Friday, October 30, 2015

Favorite Halloween Costumes

Tomorrow is Halloween and today's Friday Five is a freebie.  Sadly I don't have pictures, but I'm going to list out my favorite Halloween costumes.

1) I'm not your typical girly-girl, and I've always loved villains in movies.  The story would be quite dull without them.  One of my favorite movies growing up was the Wizard of Oz, and one year in pre-school, I chose to be the Wicked Witch of the West.  I even had green face paint, but my parents didn't put it on my hands.  It would've ended up every where.  All the other girls in my class (I've been told) were princesses and fairies.

2) I went as a pirate two different years.  My favorite Disney villain was Captain Hook, and I liked the notion of pirates.  They seemed to have more fun in movies.

3) My friend and I went dressed up as hippies one year, but this was the first year I had to wear a jacket over my costume.  Wait what?  Yeah, thanks Wisconsin.  The first Halloween there wasn't that bad, and I got away with no jacket.  Not that year.  What's the point of costumes if you have to wear a jacket over them?

4) One of my last costumes was as Athena.  I had a stuffed animal owl too so Bubo was included.

5) Finally, not my costume, but in college one of my friends went as a mammogram machine.  It was college, what can I say.  We helped him put it all together and it was epic.  He had other great Halloween costumes, but that one's my favorite.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tortilla Soup

I was asked what my tortilla soup recipe is, so here it is.  My mom got this recipe from a coworker years ago, and it's been a winter staple since.  I didn't eat it at first, but as I got older I came to love it.

First step:
2 T vegetable oil
1 small onion, chopped
1 can of mild, chopped green chilis
2 garlic cloves

Saute for 5 minutes

Second step:
1 cup chicken broth
1.5 cups beef broth
1.5 cups tomato juice
1.5 cups water
1 large tomato, diced
1 t cumin
1 t chili powder
1 t salt (if using low sodium broths)
2 t worcestershire sauce
1 packet frozen corn
Chicken, cubed

Add all the remaining ingredients to the pot, bring to a boil and simmer for 60-70 minutes.  You can serve it as is or serve with tortilla chips, cheese, guac, sour cream, any garnish you want.

I don't chop the garlic cloves, but I do cut each clove in half.  That way the flavor permeates the soup, but I can easily find the cloves and pick them out once the soup is ready.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Yoga for Running

Today is Tuesdays on the Run, and I wanted to post my favorite poses since I've been taking up yoga a bit more and really stretching out my muscles.  No pictures of me doing the poses, but I did get a picture of Allie "helping" with my cheat sheet yesterday :)

I try to hold these poses as much as possible, to let me muscle fatigue and relax more into the poses.  I don't include them all in each of the routines I've made, but there will always be at least a couple to work on my tight spots.

Runner's Lung


Forward bends



Revolved Triangle

I love the flowing, stretching type yoga and try to get poses in that will help me stretch out after sitting all day at work.  All of these poses really help target areas that need stretching, and I just discovered the revolved triangle.  I don't know if I feel my IT band, but the stretch runs from my glutes, to my knee and sometimes into my calf. 

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Musings 10/26

This weekend was a complete 180 from last weekend, and it was lazy and glorious.  I did get workouts done, but between said workouts, I didn't do much of anything.  Saturday was a gray, rainy day that was screaming for soup, so I made tortilla soup that night, and Sunday was gray but not raining.  FC Dallas had a game, so no soup to simmer on the stove.

Pure Barre was taught by a teacher whose classes are very challenging, and I was pleasantly surprised that my legs weren't as sore Sunday as I was expecting.  Maybe I'm getting used to things?  I doubt it since my quads still struggle with those exercises in class.  Since I cancelled my gym membership, I do want to get a third PB class in each month.  Between PB and building up stuff for a mini-home gym (I bought a workout barbell), I hope to have lots of stuff to strength train with that doesn't involve an actual gym.

Last week I decided to try another mystery series, one I started to read but didn't get in to the first time around.  I think when I tried reading its first book, I needed a break from mysteries and moved back to novels.  That had to be it because I've read the first two books and bought the third one.  In fact, I bought the second book Friday night and had it done Saturday night.  When I don't do much Saturday, and the cat demands to snuggle four different times, I read.

