Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Whew!  Did you miss me :-p  I took all 4 days of Thanksgiving break off from blogging.  Thanksgiving Day itself was nice and relaxing while I spent it with friends.  2 of my friends host the "orphans" in the group - those of us whose parents are out of state.  My parents did offer to fly me up to Denver, but I'm a nervous flier and I hate airports.  It's a recipe for disaster if someone wants me to fly the day before Thanksgiving.  I did not do any workouts on Thanksgiving itself, save some core work.  I did core work to try to make up for the food I was going to eat.

I made 2 desserts for Thanksgiving, pecan tassies (which were a huge hit!) and a peach and raspberry crisp.  I even brought ice cream to go with the crisp, and that's what I really have left, just the ice cream.  I had two rounds of the food, one with sides and turkey, and the second with additional potatoes and then some ham.  It was enough that the only thing I had for dinner was two pieces of toast with peanut butter.

Friday I did yoga, and the rest of the weekend was back on my normal schedule.  Friday I put up the tree, with some feline help, and I watched Muppet Christmas Carol.  I'll watch it again Christmas Eve.  I only put up the softer ornaments since this is my first Christmas with Allie.  I've already had to move some ornaments to higher ground, and I've had to tell her to stop eating the branches.  I haven't put up the breakable ornaments yet, and I probably won't.  With all the soft ornaments cowering on the top half of the tree, there's no safe zone for the breakables.  I'll need to get something for work since those ornaments are great and I want to have them out.

Then I met up with friends for a painting class Friday night.  The place we go to, Carefree Colors, is different from Painting with a Twist, because each person can paint their own choice.  I like that instead of being told what to paint.  They will help us with chalk outlines, but we can change colors from the template we chose, or we can bring in our own template.

Now that Thanksgiving is past us, I have 3 work weeks until Christmas break, and I'll be pretty busy during that time.  It's amazing there's only one month left of 2014.


Sunday: strength training

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 1.25 miles

Wednesday: PT

Thursday: Thanksgiving

Friday: yoga

Saturday 2 miles!


  1. We put our tree up last night. The movie that I watch on Christmas eve is Elf. Those pecan treats look so tasty. I dontw blame you for not wanting to travel the day before Thanksgiving, as it is one of the busiest travel days of the year. -L

    1. I love Elf! That's on a lot on TV so I know I'm covered somehow, even with commercials.

  2. Looks like an amazing meal! Sounds like you had a really great weekend!
    I took off a few days from blogging too, in fact I decided to give myself an complete break from being online at all. I rather enjoyed it, sometimes we just need a change of pace for a few days:) even if we love blogging:)
    I got our tree up Saturday, I am not sure if it's finished or not, I'll probably mess with it a little all week until I am sure it's how I want it, LOL We bought a big train to run under it this year, its a bit bigger than I would have originally wanted. But I think by tomorrow it will be time to break it out, and get the rest of the house decorated:) I get burned out I guess with too much decoration:) Good thing is, all the normal house decor is all packed up and put away, so I have a blank canvas to work with haha:)

    1. I was still online, but it was nice to take a break from blogging. I didn't really take much of a break in the first couple years, but I'm learning it's not the end of the world if I do take a break. Holidays are important to recharge.

  3. Your desserts sound so yummy! I wish my family served ham too as I am not a huge fan of turkey, but they do ham for Christmas. I hope your tree and ornaments survived Allie while you were at work today! -M

    1. We had 10 people so we needed a lot of food. My parents' Christmas tradition is a standing rib roast. Can't wait!