Wednesday, May 27, 2015

San Francisco

The first part of San Francisco isn't exciting.  We fought rush hour Friday traffic to get across the bridge into Marin County to our friends' house.  I don't know how Californians deal with their traffic. I would go bonkers if I had to drive in that every day.  Dallas traffic can be bad, but it's not California bad.

Saturday we drove into the city and parked near Fisherman's Wharf.  I was very happy we did not have a hotel in the city since the Bay to Breakers was that Sunday, right when we needed to get to Napa to the wine train.  Even with the expo going on, I didn't feel Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 were all that busy.

The sea lions are coming back, and you can hear their barking before seeing their lounging spot.  They sleep, swim, and people can buy fish to feed them.  Now tell me why they would want to leave?

We picked up the cable car at Market Street and rode it all the way up Nob Hill.  I don't know how races take place in San Francisco.  All those hills and it's hard just to walk up them.  When we walked back down the hill towards Boudin for lunch, I had to lean back.  The hill is so steep I figured if I walked upright like normal, I would tip over and land right on my face!

Boudin has their bread stand but they also have a cafe.  I had their soup/sandwich combo with grilled cheese and then tomato basil soup in a bread bowl.  Afterwards we went through their museum, which is on the second floor, and it goes through the history of the Boudin French emigres from the '48 rebellion (think Les Miz), and how the mother dough was saved during the earthquake.  Every piece of Boudin bread uses the same yeast from when the bakery started since a piece of dough is saved at the end of every day as the starter for the next day.

And how could I not go to San Francisco without going to Ghiradelli.  This is their Nob Hill Chill which is vanilla ice cream, ice cubes and homemade fudge smoothied together then sprinkled with mini chocolate chips.  My parents and I split this and it was perfect!

If you want good pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city, head out towards Marin County and take the first exit.  It's popular, so you might have to circle to find a parking spot, but the views are amazing!


  1. I love Pier 39, you're lucky you hit it on a day it wasn't too busy. It can get pretty crowded at times:)
    My favorite thing on the San Fran Bridge is to look down towards the water on the south side and see all the big great white sharks.
    There is so much to do in San Fran, you've visited a few places I never have.
    I haven't ran a race there, but I totally would. Although if you look at course maps they aren't all that hilly, they pretty much run them along the coastal edges, I am not aware of any of the bigger races that actually take you up into the big hills:) But I will say, a race up the mountain would definitely be one killer course:)
    Looks like such a fun trip, makes me realize I really need to get away:)

    1. Bay to Breakers goes through the city but I don't know what hills they go over. I saw many people running and biking and it's got to be a very fit city.