Thursday, March 31, 2016

PT Assessment and Homework

I had my first PT appointment on Tuesday, and I got homework to boot.  I actually wanted homework because the whole appointment was the assessment.  Today is my first actual PT appointment with exercises.  I did the exercises almost right after I got home, and then some.  I figured those shouldn't be the ONLY exercises I do on my own, but I tried not to overdo it.  I only have 35 days till I leave for Anaheim.

To start off, I'm weak (shocking!).  I have imbalances between sides and between muscles.  My right side may be my dominant side, and may have been the stronger one back in the day, but it's now my weaker side.  But I have more muscle tone on my right side.  My left doesn't want to be left out so it's the tighter side.  I've been trying to get both hips to loosen up with "firelog" from yoga, but I've got a ways to go.  Because...

My back is tight.  My hamstrings are stronger than my glutes so they're taking over the exercises I'm doing to try to get my glutes to fire.  One-leg bridges are a classic example.  The trick with those is to not extend as high up as I have been.  If I keep my glutes and hips low, the glute does activate.  I got those, a two-leg bridge, hip abduction, and a clam series to do on my own.  The two-leg bridge is done with a ball between my knees to engage my inner thighs, which are also weak.  They're weaker than the outer thighs, and tighter, so they can't counterbalance the work my quads and IT band are doing when my glutes get tired.  I've been doing "frog" in yoga to try to get those to loosen up.

My posture's also bad, so we need to get the lower back to loosen up and not engage when I need the glutes to engage instead.  I'm sure the lower back issues all stem from my sitting all day.  I basically felt like a mess hearing all of this.  I didn't used to have these problems, but then I used to play sports that worked all my muscles every single day.  The constant forward motion in running hasn't challenged my stability at all.

So, I did all my homework exercises, plus focused on lower core.  Part of what the PT wants me to do involves tightening my lower core with every exercise to stabilize from the front instead of using the low back.  Which is where my Pure Barre DVD comes in to play.  Anybody who does Pure Barre knows we focus on that part of the core, both during ab exercises, and when we're tucking.  The DVD is broken up into segments, so not only did I focus on the core, but it also had some seat work too.  Bonus!

Was I sore?  I had a knot, somewhere between my right hamstring and inner thigh.  Maybe the ball squeezing worked?  I've been rolling it with a lacrosse ball and stretching it, preparing for my first session today.  If I get any more take-home work, I'll add it to what I'm already doing.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Book Review: Mistress Firebrand

It feels so good to be able to sit down and plow through books again.  After finishing A Curious Beginning, I took a couple days off, then bought Mistress Firebrand, by Donna Thorland, for my Kindle.

Mistress Firebrand is the third in Thorland's Renegades of the American Revolution series, and each can be read on their own.  Aside from General Washington, there is really one other character that has an influence in all the books.  At times we get hints of what's happened in the other stories, but only hints.  Each book can stand on its own.  And I happened to read them in the order as they were published, accidentally.  I didn't even check the publishing dates.

British Occupied Manhattan, 1777.  With her witty comedies, American actress Jennifer Leighton has been packing the John Street Theater, but she longs to escape the provincial circuit for the glamour of the London stage. When the playwright General John Burgoyne visits the city, fresh from a recent success in the capitol, she seizes the opportunity to court his patronage.  But her plan is foiled by British intelligence officer Severin Devere. 
Severin’s mission is to keep the pleasure-loving general focused on the war effort…and away from pretty young actresses. But the tables are turned when Severin himself can’t resist Jennifer Leighton…
Months later, Jenny has abandoned her dreams of stage glory and begun writing seditious plays for the Rebels under the pen name “Cornelia,” ridiculing “Gentleman Johnny” Burgoyne and his army—and undermining the crown’s campaign to take Albany. By the time Severin meets up with Jenny once again, she is on a British hanging list, and Severin is ordered to find her—and deliver her to certain death. Soon, the two are launched on a desperate journey through the wilderness, toward a future shaped by the revolution—and their passion for each other…
There's intrigue, danger, espionage, romance, and of course, history.  I didn't want to put this book down, just like the other 2 in the series, The Turncoat and The Rebel Pirate.  I do think the ending could've been stronger.  We always get both Jenny's and Severin's points of view, but the last chapter cut out one of them.  I think that missing point of view would've made the last chapter stronger, and the last few pages of that chapter could've been made into an epilogue.