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Monday: yoga

Tuesday: 2 miles

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 2.3 miles

Friday: rest

Saturday: Pure Barre

Sunday: 2 miles

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Yoga With a Cat

Ever do yoga at home, with the help of a cat?  Since I've been building my own yoga routines, Monday nights have become my yoga nights.  It feels good to stretch out, and I'm using the yoga method I love the best.  Steady, flowing yoga that moves into the next pose, and hits the muscles that need attention.  The one drawback?  I need my cheat sheet so I know which pose comes next.  With DVDs, the cat sits on the couch, entranced by the yoga voice.  Not so much with a free piece of paper.  This cute little girl makes yoga a participatory activity.

Thankfully, she gives me my space and only goes after the cheat sheet.  All my cheat sheets are crumpled, and I have to put them in a big envelope to protect them.  She doesn't participate with me, just runs interference so I can't see what I'm supposed to do next.  One of my parents' cats makes it a full participatory activity, and must be involved at every second.

It doesn't matter if the pose is a standing pose, twisting pose, downward dog, on the floor, he's there and must assist.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Next Race

After using the Showdown 5k as a measuring stick to see where I am, I've scheduled my next 5k to use as another yard stick.  With the weather turning to fall and my recovery week done, I'm going to start getting outside more for my weekend runs.  I'm going to start at the track in case any flare ups happen and I can stop and get to more car without having to keep going to get back to my car.  I've cancelled my gym membership, and I can apply some of that to another PB class, and I'm going to get running more often during the week to keep building my durability.

November 21st.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Musings 10/19

What a busy weekend!  My dad came to visit and we were busy Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  But first, take a look at the right panel.  Notice anything?  I started adding some gadgets to the blog while I'm trying to find ways to add my blog's social media icons.  Anyone on Blogger have any advice?

This week was spent as recovery, sometimes even a forced recovery.  That's good though.  I want to get back at it again but I needed to give my body a chance to recover from this past training cycle.  I was itching to get back so bad so on Thursday I hopped on the bike and did 4 miles.

Then Dad visited.  I'm kind of tired this Monday morning but it was a fun weekend.  Friday we went to the Allen Americans' home opener, where they raised the championship banner.  The team was a little rusty but it was only the first game.  I know they'll get better with practice and the chaos of preseason is over.

Saturday we went to Addison to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.  I discovered this museum last November and tucked it away for Dad's next visit.  Voila, here it is.  If any of y'all are in to aviation history, this museum has some great planes.   They also offer rides in the planes, but the only affordable one is a Korean-era helicopter, like you see in the opening of MASH.  Sorry, I'm not getting in a helicopter.  I hate flying enough as it is.

Sunday we went down to the Bush Library at SMU.  This is the third presidential library I've visited, though I don't exactly remember the first one, which was Eisenhower's.  I think I was in elementary school so a lot of it was over my head.  That one's in Kansas so I should go back since I'll understand a whole lot more.  The second one was HW Bush's in College Station.

Dad also bought me wine, which I'm in favor of :-)  We had a Chardonnay from Grgich Hills, Grgich being the wine maker for Chateau Montelena when they won the Judgement of Paris.

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Monday: yoga

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: bike 4 miles

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

Sunday: rest

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Recipes

Friday Five and it's all about fall foods.  If the fall weather would actually get here (cough, cough!) I can get out my fall recipes and go to town.  I like making big meals because it means I have leftovers in the fridge, making dinners during the week that much easier.

1) Chili.  I already got my recipe for chili out, and it won't be the last.  I got enough for 3 meals in the leftovers, plus the cornbread.  As long as I have chili leftovers, I have to have corn bread leftovers too.

2) Soups/stews.  These are fun to cook.  They have to simmer at some point, which means the smell seeps throughout the house and fills it up with yummy stuff.  I have tortilla soup and chowder recipes that make a ton.

3) One-pot meals.  I got my grandmother's Dutch oven, and it's fantastic!  Soups and stews can be one-pot meals, but there are others too.  If I only have to clean up one pot when everything's done, bonus.  I have recipes where I use every pan I've got and I want elves to come in during the night and clean it all up.

