Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Five: Winter Activities

Can shopping be a winter activity?  Oiselle came out with new stuff, and since I already needed new gear, here! take my money.  I love their long-sleeve Flyte shirt, and they added it as a zip up.  I was already saying I needed more winter gear, and dress in layers, so one purchase is done!  Plus my birthday's next Tuesday.

Since I didn't get any running gear for Christmas, it's ever-present on my birthday list.  I simply run to give others gift ideas :)

My mom and I signed up for a cooking class at Sur la Table, in February.  It's labeled as an evening in Paris, and the menu almost had me drooling.  A picture of the chocolate souffle we'll be making did.  OMG!  The entire menu is creamy goat cheese fondue, winter green salad with candied bacon and blue cheese, classic Coq a Vin, and that souffle: dark chocolate souffle with vanilla bean and whipped cream.  I will seriously try to take pictures, but the souffle won't last long around me.  Since my birthday is next week, and my mom's lands on the super bowl this year, we're having a girls' weekend in late February.

Oh, and of course, I just ordered 6 boxes of girl scout cookies, plus one for the troop to donate.  It's not a good thing they have websites now, but I can still help my friends in Louisiana like I did last year.  Whether I'm in Dallas or Boulder, I'm still ordering cookies from their daughter.  It's that time of year again and I need my fix.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Waiting on Those Cards

The one drawback of starting a new job is waiting on your benefits choices to process, and those benefits cards to show up in the mail.  I saw my chiropractor in Texas the week before I moved, but with everything, it's now been over a month, and I'm feeling out of wack.  It's not bad, but after being in alignment again, I can feel when I'm slipping and the hips are moving.  I'm not in hard core training yet, but I need to get back to seeing a chiropractor again for maintenance.  I've asked if we have temporary cards, just to see if I can actually call a couple offices to see who's accepting new patients.

I've been doing my cardio without any Rock Tape since that got packed, and I'm currently too lazy to go to my storage unit and root through the boxes to find out which one it's in.  I may just order a brand new roll to avoid that.  All the boxes got piled up, and even though I labeled them, sorting through them all isn't something I'd like to do yet, especially since the weather keeps fluctuating and sticking around 40 on the weekends.  Come on!  Isn't that typical?  It was near 50 yesterday, and should be today, which would be perfect running weather, but of course it won't be 50 this weekend.  Back in the low 40s, and cloudy.  Grrr!

the sun does exist!
I'm also getting ready to test out the new shoes I have.  I did make sure to go through that box when it was pulled off the moving truck.  Running shoes are more important than anything, right?  My other shoes are still in storage.  I have 3 pairs of running shoes (one old, one current, one new), and a pair of winter boots.  I have one pair of dress shoes at work, but my work is a little more casual than my last job, and many people are wearing sneakers.  Just what my knees like to do!  It's Boulder, so it doesn't surprise me too much that I might be able to get away with wearing sneakers most of the time.  I'm up for that :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Winter Running

Oh winter.  I'm not a fan.  I fled to Texas for almost 8 years, and yet, here I am, meeting you again in Colorado. 

It's not too bad, but since I don't have solid winter gear yet, I haven't been able to run outside yet.  This morning won't do it either since there's ice after yesterday's snow and melt.  The roads were fine until I got to the parking lot.  Then that's basically do your best and hope you're between the lines, because the lines are not visible under the ice and snow.  I parked across from a service vehicle that had been parked since Friday and was covered in snow.

I do have my limits when it comes to winter temps, but right now I'm in the market for running tights that are good for that in-between window of winter and not winter.  I have two pairs of running capris, that are a little too light for that 40-degree day, and then my heavy tights are too warm.  I'd over heat.  I have to go shopping this weekend if I want the right gear to get me outside.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Musings 1/16

Happy long weekend!  I swear, all these breaks with work, and full weeks are difficult to deal with :-p  Last week seemed so long since I had to work all 5 days.  Wednesday this week is half day since I'm taking if off for some family time.

This past weekend I finally got back to my normal weekend routine.  I knocked off 2.75 miles, and Sunday I got to Pure Barre after more than a month.  I knew the class would hurt, and I did struggle a little bit.  I ended up planking better than I thought I would, so it was a good mix.  I did movements in class I've never done before, and I'll wait and see how sore I am tomorrow.

