Tuesday, December 6, 2016

One Thing Running Has Taught Me

The theme is for 2016, but I'm going in a general direction.  One thing running has taught me is persistence is a good thing, and while I may get knocked down, get up and keep going.

Remember this '90s gem?
I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never going to keep me down

To sum up everything I've done since being hit with ITBS in 2013:

* I started seeing a chiropractor
* Tried yoga
* Walked the entire 2014 WDW half marathon
* Got a cortisone shot
* Started 1st round of PT
* Tried yoga again
* 2nd round of PT
* Discovered Pure Barre
* Gave up yoga
* 3rd round of PT at a different place, plus at home work
* Completed first major race in 2 years with just a small amount of twinging
* Continuing with at home PT and Pure Barre

It hasn't been easy, believe me.  In all of this, I've never quit.  So how has that help in real life?

Do you know how many jobs I applied for after I decided to move to Boulder?  5 turned me down before the phone interview, 1 had a phone interview but said no after that, 2 had final interviews, and 1 of those said no.  The "no" hurt, and did knock me back a bit.  Want to know the funny thing?  The job I got the verbal offer for on Thursday was one I almost didn't apply for.  I was bruised by the process and was tempted to wait until after I moved up, to make things easier.  I took a chance on this one, and look how that turned out :)

The trick is to keep going.  It's OK to take a little time and lick your wounds, but persistence is the way to get what you want.

And maybe stubbornness.  I'm too stubborn by half, but it also helps.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday Musings 12/5

First up, being a Disney nerd, happy birthday Walt Disney!

The theme of this weekend was packing.  The weather was gray, rainy, and basically dreary, the perfect weather for doing stuff inside.  How about packing?  I decided it was time to tackle as much of the kitchen as I could.  I bought 5 more boxes and packed them all with kitchen stuff.  It's always difficult to know how much the kitchen is going to take, but I've packed almost everything I'm taking and I have room to spare.  I still need to use a couple pots, but those will be packed next weekend, and the boxes will be sealed.  I'll be tackling my closet next weekend.

Since the weather was going to be dreary, I decided to do my run on Friday instead of Saturday.  I banged out 3.5 miles, playing around with intervals, and I was able to be a little lazy Saturday morning.  It's tough to get up and go when it's cold and wet, and I treated myself a little bit by lounging in bed before eating breakfast.  I got errands done, did some packing, then watched some Dr. Who, wrapping up Rory and Amy's time on the show.  If anyone here is a Dr. Who fan, did you cry when they left?  Maybe it's the emotion of moving, but I started bawling.  It was the first time I saw their last episodes, and I couldn't stop the tears.

I'm also going through my Christmas movies.  Wednesday was Elf, and Sunday was the Santa Clause.  As I pack up the rest of my DVDs, my Christmas collection will remain available so I can watch as many as possible.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

5 Things In December

December is here, and there's still lots to do.

1) My move is mid-month, and there's still lots to do.  I've started going through the kitchen, since that's the major headache, and I'll need more boxes to finish up.  I getting rid of things that I want to replace anyway, so no reason to bring it with me, then get rid of them.

2) I'm doing most of my packing because I get nervous energy whenever I have to move, and the best way for me to deal with it is doing my packing.  This way everything is ready to go when the movers show up.  All they have to do is the schlepping and loading the truck.

3) I got my new credit card, so I'll finish up Christmas shopping.  I ordered one item yesterday, and I'll wrap things up before I leave.  All items will be shipped by the vendor.  No more standing in line at the post office for me :)

4) Christmas!  Can't forget this one.  It'll be nice having Allie with me since she's been boarded each Christmas I've had her.  Her introduction to my parents' cats may be slow, but she'll be in the house, enjoying Christmas as well.

5) My new job!  that's right!  I got a verbal offer yesterday, and verbally confirmed myself.  I'm just waiting on the paperwork to fill out, but having a job ready to go takes a lot of stress off my shoulders. 

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

3 Things Thursday 12/1

It's now December.  2016 has certainly been a kick in the pants, but now that it's December, I want a good holiday season.  There's still lots to do before I move, and I need to make a trip to Home Depot to get more boxes and bubble wrap.  The kitchen packing is coming along, but it's still quite a bit of stuff.  I never know how much kitchen equipment I have until I have to pack it.  It's very deceiving since so much is hidden in cabinets.

I've been shopping for post-Christmas stuff.  Since Allie has proven she's a good climber, (and because the tree isn't the only thing she's climbed), I'm shopping for tall cat furniture so she'll still have things to climb when the tree is taken down.  Yes, I spoil her.  The cat furniture has to have scratching posts too because she LOVES her scratching posts.  I almost can't keep up with trimming her claws because she loves the scratching posts so much.  She's quite the active girl, and the climbing will keep her going.

