Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Starting Wave

I got an email yesterday saying my BolderBOULDER packet is ready for pickup, and my wave starts at 7:31am.  I think my wave is FG since my bib # starts with those two letters.  This is the earliest my packet has been ready, but it makes sense that they want the locals to pick up their race packets early.  This is a race that has 40,000 runners, and if all 40k packets were being picked up in one weekend, they'd need the space that Disney has.

I looked up the wave list, and it looks like FG is the first wave after of the qualified ones.  What I mean by that is the first chunk of waves is for those who are going to complete the race is 68 minutes or less.  Then comes the non-qualified running waves, the jogging waves, then the walking waves.  The 68 minutes or less waves do require proof of time to get in, and they do require the time to be within one year of the BB.  You can use any race from 2 miles and up as proof of time, or a treadmill run at the BolderBOULDER store.

The first wave starts at 6:55am, and the first 30 waves are for those who qualified.  My FG wave is the first non-qualified running wave, and I put my projected time down to 11:30 a mile.  I ended up running faster than that on my last training run, when I was working on a faster cadence.  The last piece of the injury puzzle seems to be my cadence, but I haven't trained at that speed yet.  I'll do my best to continue the faster cadence, but we'll see what my cardio can hold up to.

Wondering where the elites are?  They actually go off after all of the other runners.  Runners need to finish by 11:45 to allow time for the elite races.  The last walking wave starts at 9:22, and the elite women start after 11, with the elite men shortly after that.  The Memorial Day tribute starts at Folsom when the elites cross the finish line.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Monday Musings 4/24

What a weekend!  Last week was busy, starting with the Boston Marathon documentary, and then Friday.  My family had been waiting for Friday since early February, when we got tickets as a birthday gift for my mom.  The Denver Paramount Theater was hosting two nights of the Princess Bride, followed by a Q&A with Cary Elwes, and then VIP people would meet him really quickly, and have their picture taken with him.  OMG!

The Q&A started with the moderator asking questions about the movie, and his answers were hilarious.  Some of the answers can be found in his book, but he also talked about other things.  Then the moderator asked questions members of the audience submitted prior to the movie.  Then after that was when the VIP people went upstairs to meet him.

Y'all, he hugged me!  I played it cool, but I was spazzing out internally.

I ended up only getting 4 hours of sleep going into Saturday since I fell asleep after 1:30am, and of course I woke up at 6:15.  Ouch!  4 hours of sleep, and I didn't do any hydrating the night before for my run.  Even though I've seen the Princess Bride hundreds of times, I didn't want to miss anything.  I didn't have anything to drink after dinner, and only a gulp of water before bed.  I pushed my Saturday run to the afternoon so I had time to hydrate, and I passed out for an hour after lunch.  Whatever this combo was (and I don't recommend it), I knocked off 4.75 miles and maybe could've done more.  I did feel something slightly pop in my hip near the end, and I didn't want to risk pushing it to 5, but this was a great run.  I focused on speeding up my cadence, and each mile split was faster than the previous one.

Maybe it was the pancakes I had that morning.  I had breakfast at Snooze in Boulder, and since I hadn't had anything to eat since dinner before the movie, I kind of inhaled my breakfast.  I got a pancake flight, which I LOVE!, and I got Snooze's specialities of pineapple upside down pancake and sweet potato pancake, plus a chocolate chip pancake.  Maybe the pancakes helped fuel my run.  Soon I won't have to drive to Boulder for Snooze because there's one coming to Westminster, which is one town over from where I live now.  I'm happy :)

Sunday I DVR'd the London Marathon since the broadcast started at 1:30 my time.  I had no intention of being awake at that hour.  I'd been awake at 1:30 the night before, and I really needed more sleep than 4 hours.  Mary Keitany broke the women's-only world record, and I only hope she's doing things honestly.  She took off from the pack, with a pace maker, and was out by herself the rest of the race.

The rest of Sunday was spent recovering.  Foam rolling, stretching, and little bit of strength training to help my hip out.  I felt good Sunday, but it's the little things that go a long way in recovery.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

The Boston Marathon Documentary

Wednesday night was the one-night screening of the Boston Marathon documentary, put together by the same team that did Spirit of the Marathon and Spirit of the Marathon II.  If any of y'all missed it, I do highly recommend seeing it when it hits DVD.  At least I hope it hits DVD because I want to buy it.  Here are 5 thoughts on it:

1) It's very inspiring, but I didn't expect anything less.  It not only covers the history of the race, but it covers what the planning was for 2014.  The history mentions the inspiration for the race, the past winners, Bobbi Gibb and Kathrine Switzer, and yes, even Rosie Ruiz.  What I was surprised about was they didn't mention the Duel in the Sun in 1982 when Alberto Salazar won.  They mention how erratic the weather can be, but didn't show this race.

2) It does cover the bombings.  As the race director said, the bombings are sadly part of the history, but the documentary follows the recovery process and Boston taking its marathon back.  In fact, the documentary never once mentioned the terrorists names.  It focused on what happened at the finish line to help the victims, and then what the city did to help the runners who were stopped mid-course.

3) Tuesday's posts were running mistakes, and not wearing cotton and getting the right shoes.  Of course, that's only new to running.  Some of the artifacts shown from the early races were amazing.  The shoes worn could've been loafers at the time.  Today's loafers actually have more padding and heel than those running shoes did.

4) I did get angry all over again when the ending showed the 2014 races, and seeing Rita Jeptoo cheat her way to the top.  I know it happened, and that's the footage from race day, but it made angry just the same.  One common theme was Boston being the people's marathon, and the spectators and cities making the race unique.  I still feel protective of the marathon, even though I left Boston in 2009, and there's no place for cheating.

