Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Five: Completely Random

Lots has happened in the past couple weeks, and I actually missed posting last Friday because it got so chaotic.  My trip to Anaheim is just around the corner, and I've already got some good plans for the summer.

1) I have started obsessing about the weather in Anaheim.  A quick glance showed 70s during the day, 50s at night.  I'll throw in a sweatshirt for everyday stuff, and I might throw in some arm sleeves for my outfit.  I have that down pat, and I hope I don't have to make any adjustments.  The arm sleeves should do, plus a throw away shirt if needed.  I'm also still tweaking my playlist as there are a couple more songs I need to switch out.

2) Car shopping.  As mentioned before, I'm now car shopping, and I test drove the Honda CRV last Saturday, and tomorrow I plan to test drive a Mazda CX-5.  There are two dealerships in my area, and the further one had two AWD models when I checked on Monday.  It's also further north, and I hope the highway's traffic lightens up so I can test the speed of the car.

3) After Anaheim, it's not too long before the Jimmy Buffett concert Memorial Day Weekend.  I get the Margaritaville emails, and I already have an idea for individual servings of jerk shrimp on pineapple.  The recipe I have calls for tequila in the marinade, and it is a Buffett concert after all.

4) I'm headed to DC in August for a conference, and I hope to get out and run (yes, in that humidity) since I couldn't the last time I was there.  That was summer 2013, when I was just starting to battle ITBS and I had to stick with the hotels gym and treadmill.  I want to get out and see some of the monuments while I'm there.

5) I haven't decided if I want to head up to Colorado during the summer, but it's still on the table.  With my trip to Anaheim and the conference in August, and coworkers' vacations too, the logistics are proving to be a little difficult.  I'd love to get out of the heat, but I don't know if it's in the cards this year.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

How I Joined Oiselle

Today's post isn't a random post like normal.  On my Monday post, I mentioned that I joined the Volee at Oiselle, and Emily asked about the process.  It was relatively simple, after I had done some research on my own after being made aware of the Volee in the first place.  Tara and Courtney had mentioned in several race recaps about meeting up with the Oiselle runners in their area, and pictures showed them all wearing their Oiselle singlet (or long-sleeve shirts) before the race.  It piqued my curiosity, and since I had heard of Oiselle before with them sponsoring Kara Goucher, and I had browsed their website before, I headed over there to see if the company had any info about that on their website (it also lead to Christmas and birthday ideas.  I multi-task.)

Yes they do, under the Team link, which has links to their elites' bios, and then the Volee.  I hadn't really run solidly for 3 years due to my injury, but after reading about the Volee, reading Tara's and Courtney's blog, and the additional info on the pre-register page, I signed up for email notifications on when membership would be open again.  This was definitely something I wanted to do for me.  I liked everything I read about it, I like Oiselle's clothes and quality, and I like what they stand for.  $25 of the membership price goes towards supporting their elites, which is great.

I got a "heads up" notification first so I knew membership was opening soon, and the communication stayed great through the whole process.  I don't know if this round was the only round for 2016, but if anyone is interested, I absolutely recommend signing up for the email notifications.  They kept me informed and I knew what was coming.  I'd also recommend having an account in place prior to signing up for membership.  I had mine since I bought Oiselle products before, and my information was all ready to go when I hit the sign up button.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Taper Time for Tink

It's taper time!!  I had my last long run on Saturday per my PT's recommendation.  I've had 2 building weekends in a row, and will pull back this Saturday do maybe a 5k distance, maybe a little bit more.  I did 4.15 miles on Saturday, which isn't as far as I would've liked heading into this training cycle, but PT put my building on hold for a couple weeks while I made progress in strength.  When I started PT, my ceiling before my ITB started twinging was a little under 3 miles, and now it's right about 4 miles.  This time last year I was making progress towards 2 miles so I will absolutely take it.

I have a little under 2 weeks to go, and I will be VERY diligent with my PT exercises at home.  I've seen the progress I've made already, and will work to get every last ounce possible before I'm in the starting corrals.  Since I have so many take-home exercises, I have lots of opportunity of mixing things up so I'm not doing the same stuff over and over again.

