Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Change of pace today since I had my first Airrosti appointment yesterday.  Back in May, when I got my cortisone shot, the ortho not only prescribed PT sessions for me, but also mentioned Airrosti, something I'd never heard of before.  I didn't intend to use the PT sessions or look at the Airrosti brochure, since I really really really hoped the cortisone shot would take care of my problems.  Y'all know it did not.

I had forgotten all about Airrosti until Lauren mentioned it on her blog.  Serious memory jog.  I did some digging online, not only on their website, but on Google to see exactly what this was.  I even found a Dallas CBS report on it from a couple years ago.  They described it as something between Active Release and deep tissue massage.  They also said it was uncomfortable due to the pressure used in the technique

I can attest it is uncomfortable.  I can't imagine deep tissue massage using more pressure to go deeper into the tissue.  There were moments when I had to remind myself to breathe.  I didn't really have sensitive spots on the pain site, even though I did feel the pressure there as well.  Where I felt it mostly during (and after) the appointment was on my right hip and glute.  The doctor I saw thankfully knew exactly what I was talking about with "IT Band" and knew the points where the tightness would be.  Normally this release technique happens during the first half of the appointment, but he only did it for 10 minutes this time since part of the first appointment was about consulting and what my problem was, how I would rate the pain, etc.

For a quick review, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for last year.  When I completed the Eugene Half, I knew I needed to get a massage when I got home.  I thought it was mostly the muscles that needed to be released, only to learn later it's the fascia of the IT Band that's tight.  I went to a regular massage spa, where the people didn't know what I meant by IT Band, and always ended up on my back, telling me my shoulders felt like concrete.  OK... my back's not my issue though.  Not only did Airrosti focus spot on where my trouble spots are, he also showed me some foam rolling tricks I didn't know about, and where exactly to target the foam roller or lacrosse ball.

I have my next three appointments lined up.  I really hope this works with PT.  PT is focusing on my weaknesses, some weaknesses I've had since high school, no matter what I did to try to strengthen them.  If Airrosti can get the actual fascia at the hip to release tension, all the way down my leg, I think it will really help.  I also learned there are 2 muscle groups that are contributing to the tightness.  Part of my quad, and a muscle near my hip, the tensor fasciae latae or TFL for short.  I got some foam rolling tips to target those as well.

My goal is still to do a 5k and I found which one I'd like to do.  It's in December, benefiting the rescue shelter in Frisco where I got Allie.  It's called Santa Claws and Paws 5k.

Rough life, huh?


  1. Yay, that is awesome your giving Airrosti a try! It seems to be working great for Lauren, I've been following her journey on it too. I hope you continue to see great results from it too!!!! Your going to get to that 5k, I know it!!!!

    1. I think I can, I think I can! I'd like to do that 5k just to prove I can.

  2. I have high hopes in them and have a feeling we'll both be back at it soon! Good luck Lesley :0)

    1. I hope so. I have my 2nd appointment today, so I'm thinking I should run this weekend to test things out.