Friday, July 29, 2016

Random Fives

It's Friday again!  Thank goodness this week seemed to move faster than last week, but when I'm overwhelmed at work, time does seem to get away from me.

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen I found a Jimmy Buffett song that I didn't have on my iPod.  They do exist, but now that one is on my iPod.  I went home and bought it off iTunes.  It's called Prince of Tides from his Hot Water Album.

Speaking of Buffett, RnR released runner's perks for their Vegas race, and Margaritaville Las Vegas is participating.  That makes it harder to resist, and I've already been resisting signing up.  Good grief, how much longer before I think screw it and sign up?  I'd have done it already, but I've got a bit up in the air that hasn't settled yet.

I went a little overboard with retail therapy this month, but part of it was getting a Pure Barre double-tube and one of their resistance DVD workouts.  I did the workout Tuesday, and talk about DOMS on Wednesday evening.  Thank goodness I have Biofreeze, but I did have this cloud of it hovering over me.  If there's any doubt I'm a runner, I have both Biofreeze and Icy Hot at home.

I'm ready to commit mutiny at work due to construction going on right below my office suite.  They spent all last summer turning the space below us into a research lab, now they're switching it to office space.  I can deal with a lot of noises, but we aren't given any warning, or a timeline, about the work, and it makes me jump whenever they start.  Especially when the noise sounds like a big-ass dentist drill.  I don't like that sound on a regular dentist drill, let alone one big enough to do construction right below my office.

 All of this is to say I need a break.  I head to DC in a little over a week for a conference, then I'm taking Thursday and Friday off to complete a full week's break.  I know a conference isn't exactly time off from work, but it's different, and I won't be checking email.  5 days away will give me a break when I need it most.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Rule 40

If you're a Oiselle fan, you know that Rule 40 is in effect starting today.  That means non-Olympic sponsors can not reach out to their athletes until the enforcement window ends Aug. 24, and athletes cannot tweet and/or thank their sponsors in this time frame either.  The one time small businesses can really be seen on the world stage, and they're stymied.

If you're interested in a list of track and field athletes not sponsored by Nike, and who can't thank their sponsors for believing in them and getting them to the Olympics, you can follow this link to Oiselle's blog.  Their sponsors did all the work, but the USOC and IOC want all the credit.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Runs

Today's TOTR topic is scenes from summer running.  My long-time readers will know I take summer as an off-season because it's too hot to stay motivated the entire summer.  Throw in little air movement in the fitness room, and I just don't want to.

Instead, I use the treadmill.  I don't consider it a dreadmill like I used to.  I knew I had to make peace with it when I moved to Texas, and I've been fine with it.  I did go a little bonkers when I had 10-mile and 11-mile runs on it, but you do what you gotta do.

I try to keep my intervals fun during the summer.  Since my base pretty much stuck around during the month I took off after Tink, I can play around with the running interval, either time or speed, to change things up and not get bored.  If I did the same run over and over, then I would get tired of running inside.  The key is to keep it fun.  I'll put sports on the TV to keep me motivated, and I've even watched marathons and triathlons (thank you NBCSports!).  It's easier to keep going when I'm watching other people bust ass in their competitions.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Musings 7/25

Happy Monday y'all.  Before I start, remind me why I live in Texas again?

This was yesterday's temp, and Saturday's probably wasn't far off that either.  We are now moving into the worst part of summer.  It's this hot for the rest of August, and my poor head thinks Labor Day is the day things start cooling off.  Boston, yes, Dallas, no.  Not until Columbus Day.  I'm going to struggle.

I had another busy weekend, and took the days off from running.  My hip flexor is still recovering from the adult slip and slide party last weekend, and I tweaked it Wednesday on my run.  Message received.  I'm going to take a couple more days off before I try again.  And I really want to run to test out my new sports bra.  It came Saturday and while I did try it on, I haven't had a chance to try it out.

Saturday I had Pure Barre before another BBQ, but this BBQ didn't have a slip and slide.  It's amazing how much the weather can change in a week because I stayed inside.  Between the heat and the bugs, I was happy to stay inside.  I made the same pasta salad I made last week because I still had the ingredients and I decided I needed to use up the rest of that particular pasta.  The recipe's pretty easy, and it was a hit at both BBQ's:

boil pasta
combine 1/3 cup vegetable oil with dill, 2 T lemon juice, and salt and pepper.  Mix with the pasta.
Add tomatoes and chopped chives

Pretty simple.  It can be served cold or at room temperature.