I also decided to have a little bit of fun Sunday.  I took out some songs from my running playlist and put some new ones in.  Gotta keep it fresh.  The list is about 1.5 hours long, which I hope will be enough time.  If not, I'll start it over.  I've got a good mix of Disney songs, movies Disney acquired (Star Wars), and some non-Disney running music.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Musings 4/25

Yes, I'm still here.  I missed posting on Thursday because I was adulting and researching cars, then Friday I had PT in the morning.  I didn't get around to writing a post for either day.  It was a hectic/chaotic/challenging week.  There was also some good news/fun stuff, but I was very happy to reach the weekend, and even then I was busy.

To start with, I had to take my car to the dealership on Monday for them to look at something it's doing, and of course it wouldn't do it.  I'm beyond frustrated and am looking at trading it in for a new car.  It's 7 years old, and not even at 60K yet.  I have 3 models in mind, all crossovers.  My mom keeps saying she wishes I lived closer to her and my dad since they moved to Colorado 2 years ago, so to keep my options open, I want all-wheel drive.  I'll need that if I ever move up there because hello, snow!  AWD would be nice to have in Dallas too because the concrete roads can get rather slick after it's rained.

On Tuesday, my PT said after we finish up this week, I can go down to one PT session a week!  I'm very happy to hear that.  Of course I'll be doing all kinds of PT exercises at home.  I keep getting more and more, and with my workout DVDs on top of PT, plus Pure Barre, I can get some pretty good strength training sessions in.  I've been soaking up everything she's teaching me, and I want to order at least 1, if not 2 more Pure Barre DVDs for the summer.

Tuesday I also joined the Oiselle Volee!  Ever since Oiselle piqued my interest last year, I'd been reading about bloggers writing about the Volee and meeting up with team members at races, which of course lead me to reading about the Volee on Oiselle's website.  The mission struck a cord with me, and I signed up for email notices for the next window of opportunity.  I can't wait for my goodies to get here, which they said will be in 6 weeks, so I have plenty of time to do Tink and get back home.

My knee brace/sleeve arrived on Thursday.  I wore it at PT on Friday, and when I biked for my cross-training on Friday as well.  I biked last week on Friday before my 4 miles, and I felt my legs were loose when I woke up, so I gave it another try.  I'd really like to put my feet up on Fridays, but the fitness room was quiet, and I should do a little more cross-training cardio in my normal schedule.  The past two weekends I've done 4 miles or a little over, so the Friday biking might be helping.  I wonder what I can do at Disneyland to replicate that before the race.

Finally, after a busy Saturday of my last long run, test driving the CRV, and an allergy attack, I was craving Tex Mex.  This is what happens when my friends start posting Tex Mex to social media.  Not fair!  They didn't even have to peer pressure me, my brain started craving Tex Mex.  I tried to go a healthier option, ie no cheese, but I still had sopapillas.  I don't regret a thing.

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Monday: 2 miles + PT exercises

Tuesday: PT 

Wednesday: 2.5 miles + PT exercises

Thursday: PT exercises

Friday: PT + 30 minutes bike

Saturday: 4.15 miles + PT exercises

Sunday: Pure Barre

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Post-race Eats

Today I've decided to link up with Coaches' Corner on nutrition and hydration.  My topic is the way I handle refueling at races.

I don't have a sensitive stomach by any means, but I can't eat immediately after I've crossed the finish line.  I can drink plenty, but no eating.  At least I can start hydrating while I wait for my stomach to settle down.

My first half marathon was at Disney, and my parents bought me a pass to the Race Retreat tent, which was great pre-race, but I felt bad about not wanting to eat the hot food after the race.  I forced myself to eat because I knew I'd be hungry later, and I certainly didn't want that price tag (I think $99 in 2012) to go to waste.  As I said, it was great pre-race because I could grab a banana and bagel with cream cheese as a second breakfast since my breakfast in the room was a couple hours earlier.  All the pre-race food could be carried to the corrals too.

