Thursday, August 20, 2015

2015 Disney Legends

This past weekend was the D23 expo, which I followed online, and my favorite is always the induction of the new class of Disney Legends.  This year's class was announced as:

Andreas Deja
Danny Elfman
George Lucas
Julie Reihm Casaletto
Eyvind Earle
George Bodenheimer
Susan Lucci
Carson Van Osten

(ranked in order of my knowledge of them).  I will admit I had not idea who George Bodenheimer, Susan Lucci and Carson Van Osten are.

And the surprise inductee was:

Johnny Depp

The one I knew was absolutely right was Andreas Deja.  Glen Keane was inducted as a Legend in 2013 and I thought it's high time that class of animators joined the Legend ranks.

If you don't know what Deja's work consists of, here are some of his characters:

Roger Rabbit
King Triton
Adult Hercules
Mama Odie and Juju

Not bad huh?

Animators like Deja, Keane, Ruben Aquino and Mark Henn animated my childhood so Disney, get crackin' on the next two.  Chop chop!

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