Sunday, 3 of my friends and I went to see Tarzan.  Yes, I saw it already, but I enjoyed it and didn't mind going to see it again.  I got to enjoy the theater's AC, and Cinemark's been adding lounge seating, which is awesome!  Well, except when you're sitting near an antsy kid who keeps playing with the controls of his chair.  I kept hearing the lounge chair opening and closing and his mother trying to get him to stop.  Just take him out of the theater to prove a point!  Good thing I'd seen the movie before.

And to wrap up, did anybody see what the IOC declared regarding Russia and the Olympics?  Basically they passed the buck onto each sports' international federations to determine which Russian athletes are clean, and the athletes not only have to prove their clean but provide proof from reliable labs.  All within now less than 12 days before Rio starts.  I could say it's a start because I half expected the IOC to throw the IAAF under the bus and allow all Russian athletes to compete, T&F included.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Sports Bra

Today's post is about sports bra.  I watched this short video from 30 for 30, and was fascinated by the evolution of the sports bra, and realized how right they are.  Title IX and the sports bra revolutionized women's running.  We had the means with the Title IX, but the girls still needed some type of support.

I also happen to be waiting on my latest purchase from Oiselle.  Anybody else talk the tracking number multiple times a day to see when it'll be delivered?

And speaking of sports bras, has anybody else realized how complicated some companies have made sports bra shopping?  I know a sports bra fitting is just as important as a shoe fitting, but the science has turned shopping for sports bras into a convoluted mess.  I want small, medium, and large, or 2, 4, 6, etc.  I don't need special sizes for each bra size.  I want simple shopping.  My poor mother had a nightmare of a time shopping at her LRS maybe last year.  They were getting her sizes to try on, and the sizes were a WTF kind of thinking, and she left the store.  I don't shop at my LRS for bras anymore because of that.  I know what I wear, and I can find it online.

If I'm buying from a new-to-me place, I order what I think will fit, and if it does, stick with it.  My companies are Oiselle and Zensah because they absolutely work, and they keep it simple.  I don't want padding either, even if it does stop the headlights.  I couldn't care less about those.  Padding gives me shape I don't want while running, and y'all, it's hot in Texas.  That extra padding doesn't provide any kind of breathing and I end up a (more) sweaty mess.

What I look for in a sports bra is: 1) simple buying, 2) style - since some styles chafe and others don't, 3) feel and material for wicking sweat, 4) colors, and 5) impact protection.

Message to bra companies: please keep it simple!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rio Olympics

Yesterday's release of WADA's findings is certainly interesting, and we're waiting on the CAS's ruling on Russia's track and field ban, but this will be about the track and field schedule.  I found the entire schedule for the Olympics, and I wrote down the races I'll be watching, or recording.  Certainly putting the marathons on TV during my morning runs will be motivating, but I won't be running for that length.  I"ll have to bolt back to my apartment during a commercial break.

Aug 12: women's 10k, men's 800m round 1, women's 1500m round 1
Aug 13: women's steeplechase round 1, men's 10k, men's 800m round 2
Aug 14: women's marathon, women's 1500m round 2
Aug 15: men's steeplechase round 1, women's steeplechase final, men's 800m final
Aug 16: women's 5k round 1, women's 1500m final
Aug 17: women's 800m round 1, men's steeplechase final
Aug 18: women's 800m round 2
Aug 19: women's 5k final
Aug 20: women's 800m final
Aug 21: men's marathon

That should keep me busy.  I also love watching sports like fencing and archery because the Olympics is the only time for me to see them on TV.  

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Musings 7/18

What a busy weekend.  The last week took way too long to get to Friday, and of course, the weekend goes by way too quickly.  I had a BBQ and slip and slide party Saturday at my cousins, then we met up for lunch and some shopping on Sunday.  I've decided it's time to step up my make-up game ever so slightly, and it was time to get some high quality foundation.  I am not a make-up person by any means, and am a gym rat, but I decided to start with foundation.  My eye makeup is very basic.

Friday started the shopping a little early when Oiselle released new prints for their clothes.  Um, yeah, here's my money.  They have a midnight tribeca print that is very red, white, and blue.  I love the kits they designed for their elite athletes, and this print reminds me of it.  Here!  I even ordered it without the discount code I got for joining the Volee because I couldn't remember it.  I REALLY wanted the print and didn't want to wait until I got home.  What if it sold out in those few hours???