After that, I haven't sprung for any race retreat/VIP tent because I have to wait to get.  Some races are great, like Disney, where they provide a snack box and banana that I can take with me and eat when I'm ready.  After my Disney half in 2014, I inhaled the contents on the bus en route back to the hotel.  Enough time had relapsed that I was hungry and hey, snack box! 

Other races I've done missed the mark with a bunch of cheap carb snacks with no protein.  By this i mean a packet of pretzels and two things of cookies.  Really?  I'm thinking of Dallas, and they didn't provide water bottles either.  The finish line had Dixie cups of water and that was it.  Post-race had cartons of chocolate milk.  Not exactly what I want when it was so humid out.  When I was walking back to my car, I passed a Jimmy John's that was open, with water bottles and lunch!  Turkey and cheese, oh my! I had cash in my check bag for a just in case thing.  You bet this was just in case.

The last big race I did was in Eugene, and one of the sponsors was Krusteaz, so there were pancakes after the race.  I can always find time to eat pancakes!  I can eat breakfast at any point during the day.  They also had a smorgasbord of snacks I could take with me on the shuttle.  Bagels, bananas, clementines, peanut butter...  Like the snack boxes, I could eat these the entire way back to where we parked the car.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I Love the Treadmill

I love the treadmill.  After an *hmmm* interesting day, I can get on the treadmill when it's threatening to rain, and pound out a couple miles.  I had a bit of pent up irritated energy, and there was no other way for me to get rid of it.  Get on the treadmill, and just run.  I'm having phantom pains in my foot, that pop up from time to time on the perimeter of my heal, and it moves.  I was fine until I was already at work yesterday, so combine that pattern, I know it's not PF.  Add in car stuff, shuttle schedules, and needing to reschedule my chiropractor appointment, I wasn't happy when I got home.

Then I was exhausted.  I almost skipped doing PT exercises, and it was almost 8:30 when I won that argument with myself and did some.  Today is a PT appointment, but all the small stuff on my own is what's making me stronger.  That I can do stuff like Saturday and get 4 miles done without any twinging.  I wasn't ruling out PT exercises, but I really had to talk myself into it.

This is all I wanted to do last night
My one goal this year was to do Tink pain free, but I don't think I'm ready for that.  I'll adjust and shift my focus to PT and Pure Barre this summer to really improve my strength.  I'm very happy to be making progress, so maybe pain free will be for my next race.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Musings 4/18

Happy Marathon Monday!  If any of y'all are running today, good luck!  If anyone wants to watch or record the race, it's on NBC Sports for those of us outside of Boston.  I've got my DVR ready since I don't know if I'll have time to pull the race up online. should have the online broadcast.

Last week was exciting in that the Official Event guide for Tink is online.  I did a little happy dance in my chair at work, and thankfully I'm in an office.  No one saw that happy wiggle.  To add excitement for the expo, I ordered a shirt from Raw Threads, and chose the "pick up at expo" option.  I've scoped out where their booth will be so I can be in and out of the expo as quickly as possible.  Bib, D&B bag, Raw Threads shirt.

And waivers!!  Waivers posted Saturday and I printed it off :-)  I have my bib number too, and I did 4 pain free miles on Saturday.  I was feeling motivated with Marathon Monday coming up and I was so happy to get 4 miles done.  My ITB was tired by the end, and probably would've twinged if I had done more.  But I was aiming for 4 miles, and I stopped at 4.  I also ordered a knee brace for ITB, for some extra stability.  I love REI because when I ordered it from there, they knocked off $30 from the retail price.  I would've ordered from the retailer, but shipping was $13, so I wanted to see what REI would charge.  When I added the brace to my REI cart, I saw the discount.  Bonus!