I also got out and explored Boulder a little bit.  It's not warm enough for me to get out on foot, so I went to a further grocery store to drive a little bit, and coming back I drove through The Hill, which is a student area for Boulder students.  It wasn't busy at all when I drove through, but I'm also learning Boulder is a late-rising town, outside of the runners and bikers.  The area was probably busier later in the day, plus students are coming back for the spring semester.

Once the weather's a little bit warmer, I hope to get on the running path.  As my mom put it, my blood is Texas thin, and I don't have any "in-between" running gear.  I have capris that are good for spring weather, and leggings that are good for winter weather, but nothing for the 40-degree day.  It was cloudy this weekend, and with no sun, no extra warmth.  I was on the treadmill for my run Saturday afternoon, then I played it low key after Pure Barre on Sunday.  A book I'd been waiting for was published, so I downloaded that onto my Kindle to read a little bit while football was happening.  I don't watch football, so I needed something else to do.  The book is the second in the Veronica Speedwell mysteries, and is called A Perilous Undertaking.  The first new book of 2017!

Sherlock wrapped up Sunday too (seasons are very short but episodes are 90 minutes), and finally! Victoria debuted on PBS.  I've been waiting for this one for a while, and was excited for it to start.  I've heard it's been renewed for a second season in the UK, so I already know there's more to come.

Also good news, we have a Nothing Bundt Cakes in Boulder.  That's very important since that's going to be my birthday cake.  I'll have to pick one up next weekend to get ready for my birthday, and I know the flavor.  Their rotating flavor of the month for January is chocolate turtle.  That's the one!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Dream Vacations

I've been lucky enough in my life to be able to travel to many different places.  My favorites have been Napa, Disney (of course), various trips through France, London, Hawaii, the Baltic, and Italy.  You can find links to these reports on my travel section, which I realized I need to update for Disneyland last May.  Oops.

My next dream vacation would be Spain.  I ate my way through Italy, and I would love to do that in Spain.  Think of all the tapas! I already know I'd want to visit Madrid, Sevilla, and Barcelona, with a side trip to the Alhambra.  Maybe get tickets to a futbol match (real football!).  I've seen games in London, and seeing a game in Spain would be so much fun.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

3 Things Thursday

I've gotten my required training done and I have access to the financial system at work!  The downside is some roles aren't set yet, so I'm missing data, but this is progress.  Now I have two classroom sessions, which I'll count as training towards my certification.  I'm getting training hours in early, so score!  Sometimes training for a new job has its perks.  Once I can actually start using the system, I'll know what questions to ask, and start getting familiar with everything.  I hate not being helpful, but I'm not up to speed yet.

I did learn I'll probably have to shelf my ambition of running the Star Wars light side 10k for a bit.  Since I'm in financial reporting now, January is a big month of reporting, including a sub-group of grants that need to be done by mid-January.  That means MLK weekend, same as the Light Side.  Womp womp.  At least I know that ahead of time and can plan around that.  RnR Vegas anybody?  That sounds like fun, and November should be quiet enough for vacation.

To go along with work, I've signed up for Stitch Fix.  I opted to get my first shipment in a couple weeks, but I'm in a clothing rut and need inspiration.  Hopefully Stitch Fix will help with that since I don't like anything I see in stores.  I'm a gym rat at heart, and am incredibly picky about what I wear, so shopping for work clothes can be painful.  I like shopping for a number of things, but work clothes are tricky.  Maybe I should've gone into fitness so I could wear yoga pants all the time.  That would solve so much.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ever Get the Feeling That You Wanted to Go?

Today's TOTR is racecation vs. staying local.  I've done both, and while there are perks to both, it's always fun to take a vacation and go somewhere to run.  It's a good to excuse to see places you've never seen before.  I'd never been to Oregon before my trip in 2013, but my best friend from high school and I both signed up for the Eugene half marathon.  It's also nice to be on vacation because even if the race doesn't turn out how you wanted it, you're still on vacation, and can still have fun.

Staying local is nice too because there's no airfare, no hotel, and you can get in your car and drive to the race.  OK, you have to deal with parking, but isn't it nice when you have a chance to sleep in your own bed the night before?  And not worry about getting your go-to breakfast?  I'll be doing just that running the Bolder Boulder, even though I signed up for it at a time when I thought it would be a racecation.  Funny how that worked out, huh?  Now I can drive a couple blocks down the road from work and pick up my packet.  Convenient, to say the least.

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