Thursday, September 17, 2015

That Extra Rest Day

Today's thinking out loud will start off with rest days.  I had to take an extra rest day yesterday, and I don't regret it.  I was exhausted starting on Tuesday and it carried over in to yesterday.  My plan was to nap when I got home from work and then do a workout, but I scrapped that after I napped for 40 minutes.  I don't normally nap that long, maybe 20 minutes but not 40.  I took it as a sign and sat on the couch watching TV.

We had a front come through Tuesday night and I'm sure it brought allergens and spores with it, but I don't think it completely caused my exhaustion.  I've been studying for a certification exam for work, and I'm taking it Saturday.  I'm at the point where I just want to take it and get it out of the way.  It's been a long time coming too with a review session in March (with my trip to Disney.  Yay conferences at the S&D!).  Then it's been studying all summer to memorize the info I need to know.  I'd like to pass it so I don't have to repeat this next year.

My run on Tuesday was tough but I still got it done.  My legs felt heavy and my calves felt tight.  My left calf started cramping during PB Saturday so I'm chalking their tightness up to that.  I've been in need of a massage for a bit and I have one scheduled on Sunday.  I opted for deep tissue and I'll have them focus on my legs since that's where the physical activity has been.  They normally end up on my back but I need them to focus on my legs.

Lastly, I'm seriously thinking of dropping my gym membership.  Since I started doing different types of strength training at home and Pure Barre at the studio, the number of trips I'm taking to my gym is maybe once every two weeks.  I can get treadmills at my fitness room, and once the weather turns nice, I want to be outside as much as I can.  I pay too much for my gym membership to be going that sparingly.  This is the first fitness room I've really used at any of my apartment complex's and I like it a lot.

Thinking Out Loud with Amanda.


  1. That's really great that you have a fitness room in your apartment complex! I think if I had that I definitely wouldn't need a gym membership. I dropped mine in June because I was doing all my strength training at home but I may need to join one again once it gets colder out.

    1. It's a nice one, and the first I've used a lot of. I didn't use my last complex's gym at all.

  2. Good luck on your test this weekend!!!
    I've done that many times gone down for a nap, to wake up much later than I planned:) Oh well, I guess that means we need the extra sleep!
    I'm not a gym person, I prefer outside. I do have a treadmill and climber and a few other things at home for the really bad days that I can't get out. But memberships are so expensive, if you're not using it much then save your $$ for races or trips:)

    1. I don't normally nap after work, but whatever that system brought with it has kicked my booty this week. I do think some of it is stress for the exam but I'd say most is allergens.