Sunday was a very lazy day.  We have days of t-storms ahead of us, and Sunday was the first day.  It rained in the morning, and since I'd already done my grocery shopping, I sat on the couch and snuggled with Allie.  I did go to Pure Barre, so it wasn't all laziness, and now when I'm at Pure Barre, I'm focusing on what my PT has said in order to engage the glutes and hips.  I'm definitely feeling the seat exercises by focusing on her advice.  I can't wait to wear my new Raw Threads shirt to class.

I decided to nest with the rainy day and I made chocolate chip cookies :)

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Monday: 2 miles, PT exercises

Tuesday: PT

Wednesday: 2 miles, PT exercises

Thursday: PT

Friday: 15 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes bike, PT exercises

Saturday: 4 miles, PT exercises

Sunday: Pure Barre

Friday, April 15, 2016

Boston Favorites

Since Monday is the Boston Marathon, I thought I'd make my list all about my favorite things to do in Boston.  I don't miss the city that much, but Marathon Monday is an exception.  There's a buzz in the city that can't be replicated.

1) Mike's Pastry.  If you're staying in Boston, whether running or spectating, celebrate at Mike's Pastry in the North End, on Hanover Street.  It's not far from the Old North Church either, on Salem Street, so follow the Freedom Trail painted on the sidewalk and take your cookies or cannolis (or both?) with you.  You're always given to-go boxes for your goodies.

2) The History.  You can walk the Freedom Trail yourself, and pick up maps to guide you and follow the red stripe, or take the guided tours.  The Trail is about 2.5 miles so if you are a runner and haven't gotten enough exercise, take a stroll along the trail.  There's SO much history on that tour.  If the Freedom Trail isn't enough, or your pressed for time, how about visiting Old Ironsides herself, the USS Constitution.  She is a stop on the Freedom Trail, but any stops can be done on your own.  The 2015 brochure says she'll be in Dry Dock for restoration for three years, so visitors can see the entire ship.
Courtesy of Dad
3) Faneuil Hall.  Another mainstay.  There's so much to do and see and eat.  There is a Cheer's restaurant, but it's not THE restaurant.  That one's on Beacon Street.  If the weather's nice, walking outside between both sides is wonderful, but be careful of the cobblestones.  I never wore heels on that street because talk about rolling my ankles.

4) If there's one thing I miss, it's the seafood.  I'm not a clam fan, so I didn't ever have clam chowder (or chowdah!), but there's so much more to the seafood than the chowder.  Seafood not your thing?  There are plenty of restaurants all over the city serving other cuisines.

5) Duck boats and Swan boats.  You can pick up the Duck Tours at the Pru, or ride the Swan boats in the Public Gardens.  If you enjoy the Gardens, don't forget about the Make Way for Ducklings statues.  The ducklings and Mrs. Mallard get dressed up for the seasons.  Don't believe me?  A quick search on Google and you'll find my favorite.  They're dressed up for spring and the marathon.

From Trip Advisor
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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thinking Out Loud 4/14

I had dry needling for the first time on Tuesday.  My PT also specializes in that technique, and my IT band was a little tight, so she did some Graston and ended sticking a needle in my knee.  In 4 separate places.  The second place was the trigger point and it made me squeak.  Have I mentioned on here how squeamish I am around needles?  I just stared at the ceiling while she did this, but I felt the fascia finally relaxing, which is the whole point.  Now I'm thinking I need it on my left side.


I'm starting to wade into the market for a new car.  My current one is fine, but it seems to have picked up a quirk with its start up sequence.  It did it last year at this time and it's here again.  I'm taking it in on Monday for them to have a look, but I am curious to see what else Mazda has.  The CX-3 has caught my eye with its all-wheel drive.  Now that my parents are in Colorado, my mom's trying to get me to move closer, and I would absolutely need AWD in Denver.  I've never had an AWD car in the snow before, and front-wheel's interesting to say the least.  Not to mention I haven't driven in snow since I moved from Boston over 7 years ago.


