Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thinking Out Loud 7/23

Thinking Out Loud with Amanda was prevalent in my mind this weekend.  When I went to Michaels to get picture frames, I saw they had fall decorations out already.  O...K... yes, I want cooler weather after a week of 100+, but that's too much.  And apparently a couple of my friends have seen Halloween decorations at Hobby Lobby.  Not to mention the Disney Store has released some new designs for their annual Sketchbook Christmas ornaments.  I'm not making that up!


Does anyone else agonize over their weekly workout schedule?  I am.  Since I started hanging out with friends to watch Dr. Who on Tuesdays, I've been trying to figure out a good workout schedule to accommodate that day as rather busy.  Saturdays are a must to run because if I'm at soccer or hockey games Saturday night, my legs are heavy Sunday mornings.  I found that out this past weekend, and even though I had a good workout, I could feel it in my knee Monday night and Tuesday morning.  Right now I'm thinking of strength training Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday and running Wednesday/Saturday.


And last night I had a great time trying to look for that white sleeve that comes with Netflix discs.  I have two standard spots I put it when I'm watching the disc and I just couldn't find it.  It was driving me crazy.  I even started blaming the cat.  I got Netflix 4-5 years ago and I never lost the white sleeve, or red mailing sleeve for that matter.  I did find a cat toy I thought was lost.  Eventually I found it, under the couch, so I was right to blame the cat.


  1. The thought of fall stuff in stores now never sits well with me. I was at a craft store the other day and they already had a small isle for Christmas... I avoided it! LOL
    LOL, your cat likes to play tricks on you!

    1. I didn't see Christmas, but I know that's around the corner too. I know it's super hot, but I still want to enjoy summer.