Overall, I enjoyed it very much, and Thorland has a 4th book just published in this series.  I'll read some other books first, but the 4th book is on my to-read list.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Today's Tuesday on the Run is all about dream sponsors.  I have my favorite brands, but if I could choose, then I'd chose a shoe sponsor.  My clothing pieces hold up better than the shoes I run in.  Right now I'm in Asics, but as mentioned in the last couple weeks, I may look at other brands this summer.  I got new Asics that I found on sale, and I did have my first run in them this past Sunday.  Even walking in them is like walking on clouds.  There's lots of cushion that I can already tell is lacking in the shoes I'm currently running in.

The reason why I choose a shoe sponsor is because I keep reading about elites designing their shoes with their sponsor.  How great is that?  That could mean I wouldn't have to worry about shoes changing between models.  I could tell the sponsor what I (or my feet) want and what I don't want.  Colors, material, anything.  OK, in my dream world.  Mostly I just want to get rid of shoe companies changing models so much it forces me to test other brands.  I've already been down that road, and it was a little frustrating.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Musings 3/28

Boy was this weekend busy.  Even with Easter, I was busy on Sunday too.  Saturday I did Pure Barre, ran errands, some house chores, threw in some relaxing time, then went to a hockey game.  Sunday I washed my car, run and strength trained, more house chores, and I did get to the movie theater for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.  If anyone's looking for a fun movie, go see Greek Wedding 2.  Movies like that are just fun.  All the cast from the first movie is back, even the background cousins are more prominent here.

I had quite a class at Pure Barre Saturday.  I usually do PB on Sunday, but the studio was closed Sunday, and it was easy for me to switch my workouts so I could run on Sunday.  Except when I woke up on Sunday, I was sore.  It was the good sore, but I had to delay my run a couple hours to let my muscles loosen up.  I felt like Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks after I left class, so I wasn't surprised I was sore.

Since I'm starting PT this week, I wanted my week workouts to focus on my hips to try to prep for what's coming.  I was doing exercises I don't normally do, and I'd guess that's why my stability muscles have lost so much strength.   I was doing stuff like one-legged bridges, which my hamstrings took over (not good), then Sunday I also did one-legged balance exercises.  My hamstrings did not take over, but I wobbled quite a bit.  I'm kind of on a running hold above 3 miles, so I'll keep doing what I can for training.  I really hope my muscles respond this week.  I'm even taking Tuesday afternoon off so I don't have to rush through anything for the first session.

Sunday was also all about movies.  I thoroughly enjoyed Greek Wedding 2, and then Sunday night after dinner, I watched Jurassic World.  I normally don't watch two movies in one day, but it was Easter, and I did need some time to relax.  Now, on to the next week.

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Sunday: Pure Barre

Monday: yoga

Tuesday: Iron Strength

Wednesday: 30 minutes treadmill

Thursday: strength training

Friday: rest

Saturday: Pure Barre 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Completely Chaotic

What is it about the aftermath of a storm, a full moon, and/or a long weekend that makes people completely lose their minds?  My goodness, what a day yesterday.  After a friend got hit by someone running a red light, the same thing ALMOST happened to me.  Dallas drivers are morons, but throw the right elements together, they can be downright dangerous.  All it does is make me mad.

Good Friday is interesting for me because I don't get the day off, but my family's never been religious, so I don't mind when people do want to take it off.  If I lived close to my parents, I'm sure we'd do stuff together on Easter Sunday, but once I got past the egg hunt age, all there was left was the 10 Commandments shown on ABC the night before.  Which never made sense to me since it's not an Easter movie.  Since a lot of things are closed Sunday, I have to get a lot done tomorrow, so talk about a busy Saturday.

