Thursday, April 23, 2015

All Those Paris Movies

Thinking Out Loud.  I got this topic on Sunday as I was looking at the movies I have.  I've given up Once Upon a Time so I need some ideas to watch on Sunday.  I know Penny Dreadful is coming up in May, but I don't have Showtime...

One thing that hit me as I was looking through my DVD titles, I realized I have many movies that either take place in Paris or France, or have scenes in Paris.  If I start watching them, I need wine to go with my viewing.

Midnight in Paris
Phantom of the Opera
the Three Musketeers
Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows
The Great Race
the Devil Wears Prada
A Good Year
the Muppets
Cars 2
the AristoCats
Funny Face

I also seen movies but don't own them:

How to Steal a Million
the Da Vinci Code
Coco Before Chanel
An American in Paris
Moulin Rouge
Bottle Shock
the Hunchback of Notre Dame

Not to mention books.  I'm currently reading the most recent book in the Lady Emily mysteries by Tasha Alexander.  And I discovered last night one of the authors I like has published a novel on Coco Chanel.

Thinking out loud with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


  1. Wow, I didn't realize how many movies were about Paris! That's got to be a record, right? This goes well with my post today :) I guess we both have France on the mind! I love the movie Julie and cute and makes me hungry!

    1. Yes, I always make sure I have food when I'm watching that movie. I even went to one of those restaurant places when I saw it in the theater.

  2. The first movie that comes to mind when I think Paris is French Kiss. Have you seen it? Definitely one of my favourite romantic comedies!

    1. I haven't even heard of it but it's about to go on my Netflix.

  3. Love it! Saw that pic of the Arc de Triomphe and ohhhh, I miss Paris already!

    1. I almost cried on the plane going home from that trip in '08. It's been too long and I need to go back.

  4. Love it! Saw that pic of the Arc de Triomphe and ohhhh, I miss Paris already!

  5. Wow, I had no idea Paris was in so many movies! Ha, I haven't seen hardly any of those.

    1. It was a completely random thought but that more I looked, that more I saw so many Paris movies.

  6. Very cool! Sadly I have only seen a few of those movies:)

    1. So many of those movies are just fun. I need to stock up on wine and watch more of them. I might do that Sundays until I go through the ones I have.