Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Do-Over

TOTR is about a race you'd want a do-over.  I really would have to choose the Eugene half, but change my training.  If I knew then what I knew now, my strength training would've been quite different to try to avoid my battle with ITBS.  If I knew about Pure Barre, and doing body weight exercises correctly, and if I knew my body was out of alignment and to get a chiropractor, I'd say everything in that training cycle would get a do-over.

I thought I was doing training correctly since I didn't have an issue during my first two half marathons, but the Eugene half proved me wrong.

Speaking of strength training, I had my annual exam yesterday, and I've gained 4 pounds.  I'll attribute that to my strength training because I know I've gotten stronger.  I had another 3.5-mile run last week, without Rock Tape this time, so I know I have to be getting stronger.  The best part is my clothes still fit, so it has to be new muscle, right?

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Musings 10/24

Welcome to Monday.  I have my annual physical today and am currently fasting.  Yeah.  I have to fast every year for bloodwork, and of course, I'm one those who gets very cranky when I'm hungry.  It may turn into hangry.  They wanted me to subsist on water this morning but no.  I'm not following that rule since I need my caffeine.  I do think I've started getting caffeine headaches, so that's a no, I won't just stick with water.  If you take away my food, you will not take away my tea.

I made quite a bit of progress this weekend on watching Halloween movies.  I watched Hocus Pocus Friday evening, then got Coppola's Dracula on Netflix.  I'd never actually seen it from beginning to end, and only saw clips here and there.  I think the clips made it look scarier than it is.  I still have some movies to watch, and even though I set out to watch the Harry Potter movies and didn't quite get there, I also watched Prisoner of Azkaban. That's my favorite Harry Potter movie.  I love the re-imaging Alfonso Cuaron did when he became the director.

I had a good week of running too with 3.25 on Monday, 3.5 on Thursday, and 2.75 on Saturday.  I made it one of my current goals to be more consistently running around 3 miles or more if I'm feeling good.  This was the first week I was able to get 3 runs at the distance I wanted.  I pulled back a little on Saturday since the week's runs had been so good, and my legs did feel a little heavy.  I also ended up getting a massage on Sunday since my quads were feeling knotty, but the therapist spent the whole hour on my upper back.  I ended up having so much tension in my upper back and shoulders I didn't know was there.  It did make sense with everything going on right now, but I hadn't felt anything.  I hope releasing that tension will help release tension I felt in my lower back.  It hasn't been bad, but there are times it does feel tight.

I also nested a little this weekend.  Fall temps mean I can actually use the kitchen more, and I made chili on Saturday, and muffins Sunday morning.  It's fun to get more recipes out as it continues to feel like fall.  It was in the 50s Saturday morning when I ran, and I knew it was perfect to make my first batch of chili.  I don't put beans in my chili.  Not only is not chili, according to Texans, but I also don't eat a lot of beans.  I won't put it in if I'm making it for myself.  I got 3 meals out of it with leftovers, so cooking will be easy this week.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Five: Female Artists

Sorry, couldn't help it.  I don't normally talk politics as a rule, and I haven't watched any of the debates, but when I ran yesterday, I had to listen to my "girl power" playlist thanks to the Nasty Woman comment.  It has changed a bit since I posted the list last year, but it still makes me feel empowered.  I've done song lists for Friday Five before, but here are some of my favorite female artists.  I don't have all their songs, but I love when their songs do come up on my iPod.

1) Madonna

2) Stevie Nicks

3) Faith Hill

4) Carrie Underwood

5) Christina Aguilera

It's difficult to keep it to 5, but y'all do get a sense of what a wide range I have for music. 

I also couldn't help by think of this:

Has anyone here seen the First Wives Club?

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ready for Fall

Please tell me fall is coming.  I don't need winter, just fall.  Fall is coming?  We're getting rain this morning because of a cold front, and I so hope cooler temps are on the way.  At least tomorrow morning and Saturday morning are looking good with lows in the high 40s.  I may have to switch up my Pure Barre class on Saturday for one on Sunday, just so I can run outside Saturday morning.  This meme has been making the rounds, and it's so true.  To quote a friend "I have hoodies I would like to wear!!"

I did my run inside on Monday because it was 94 when I got home after work.  How is that even right, let alone fair?

I did a little retail therapy yesterday and ordered another shirt from Oiselle.  I also thought about buying a pair of Brooks Ravenna, but I'll wait a little bit until I do that.  I've now had my New Balances since July, and while they're still going strong, I would like another pair of shoes in the rotation.  Since the New Balance 860s and Brooks Ravennas felt practically the same, it's time I tried the Ravennas.  I hope I can log more miles outside now, and since I'm trying to be more consistent around 3 miles or so, I'll be increasing the amount of miles I do each week.

