Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Hardest Part About Running

Is it cliche to blame the weather?  I live in Texas, but it still doesn't make it any easier to run in the summers.  The hottest time of day is when I get home, so I certainly don't want to run outside in the summer.  It's not just the summer though.  This was 3 days before the official day of Fall:

The cold front finally came through this weekend, but no outside running either because it was 99% humidity, and a downpour.  It's definitely a struggle to run outside in Texas because there's a very small window in spring and fall before summer or winter comes in.  It's why I love being outside when I travel elsewhere.  Even DC didn't feel bad compared to Dallas summers, and it was a lot of fun being at a baseball game, and walking to the zoo.

Now that it's finally feeling like fall, I hope this weekend will be more favorable to run.  I'm still doing maintenance with strength training, and I see my chiropractor tomorrow.  Last time I saw him, my low back and hip flexors were tight.  How did I manage that?

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Musings 9/26

Happy Monday!  This past weekend was almost polar opposite from last weekend, which was good.  Last weekend was super busy, and this weekend was super lazy.  Next weekend will be busy again, but a fun busy, again.

First, Saturday I did a whole lot of nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  I didn't even run since I'd seen my dermatologist on Friday and she removed something from my arm.  Nothing to worry about, but it was a spot she wanted me to monitor back in January, and this time was a better safe than sorry approach.  Due to that, I had a small chunk removed, and I wanted to let that heal a little before I ran and sweated, and I would've sweated Saturday morning.  I woke up to 89% humidity, which is awful to run in, even inside.  I opted to skip it to let my arm heal, and I decided I wanted to run on Sunday (which wasn't any better).  The rest of the day looked like this:

We snuggled, a lot.  She followed me and demanded snuggling, so I obliged.

Saturday I was craving soup, and I had already been planning to make tortilla soup Sunday because of the cold front, but I wanted it Saturday.  It simmers on the stove for an hour, but my body still wanted soup.  OK, no sense in delaying it.  I think it was because my parents got snow in the Rockies, and I'm desperate for fall.

I don't know if y'all have seen it, but a new "game" is going around Facebook.  Choose 3 fictional characters to describe yourself.  I didn't intend on playing, but more friends started posting, so I decided to join in.  I chose Hermione Granger, Princess Anna, and Samwise Gamgee.  I'd actually written about Sam for my college application, so he had to be on the list of 3.

My Sweaty Band came too, and I'm very ready for Halloween.

Sunday, I did 2 miles on the treadmill, even though I really wanted to run outside.  The cold front started Saturday night, but it was 99% humidity when I wanted to run.  Inside then.  Good thing too since the sky opened up when I was finishing my first mile. I would've been outside in that!  I ended up getting soaked anyway when I finished up grocery shopping, but now that the cold front came in, maybe I'll be able to run outside next weekend.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Struggle Bus

Anybody else struggling right now?  It's fall, but I live in Texas, so it's still in the 90s.  It is supposed to cool off starting this weekend, but they said that two weeks ago too.  It makes it difficult to plan meals for the week when I don't know what temps will be present.  I'm struggling because:

1) Shorter evenings - I've noticed since August the evenings are getting shorter, which eventually make me want to hibernate.  Bears have the right idea.  Sleep through winter.

2) Darker mornings - I've arriving at work when it's still dark out.  During the summer, the sun would be rising, and I'd be awake with it.  This morning I rolled over to go back to sleep and 10 seconds later my alarm went off.  WHAT?!  The dark mornings are throwing me off.

3) Still waiting for some shows - while I'm very happy to have Big Bang Theory and NCIS New Orleans back, I'm still waiting on two shows to start.  Elementary starts Oct. 2, and Vikings starts Nov. 30.  Until then, only two shows, and I used to have more.

4) Summer meals or fall meals - I need a variety of dinners, and after a whole summer of summer dishes, I'm ready for a change.  As I mentioned, the weather isn't cooling off, so when can I get the soups, stews, chili, and casseroles out?  They make a lot of leftovers, which makes cooking easier during the week.