1) Pure Barre, since the studio is closed Sunday
2) Groceries, since many of those stores are closed Sunday
3) Wine store, but they're always closed on Sundays
4) Hockey game Saturday since I have a ticket
5) Finally, maybe the movie theaters will be slightly quiet, so I'm planning on seeing My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.  I loved the first movie, and I'm willing to give the sequel a try since it's been so long since the first was in theaters.

I switched up my normal workout schedule for this weekend since I normally do Pure Barre on Sundays.  I'll do that Saturday then run on Sunday.  It seems like it's the treadmill for me since we're getting yet another cold front early early Sunday morning.  Then the movie has a lunchtime showing so I can carb up after my run.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Random Thoughts

After my Monday appointment with my chiro lead to some frustrations, I decided to tackle things head on.  PT doesn't start until next week, but one adjustment I've made is sitting less at work.  I made a makeshift work station where I can stand, or sit, so I limit the time I'm sitting.  I know article after article points to sitting all day that ruins hip strength, so I'm going to try it.  If standing all the time is too much, I can splurge on a stability ball and use that as a chair.  My legs and core will still have to work so I don't roll away.

I ended up laughing at this article from Women's Running.  I am now a runner in my 30's, if my hips are any indication, and I laughed at all points.  They're all true, except I never mowed the lawn.  I'm a bit of a klutz, and my dad never trusted me with a mower and its spinning blade.  Darn, right :-p  I certainly wasn't going to argue and say that I had to mow the lawn for character building.  Old shoes were tossed since I was rough on them, and they weren't always the best.  Seriously, how did I do so much training in whatever shoes I thought looked good?

I should've done this ages ago, but I ordered my first running hat.  I've never run with a non-winter hat, but Monday I had a pretty itchy scalp after my run Saturday.  Is it sunburn or windburn?  That wind was really cranking on Saturday, but it's time I protect my scalp.  I sunscreen everything else.  I have a ton of Sweaty Bands, but if I'm going to be outside, I think I need to switch to hats.

And last night we had ourselves our first major spring storm.  Denver got pounded with blizzard conditions, and in the spring time, that usually means thunderstorms for us.  It also brought hail.  My car's covered at home, so it's unscathed, but desperately needs a bath.  Other cars weren't so lucky in my town, and the local news this morning was showing cars not far from my complex, all beaten up and windshields shattered.  The storm also scared Allie, who's normally unfazed by big storms.  The hail was big, and loud hitting the windows and roof.  It was 81 yesterday, and I wokeup to temps in the 40s.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

To Wear the Race Shirts... or Not

Today's Tuesday on the Run is all about that race shirt.  We've talked about race shirts before, but today is whether you wear them or not.  I'm a definite NOT.  I don't want to depend on a shirt I've never seen before, never even worn a prototype for, and definitely don't know the material/cut/fit.  Since I don't pick them up until right before the race, I can't train in them.  Where are they going to chafe?  Did I choose a size that ends up engulfing me, or is it too small?  There's no way I'm putting my faith in a shirt I've never seen before.

My favorite race shirt
I will pack for any kind of weather situation so I have tried and true clothes in case Mother Nature decides to throw a wrench in the works.  I'm pretty good at packing a carry-on because it would be awful if I had everything in a suitcase, and it got lost.  It's stressful enough when that happens, even if it's on the way home, but when I have a big race that I've prepped for?  Oh boy.

I also, normally, don't wear the race shirts for running.  If it's a great shirt, I'll wear it on the weekends outside of work, or as a lounge shirt at home.  Thin, light material is great in the summer, and can cover my shoulders when I have the AC on.  I'm like Goldilocks, and wants thing be just right.  Otherwise the shirts really sit in my dresser.  I'm trying to collect them to send in for a blanket, but there are a couple shirts I'll keep out of that mix.


