  A bunch of them (and more than I saw this trip) are doing the Army 10-miler in October, and they've done multiple ATMs before.  3 of my mom's cousins were in the army, and one of their daughters is married to an army guy in the field artillery.  I'll definitely be watching Facebook for pictures of the race :)

I got back home Wednesday, picked up Allie from the vet, and the staycation commenced.  I owed her lots of snuggle time since I boarded her, and she doesn't hold a grudge for long.  Her normal routine after vacation is to run around the apartment to check on things, and make sure they're where they're supposed to be, all the while fussing at me.  Thursday was lots of snuggles around my dry needling appointment, quick stop at the grocery store, and another errand.  I made sure to tell my PT about the tendency of my calf to knot, so I had dry needling along my IT band and that spot on my calf.  It's high up, almost near the knee,  so I'm not sure if it's connected to the IT band or something different, but I felt the needle working.

It also felt a little like Christmas Eve on Thursday since Olympic track and field started Friday morning.  So far I've watched the men's 800m heats, the women's 1500m heats, the women's 10k, the women's marathon, the men's 10k, and the women's steeplechase.  Whew!  I've also decided to stick with the live streams because at least they didn't have commercials during the marathon coverage, and hey, it stayed with the marathon!  Imagine that, NBC (nothing but commercials).  And no sob stories.  I just want to watch the race, is that too much to ask

The marathon did inspire me to my best run since Tink.  I played around with the intervals to 2/1 and did 2.35 solid miles.  I felt good, then I felt tired and hungry.  Damn the Olympics, I wanted McDonald's.  I caved because I knew I'd just cave eventually if I didn't do it yesterday, so I got a happy meal and it hit the spot.  Happy, Olympics?

Friday, August 5, 2016

The CU Tradition

I won't be blogging much next week since I'll be in DC, then on a staycation.  I'll be reading blogs though so I will be commenting between the conference sessions.

Since today marks the official beginning of the Olympics (since soccer already started), I wanted to have a little fun, since there's a lot of cynicism, from me as well, about athletes not being able to thank their sponsors (rule 40), to corruption in Brazil, the Russian doping scandal, etc.  I wanted to write a fun post about the great tradition of the University of Colorado at Boulder and their Olympians from cross country and track.  There's a lot, not just in track and field, and you can see the whole list here.  My dad's a buff, and I love visiting Boulder.

The CU track and field alumni going to Rio are Emma Coburn, in the steeplechase (and she holds the American record in the steeplechase), and Jenny Simpson in the 1500 meters.  They both also competed in London.

Oiselle fans will recognize Kara Goucher and Shalaya Kipp, who are also CU alumni, as well as Kara's husband, Adam.  Adam represented the US in the 5,000 meters in Sydney, Kara ran the 10,000 meters in Beijing and the marathon in London, and Shalaya ran the steeplechase in London.

Dathan Ritzenhein has represented the US in 2004 in the marathon, and 2012 in the 10,000 meters.

Going further back is Mary Decker, who tangled with Zola Budd in LA in 1984, causing her to fall off the track.

I'll do an honorary Boulder shout-out too to Frank Shorter.  Frank went to Yale, but he has become such a staple in the Boulder community, and co-founding the Bolder Boulder.  Before Meb medaled in the marathon in 2004, Frank had been the last American to medal in the marathon distance, winning gold in Munich, and silver in Montreal (and the gold medal winner in Montreal probably doped).

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Running Intervals

On Tuesday, I did something I haven't done in a super long time.  I threw my run/walk intervals out the window and just ran.  I don't know if the intervals are hurting or helping my IT band, but I had noticed that sometimes, I just want to run (cue Forrest Gump).

I decided to run until I felt good and ready to walk again, and I ended up doing two miles, and I only walked the first minute of each mile.  I might've done more, but both my hip flexors were protesting, so I wrapped it up with that.  Not bad since I've been doing intervals for so long.

I haven't been as diligent with my hip flexors and I should be.  I'm diligent with every other strength exercise, so what gives with my lackluster effort in that regard?  I'm not sure, but I have to make it a priority.  I do an exercise with my ankle weights, and I can take weight out and do more reps, or put weight in and do fewer reps.  I wasn't surprised that my right one protested since it's not fully healed from the slip and slide party, but my left?  Noooo!

I gotta work on those because I do want to try this again, and go more than 2 miles.  This is where my music really helped.  It seemed like I would run 4 songs, then I could walk a minute to start the next mile.  I just kept thinking "keep going until the end of this song", then I would push that to the next song, and the next.

That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run. So I ran to the end of the road. And when I got there, I thought maybe I'd run to the end of town. And when I got there, I thought maybe I'd just run across Greenbow County. And I figured, since I run this far, maybe I'd just run across the great state of Alabama. And that's what I did. I ran clear across Alabama

If I can keep doing this on the treadmill this summer, hopefully I can apply that to running outside.  I didn't even need my Rocktape Tuesday, and my knee behaved.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

TOTR: Rio!

Today's topic is the Olympics, and what events we'll be watching.  I already posted about that, without knowing it would be a topic, but here is also a post I wrote early last year about my favorite Olympic moments.  I won't be watching the opening ceremonies, or much of the events until I get back from DC.  After I drop Allie off to be boarded Saturday, I'll probably be able to find something to watch while I clean my apartment.  The more cleaning I do before DC, the less I have to do when I get home.

I assume though, the Olympics will be talking points at my conference.  It is DC after all, but I wonder how many NBC channels I'll have at the hotel.  They do have a couple bars/pubs in the lobby, so maybe they'll have some events on then.  I'm very happy track and field doesn't start until I'm back.  I did hear though that live streaming won't be available for some things?  If that is the case, I'll definitely have to get my DVR going.

EDIT: I did some searching and found the opening ceremony won't be streamed live, but will be delayed for the stream and TV.  All events should be streamed live.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Musings 8/1

Happy August y'all!  We're now in the 3rd month of summer, with one more to go after this.  I had a great, lazy weekend after the last two were quite busy.  It was very much needed, and since I'm traveling to DC next Sunday, I wanted to take time to snuggle with Allie since she'll be boarded at the V-E-T.  I was all over the place the last two weekends, and I owed her some attention time.

I got runs done Friday and Saturday, but I realized I probably need another session of dry needling.  I hadn't gotten one in July, and I wonder if another session will help.  I can check in again with all my PT exercises and see what other progress I've made.  Between the running and PT, I was busy in the workout department this weekend.  I even did some exercises I hadn't done in a while, and I'm a little sore this morning.  It's the good kind of sore though.

I also ordered some Rocktape from Amazon on Saturday.  I can get it at my chiro's office, but it's $35 there, and it's only $18 on Amazon.  I also ordered a red, white, and blue print so I'll certainly be patriotic while watching the Olympics, between that and my new Oiselle bra.  I've made sure I've worn the new bra so I can get used to the slightly different style.  It seems to be working pretty well so far, but my concern with new bras is always chafing.  So far, no chafing, and I wore it for my run on Friday.  I was plenty sweaty, but no chafe spots.  Oh! and my leasing office I think fixed the air problem in the fitness room.  It was back on Friday, and I hope it stays.  It is August afterall.

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