5) No races - since I only signed up for a virtual run, I don't have an organized race to look forward to.  I had two races planned last fall and they were something to be excited about, but it's weird this year since I have nothing.  I did do a spontaneous 5k on Saturday, and I've taken a rest week with mostly strength training.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Running Humor

Today is the first official day of fall, and if I'm not mistaken, this weekend is the Berlin marathon.  Fall marathon season is upon us.  I've dcided to compile a few videos for running humor.  Runners will understand.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Running Advice

What's the best advice you've ever received (or given) with long distance training?  I admit, growing up, I never followed advice because I'm too stubborn for my own good.  However, when I started this whole running thing, I had a lot of people I could turn to, especially to my parents.  They were good though and let me come to them with questions.  Knowing me as well as they do, they knew unsolicited advice would still receive an eyeroll.

The best advice they gave me was run your race, and when you get to the race, it's like a final exam.  You've put in all the work, so don't sweat the race.  I never looked at a race like an exam, but they had a point.  Months of hard work and dedication, even at times when you wanted to skip a workout (class), you still do it.  Tapering is now the reading period, but I certainly didn't come up with any phantom injuries during the reading period.  A head cold, sure, but no phantom pains.  Then the final exam and you're done, just like a race. 

And then I take a break.  I have to.  The last piece of advice was listen to your body.  My body can't do race after race, and I mentally need a break too from a rigid-ish schedule.  Just like a semester break :)

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Musings 9/19

Welcome to another weekend wrap-up.  After a very lazy weekend last week, this one was quite busy.  Thankfully Sunday was calmer, but Friday and Saturday were quite fun.

At the spur of the moment, I joined a couple friends and went to the Plano Children's Theater production of Les Miserables.  These kids are from middle schools and high schools in the area, and are all very good singers.  A couple people from our hockey group had a son playing Gavroche, and on a side note, he's met Ramin Karimloo, who's done various roles in Les Mis productions, including the 25th anniversary concert shown on PBS, AND he's also been the Phantom, including that 25th anniversary.  I enjoyed the production, and ended up doing my run Saturday morning to the music of Les Mis.  I've got the 10th anniversary concert soundtrack on my iPod and there are a lot of songs.  It's one of those where all the lines are sung... I can't even think of one line that's only spoken.

Saturday was another treadmill run.  It's the same story every September - I want summer to end, and it just doesn't want to.  It was another muggy morning, so treadmill it is.  I don't hate the treadmill because here, I gotta use it if I want to keep running in the hot months.  I felt so good when I reached 2.5 miles I continued on to see how I felt with each successive quarter-mile, and I finished out a 5k.  Not bad.  Only 0.9 to go to get to 4 miles for the virtual run I signed up for.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I might be able to do that outside by the time I work back up to 4 miles.

Saturday afternoon was a wine tasting hosted by someone in my soccer circle.  It was put together by I think a distributor in town, and we tasted 1 sparkling, 3 whites, 9 reds, and 1 moscato.  I'm not a fan of moscato but I tried it anyway.  Nope.  I ended up ordering 3 bottles, 1 white, 2 red, and research the vineyards.  The bottles are cheaper from the vineyards, but I'll enjoy the 3 I ordered regardless.  The best one of the tasting was a Syrah blend that might have gone down too easily.  The pitch person said Syrahs are actually best with steak, not Cabernets, which are good, but Syrahs are better.

My Tinkerbell Ornament came too.  I love all the little details Disney puts in their ornaments, and this one has a few.  The scene is from Tinkerbell in the sewing drawer, tangled up in the buttons and knick-knacks.

Sunday was a lazy afternoon, and now that it's Monday, new shows!  Big Bang Theory premiers tonight and tomorrow is NCIS New Orleans.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Five: John Williams

I wanted to continue with yesterday's theme with music and John Williams.  I mentioned I made a quick playlist with some of his scores, and some are pretty good to workout to.

1) Harry Potter - Quidditch Match

2) Star Wars - Duel of the Fates

3) Star Wars - Throne Room

4) Raiders of the Lost Ark

5) Hook - Main Themes

Of course, there are way more movies he scored, like ET, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Memoirs of  Geisha, Catch Me If You Can, the Patriot, Schindler's List, Home Alone, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (and more!).

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