To update from yesterday, talking about acoustic wave therapy, my chiro is stopping wave therapy, but prescribing PT with their therapist.  I think deep down, I knew this was coming since my chiro gave me exercises to do a few weeks ago.  I am doing them, absolutely, but my hips are so weak, despite the progress I have made.  I mean, even this time last year, I was working my way up to 2 miles pain free, and I did 3.5 miles pain free in Boulder.  I do need help, and I've been prescribed PT twice a week for 4 weeks.  I'll be diligent with any take-home exercises I get.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Musings 3/21

Happy Monday, and happy spring.  The weekend was a good and busy one.  I got my 4-mile run done, did Pure Barre, got a new running toy (kind of toy), and I went to the FCD game, though it was quite chilly.  The week's weather was perfect, then we got a cold front Friday :-/  I ended up leaving the game early, but got home in time to watch some Track and Field World Indoor championships.

Saturday started with my morning routine of breakfast and yoga, then I ran a quick errand to get some groceries.  I'm trying to simulate race day morning, and knowing I'm going to be walking to the corrals, I'm trying to simulate that particular aspect.  I think walking around the grocery store is the best way I can do that, to walk around and stand on my feet, for when I'm waiting in the corrals.  I felt good and loose when I parked, but the run was tough.  I never felt like I was running smoothly.  I did get the 4 miles done, but I do need acoustic wave therapy to continue.  I felt the scar tissue flare up, but this time closer to my knee cap, BUT I was able to keep going.  The flare up was around 3 miles, but I never felt like I absolutely had to stop.  I could keep running, so I decided to try to get to 4 miles, and I did :-)  I was never in pain, but yes on discomfort.

Also on Saturday, I went to my LRS, Run On!, and bought a calf stretcher.  My calves can be tired and tight, and what I was doing wasn't quite cutting it.  My dad has a calf stretcher, and I loved that thing when I was in Boulder.  As Flynn Rider said, "oh mama, I have got to get me one of these!"  So I did.  I know my calves will thank me for it, but right now I need to be very diligent and keep stretching them out.  The stretcher came with a manual too to show how I can stretch in ways to get muscle groups beyond just the traditional calf.  I tried the hamstring stretch and I'm tight there too.

I also finished the book I was reading.  It was definitely one I needed, to be able to sit down and just read.  I'm starting to go through the books I have on my wish list, and I'm starting at the bottom of the list to get the books I marked last year.  Next up is a historical novel set in NYC during the Revolution.

Sunday, I switched my Pure Barre class to the earlier one since the wait list label came off that class and went to mine.  The 10:30 class was the one I wanted, and with it being Palm Sunday, I knew quite a few clients would be in church and want the later class.  I'll gladly switch, and it gave me the full afternoon to prep lunches for the week.  I"m trying something new this week and attempting to move away from processed chips and pretzels, to more whole foods.  I put together a salad for each of the week with green lettuce, dried cherries, toasted walnuts, slivered carrots, and of course, croutons.  I need that crunch so I don't end up missing the crunchy chips.  I'll see how that works out and what I want to add for next week.  Maybe some seeds.

Finally, I tried a new to me recipe I found on Runner's World.  It was very easy to make, and I went with the chicken broth option instead of using wine, but next time I'll use the wine option to see if/how the flavor differs.  The picture has green beans as a side, but I went with raspberries since I love my fruit, and I went with rice instead of spaghetti.  I also skipped the broil step to crisper the skin, since I don't eat the skin.  I always remove it when everything is done cooking, and throw it out.

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Monday: chiro visit, yoga

Tuesday: strength training

Wednesday: 30 minutes, yoga

Thursday: strength training

Friday: yoga

Saturday: yoga, 4 miles

Sunday: Pure Barre

Friday, March 18, 2016

Fall Races

I mentioned yesterday that all this downtime at work, due to spring break, may not be a good thing, necessarily.  I've had more time to start looking for fall races, kind of window shopping, just to see what's out there.  I'm not looking beyond the 10k distance, and I won't commit to anything until after Tink.  I need time to recover, and get through summer, but these 5 10k's jumped out at me.