4) Crock-pot.  A combo of one-pot meals that simmer for hours.  Oh boy!  Plus with crock pot liners, just pick it up and throw it out.  Clean and done!

5) Hot chocolate.  I love sitting down after dinner with a hot cup of cocoa, made with milk.  Since I started making hot chocolate with milk years ago, I can't make it with water.  It's too thin and lacks flavor.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Plan of Attack for November

As I mentioned in my 5k recap, I have some theories about what caused the flare up in my knee.  It wasn't ITBS, which I'm extremely grateful for.  I know that spot intimately, unfortunately, and I was able to keep running to finish the race, albeit in shorter spurts.  This new spot flared up in September, and now I have a little bit of a pattern and some extra info.

In early September, I felt a twinge in that spot but it wasn't bad, so I held off until my chiro appointment to bring it up, and got it worked on.  My first run after it was a lot more than a twinge and I cut my run short to not push it.  My chiro appointment this month was the Wednesday before my 5k, and again it flared up.  A little bit of a pattern, which I can experiment with next month.  My appointment is early November, and I'm not looking for a race until the week of Thanksgiving.

The other main theory is my tight calf.  The calf itself didn't bother me during the race, but my LRS suggested the calf was still responsible for this new flare up.  The outside of the calf can cause that kinetic chain to be strained, and I need to work to loosen up the muscle near the shin bone.  That's not always easy, but I have my stick and lacrosse ball, and the internet to help with stretches to target that spot.  I've started with the stick and lacrosse ball already for this recovery week, and I found a great stretch yesterday by playing around with my yoga strap.

I also think I should build in some recovery weeks during the next round.  I think it would be beneficial for my body to have a week where I keep up with yoga and easy biking, but back off on pounding the pavement.  Now that we're in racing season, I can sign up for a couple more 5k's and focus on building mileage outside to keep my natural stride.  

I won't lie, the new flare up is frustrating, but my IT band did well during the 5k and I found out what else I need to do to keep moving forward.  It's always a learning process and I'm exciting to start again next week.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Showdown 5k

This was meant to be a yardstick to find out where I am in my comeback.  I wanted to do this 5k last year but I was nowhere near ready and decided to wait.  It's a local race, and I kept hearing about how well organized it was every year.  When the time came this year to sign up, I went ahead to have a milestone on my calendar, and to have fun.


It was VERY easy to get to the starting area and there was no traffic turning into the parking lots.  The town hall where we started is at the end of a shopping area so there was plenty of parking spots and easy to find the starting area from there.  The half went first, followed by the 5k.  The time to use the portapotties was when the 1/2 marathoners were lined up, listening to the UT and OU fight songs. There were no lines so I took advantage.  Bad part is I think that's when one of my earbuds dropped off the earplug :(  I don't know when it happened, but I ran the race with one earbud in since the other was unprotected.

To sum things up, it went well until mile 2.  It wasn't my IT band, and I would have cried if it had been my IT band.  The flare up I had last month reared its ugly head, so I switched my intervals during the last mile.  I could run for at least a minute at a time so that's what I decided to do.  I wasn't out to break any records; I wanted to run by feel from the very beginning to see how everything went.

I have some theories about this flare up.  The spot is in the middle of classic runner's knee and my IT band spot.  I'm going to incorporate some more quad work in case it is runner's knee, and I'm going to work on loosening up my calf, in case it stems from last.  I went to my LRS and they said it could be tight calves and I've been battling that for the last month, and my lacrosse ball found a whopping knot in that calf during my recovery.

I also think in part it's because this was my first run outside in quite a while.  Like maybe last fall when I was using the track.  Now that the weather's turned more towards fall, I can take my runs off the treadmill and pick things up.  I run faster when I'm outside, which may have contributed to the flare up, and the contours and banking of the course probably did too.  My next plan of attack is to start small with mileage as I transition outside.  If it's not that, at least I'll be off the treadmill and running my normal running gait.

Nothing Bundt Cakes!
Overall, this race was exactly what I wanted it to be.  It showed me my IT band is acting very well at the moment, but it gave me other aspects to focus on.  It's still trial and error, and the only way I can get better is to keep running to test out my theories.  I'm now looking for a 5k around Thanksgiving, either the weekend before or after.  There are a few in the area so I'll keep my eye on those.