Saturday was very fun.  I got my run done, prepped the pasta dish I made for the party, then headed to Fort Worth.  Yes, we know the slip and slide instructions say don't put on an incline, and we did just that.  And yes, adults don't exactly bounce back from something like slip and slides, but it was worth it.  Even with a strained hip flexor, it was worth it.  Bonus, no sun burn.  I got some quality vitamin D without burning.  Shocking, I know.  I also realize the irony shopping like an adult to get foundation at Sephora the day after all of us partook in the slip and slide.  You gotta let loose some days.  The last few weeks have been stressful, and the party was SO much fun.

Aside from the strained hip flexor, I wasn't really sore on Sunday.  I thought I would be, and I did have scratches and a bruise on my left knee, but overall, it wasn't bad.  My cousin and I met up for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, and this time I made sure to get cheesecake.  I got dinner from the Cheesecake Factory before running the Tink 10k, but I did not get cheesecake since I wanted to celebrate with a Dole Whip.  I can't remember the last time I didn't get cheesecake from that restaurant, so I had to get some yesterday.  The rest of the day was low key.  CBS had a fun little documentary called "Going the Distance" which featured all sorts of runners, including Meb.  It was something fun to watch on my complete rest day.

A little throwback, with Mom
Yesterday was also Disneyland's 61st birthday.  It's been fun looking through old pictures, and I had so much back in May.  I need to go back...

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Five: France

After yesterday's news, I'm going to post some favorite pictures of my visits in France. 

From the Louvre

Mom and Grandpa on Omaha Beach

Hall of Mirrors

My cousin's 21st birthday trip

On spring break

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Update

 Now that I'm 2+ months into PT on my own, I wanted to check in and see what's been going on.  I signed up for the Bolder Boulder, and got new shoes, but it wasn't until my chiropractor appointment where I learned more progress has been done.  I did not have to be realigned!  My hamstring was a little tight on my right leg, but my chiro said everything on my legs is feeling good.  I am carrying tension in my shoulders, but that's not from running.  That's from something else.

I do continue to have phantom foot pain.  I even had a bruising feeling on the part of my heel that connects to the fascia on my feet.  Cue panic!  I'm pretty sure I know what I did... same ol' story right now.  For whatever reason, I'm not taking care of my feet right now, and they're protesting.  I really don't think this is PF, but there is that little panicked voice in my head that I'm trying to calm down.  If it was PF, I'd be crying right now.  It springs up at random times, and not right when I get out of bed.  I know that's the classic symptom of PF.  Nevertheless, I have my golf ball at work and will use it on both my feet.

So far I've had 2 runs in my New Balance shoes.  I had a 20-minute run, and a 25-minute run.  I wore my Asics into work today, to give my feet a little bit of a break, but I'll wear my NB's when I run today.  I also wanted to see how similar these two pairs of shoes are, and there's not much difference in the arch support.  The NB's have slightly more, but themselves, and these Asics have my SuperFeet inserts.  There's still plenty of life in these Asics, but I knew it was time to get another pair of shoes to add to the rotation.  I might try the Brooks down the line, when it is time to retire these Asics. 

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

TOTR: Music

Long time readers will know I love my music when I run.  I have to have my tunes.  There is a rare run when I won't have music, but I'll still have distractions.  The US women's national soccer team had a game on Saturday afternoon when I was on the treadmill, so instead of music, I had a TV on in the fitness room.  Something to break up the monotony of running.

Part of the fun I have with races, especially Disney races, is building a playlist.  I'll start off with a list to simply run to, and build from there.  I have fun songs right from the beginning, but I do have to rotate songs out if I get tired of them.  Those are the ones I'll stop running and skip the song on my iPod.  If I do that a couple runs in a row, I know it's time to take that song out and get a new one.

My music certainly is not current, but I will have current songs if I happen to hear it on the radio, or a movie.  I bought Shakira's "Try Everything" the minute I got home from seeing Zootopia.  Sometimes I know a song will be great to run to, and again, Disney!  I had that song on my playlist for Tink and loved it.  Otherwise the music I use is already on my iPod, and the best thing about using my iPhone is I can remove and add songs to a playlist without using iTunes.  My iPhone has the option so I can quickly change things up before a run.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Musings 7/11

I want to start my post today by saying happy 88th birthday to my grandpa.  Below is a picture of his 80th birthday trip, when my family took him to Paris.

I also want to thank those who commented on Friday.  It's tough to process these kinds of things, but Dallas is standing together.