1) MCM 10k.  This was on my bucket list even before I got injured.  My mom's family does have people who served in the military.  That side of the family is all over Virginia and some of them are runners as well

2) RnR Denver.  Since my parents live in Boulder, no hotel :)  I could possibly be able to convince my dad to do it too, and he knows Denver like the back of his hand since he grew up there.

3) RnR Vegas.  This one is definitely on my list of races, if not this year then next.  I haven't been to Vegas since I was 8 (?) so a racecation sounds like just the thing.

4) To stay local and do the Pumpkin Spice 10k?  I did the 5k this past November, so it's a possibility.  I think the field thinned out with the higher distances.  The 5k was crowded.

5) RnR San Antonio.  I'd have to book hotel, but I wouldn't have to fly.  Get in the car and drive.  This is another city I haven't been to in a VERY long time.  Since I was 2 to be precise.  Funny how I don't remember it.  I don't count my layover at the airport coming back from Disney in 2014, even though it did have a Cinnabon.

Yes, there is a little bit of a pattern with the RnR's, but I haven't done one yet.

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thinking Out Loud 3/17

Happy St. Patrick's Day?  I put a question mark because I've never really observed it, beyond being my Dallas anniversary.  It's been 7 years since I arrived (back) in Texas.  Growing up, I never liked the day because I never had green clothes until college (green and white colors), so I got pinched in elementary school.  Stupid tradition.  I'm not even wearing green today either.

This week has been spring break at the university, and I do think staff members should be able to have at least a couple days off.  It would've helped with the time change, that's for sure, but it's also slower than normal.  It's given me time to look at potential races for the fall, which I really shouldn't be doing.  I need to see how Tink goes before I start shifting my focus to the second half of the year.  But already I'm looking at either the RnR Denver 10k or the MCM 10k.

Speaking of Tink, my chiro said we could probably stop sound wave therapy after next week, if my 4-mile run goes well.  I normally go in every other week, but he wants to see me next Monday after my run to feel my knee and see how things are going.  He was fishing for scar tissue 3 days ago, which I hope is a really good sign.  I've scoped out my route for Saturday, 2 miles out, 2 miles back, and I just need to take it sloooow.  I'm running a path that goes through a blue bonnet field, but I don't think the blue bonnets are in bloom yet.

I'm finally back on the reading wagon.  I hadn't read a new book since the very beginning of February, and I called it quits with the 5th Outlander book last week.  I thought I spaced out the books, but this 5th one has me in a quagmire.  I can't get into the story, and I've slogged through 50% of it.  That's telling me something.  So on Tuesday night, I bought A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn.  Since I like her Lady Julia series a lot, I had bookmarked this on Amazon to check out later, and it's beyond later.  I like it already.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Hardest Thing About Running

Today's Tuesday on the Run is about the hardest thing about running.  My choice is the injuries.  They say running is good for us, and then we get hit with an injury.  It tests our resolve, and it tests our wallets.  How many visits to the chiropractor have I had since 2013?  How about the 7 sessions I've had for sound wave therapy.  Yes, no one is forcing me to go, but I gotta get better so I can run again.

Sitting on the sidelines is never fun.  I get FOMO, and the number of races out there is enticing.  It's tough to not sign up, or if I am signed up, playing it smart and maybe not running (HA!).  Or maybe walking?  We're bad influences for sure to the injured, and I'm not willing to listen to the common sense voice in my head all the time.  I'm invincible!

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Musings 3/14

Another weekend in the books.  I tried to make this one a lazy weekend, but still wanted to get my workouts in.  Since I was in Boulder last weekend, I didn't do too much relaxing, so I needed to pull back just a little bit this weekend.  Saturday, I got the crock pot out for an easy dinner, and parked myself on the couch, after getting my run in and getting errands done.  I always need to get ingredients for dinners, plus some much desired wine.  I made chicken tikka masala after being inspired by the Sherpa House in Golden.

