Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rombauer and Baldacci

The last two vineyards of the trip.  Sigh.  Thursday afternoon we headed back to San Francisco, but also made a stop at the Disney Family Museum.  That's coming up tomorrow :)

Rombauer was Thursday morning and Baldacci was early Thursday afternoon.  If the name Rombauer is familiar, Koerner Rombauer's great-aunt, Irma, wrote the Joy of Cooking.  If y'all have seen Julie&Julia, she's Mrs. Joy.  Rombauer's philosophy is the Joy of Wine, in direct connection of Joy of Cooking.  I'd say this family knows about good food and good wine.  In fact, Koerner's way of thinking is to make wine that is good to drink right off the bat, instead of having to wait years for it to age.

2013 Carneros Chardonnay
2011 Carneros Merlot
2012 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
2011 Diamond Selection Cabernet
2013 Rombauer Zinfandel

The Chardonnay from Rombauer is their leading wine in sales, by far.  It was quite good, and I liked the Diamond Selection Cabernet as well.  I did not like the Zinfandel because it's a sweet wine, and we were told beforehand it's more jam in taste than a dry wine.

If you have a chance to walk around before or after the tasting, the grounds are gorgeous.  We met the head gardener while waiting for our tasting, and he pointed out the flower species, what he uses, what's popular.  There are picnic benches and we took advantage of a picnic lunch in the gardens, overlooking the vineyards.

That afternoon, we headed towards Baldacci, which I had scheduled as our last winery since it's south of Calistoga, and we'd be heading south back towards San Francisco.  It's a boutique winery, and I liked all the wines we tasted.  We even met Beau, who is the family's black Labrador.  His human is one of the family's sons, and Beau is his constant shadow around the vineyard.  You can even follow his exploits on Instagram.

2013 Sorelle Chardonnay
2012 Elizabeth Pinot Noir
2011 IV Sons Fraternity
2011 Black Label Cabernet

The wines were good, and my favorite was the Elizabeth Pinot Noir.  Lately I've been coming across Pinots that lack body and quite frankly are weak wines.  The Elizabeth Pinot has flavor and body to hold up to food I might be cooking.  That one's on my splurge list.


  1. My husband has dreams of moving there and having a winery of our own one day. Don't think that will ever happen but who knows? Beautiful place to visit

    1. It's gorgeous, and seeing the temp difference between Napa and Dallas has me question why I live in Dallas.

  2. You sure did visit a lot of wineries. I look forward to the review of the Disney museum!

    1. It's posted today :) That was fun too.

  3. You really did visit a lot of wineries. I bet the trip was just amazing for you Beautiful pictures:)

    1. The thing is there are SO many more, we barely scratched the surface. That just means I need to take another trip there