Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Musings 11/3

Happy November!  I've been looking forward to October since the August heat hit with a vengeance, and now it's November.  It's Thanksgiving season.  I spent my first two November days between relaxing and getting things done.  I had planned on doing 1.65 miles on Saturday, but some tightness in my glute was felt in my knee so I did 1.5 before the discomfort set in.  Sunday I spent the morning watching NYC and foam rolling.  I threw in some stretching yoga that I hadn't done in quite a while.  It has some lunge exercises and boy my legs were shaking.  My left quad was palpitating afterwards.  And my calves.  I really need to stretch my calves now that I'm trying to run more.


Sunday: bike 25 minutes

Monday: 1.5 miles

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: PT

Thursday: core work

Friday: rest

Saturday: 1.5 miles


  1. i love watching televised marathons! i had church so i couldn't watch most of NYCM but i tracked all my friends!

    1. I did too. I know the broadcasts focus on the elites so I also had the tracking system up. All my friends and blogging buddies finished!

  2. I hope your pain settles down so you can get the rest of your miles in!

    1. Me too. Since it's in a different spot, I don't know what I did to get discomfort there. More foam rolling I guess.