My shoes (mentioned Thursday) arrived on Friday!  The ETA was mid-next week, so that was a fast delivery.  Now I have one more pair of 2000-3's in stock, in case I have to replace my current ones.  I feel more comfortable now, and I have much more time before I start looking for another brand.  I think the summer will be a good time to hit up my LRS since I don't have any major fall race planned yet.  Summer's basically the season to keep my base, but not do much building.  It's when I can really focus on strength training.

With vacation last weekend, I did have to switch around my weekend runs, the 3.5 miles fell during my stay in Boulder, and I decided to revamp the schedule to fit that.  I want to keep slowly building miles, and 30-minute runs two weekends in a row would've broken that pattern.  I've also altered the miles for my building runs to keep the building more reasonable.

I'm now building a 1/2-mile each time, so my next long run will be 4 miles, then 4.5, etc.  I felt some of the numbers on the training plan was building too much at one time.  The schedule does want me to do more than 6 miles by the time I'm done, and I wasn't planning on doing that anyway.  Shifting the numbers gives me more time to build.

I wrapped up yesterday after Pure Barre by heading over to the movie theater to see Zootopia.  Anybody else see it?  I thought it was very cute, and yes, I was trying to crack the mystery along with Nick and Judy.  I cracked right before they did, so I'm not sure how much better I did.  And I may have bought Shakira's song right when I got home.  How can the lyrics not apply to running?

I won't give up, no I won't give in
Till I reach the end and then I'll start again
No I won't leave, I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

I'm already on my first cup of hot tea to try to get more caffeine in my system.  This time change thing is always tough.  Not least because Allie was riled up at 6-whatever yesterday morning, so technically 5-whatever for my body clock.  She tried making up for it during the morning and wanted snuggles.  Thankfully she let me sleep right to my alarm this morning.

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Sunday: strength training (vacation)

Monday: travel day

Tuesday: strength training + chiro exercises

Wednesday: 30 minutes, post-run yoga

Thursday: strength trianing + chiro exercises

Friday: yoga

Saturday: 30 minutes, post-run yoga

Sunday: Pure Barre + chiro exercises

Friday, March 11, 2016

Eating Boulder

I ran in Boulder, and I ate in Boulder (and Golden).  You know how you eat a lot sometimes when you're on vacation?  That was me.  But since I don't often eat like that, I think I'm OK.

1) First stop was technically lunch, but my mom and I ate at Panera, so not Boulder specific.  I do like Panera though, and their Asian sesame chicken salad.  Dinner was the first Boulder specific place we went to, at Pica's Mexican Taqueria.  It's kind of a hole in the wall, so it's a small place, but if the weather's nice, they have an outdoor patio.  It was cooling off rapidly, so my parents and I stayed inside.  Since the trip was designed for me to see my grandmother, and a tough trip at that, I also indulged in a margarita.

2) As I mentioned in Tuesday's post, I carb loaded Friday morning at Snooze.  Snooze has locations in Colorado and California, and it's strictly a breakfast place.  I recommend getting there when it opens because at least the Boulder location is quite popular.  I had the sweet potato pancakes, but I've also tried their pancake flights, egg plate, and OMG French Toast.

3) Another breakfast place is the Walnut Cafe.  They've got Competitor (I think) covers of famous runners from Boulder, and one of them is Jenny Simpson.  I was hankering for an omelet, and I almost ate the whole thing.  Again, I don't normally eat like that so if I want to eat it all, I do.

I had popcorn at this game too
4) Saturday's dinner, after my run, was at a place in Golden called the Sherpa House.  It's Indian food, and we met up with my mom's brother and his family.  One of my cousins loves the place and she recommended it for this dinner.  I had the chicken chow mein, but Indian chow mein is different from a Chinese restaurant.  Bonus, it came with vegetables, which was great since I was trying to stay semi-healthy during the trip and get my fruits and veggies.