5) We got a behind the scenes with the planning and safety for 2014.  The documentary ends with that year's race and showing the human perseverance to come back the next year and not give in to the fear.  It was Boston saying "we're back!", and I thought it was a great way to finish.  It started with 2013, and then the history portion ended with 2013.  2014 was the final statement saying the marathon is still here, and runners and spectators came back.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Running Mistakes

Today's topic is running mistakes, but I haven't really made any mistakes during a race.  I was OCD with getting everything down, and I was asking for advice left and right before my first half.  But I made plenty of mistakes before I started running, and it's no mystery why I was injured so much in high school.

not cotton
1) Cotton.  Cotton, cotton, cotton.  It makes me cringe what I used to wear.  I definitely wasn't wearing tech gear while training for sports, or practicing said sport.  I had cotton socks and wondered why I was always getting blisters.  The only cotton I didn't have was for my shorts.  I had compression shorts and shorts from my soccer catalog.

2) Shiny shoes.  We've all been there, right?  We walk into the sports store and immediately are drawn to the colorful, shiny sneakers.  Never mind that they may not be a good fit.  "I'm going to look amazing with those on my feet!"  It's also no wonder I had ankle and knee issues in high school, and needed orthotics by my senior year.  I couldn't do much about the lack of support in soccer cleats, but you'd think I would've wised up way beforehand and gotten fitted for running shoes.

3) Not taking advice.  Another place we've all been, right?  Over confident teenagers and we don't need anybody's help!  This is why I made sure to ask plenty and often to get this running thing down.  I hadn't listened at all growing up, and I was starting from scratch.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday Musings 4/17

Happy Patriots Day/ Marathon Monday!  Good luck to everyone running today!

I'm not a big Easter person, but the weekend was still rather busy.  Since I'm figuring out the routes around my new home, I drove up to Boulder for my Saturday run.  I wanted to do 5 miles, but I had to stop at 4 since my knee started twinging.  It hadn't twinged for a few weeks, but I'm hitting the weights extra hard since I have a month and a half until the BolderBOULDER.  If I had to look on the bright side, I'm able to hit 4 miles more frequently than I was this time last year.  I started PT since I couldn't do a 5k without my knee twinging.

I finally stopped by the Apple Store after my run since I've needed a separate iPod from my phone.  I hit the point where space on my phone was fighting between pictures and music.  I got a nano since I didn't need anything big, but I'm able to have a lot more music on my nano now, and that lets me have a lot more music choices when I run.  Also, anybody notice weird things with the last iPhone software update?  My battery drains a little faster and the volume control on my headphones wasn't working with the phone.  It worked with my nano.

Saturday was also the start of the new Dr. Who season!  I recorded the episode since I was watching Life of Brian for my Easter tradition, then watched it Sunday.  Rumors are this could be Peter Capaldi's last season as the Doctor, and I like him.  My favorite Doctor is Matt Smith, but I've liked Peter Capaldi.  This season also has a new companion, and I hope she's better than the last one.  I don't know anyone who liked the last companion (Clara).  Side note, Jenna Coleman was Clara, and I REALLY didn't like her character, but I've loved Jenna Coleman in Victoria.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Running in Spring Time

After getting snow last Tuesday, it seems spring has come back, at least for now.  It is supposed to cool off a little bit this weekend, and hopefully I'll get a good run in tomorrow morning.  I did 3.75 miles in my new inserts, and I want to push myself beyond that.

1) After talking hydration, it becomes more and more important as the temps rise.  It was 80 degrees when I was driving home yesterday, and I started hydrating immediately when I got home.  It's important to start the fluids before the workout, and I was sipping water as I was changing into my running gear.

2) It's also important to adjust the speeds for warmer weather.  I did two runs in my new neighborhood this week, and both were a cardio struggle.  It'd almost been a week since I ran when I was out on Monday, but yesterday the temperature was warmer and I had to slow down.  At least my new inserts felt OK.

3) Hats and sunblock become ever more important when the sun is setting later.  My new dermatologist said it's important to reapply, and reapplying is more important than a higher SPF.  High SPF is good, but if you forget to reapply, you'll still get burned.

4) I don't know if it's time to put the tights and capris away, but I've defintiely brought out the compression shorts and Running Skirts.  And calf sleeves.  Those are proving to be very important as I deal with my calves. 

5) Finally, and not running related, since the temps are rising, it's my annual phase out the red wines and bring in the whites.  I still do have two red wines in my wine fridge, but summer means Sauvignon Blancs, Chardonnays, and Pinot Grgios.  It's always fun to be able to get the spring/summer recipes out, and I'm thinking fish this weekend.  It depends what I can find at Whole Foods.  They may be expensive, but they had a great fish selection in Dallas, and I'm hoping they'll have that selection here.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

3 Things Thursday 4/13

Now that I'm in my new home, I'm taking a different route home from work.  I took the highway home Monday, which wasn't bad, just a little slow, then there's a backroads way using Broadway, which I took Tuesday.  I actually had to stop at the running store on Broadway, Flatirons Running Company, because I needed more Rock Tape, and new inserts.

If you think back a few weeks ago, when my chiropractor said inserts weren't necessary?  Well, they became necessary because I was using the inserts that came with my shoes, and I kind of started shredding them where my small toes are.  When I say I'm tough on shoes, that includes the inserts.  So I got Superfeet orange, which definitely feel different with the additional support, and then two boxes of Rock Tape.  Might as well stock up more than one box at a time.  I'll run a couple miles today to see how the inserts are working, but this place said my ankles were rolling in a little bit, hence the color with more arch support.  My arches may have dropped slightly, but they still need to be supported.

I also got the comp codes for BolderBOULDER and have one left.  If anybody wants to run the race, or know someone who does, let me know!