Oh, and let's talk about Rock Tape.  Let's talk about how painful it is to take the tape off after a race.  It's not like taking off a band-aid.  I didn't really need the layer of skin, did I?

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Musings 10/12

Tomorrow I'll post my 5k recap, but for now, I'm sticking with the Weekly Wrap-up with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.

After my race, I did a lot of stretching, and I had help foam rolling.  OK, her version of help.  I wanted to recover well and I could already tell where the soreness was creeping in, and finding knots with the lacrosse ball.  Recovery also meant an hour-long nap after lunch, with Allie.  She can curl up very small and likes to snooze with me.

The rest of Saturday was low-key.  I did go to the liquor store since I needed tequila for a marinade I was making Sunday, and the liquor stores are closed Sundays.  I can get a lot of groceries, but I needed to get that.  Since it was for a marinade I got the small bottles.  I like margaritas but wine is my go to.  The recipe was for Caribbean island lime shrimp.  I made it with white rice, the Red Lobster biscuits and pineapple chunks.  You should have seen the mess in the kitchen.  I try to clean as I wrap up stuff, but there was still a lot to clean up once I was done.

I started my Halloween movies too.  Since there's never much on TV Friday nights, I watched Hocus Pocus while I relaxed before my race.  I will admit, I was not a fan of the movie when I was a kid, but I love it now.  How can you not like Winifred?  That is a role you can have fun with, and Bette Midler certainly had fun.  Next up is Little Shop of Horrors from Netflix.  That will probably arrive Tuesday.


Monday: yoga

Tuesday: lower body strength training

Wednesday: chiro appointment

Thursday: packet pick up

Friday: rest

Saturday: 5k - 3.18 on my Garmin

Sunday: Pure Barre

Thursday, October 8, 2015

3 Things Thursday

I'm trying my hand at 3 Things Thursday this week, and it works perfectly since I have 3 things to write about :-)  It's always good when things fall in to place.

1) It's hockey season!  I think of Sheldon playing Dungeons and Dragons when I hit hockey season every year.  It means fall really is here and it's time to pull out the sweatshirts and jackets because, let's face it: it can get pretty cold in hockey arenas.  Friday I almost turned into a icicle.

2) Since I started building my own yoga routines, I've been testing them out which means I'm doing yoga more.  I can focus on what I need to work on and bring in new poses.  I'm nowhere near to hitting the advanced poses but I can do beginner through intermediate poses so I have a wide range to chose from.  It's fun to read about the poses and find which ones would work best with what I'm trying to achieve.  I put each workout in Excel, write down how many breathes I want to hold the poses for and then print them out.  I have 5 at home to work on.

3) I'm going to start hunting for another pair of the Asics shoes I wear.  No offense to them, but every year, when the new shoes come out, I get worried.  The GT 2000 3's are working magnificently and I'm not ready to start thinking about the 4's.  Women's Running Magazine had a preview but didn't really mention what changes are going to happen.  I learned with the first GT 2000 shoes that changes don't mean for the better, so I want to get another pair of 3's to use when I'm training for the Tink 10k.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Race Week

It's been a long time since hit race week and approaching the final countdown.  Not that I forget how it's done.  Packet pickup starts tomorrow and goes through race morning.  I thought about picking up all my stuff race morning, but then I thought I could sleep in just a little bit more (ha! if I sleep in).

I had my final run on Sunday, with a good 2.5 miles.  Today is strength training, tomorrow is the chiro and Thursday is biking to get my legs moving without the pounding. 

The race series posted pictures of the race shirts and the 3 colors they come in.  There's the UT orange and OU red, and then neutral is a nice blue color.  Since I'm not repping either school in the Red River Rivalry, my shirt will be blue.  I'm repping my school and still enjoying that it doesn't have a football team.  We're undefeated since 1919.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Musings 10/5

We hit October and the weather shifted just like that.  It was gorgeous this weekend.  I had places to drive and I purposefully took the long way each time so I could drive with my windows and sunroof open.  When I was home, I had the windows and back door open so someone could park herself in front of the screen door.

She loves looking outside and add in all the outside smells, she's quite content.  Then she'll start running around the apartment like a crazy cat and when she's done, she'll sprawl out in the sun.

