Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Land of the Living

Oy vey!  This hasn't exactly been the Christmas I wanted.  The last time I posted, we were all healthy (except my dad, who has a cold).  Remember this?

This is the house used for the outdoor shots of Mork and Mindy.  I'm in Boulder, but the last two days, I've been bedridden.  My mom and I got hit with a vicious, fast-acting form of the flu.  My mom got it Christmas Eve, I was felled on Christmas day, and then yesterday I was still a bit of an invalid.  I'm much better today, but I couldn't have gotten much worse.  I'm about 85% today, and my mom and I are going to run errands.  We're re-joining the land of the living.  So much for that flu shot, the CDC released a statement saying this year's crop does nothing to protect against the flu.

Anybody have a good Christmas?  I did get a Running Skirt and a Garmin Forerunner 10.  I figured I was strong enough to push buttons yesterday so I set it up in English, chose miles, and set up my run/walk intervals.

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