Not only am I packing things at home, I also took down all my decorations at work.  Since I gave a head's up two weeks ago, I knew I could start taking stuff home so I could pack my office as well.  The walls are as bare as they are at home.  The only thing up is the white board, and I'm certainly not taking that with me.  It came with the office, so it can stay with the office.

Since it is December 1st, I also have my final numbers for November.  I missed two days of running, but I still managed to get more miles done than in October.  I finished with 26.05 miles, so imagine if I had run those two days.  I could've been over 30 miles for the month.  December will be tricky since I'm moving, and then the holidays hit, but my parents are going to get me a guest pass for their gym, so I should be able to still use the treadmill.  I have to take it easy since I'll be at altitude, and will need to adjust to that.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Turkey Trot or Not

How many people do turkey trots on Thanksgiving?  I got curious since I've seen a good mix of people not doing turkey trots vs. people who do.  I thought about doing one this year, but I didn't find a good one that I thought I had to do.  Dallas has a huge turkey trot every year, but that would require driving a logistical parking, and no thanks. 

The last couple years, I've done my run before Thanksgiving so I can relax on Thanksgiving day.  I did do a turkey trot in 2012 when I spent all of Thanksgiving week in Boston, and it was fun running around my old town of Wellesley, in an area I didn't really run in when I was growing up.  My parents' house was on the other side of town, and the course took us around downtown Wellesley and thru a little bit of Wellesley College.  If anyone's done the Boston Marathon, you've run parts of the turkey trot's course.

It was fun, but it's also been fun to do other races or runs before Thanksgiving.  I still had one dish left to prepare this year, so by already having done my run, I could take my time, watch the Rockettes during the tape delay of the Thanksgiving Day parade, and finish making the food.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Monday Musings 11/28

Happy post-Thanksgiving Monday!  How was everyone's holiday?  I did indeed get off of work early on Wednesday, and had a great 5k run around my neighborhood.  As much as a turkey trot sounds like fun, there are days that I just want to take it slow.  I woke up around my normal week-day time, but I went back to sleep before waking up past 7.  That did feel good, and I finished up my last dish before heading over for the meal.  We had turkey, sweet potato casserole, creamed corn, stuffing, roasted Brussels sprouts (which I did not eat), deviled eggs, cranberry relish, rolls, bacon-wrapped sausages, and mac&cheese for the main meal.  Yes, food coma.  So many carbs, but I only had one plate.  My strategy is to get a little bit of everything I'll eat, then see if I want seconds.  I normally don't.  Then we had ice cream and my pecan tassies for dessert.

Needless to say, I had a great meal, but I decided to skip Pure Barre and take is slow.  I got to bed late, overindulged on everything, and I could still see my food baby.  Oops.  An 8:30 Pure Barre class was too ambitious for Black Friday.  It was a late cancel, but I wouldn't have had a good class.  I went back to bed, and felt normal around 9:30.

Since I skipped Pure Barre, I put my tree up earlier than planned.  I wasn't sure what Allie would think since I had the tree at work last year.  She hadn't seen a Christmas tree in 2 years, but she was also 2 years older, so would she be more mellow?  Oh heck no!  She had a ball checking things out when I put up the tree.  She tried to climb it, she lunged into it, she played with the labels, and she pounced on the tree skirt/Run Disney heat sheet.  She ran around the apartment so much, she crashed later on in the morning.  It was so funny.  I hope she got it out of her system at some point, but as of Sunday night, she still couldn't get enough.  She even took a flying leap into it while I was making dinner.

Saturday I went to see Moana, and really enjoyed the movie.  I'd love to buy the soundtrack, but I have to wait 3-5 business days.  Unfortunately I had to cancel my credit card because of fraudulent charges on Saturday, so that old card is kaput, and I'm waiting on the new one.  It's the holidays, and I know it's frequent, but this is the first time I've had fraud charges attempt to hit my account.  I'm very careful too, but at least my bank understood.  Once I get my new card, I'll get the soundtrack.  Any of y'all see Moana yet?

Lastly, Sunday I headed out to Southlake one last time to have lunch with my cousin and her husband.  One more day to have unhealthy food, but I did have veggies with dinner.  Does that make up for what I ate?  I didn't hit me until later last night that I'm moving in now less than 3 weeks, and I fought to keep it together.  I started packing the kitchen too, because that's always a major project.  I don't have the advantage either of driving a few miles down the road, so I have to pack EVERYTHING.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

How to Terrorize a Christmas Tree

Friday Five is late, but I didn't know what I would write about, until now.  I put the tree up today, and here's how it's gone, in 5 photos.

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