The cool weather also meant I could make chili Saturday night.  I had two hockey games to go to, Friday and Saturday, and after I nearly froze to an icicle Friday night, I needed something hearty to keep me warm from the inside.  Either it worked, or the arena found the right temperature that keeps the ice in tact but doesn't freeze out the fans.

I'm excited for this week too.  Wednesday I have my monthly chiro appointment to make sure everything is good before my 5k, and get taped up, then Thursday I'll pick up my race packet.  I have my bib number too :-)  It's been a while since I've been able to do the pre-race ritual, and I'm very happy.

Sunday was a movie afternoon.  After going to Cinemark to watch the Princess Bride, I went home and watched Chariots of Fire during dinner.  It's so funny to see what people used to run in.  I know they used what they had, but I can't stop thinking about the chafing and blisters.  

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Sunday: Pure Barre

Monday: yoga

Tuesday: Iron Strength core routine

Wednesday: 3.1 miles

Thursday: yoga

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 2.5 miles, arms strengthening

Friday, October 2, 2015

October Will Be Busy

We're only on the second day of October but already this month seems packed full of stuff to do. 

1) This weekend I can pick up my season tickets for our ECHL team.  They have a meet the team event tomorrow and ticket pick up as well.  The season ended back in June and already the new season is coming up.  Then Sunday the Cinemark Classic Series is showing the Princess Bride.  I don't care what else is going on that afternoon, I'm going to the movie.  There's nothing like seeing a favorite on the big screen.

2) Next weekend is my 5k, and it will be the first race I'm running in over two years.  I did a 5k on the treadmill Wednesday and wore what I'm going to wear for that 5k.  Everything felt great and no chafing (knock on wood).

3) The weekend after that is the ECHL team's home opener, and my dad is visiting that weekend as well.  I have his ticket and once I pick up mine, we'll be all set for the game.

4) The 4th weekend this month is the only one I don't have booked full.  FCD has their last home game of the season that weekend, but outside of that, I may want to put my feet up. 

5) And finally, I'm going to a wedding reception on Halloween.  There's also a race series in Fort Worth with a 5k, that I'm bantering back and forth about.  The reception isn't until Halloween evening so I have the whole day free until then.

Whew! right?  September flew by and even though I'll be busy almost every weekend, I hope October slows down a bit.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mumo Jumbo

Another Thursday for Thinking Out Loud with Amanda.

Tonight, I get to usher in October with the season premier of Sleepy Hollow.  I'm getting Halloween stuff lined up and of course this show falls right in line.  There's Sleepy Hollow the show and Sleepy Hollow the movie.  My favorite live-action Tim Burton film.  I think it's classic Burton and I love watching it every year.  Of course there's the Great Pumpkin, Nightmare Before Christmas, and so on.  This year I want to buy Hocus Pocus.  I DVR it on ABC Family but it's filled with commercials.  Amazon has it for $5 so if I can't find it near me, that's where I'll go.


I found out very recently one of the mystery series I read has been terminated by the publisher.  NOOOO!  If anyone's interested, it's the India Black series.  There are 4 novels and two novellas, and I wanted more.  I love it.  But the publisher decided they didn't want more, and I wish the author would publish independently, in the future.  I've heard some authors are going down that path and cutting out the publishing industry.  With the electronic age, I think it's something worth considering.


I'm type-A, big time, and even though my 5k is in 1.5 weeks, I printed out a training plan for the Tink 10k and figured if I can maintain 3 miles, I can start training in February.  The Galloway plan doesn't leave much for tapering though, so I could back it up to the actual start day of training (with 1.5 miles) and give myself some cushion.

And trust, my type-A came out because I wrote it all down on 2016 month calendars and mapped out when to take Pure Barre as well.  I was bored with downtime at work and I made busy work.


Last month I discovered a webpage called Pocket Yoga, and man it's such a time waster.  I'm not a yoga instructor at all, and I can't do the advanced poses, but I've built some of my own yoga routines and it's been fun.  My favorite type of yoga is the flowing stretching type, and I've been putting that into the routines.  When I know certain muscles need to be worked, I look up poses to see what I can do.