I had another relaxing weekend, but it wasn't as lazy as last week's 4-day weekend.  I had to work Friday so I didn't get any errands done to free up my Saturday.  That's OK.  I did finally get to my LRS store to be fitted for new running shoes.  I don't know if the new padding will help my bruised heels, but it couldn't hurt.  I needed new shoes anyway.  I may not be close to 300-500 miles, but I've always been rough on shoes and need to replace them more frequently than that rule of thumb.  I've heard not so good things about the next model in Asics, so it was time for another proper fitting.

The sales-lady measured my feet and put me more at a 9 instead of a 10, where I was years ago, but it also depends on the shoe model.  Apparently some Brooks run big, other brands small, other brands at the 10.5 I've been wearing.  It all depends on the shoe.  I don't seem to over-pronate as much as I used to either, so she brought out different models that I haven't worn before.  Instead of the Brooks Adrenaline, she brought out the Brooks Ravenna, which I'd never considered before, as well as the New Balance 860 and Asics GT, just so I could feel how the 4's felt.  It really was a toss up between the 860 and Ravenna's.  The Ravenna 10.5 was too big on my foot, but the 10 was much better.  I compared that to the 10.5 860, and the 860 was just a hair better on my foot.  Now I get to test out the new shoes and see if they are a good fit.

And honestly, the minute I stood up in the GT 4's, it was a solid nope.  Not only is the toe box much narrower than the 3's, which I had been warned about, they run small.  The 10.5 I usually wear was way too small, with my big toe right up against the edge of the toe box.  WTH Asics?  At least there are other shoes comparable to the 3's.  I feel like Sheldon, his spot is his constant, and my running shoes are my constant.  Don't mess with a runner's shoes, just don't.

I'm slowly adjusting to the new shoes since they're much more stable than the GT's.  My feet feel like they're being held more in place than they have in a while, and I haven't even switched out the inserts for the SuperFeet ones I have.  I may not need those inserts, to be honest.  I did 20 minutes on the treadmill Saturday, and completed my Sunday errands while wearing the shoes.

All without Pokemon :-p

I did finish watching the track and field trials, and I think I'm looking at T&F withdrawals.  The past 10 days have been great watching our Olympic team finalize, with elation, drama, and devastation.  Since the Olympics will happen during the day, I have no idea what I'll be able to watch, and what I can get with my DVR.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Five 7/8

I had a Friday Five post ready to go, but after last night, it's not that important.  I don't live in Dallas itself, and I haven't been to that area of the city since 2012, but I know people who do live and work in that area.  Dallas news, and maybe national, I don't know, were showing footage taken by "whoatmypizza", and he's one of the people I do know.  He took that footage from his home, and he could hear all the gun shots being fired.  Another friend works there, every day.  I'm going to take a step back today.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Next Race?

Anyone who follows me on Instagram may have seen this yesterday:

I'm already over this summer, and these heat advisories.  I may have been in Boulder in March because of my grandmother's health scare, but I want to go back to cooler weather, and the Flatirons.  So I did what any logical runner would do.  I signed up for a race, in Boulder, that takes place in over 10 months.  Makes sense to me :-)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Choosing a Race

Good morning and happy Tuesday!  Did everyone have a good holiday?  I'm skipping the weekend recap because mostly I was a slug this weekend, but I did get to a painting class, and I went to see a movie.  Both were fun, and I was able to enjoy someone else's air conditioning.  You know it's summer in Texas when the prime real estate spots are those in the shade and not close to the building.  And I snagged a partially shaded spot at Cinemark.  Score!  Plus, I did lots of Olympic trials watching.  It was so much fun until the women's 800 meters last night :(

Today's TOTR topic is all about choosing a race.  I don't really have any method of doing it, but the factors I use are location, price, and yes, bling.  I'm not ashamed to admit I do choose races based on bling.  That's I how I chose the Tink 10k, all because I wanted that medal.  Bling isn't a deal breaker, and a lot of times I know local 5k's won't offer it, but I did get some bling at the pumpkin spice 5k because the 10k and 15k races had the same medal.

When I'm looking at local races, I'm looking at the towns they're in, is it easy to get to, and is there ample parking.  Race day logistics consume me more than they should, but I like it when there is plenty of parking and it's easy to find.  I don't want to stress about getting stuck in traffic, having to circle to find a spot, and then get stuck heading out.  I also look at what the race is benefiting.  Sometimes it's a food pantry, sometimes is a police and fire fund, sometimes it's an animal shelter.  I like doing races I know will benefit the community, and I like it when the people putting on the race know what they're doing.  We have some pretty good organizers in Dallas, and so far, the races haven't disappointed.

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