5) The last place isn't glamorous but we went to Whole Foods for breakfast on Sunday.  I include this because I tried turkey bacon for the first time.  It's not the same, and I'll stick with regular bacon, please.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's always 3's

It's time for Thursday 3's, and Thinking Out Loud with Amanda.

It looks like I'll be in the market for different shoes once I complete Tink.  Out of curiosity, I was reading the reviews for the Asics GT-2000 4's, and most of them say the same things... the toe box is too narrow, resulting in blisters, the heel box is too narrow, resulting in blisters, and the sizing if off by at least half a size too small this year.  Really?  I just got back into Asics because of the 3's, after not wearing Asics because their GT-2000 1's were awful.  Luckily I found my size on sale on Amazon and I quickly ordered a pair.  Good grief.

Over my vacation, I saw the news that Run Disney is not going to have Rudy Novotny at the Tinker Bell race, in favor of an all-female announcing team.  I know a lot of people are outraged over this announcement since it seems that Run Disney didn't do any market research before making that announcement (sorry, I went to a business college and market research was hammered into our brains).  Rudy's known as the voice of the marathon, and there is a petition on to reinstate him.  Some are even concerned about his involvement at all races after the Dark Side half marathon next month.

Finally, I finished all the Girl Scout Cookies I bought.  All 7 boxes.  With two going to lunches each day, and two or three after dinner, I was good for just about a box per week, and yesterday, I finished the last box.  I'm a little sad, but it's always a good time of year when the cookies are available.  I don't need them year round.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Running Boulder

I'm back from Colorado!  I got back yesterday and got Allie from the vet, then got scolded while she ran around the apartment.  She's always happy to be back home, but she has to fuss at me first.  Or help with laundry.

I was visiting family, but I still wanted to keep up with my training.  I may not have done all the strength training I wanted to do, but I made sure I at least did all of the exercises my chiro gave me to further work on my hips.  3 sets of 15 has me grimacing, but it's doctor's orders.  I knew running wouldn't be much of a problem since I was in Boulder, but it all depended on my knee.

During Friday, I made sure to keep up with yoga, and some carb loading :)  If any of y'all is looking for a great breakfast spot in Boulder, go to Snooze on Pearl Street.  I had one of their specialties, sweet potato pancakes.  This is only 2 pancakes, and I ended up taking a doggy bag home with what I couldn't eat.  Their pancake size for their flight is smaller than the regular plate.  Oh my.

Since I've run in Eugene, I knew I needed to run in Boulder.  I mean, my parents live there and I needed to take advantage of the GORGEOUS weather we had.  It was mid-60s, a little cloudy, but the sun did come out at the end of the run.  I even felt overdressed near the end.  I ran along Boulder Creek, on one of the many running trails in the city, and got the entire 3.5-mile run done.  I never felt twinging or pulling, and it was definitely a boost to my confidence.  I know I still have work to do, but I felt really good after that run.

Tuesdays on the Run with Patty, Erika, and Marcia.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Running Wardrobe

Does your running wardrobe change over time?  Not only has the material I run in changed (cotton socks?  No wonder I always had blisters), but what I've worn has changed.  I used to wear strictly t-shirts and shorts, sometimes running tights depending on the weather.  Now I wear a ton of running tank tops and capris most of the time.  I wear Running Skirts in the summer and capris the rest of the time.  Sometimes even Running Skirts over my capris.

It's no secret my new favorite top is from Oiselle.  I had it printed in bold letters on my birthday list, and I would live in it if I could.  Too bad I have to wear business casual at work.  Sometimes I think I should've been a trainer/coach to take full advantage of my running clothes.  I have more fun wearing my workout clothes.

It's funny how I'm willing to splurge on good running gear, but not splurge on work clothes.  I want the same thing out of either wardrobe, to be of high quality, and last me a while.  I do laugh about it when I wait and wait and wait until I buy a new piece for work, but I can spend at the drop of a hat when it comes to running.

Tuesdays on the Run with Patty, Erika, and Marcia