And holy cow!  This morning I saw a bobcat at work.  The campus has areas of trees, and certainly lots of rabbits and squrrels for predators to hunt.  We've had hawks for years, but this is the first time I saw a bobcat.  At first I thought it was one of the feral cats, but it kept coming in my direction, and feral cats are wary of humans and stay away.  Since it kept coming, I thought it could be a stray, but then it turned I saw the bobbed tail.  Holy cow again!  It was small, so it must've been a young'un - it is spring after all.  Then I saw the facial fur tufts more clear and yup, it was a bobcat.  I wish I had gotten a picture, but I was too busy staring.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trying Out Training Plans

Today's TOTR is advice to give to my newbie self, but any of my readers would probably figure out my advice would be to keep cross training and strength training to stave off ITBS.  I won't beat that point today though.  There's a reason why my first half was my strongest after playing soccer for a few seasons.

Today I'm reaching out for recommended training plans going forward.  Since my PT wants me to run more consistently/frequently during the week, my current training plan is a no go for future training.  So what else is out there?  I know Hanson's has a lot of running, but their website requires I buy the plan to see the details.  OK, anybody use this, and is it worth the price?  Would anybody recommend other plans?

Once Tink is done, I don't have anything on my schedule, and I'm going to keep it that way until I see some good results from all this PT.  I want to join my friends in a low-key summer soccer league so I can keep sharpening these stability muscles and make them work.  Games wouldn't start until June, and I am looking at a knee brace to keep my ITB stable for these games.  

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Musings 4/11

I might have Disneyland on my brain more and more.  I had another painting class Thursday, and decided to bring my own template:

The instructor did recommend glitter glue if I wanted to make it sparkle, but I like how it turned out.  I'll hang this up at work with some of my other paintings.

Thursday I asked my PT about how much running I should be doing during this strength training period, and she actually said she'd prefer me to run more consistently.  I put running during the week on hold to get a feel for all the PT exercises, but she wants me running more frequently during the week, and running low mileage for each run.  She said 2-3 miles max, 5-6 times a week.  I don't know if I have the time to do 5-6 runs a week, but I can increase the number of times of I do run.  I'll aim for 3-4 times a week with my long runs still on Saturdays.

Saturday I got outside and ran 3.1 miles.  Saturday wasn't a building day, but it did feel good to hit 3 miles again.  This week I plan to do those small mileage runs multiple times, to do what my PT wants, and I'll see if that helps with the consistency needed to build the rest of the distance.  I just need to figure out what days those will work.  I always seem to be shifting my schedule around.  Since I've already gotten 4 miles in one run, I just need 2 more miles in one go.

The DVDs I ordered during the week arrived on Sunday.  I have to wonder how Amazon can get packages to be delivered on Sundays when the post office doesn't deliver on Sundays.  It was a nice surprise, and I started watching NCIS season 7.  It's got one of the best ever episodes to kick off the season, and while watching that, I made the tough decision to stop watching the show when Michael Weatherly leaves at the end of this season.  He's so much a part of the show, the atmosphere is going to be so different.  Watching this season made me realize what the episodes were like before Ziva left, and I miss it.


Monday: chiro appointment, PT exercises

Tuesday: PT

Wednesday: PT exercises

Wednesday: PT

Friday: PT exercises

Saturday: 3.1 miles, PT exercises

Sunday: Pure Barre

Friday, April 8, 2016

What I Eat Friday?

I've never done a WIAW post, but today's Friday Five is all about food, and I've recently switched some things up in the nutrition department.  Not that I was unhealthy or anything, but I could always be better.  None of these are affiliate links.

1) When I was in Boulder last month, my mom introduced me to Terra Chips.  They're chips made from root vegetables and are much healthier than any normal potato chips I was eating.  My favorite is the sweet potato chips and bonus, vitamin A!  I take supplements to get vitamins, but it's always nice to get vitamins from my food.

2) 3 weeks ago I discovered Sargento has snack packs with nuts, cheese, and dried fruit.  I've been getting the cheddar cheese with cashews and cranberries, and the cheddar cheese with almonds and cranberries.   These snack packs sub in for the chips I was eating to cut out the super refined carbs. 

