Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My First Pure Barre

As I posted yesterday, I signed up for my first Pure Barre class, which was Sunday.  I knew going into the class that it would be tough.  I never think new classes are easy because I want to do my best, and anything new is a shock to my muscles.  Some of the exercises we did use small hand weights or resistance bands, but a lot of the exercises used body weight.

One exercise in particular, using the barre, targeted my periformis like you wouldn't believe.  I know part of their weakness resulted in my ITBS but it's not like I wasn't trying to strength train.  It's just that nothing's worked.  These exercises had one leg as the stabilizer, and I know I should've felt the exercise in the leg that was working, but nope.  The periformis in the stabilizing leg took over and that's all I felt.  When we switched sides, I could balance out the struggle.

The other interesting part is we were told we want our muscles shaking almost immediately.  We were told that means the muscle is changing, which I guess is the whole point?  Again, we were at the barre, and since this set of exercises is done on tippy-toes, I was shaking like a paint mixer.  If that's the objective, crushed it.

Overall, it was challenging but in a good way.  I'd like to take more classes and I have to master the "tuck" technique.  It's not instinctive, so when I was struggling Sunday, that tuck went out the window.  And the quick tuck movements?  I felt like a jumping jelly bean trying to get it right. 

Monday morning I felt everything in my periformis, and walking around Sunday after class was interesting.  When I had to stop and get gas, I almost had to hold onto the car as I walked around to the pump because my periformis(es) wanted to give out on me.  And I would totally do it again.


  1. Great review! I know a lot of people love barre, but no one ever talks about their first experience, so this is really helpful.

    1. Thank you, and you're welcome. I hoped to put down what I experienced, but even before the class, I watched some Barre youtube videos. I had no idea what to expect.