Sunday, October 5, 2014

Random Sunday Musings 10/5

This week was definitely different from my usual weeks.  I didn't do much cardio at all because I had 2 Airrosti sessions with PT smack dab in the middle.  My focus was on the foam rolling and lacrosse ball rolling I learned at Airrosti.  My right leg was certainly getting worked on so I didn't see the point of pushing it more.  I wanted to rest and let the work do some magic.

We finally had a cold front move in on Dallas and Friday morning was the first "low tire pressure" warning.  This won't be the first time I get that this Fall.  It happens quite often because of the temp swings.  It was 55 degrees Saturday morning and I couldn't pass up a run.  I ended up doing 2.28 miles, not knowing I miscounted the laps on the track.  When I left the track to jog to my car in the parking lot, I thought I was finishing up 2 miles.  I found out my leg isn't ready for banked surfaces because I did have a quick, sharp twinge in my knee, but I was at my car.  When I looked at my phone, I was at 2.28 miles.  OK, time to look for a GPS watch.  Any suggestions?

Overall, even with the twinge, it was a better run.  I did have discomfort but I was able to push through without worrying it would escalate.  My outer quad near my knee was tight when I got home, so after icing I tackled it with my foam roller and lacrosse ball.  When I was using the lacrosse ball, there was a spot I was massaging and a nerve sensation was at the pain site.  Obviously there is some connection between the pain site and that one spot.


Sunday: 1.75 miles

Monday: rest

Tuesday: Airrosti

Wednesday: PT

Thursday: Airrsoti

Friday: rest

Saturday: 2.28 miles, leg Pilates


  1. I really hope this Airrsoti treatment is the magic you'll need. Just keep listening to you body, when you run, run on the surfaces your leg is okay with. My fingers are crossed for you that these treatments will be the key to getting you back to not having to worry about injury anymore!!!!

    1. Me too. He's already feeling progess, so that's good! He's now only finding tight spots when before my entire leg was tight.

  2. I hope your Airrosti sessions are doing exactly what your body needs to finally recover!

    I have the Garmin Forerunner 10, but I hear the Forerunner 15 (newest version of it) has made some good changes and still well priced!

    1. I'm definitely looking at the Forerunner 15, without the heart rate monitor. I don't think I need that feature.