3) After my first week of PT, I bought Muscle Milk to try to boost my protein levels.  I'm trying to boost muscle growth with all the exercises I'm doing between at-home work and PT appointments.  I don't drink the whole container in one sitting, but I aim for about half.  10g of extra protein on top of what I eat should hopefully help.

4) One thing I've been doing for about a year is using sandwich wraps instead of sandwich bread.  I'm secretly a 5 year old and I still don't eat the crust of sandwich bread (good bakery bread is a different story).  I buy Flatout wraps because they have a wrap made with flax seed, which boosts omega-3, and they also have 9g of protein.

5) I've also been making a lot of chicken dishes.  I haven't cooked pork in so long, and I don't have red meat all that often either.  I throw in fish and shrimp to mix things up, but chicken is so versatile.  Now that it is warming up, I'll get the crockpot out more because it still allows me to make chicken dinners without needing the oven.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Random Thursday 4/7

Today is Thinking Out Loud because I've had a lot of random thoughts.  They kept coming this week, and there are a few.

PT #4 today, and I got even more take-home exercises on Tuesday.  I'm getting quite the arsenal of exercises to do at home, so I'll split Tuesday's up and add half to workout #1, and half to workout #2.  This time around I got one-legged squats (but don't squat too low), wall sits, alternating swimmers for my back, and then hip hikes.  She's not happy with my back stabilizers either, even though my back itself is stronger than my glutes.  OMG, I'm a walking mess.


Monday night, I was kind of bummed out because I've been eying the RnR Vegas 10k as potentially my next race, BUT registration opened Tuesday, and I really do need to wait until after Tink to see how everything goes.  Signing up for races in advance is what got me in this imbalanced world to begin with.  To make me happy, I bought the 2nd season of Rizzoli&Isles and the 7th season of NCIS.  Only to find out the Vegas 10k and 5k open for registration in May.  Son of a biscuit!  I have to avoid the internet again, which isn't possible at work.


I think I found Allie's favorite flavor for her Greenies dental treats.  When I adopted her, her foster mom said Allie loves Greenies, so I've stuck with that.  She won't touch Temptations, which my parents' cats LOVE, but she'll eat her Greenies.  I've been playing around with different flavors, but getting her to eat treats from a FRESH BAG is agonizing.  I realize they may smell different than the not-stale-but-not-new treats, but I have to convince her to eat the new treats.  Until this week, when I tried the Tempting Tuna flavor.  She doesn't even leave crumbs, and this girl's a messy eater.  I'll see how this goes and may stick with Tuna going forward.


I'm trying to learn how to balance the additional PT exercises I keep getting, and when to run.  So far I've run once a week since PT started because 1) I don't want to overdo it and 2) I need to focus on strength training.  Do I keep the 30-minute runs on Wednesdays, or do I sacrifice those for higher focus on strength training?  I'm not just doing the PT exercises, but I do make sure I do every one I've received in each set.  I'm doing additional exercises that I know (from soreness) target those certain areas.  How do I balance this?  Is the additional rest off my legs beneficial for a good long run on the weekends?


I decided to splurge and buy the Tinkerbell Dooney&Bourke letter carrier.  The design for the weekend's bags was released yesterday, and I love it!  I need to replace the purse I have because it's faded and fraying, and I was waiting for these designs.  I'm such an impulse buyer so I've saved up for extra, fun expenses for the trip because I will be at Disneyland :-)

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

TOTR: My Training

Tuesday on the Run is all about descriptions today.  If I had to choose one word for my running, it could be "hopeful."  When the year started, I wanted to be able to have a good training and do the Tinker Bell 10k with no pain.  That's it.  No time goals, just to be able to have a good training cycle and have no pain come race day.