Or not.  I had this plan to run yesterday when I got home from work, but I ended up passing out for about 40 minutes.  I very rarely nap when I get home after work, but I needed to yesterday.  Combine that nap and my usual 7-ish hours of sleep, and I should be well rested today.  Should be, but driving in the pitch dark, in the rain, with flashes of lightning isn't the way to help me wake up in the morning.  I need the sun, but we don't fall back until after Halloween.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Any Remaining Goals?

It's amazing how fast we're going through October, but that also means we're getting close to the last day for the virtual run I signed up for.  Honestly, I don't know if I'll complete it.  I didn't sign up for a physical race because I didn't want to deal with the pressure of needing to be ready, and I'm feeling the same way with the virtual run.  With everything going on with my decision to move, packing, and my quick trip to Boulder, I'm feeling OK with not making it to 4 miles.  I got to 3.5 miles a couple weeks ago, and I'm getting more consistent with building mileage closer to the 5k distance, and yesterday I did 3.25 on the treadmill.  I'm enjoying October.

I'm fine with not meeting the virtual run goal too.  Most of the time, I'd be freaking out, but I know these races have a good benefit, and the proceeds for this Election Day run is the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.  Just like my DNS with the Wounded Warrior 10k in 2013, the funds are going to a good charity, and I'm more than happy to consider the registration fee a donation.  If I get a good run and get to 4 miles, great, but I'm not going to force it.

My post on finding balance says it all.  I'm still heavily focused on strength training, and I'm dealing with that persnickety hip flexor I tweaked in July.  It pops up on occasion, so I need to focus on getting that to fully heal too.  I signed up for the virtual run because I was feeling a little antsy, but I'm not going to force it like I would in the past.  I have to control the competitive streak that I have, and take care of my body, so I'm ready for the Boulder Bolder.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Musings 10/17

Sorry for the blogging disappearance last week y'all.  I had to jet off to Boulder at the last minute, which meant I was scrambling huge Tuesday afternoon.  Most importantly, I needed to make sure the vet could take Allie.  Poor girl really did NOT want to be taken from her home.  When I scooped her up to take her to the vet Wednesday morning, she turned to burrow into me, then clung to me with her front claws.  THEN she tried to push the carrier door open while I was trying to close the latch.  I felt like a horrible fur-mama.  I got back Friday and immediately went to pick up my girl and get her home.  We've had a lot of snuggles this weekend.  I owed her.

Since I was out of town, my workout routine got thrown a little bit, but I still did my best to remain active and get strength training done.  When I got to Boulder on Wednesday, I ended up walking around CU for most of the afternoon.  It's times like this I'd like a Fitbit to see how much walking I did do.  It was great to get out and walking since I'd been sitting on a plane, and flying makes me tense.  I just don't know how much walking I did.  Due to the walking, I'm not chalking Wednesday up as a rest day.  I was out and moving my legs, even if it wasn't running.  Thursday I did 2.75 miles on the treadmill, staying inside due to my ITB flare up on Sunday, and then when I got home Friday, I did more strength training.

Saturday became a full rest day.  I slept until 7:30, which meant I was exhausted after a whirlwind week, so I opted to let my body rest, even though my mind seemed hell-bent on running.  Gotta reel those horses in for a day and let me recover from everything.  Plus, as mentioned above, I owed Allie snuggles.  I'd say we achieved snuggle level on Saturday.  I took this picture as she was talking in her sleep, with her paws moving and her tail thumping.  I guess she was dreaming.

Sunday I finally got back into my routine, between Pure Barre, finishing up errands, and heading to the Allen Americans hockey game.  I skipped opening night and banner raising since that was Saturday, but I bought a ticket for yesterday since it was time to socialize. 

Oh, did anyone see the Rogue One trailer?  Even in Boulder, I caught it on social media.  My mom and I are planning to see it after the big opening weekend crowd disperses.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Still Finding Balance

I mentioned yesterday that my ITB perked up near the end of my run on Sunday.  I'm still trying to find balance between strength training and running, and I may have been slacking on strength training.  After my run in the morning, and getting my flu shot, and finishing errands, I did 4 strength training exercises, and my glutes were so tired, especially my right side.  I was doing a series on my side, on the floor, with a clam shell, leg lifts, forward motion, and leg circles, and my right glute was protesting pretty quickly.  I'm re-evaluating my schedule, and I think I need to start strength training after my runs during the week.  I'll rest after my weekend run.

When I started running again this fall, I was just running, heading home to foam roll, stretch and ice.  It's what I've always done after a run, and nothing after.  Now I realize I should still be strength training after those runs to keep on challenging my stability.  It doesn't have to be a big strength session, but maybe 4 or 5 easier exercises that focuses on my hips and glutes to keep them firing.  I have so many exercises to choose from, so I won't run out of ideas, but I don't think I've been doing enough to help my legs now that I'm outside again.  I know part of this is getting used to outside, but Sunday was a wake up call.  The 3.5 pain free miles was great, but I was reminded I still have work to do.

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