Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Update

 Now that I'm 2+ months into PT on my own, I wanted to check in and see what's been going on.  I signed up for the Bolder Boulder, and got new shoes, but it wasn't until my chiropractor appointment where I learned more progress has been done.  I did not have to be realigned!  My hamstring was a little tight on my right leg, but my chiro said everything on my legs is feeling good.  I am carrying tension in my shoulders, but that's not from running.  That's from something else.

I do continue to have phantom foot pain.  I even had a bruising feeling on the part of my heel that connects to the fascia on my feet.  Cue panic!  I'm pretty sure I know what I did... same ol' story right now.  For whatever reason, I'm not taking care of my feet right now, and they're protesting.  I really don't think this is PF, but there is that little panicked voice in my head that I'm trying to calm down.  If it was PF, I'd be crying right now.  It springs up at random times, and not right when I get out of bed.  I know that's the classic symptom of PF.  Nevertheless, I have my golf ball at work and will use it on both my feet.

So far I've had 2 runs in my New Balance shoes.  I had a 20-minute run, and a 25-minute run.  I wore my Asics into work today, to give my feet a little bit of a break, but I'll wear my NB's when I run today.  I also wanted to see how similar these two pairs of shoes are, and there's not much difference in the arch support.  The NB's have slightly more, but themselves, and these Asics have my SuperFeet inserts.  There's still plenty of life in these Asics, but I knew it was time to get another pair of shoes to add to the rotation.  I might try the Brooks down the line, when it is time to retire these Asics. 

Thinking Out Loud with Amanda.


  1. Glad that you like the new shoes! And that is definitely great progress that you didn't have to be realigned. All your hard work is paying off!

    1. I couldn't believe it. He said everything felt great and he didn't have to do much other than work on my hamstring a tiny bit.