Source: Run Disney
I was optimistic and even with pain during my first 3-mile run, I was in the middle of acoustic wave therapy for scar tissue.  I was able to keep building per the schedule, all the way to 4 miles, before I had to put on the brakes a little bit for my present PT cycle.  PT wasn't in the plan, but c'est la vie.  I started training early and cut out the long taper process because I've done 6 miles before, albeit 3 years ago, and I wanted a cushion in the schedule if hiccups occurred.  Well, they have occurred, but I'm still hopeful.  I did 3.5 miles on Saturday and felt good.  The schedule said 4.5, but the run went well and I played it smart.

I'm still hopeful after being at my chiro's yesterday.  He said he could already tell my quad and ITB was more stabilized than when I saw him two weeks ago.  I was even still in alignment, so no side was pulling my pelvis out of whack.  He still did some adjustments, and loosened up my leg since these exercises left me a little tight after Sunday.  I did around the world lunges on top of my homework, and those did a number on my inner thighs.  As long as that means they're getting stronger, I'm good with that.

My main goal is still be pain free for Tink.  I plan to take it easy the 3 days I'm at Disneyland, and I hope I can.  I absolutely want to visit the parks and have fun, but I'm going to meander through each one, sit as much as I can, and somehow figure out how to pack my smaller foam roller.  Will it fit in my suitcase?

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Musings 4/4

Last week was a little different workout wise since I started PT.  I skipped my run on Wednesday to play if safe with the big knot in my leg, and because I wasn't sure what I should be doing around PT.  It felt weird, and part of me didn't like it since I had been so good at strictly keeping on my schedule.  I did start the plan early to allow for some bumps in the road, and here I am.

I posted about my first day, the assessment, and then Thursday, I got another set of exercises to do at home.  I did those at PT on Thursday, and right now we're doing things I can do at home.  If we're using equipment, it's equipment I have access to.  I'm sure we'll build up to the TRX stuff, but right now it's all exercises I can do outside of PT.  I have set 1 and set 2, and she said do those on rotating days so I do them every day, but not on PT days.  This should help build me up and hopefully get me back on schedule soon.

My run went well on Saturday.  I did 3.5 on the treadmill since I didn't know how much I wanted to do, and I thought I'd just go until I felt a got to a good number.  I felt like I could've gone farther, but the knee was feeling good, and I still had PT set #2 to do.  I used my new shoes to in order to test them out, and the brand new cushioning feels great.  It's like I have a little extra bounce in my steps.

To make things even better Saturday, I had my first blue bonnet sighting!  They've been blooming south of here, but I hadn't seen them yet in my area.  I decided to go looking a little bit, starting with the nature preserve near my old apartment.  Bingo!  Of course I took pictures :)

Sunday I met my cousin for lunch, which is always the Cheesecake Factory, then some shopping.  The weather was even better than Saturday's, and when I got home, I opened the back door with the screen door shut, and Allie parked herself in front of the door and sniffed and prowled.  Squirrel!  
I did my PT set #1 with some 10-minute glutes and a 10-minute Pure Barre.  I am a little sore today, which I'm happy about.

Weekly Wrap-up with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.


Sunday: Pure Barre

Monday: yoga

Tuesday: PT assessment, PT homework #1

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: PT appointment, PT homework #2

Friday: PT homework #1

Saturday: 3.5 miles, yoga, PT homework #2

Friday, April 1, 2016

Oldies Workout

This will be another music post.  On Wednesday, Kim posted about being raised on classic rock music, and I have to say I was too.  A lot of my workout song choices are influenced by classic rock, MUCH more than current songs.  I'd say 80%-ish of my music are all songs my parents played when I was growing up, and any current songs lean towards country or soundtracks - the most recent song I bought is Shakira's from Zootopia.

1) the Doors - Break on Through (To the Other Side)

2) Lynyrd Skynrd - Free Bird

3) Tom Petty - Runnin' Down a Dream

4) the Eagles - Take It Easy (Live version from Hell Freezes Over)

5) Born to Run

There are tons more on my iPod, but these 5 are great to run to, either the lyrics, melody, maybe both, make them fun songs and great to run to.

Friday Five with Eat Pray Run DCMar on the Run and You Signed Up For What?!